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Alyssa Waldrop
Vade looking through a window.jpg
Vade, showcasing her smoking habit.
Age 23
Born March 13, 1995[1]
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire
Residence Ohio
Occupation Pet store employee
Web Presences Tumblr (requires login; frequently changes to avoid trolls)
Gaia Online
Kiwi Farms profile
"If you pretend to be good, the world takes you very seriously. If you pretend to be bad, it doesn't. Such is the astounding stupidity of optimism."
—Oscar Wilde

Alyssa Waldrop, also known as Vade, or by her Steam and secondary listing alias of Vafurous, is a Tumblr blogger with possible sociopathic tendencies. Born female, but having changed her gender an innumerable number of times, she requests people use a myriad of admittedly made-up pronouns. Highly narcissistic, she lashes out at anyone who criticizes her while hiding behind the five or more faces of her natural multiplicity. Largely incapable of empathy, and in lieu of actual friends, has a close-knit group of associates she exploits whilst asserting a distressing amount of indirect control over their lives.

She is most notable for her responsibility in one of Tumblr's most infamous harassment communities, and for having driven her one-time boyfriend to suicide.

In many ways, Vade is a great example both of how good intentions can go frighteningly wrong, as well as being essentially a modern-day Icarus flight[2] - a case of a massive ego being forced back to earth. By studying Vade - and her rise and fall, one sees shocking insights into philosophy and social morality, as even Vade's best aspects quickly became terrifying when mis-used by the amoral, the greedy, and the ambitious.


The face of a self-professed god. Also a pokemon, Capcom video game character, unit of timespace, and demon, to hear Vade tell it.

To hear Vade tell it, she is a Nonbinary Non-Disabled Otherkin Multiple System with Autism, PTSD, Depression, and Avoidant Personality Disorder, who is aromantic, repulsed by displays of affection/sex, and is "triggered" by a wide variety of seemingly-innocuous things, including the video game Skullgirls, the video game Disgaea, the card game Yu-Gi-Oh!, and anything remotely relating to death, graves, or decapitation. Vade is also a "Transtrender," sometimes called a "tucute" - an individual who does not believe in Gender Dysphoria as a medical condition, despite her claim at being transgendered entirely being self-diagnosed. Vade claims anyone who is against self-diagnosis is ableist, or discriminatory against handicapped people. Similarly, Vade refers to anyone who views Gender Dysphoria as a medical condition (which the scientific community does) as truscum and claims they are transphobic. Vade despises men, straight people, people who identify with their birth gender, and "neurotypicals", or people without mental health problems. Vade claims her triggers and aromantic status are the result of losing a boyfriend to suicide.

In reality, Vade is a female human who falsely claims to have almost a dozen psychological conditions, but has only one, makes up new genders to apply to herself and her "headmates" constantly (including ones that no existing creature would ever actually identify as, such as Puzzlegender and Snarlgender). These "headmates" solely exist to allow Vade to avoid responsibility and fish for sympathy and pity. She religiously milks her alleged conditions across not only Tumblr, but across multiple other sites dedicated for those who have legitimate issues, claiming to have said issues, all the while taking every opportunity to push her agenda.

Vade's "headmates" are demonstrable falsehoods intended to push her agenda and claim victimhood. Vade's headmates are all aware of one another, type the same way Vade does, and constantly get new members. At least one of Vade's headmates claims to be a deity, whilst the others are 2 pokemon, a Level 5 video game protagonist, and what can only be described as a demon. The only difference in a post done when Vade claims her "Eon" persona is fronting and when Vade claims her violent "Tero" persona is fronting is that Tero tends to post edgier and darker content in the hopes of scaring onlookers. After swearing up and down that they were real, Vade abandoned her fake-multiple personality disorder entirely in February of 2015, during the Spiritlore Era, only to pick it right back up in April of 2015 with a whole new battery of kintypes.

Technically also Vade. This art was designed to parody Vade's various Headmates into one entity.

All of the above would be enough to have Vade listed as bizarre, if not an almost parodic example of Tumblr's worst aspects. Indeed, it would be very easy to see someone like Vade assume it's business as usual for Tumblr, but that is not the reason this article on Vade exists.

