William Emsgtret Atchison

William "FuckYou" Atchison
William atchison.jpg
Born March 17, 1996 (disputable, dox suggests March 17th 1996[1], forum account suggests 1993[2])
New Mexico
Died December 11, 2017 (age 21-24)
New Mexico
Cause of death Suicide after murdering two students

William Edward Atchison was a user of Kiwi Farms and Blockland, as well as an Encyclopedia Dramatica sys-op who garnered infamy and mockery for perpetrating the Aztec High School shooting. On December 11th, after gaining unauthorized access to the school, Atchison took the lives of two students -named Francisco Fernandez and Casey Marquez- before committing suicide after the doorway to a classroom was blocked off from him by a sofa moved by a substitute teacher. 17 lives in the room were saved as a result.[3]

The facts of the case coming out earned him the nicknames of "the Couch Cuck" and "Sofa Cuck".

Before his murder-suicide, William idolised failed shooter and neo-nazi Lindsay Souvannarath; he frequently edited her Wiki article and his final post on the website was even on her thread[4].


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