Despite a curiously benign facade, Vade is ironically one of the most vicious and virulent sources of harassment to plague sections of Tumblr. Without hyperbole, a great many people were genuinely terrified of crossing her; the former community admin for several small but devoted groups on Tumblr, Vade developed a tendency to run these like a like a cult leader,[3] using her followers to achieve her own ends and enrichment. Inevitably, Vade would refer to herself as a god on both of these communities, which were known as TF2FandomIsProblematic and FurryScumbags respectively. Even after her removal from the latter and closing-down of the former, Vade remained a prominent source of harassment on Tumblr, to the point where many users actively went out of their way to avoid incurring her wrath. Vade frequently referred to herself as the "god" of her community on both blogs.

Vade makes up new genders constantly. Most of them are questionable.

Vade's use of such tactics was not limited to sending her minions against her enemies; she'd control her associates with a disturbing series of tactics that come disturbingly close to tactics used by abusive spouses to control their partners:[4] Vade would stalk, harass, and keep constant tabs on her allies, as well as her enemies, using her resources to keep them on a close leash and threatening them with ostracization, harassment, or self-harm or suicide to keep them in line, and using promises of power over Vade's enemies to control those closest to her. By preying primarily on the young, naive, and socially vulnerable, Vade quickly built up a network of followers that were as terrified of crossing her as her opponents were. Especially prized by Vade were former critics and enemies that she bullied, extorted, or threatened into compliance. During her FurryScumbags days as Foxmod, Vade had, according to several sources, almost 1000 followers.

Vade and her ilk were willing to bully comparatively harmless Tumblrites for a litany of alleged crimes, the most common of which was being perceived as "offensive" - even if said "offense" were something as minor as asking a question a certain way or even tangentially disagreeing with Vade. True to form, many of Vade's offenses focused upon allegations of a target being ableist, transphobic, or discriminatory against Otherkin, usually because they either called Vade out on her bad behavior (such as Vade being openly bigoted herself), had the gall to disagree with one of Vade's insane ideas (see below), or objecting to the way Vade and her associates would attack people. Vade's offensives would often persist for months, and long past any justifiability. In many cases, harassment of one of Vade's targets only ended when their victim blocked all communications, conceded to all of Vade's demands, or, more commonly, left Tumblr entirely. Suffice to say, despite being so eminently mockable, Vade was, until relatively recently, absolutely terrifying to your average Tumblr user, especially given that Vade managed to acquire her reputation in less than five months. Vade notoriously practices a pattern of "do as I say, not as I do." While she will call out enemies for tiny offenses, she will not bat an eye when defending a confirmed pedophile.[5]

Vade was turned on to such tactics of intimidation, dog-piling, and call-outs by friend and associate Aura. Vade continually draws from Aura's playbook in regards to her offensives, which include tactics like ducking behind alleged problems when criticized, actively targetting opponents for tiny offenses and claiming they are guilty of ableism/racism/transphobia, and so on. It is not an understatement to say that Aura directly influenced Vade towards becoming the individual she would become known and feared as.

It's critical to note that Vade is also infamous for driving her oh-so-lamented boyfriend to suicide in the first place. Whilst claiming to be "triggered" by many things, including death, violence, and seemingly-innocuous things like Disgaea, the bulk of these triggers are things her late boyfriend once enjoyed. What you will not hear from Vade, as she shamelessly milks her deceased boyfriend's suicide, is that she was largely responsible for it and milked thousands of dollars out of him. Similarly, despite her claims of being disgusted and horrified by thoughts of death and violence, Vade's art and journal entries paint a very different picture. She constantly advocates for the death of anyone who opposes her, often in grotesquely violent terminology.

Attack Strategem

In every blog Vade has ever operated in - be it TF2FandomIsProblematic, FurryScumbags, or Vade's own Tumblr blogs, her strategy has remained, by and large, the same: Find someone "guilty" of some trespass or another (usually a minor one), focusing on individuals who were socially-vulnerable and/or unable to properly fight back, publicly denounce them on one of her blogs with a litany of alleged crimes in a call-out post, and unleash a horde of her followers on the target unless they publicly apologized and/or completely supplicated themselves before her. Vade has made declarations that she is a god in the past, and many of her followers treat her with religious reverence, further lending credence to the declarations that Vade is a cult leader.

Vade claiming to be a deity as of December 15th, 2014.

In a startling number of cases, Vade acquired her incriminating information about her targets in a deliberately misleading and indirect manner, intended to make the evidence fit her beliefs and not the other way around. For example, her initial evidence collaboration against Erich McBrien on TF2FIP was based upon a private chat log that Vade had with him before posting the whole thing, in truncated format. Actually reading the chatlog shows that Vade essentially milked it for her own ends, and essentially rallied her followers after him for simply using the word and comparing it to other, similar terms that had been re-appropriated by the people they were originally intended to ostracize.[6] Similar attacks occurred against other targets of Vade's; one fanfic writer, who normally made lemon fanfiction (read: Sexfics), got a lengthy barrage of posts from Vade claiming he was a rape apologist after Vade dug through his gallery and found something with non-consensual overtones, in spite of the fact that Vade and company had to essentially dig through all his slashfics to find one that fit her narrative of labelling him a rape apologist based on the fact that he wrote such a story.[7] In The Tanukurin Incident, Vade began her attack after using followers of hers that were friends of Tanukurin's to dig up information that she then posted publicly.

Very rarely did Vade require actual evidence for her accusations; if evidence was lacking, she was entirely willing to fabricate it or simply ignore that no actual evidence existed in the first place. The go-to rationale Vade used if Vade needed someone attacked was to simply claim they were ableist and/or transphobic; in most cases simply disagreeing even tangentially with Vade was enough to provoke such labelling. Even someone's personal blog that had absolutely nothing to do with Vade's actions could easily become a Vade target, such as when an anonymous user reported Tumblr user Ninjakato to FurryScumbags for having autoplay enabled.[8] In a barrage of lengthy, rambling posts, Vade (and her stooge, Aura) repeatedly went after NinjaKato for months because one anon allegedly was triggered by the autoplay song of Kato's blog page. Even after it was taken down.[9]

A shocking number of Vade's assaults show a terrifying amount of projection. For example, in the case of the Erich McBrien posts, several of Vade's argument for McBrien being on the blacklist consists of bullying other people (of which Vade has, at best, anecdotal evidence), and suicide baiting.[10] All of these are behaviors Vade herself has committed, including bullying others (through her followers) and suicide baiting (and how). When Vade went after the aforementioned writer, claiming they were a rape apologist for writing a lemon fanfic with non-consensual sex in it, Vade conveniently ignored the fact that Vade herself has drawn non-consensual MLP porn.[11] Vade rather infamously condemned various works for content she found objectionable, whilst posting headcanons for Infantilized Spy for the sake of "Cuteness."[12][13] She also proudly and loudly complained about various pairings in the fandom, whilst espousing Spy and Scout as a couple, which, according to actual TF2 canon, is incest.[14]

A simple question brings about references to gender mutilation from Vade's associates.

Once the call-out post initially went out, Vade's followers would get to work. In a juvenile, internet-based form of stochastic terrorism,[15] Vade would rile up her followers, who would then go at her targets without mercy or restraint. Within hours, the target, if they had anonymous asks enabled on Tumblr, would be overwhelmed by hundreds of statements declaring them to be a horrible person, demanding they kill themselves, and demanding they remove themselves from Tumblr - interspersed with statements that all could be forgiven if they publicly apologized, took down all "offending" content, and submitted before Vade and friends. Vade herself often actively participated in these assaults, especially during the Cantikin era, when she would call for the deaths of those who opposed her on her own blogs. Very commonly, Vade would advocate the deaths of those she disliked.[16]

If the target of her aggression turned off anonymous asks, or, gods help them, responded to Vade's initial offensives with anything other than complete capitulation, Vade's followers would redouble their assault, making sockpuppet accounts to get around anonymous filters and trying to find other avenues to harass and threaten their target. Anyone who laughed off Vade's offensives would find themselves the target of Vade's followers for months, and anyone who had the gall to defend a target of Vade's posse would be likewise considered an accessory to their "crimes" and attacked in kind. If the target attempted to leave the internet entirely or simply would not be cowed from Vade's assaults, she would inevitably attempt to dox them and call for harassment offline.[17] If at any point in time, Vade is ever subjected to counter-harassment, or someone who dares call Vade out on her bad behavior, Vade will not hesitate to post their IP information, counting on her followers to quickly pick up the slack in an attempt to identify and ultimately dox the offender.[18]

If someone actually got hurt from this, tried to respond with legal action, or actually closed down their Tumblr, Vade, fittingly enough, denied any and all wrongdoing. It wasn't her fault, to hear Vade say it, that these people got harassed by her followers immediately after she had written gigantic call-out posts calling for them to be harassed and ostracized. That Vade was always the aggressor in these attacks was a foregone conclusion, and the fact that Vade was a raging hypocrite who was willing to misgender, harass, threaten, and bully others was almost invariably conveniently ignored by her followers.

Only rarely did public apology work against Vade and her ilk.[19] In many cases, Vade's followers continued to attack regardless, and only complete and utter submission before Vade would guarantee a cessation of attacks. By using such bullying tactics, paired with Vade's cult-like control over her followers, Vade managed to acquire a large number of former victims that now served as part of her personal attack formation, primarily due to Vade's policy of going after targets that could not meaningfully fight back, as was the case of Moofrog. In other cases, Vade targeted the wrong person entirely, but didn't give a damn and had her followers attack them anyway.[20]

Periodically, Vade would encounter an enemy who was completely impervious to Vade's assaults, seeing through such e-harassment for the nonsense it was and answering Vade's call-outs with deconstructions of her behavior and analysis of her tactics. In time, Vade and her followers had become such a threat in the eyes of others that individuals and communities, refusing to be intimidated, began to work at getting the word out about Vade.[21] These were almost invariably targeted for destruction by Vade, but after Vade's expulsion from FurryScumbags and closing of TF2FIP, they began to emerge in force. Any time Vade received such a counter, even if it completely and totally eviscerated Vade's entire argument and reason for attacking someone in the first place, Vade would harp upon a tiny issue (a misplaced pronoun being the most common) and acted like the entire post was invalid because of that.[22]

Rarely, Vade and company would become so incensed over a target - usually because they either openly insulted or made fun of Vade, or because Vade needed to make an example of them in order to silence her critics - that Vade would hold a grudge well beyond any level of acceptability. These targets were the ones Vade's followers accosted the hardest, and ranged from people who simply had the gall to call Vade's Headmates fake, or suggest that Vade's Self-Diagnosis and Otherkin claims were anything but 100% truth.

Vade is almost invariably always guilty of what she projects onto others.

The worst harassment attacks were generally reserved for when Vade was made fun of or openly showed to be wrong about something; Vade began a campaign of outright terror against a Tumblr user who had pointed out the obvious logical holes in Vade's Soldier/Demoman romantic pairing headcanon,[23] beginning to use her followers to spam hate-filled screeds at the writer's inbox,[24] which ended in a barrage of posts in which Vade doxxed said Tumblr user, leading to offline harassment that ended only when law enforcement got involved. Another great example of this was a poster called CatBountry, who had the gall to make fun of Vade's idea for an all-Autistic TF2 headcanon. For such a trespass, Vade had her followers attack her for over seven months.[25] Vade was especially merciless towards any allies of hers that turned on her - such individuals would be targeted especially relentlessly by the cult of Vade, even long after her base of power dissipated.[26]

By far, however, the most infamous case of the depths to which Vade would sink solely to make a public example of someone willing to oppose her was The Tanukurin Incident, wherein Vade turned on a former friend of hers for trying to stop Vade from getting any worse. Vade's followers immediately took the ball and ran with it, regardless of what Vade's initial intentions may have been, leading to the exposure of a 14-year-old's personal life and medical history in an attempt to get rid of said 14-year-old. There were claims of a griefer being hired to target said 14-year-old specifically, but this is not the case; the claim itself was an elaborate ruse intended to throw the cult off of the 14-year-old's trail. Despite the ruse, the harassment of the 14-year-old was very real and well-documented - the blastback from the community was so intense that it ultimately led to Vade's being removed from her moderator position on FurryScumbags and saw Vade close down her Scoutgender account soon after to avoid critics.

Vade's methods were further exposited upon on January 6th, 2015, Kiwi Farms user Primadonna gave several in-depth analyses of Vade's home life, from someone who knows her personally.[27] In said reveal, Primadonna revealed that Vade's methods were particularly insidious, and stemmed mostly from how she had been indoctrinated by allies of hers - especially the likes of Aura.

Vade's Family

Vade's imagined suffering is more relevant than others' actual suffering.

To hear Vade tell it, Vade is in an oppressive, conservative household that is openly abusive; she posts and reposts on Gaia and Tumblr that her parents don't respect her pronouns or multiplicity, and think her identity is entirely fabricated - which it demonstrably is[28] - given Vade's tendency to self-diagnose and outright lie. She gets especially angered if her parents refer to her by her birth name or gender.

Even merely telling her to fold clothes or asking her to take her meds is a transgression worthy of crying oppression.[29] She also claims that her parents are racists, which, given Vade's classification of Racism, should be taken, at best, with a grain of salt. At the same time, Vade shows zero empathy for her mother, who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer,[30] and whom Vade routinely spews hate-filled rants at, accusing her mother constantly of fat-shaming, ableism, and so on,[31] when in actuality she's been doing such terrible things as suggest that Vade's lifestyle is unhealthy, maybe not smoking so much tobacco and marijuana,[32] and act like a normal human being.[33] Even on the rare occasions Vade and her mother have halfway normal relations, Vade shows no capacity for empathy whatsoever.[34]

During the Kiwi Farms assault, Vade repeatedly tried to dissuade the forum-goers from calling the police after she had threatened suicide, claiming her family would be charged financially for the falsified threat. At no point did the awareness that Vade's own actions were responsible for said police call ever sink in, indicating that Vade's concern for her family, at any time, was anything other than selfish in nature.

Even Vade's relationship with her dog is lopsided; she has a dog, named Sadie, who thus far has exclusively been used to take "cute" pics on Tumblr whilst Vade openly consumes Sadie's dog food and dog treats. All of this paints a picture wherein Vade essentially uses her family as props in the Tumblr Disadvantage Economy.

The thing is, there are plenty of parents in the world who cherish and love their transgender children unconditionally, and support them all the way, and respect their identities and accept them regardless. Vade's parents, however, can probably be forgiven for not immediately and unquestionably buying into Vade's identity, especially given how often it outright changes. Vade, for example, was a transman before deciding she was a nonbinary transperson. Vade can't even keep her story straight on her Gender Dysphoria diagnosis and when it occurred, considering that it was entirely Self-diagnosed. Vade's non-human status and natural multiplicity and demand for her Ne/Nim/Nir and later Dei/Deis/Deiself pronouns come across, for lack of a better term, as desperate cries for attention and attempts to seem important and unique in a world where Vade has very little real power. Vade's parents clearly care about her - if they didn't, they wouldn't be letting Vade coast on her dad's insurance,[35] nor would they care so much when Vade openly suicide-baits them.[36] On January 5th, 2015, Kiwi Farms user Primadonna further revealed that Vade's parents had called the cops over fears Vade would commit suicide in the past, and had to pay money specifically because of Vade's open suicide-baiting.[37]

When not complaining endlessly about how oppressed she is online and in her own home, Vade smokes heavily - both tobacco and marijuana. She is known to engage in lengthy posts complaining when she can't acquire her drug du jour, again, often using obvious baits for attention. Vade even now complains about not having the money for her mom's operation or her dog's sickness, yet Vade constantly seems to have money for fast food and drugs.[38]

No one is saying Vade's family is perfect, but all evidence currently suggests that Vade goes out of her way to make things worse for them, mostly because she can. We don't know all that much about Vade's family beyond the tiny window we see into it via Vade's life, and thusly beyond what Vade screeches on her outlets (and thus, we can only speculate). However, smart money is that they are nowhere near as bad as Vade would have anyone believe.

As if to drive this post home, on January 2nd, 2015, Vade's mother (who has a brain tumor) went missing for a period of time. Vade spent roughly a day posting about it without doing anything and mocking anonymous asks who (justifiably) asked her why the hell she would do such a thing, given that her mother has medical problems.[39] It is unclear whether it was Vade simply milking attention or just being that callous, but either alternative paints an ugly picture of her relationship with her mother.

Tragedy of Troublez_81

Kenneth Alexander Van Camp was a young man who loved Vade. He was by all accounts an unassuming young man who was very close to, and indeed, cared about Vade, to an almost unfathomable degree. He was her boyfriend through high school and they remained extremely close thereafter. When Vade discovered Tumblr, she decided, seemingly arbitrarily, that she was transgendered, and thereafter systemically alienated him, going out of her way to be hostile and abusive even as he struggled to help her and make their relationship work. It is, in fact, through Kenneth's posts that we first learned of Vade's trans state being, as everyone long expected it to be, self-diagnosed. Several months of trying to help Vade, who was openly emotionally abusive throughout this process did not help Kenneth's mental state in the slightest, and the young man was understandably flummoxed when not only had his long-time girlfriend suddenly decided, apropos of nothing, that she was now transgendered, but that when he attempted to make the relationship work and be supportive of Vade anyway, Vade habitually exploited and extorted him, rather than be thankful for any assistance he offered.

This behavior ground him down and drove him increasingly to the edge.

It was later revealed, via Kenneth's sister in February of 2015, that Kenneth had, in fact, donated hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to Vade for her hormone replacement therapy, since Vade habitually claims to be too poor to receive proper medical treatment or drug therapy.[40] Knowing Vade's drug habit and fondness for fancy toys, it's most likely that a good deal of this money got squandered outright. Vade's abusive nature, the fact that she had milked potentially thousands of dollars out of him, and the fact that she had essentially gone out of her way to hedge her longstanding boyfriend out of her life led to him succumbing to an enormous amount of psychological stress. At this point, Vade advised he be put on antidepressants, and pressured him until he conned a prescription out of his doctor.[41]

The prescription he got was for Prozac.

Both the CDC and multiple independent sources have established that Prozac is known for causing suicidal behavior in people, especially teenagers. In April of 2014, suffering under unimaginable hardship, Alexander turned to suicide. His death left a family searching desperately for answers and has brought to light horrifying facts about his relationship to Vade.

His family would not understand the depths of Vade's involvement until they discovered Kenneth's wiki page in February of 2015.

Since his death, Vade has gone on to milk his suicide openly on not only Tumblr, but on almost a dozen other communities for attention. She has been known to use it to claim she has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and has been likewise known to use it to deflect criticism she receives. It is this behavior, above all others, that has made Vade as despised as she is - even above her work on FurryScumbags and TF2FIP.

A tragic postscript to all of this is that Vade's most recent alterations to her about page have her listed as no longer being identified as any gender, after over a year of claiming to be trans. This proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, the veracity of Alexander's claim that Vade never even really cared about her transgender status in the first place beyond her ability to milk said status for status and use it as a means to harass and threaten others. Even more bizarre: Vade's most-recent about page now lists her as "CAFAB," which stands for "Coercively Assigned Female At Birth" - implying that when Vade was born, she was surgically assigned as female. The term is correctly used when referring to intersex people who were medically masculinized or feminized as infants. Vade's ongoing practice of appropriating medical and mental conditions she just heard about thus continues its horrifying trend.

Vade and Mental Health

In addition to Vade being an Otherkin (a being who claims to see themselves as a non-human), Vade is a serial medical self-diagnoser and professional charlatan. Vade has repeatedly been diagnosed (by herself) with over 12 separate learning, mental, and emotional disorders, including Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and autism. Vade also claims to be both transgendered and aromantic, meaning she does not desire love. Almost none of this has been decided by a qualified medical practitioner.

Vade has shown clear signs of Borderline Personality Disorder, if not outright Antisocial Personality Disorder; given Vade's distrust and dislike of legitimate medical diagnosis, the full truth of Vade's symptoms may never be known.


Vade - under the handle Scoutgender - first became known (and feared) over her involvement in a Tumblr blog known as TF2fandomisproblematic. This blog singled out artists and writers in the Team Fortress 2 fandom for perceived slights and mistakes, specifically if Vade considered them to be offensive towards transgendered people, the disabled, or minorities, all aided by her associate Aura. Note that we said "if Vade considered them," and not if they actually were offensive. Whilst originally praised for bringing some offenses of certain parties to light, Vade's group quickly exhausted the good will of the community as they became increasingly willing to ignore evidence when it suited them for the sake of an easy victory or when they felt it wasn't needed.

Eventually, Vade dropped all pretense that TF2FIB was anything other than her own personal platform to attack people she didn't like, and the community response was appropriately harsh - the only ones who stayed were Vade's followers, whom Vade managed as her own personal army. When backlash finally grew too strong, Vade and company moved on and left TF2FIB behind - but they didn't stop their practices of harassment against anyone that they found objectionable, or worse, that opposed them in any meaningful fashion.


During Vade's tenure as the head of TF2FIP, she was also active on another call-out blog - this one being FurryScumbags, which was dedicated to outing problematic individuals (such as rapists or pedophiles) in the furry fandom. Vade was appointed by FSB moderator doublefluff, along with several other mods, who believed Vade to be a useful asset due to her prolific posting and sympathy towards their causes. As a moderator, Vade essentially ran FurryScumbags into the ground, using it as a personal attack platform and alienating a huge swathe of its original audience. Her tactics were the same as they were on TF2FIP - but were far more extensive and vitriolic. Vade's actions here drew considerable controversy, since she was openly hostile to the userbase. As time went on, Vade's actions grew harder and harder to defend, even for the most charitable. This would eventually lead to Vade's inevitable fall from positions of power. Vade would inevitably be stripped of her admin privileges when she and her followers were involved with multiple doxings and attempted doxings, followed by the harassment of a mentally-unstable minor.

Tanukurin Incident

Arguably the most notorious incident in the Vade saga, the one that hallmarked Vade's expulsion from FurryScumbags and directly led to the shut-down of TF2FIP, this now-infamous event centered around a 14-year-old transgendered individual known as Tanukurin, a one-time friend of Vade's on Tumblr, whom, for the audacity to stand up to Vade in an attempt to drag her away from the path she was currently on, turned on Tanukurin and unleashed the cult of Vade. Determined to publicly make an example of Tanukurin, Vade would, using information that Tanukurin had once told Vade in confidence, out Tanukurin for psychological problems she had as a child (for which Tanukurin was institutionalized and eventually released when deemed not a threat to themselves or others), declared Tanukurin a threat, and repeatedly called for Tanukurin's harassment on FurryScumbags.

When Tanukurin attempted to lay low until the harassment blew over, Vade began trying to openly doxx Tanukurin to continue the pattern of harassment. In reaction, Tanukurin, backed by a number of friends, fed a false story that Vade had hired a griefer to go after Tanukurin in online games. The story was not true, and was quickly proven such, but even with the ruse known, the sheer volume of harassment Vade's cult had thrown towards Tanukurin was sufficient to catch enormous backlash from Vade's home communities. This ultimately led to her expulsion from FurryScumbags and the closing of TF2FandomIsProblematic. Vade summarily tried to delete everything remotely related to the harassment, but this effort came too late, and too many people had seen it. Tanukurin eventually recovered for the most part, with some help from friends and family, and made up, on some level, with Vade, currently trying to leave the incident behind.

Cantikin Era

Vade did not quietly retreat from her position of power; after all, she had become powerful enough to claim godhood multiple times, and had what was essentially her own private army. So when Vade left TF2FIP and FurryScumbags, the bulk of her harassment brigade went with her. Vade would proceed to go through almost half a dozen different aliases, including AutisticLeafeon (later shortened simply to "Eon"), AutisticLayton, and finally Cantikin, all in an effort to dodge critics and avoid accountability for her actions. Each time, critics of Vade's would suss out her location and immediately set to work on getting the word out about her. These ranged from individuals who had scuffled with her during her TF2FandomIsProblematic days,[42] to those who were active on FurryScumbags and refused to overlook Vade's behavior,[43] to those who had taken to chronicling Vade's misdeeds since the get-go with the objective of taking her to task.[44] Each time, Vade would get set up, begin her call-outs, and properly set up a campaign of harassment once more - often against targets from her TF2FIP/FurryScumbags days, such as CatBounty or "Volts," who, even after several months, has remained a perennial target of Vade's.

Unfortunately for Vade, it would never take very long for her history to catch up with her. Though a number of her "core" followers remained, Vade was now constantly bleeding support now that information on her was becoming public and the knowledge of what she had done previously became apparent. Former staff of FurryScumbags began to emerge from the woodworks, explaining that they had specifically left the site due to Vade's actions and no longer wanted to be a part of the community due to her involvement, further ostracizing Vade. In short order, Vade would set up, begin a call-out blog, draw fire from her critics, then delete everything and jump to another blog, a rather ironic punishment considering how often Vade harassed others. By all accounts, most of Vade's supporters had fled, leaving her with only her core contingent of associates, down from the almost 1000 followers she had on FurryScumbags. At this point, few dared to speak out about Vade, still terrified of the influence she used to wield, but the stress cracks were starting to show - and the so-called god was now dangerously vulnerable.[45]

In September of 2014, the proverbial worst-case scenario happened: Vade's critics brought awareness of Vade to the Kiwi Farms.

Vade versus the Kiwi Farms

Vade on the Kiwi farms, inadvertently giving away more information than she intended.

Vade led campaigns against the Kiwi Farms soonafter discovering their ongoing discussions on her and talks with the various individual and groups Vade had fought. Her initial attempts were to send her followers to the forums, where they attempted to redirect blame onto Vade's critics who had come to the forum from Tumblr. The Kiwis rallied around the Forum neophytes, however, mocking Vade's expeditionary force and eventually causing it to leave in disgrace, at which point mockery of Vade renewed.

Soon after, Vade made three separate attempts to engage the Kiwi Farms, joining the site and attempting to use the usual tactics she had perfected on Tumblr: attempting to victim-blame, shame the userbase, and claim misgendering. Unfortunately for Vade, the Kiwi Farms could not be intimidated, could not be shamed, and were already ready with many cogent arguments and discussion topics that Vade attempted to ignore. After the group would not harass Vade's victims, she backed off, only to come back later to scream about misgendering and neurotypicals. After complaining about males and cishet scum and truscum, Vade ran into a wall of sorts when community members repeatedly tried to refer her to affordable mental health in her area. She ran away a second time, this time claiming that she had developed a violent new headmate from the encounter. Vade returned a third time soon after; Vade once more failed to control the conversation and eventually wound up threatening self-harm and then suicide, at which point the Kiwi Farms called the police. Vade completely freaked out and ran away for the final time, saying she was going to take a hiatus.

Said hiatus lasted a little over 12 hours.

Razkin Era

Vade's response to being reminded that White People and Police are not her enemies is to block them and insult them.

Vade emerged soonafter her failed engagement with the Kiwi Farms, bloodied but unbowed, and nursing quite a grudge. After originally stating she was taking a hiatus, she wound up closing her Cantikin account, in a failed attempt to dodge her critics again, and raged against her alleged oppressors under her new account of Razkin, alternating between self-pity and impotent rage. Why was all-too-clear to anyone who had been following Vade up until now: her loss to the Kiwi Farms was that it was the very thing that caused the scales to fall away from Vade's enemies' eyes. Even during the Cantikin era, Vade had managed to keep her critics away - mostly through fear - and the failed Kiwi Farms offensive showed to everyone the current extent of Vade's power - which is, to say, essentially nil. Vade never abandoned her usual tactics of calling-out and harassment, but with her posts struggling to reach double-digit likes, the woman who had once called herself a god on multiple blogs had been dragged to earth. Wanting a chance to once more consolidate her power, Vade did the only thing she could think of: fishing for pity for a bit, before locking onto the biggest, most glaring tragedy she could find, and attempting to become the sole moral guardian thereof.

Vade's blog advocates doxxing. Again.

And so it was that Vade attempted to milk the Michael Brown Shooting for her own benefit. This course of action should surprise no one familiar with Vade at this point, given Vade's attempts to use the racial divide, but the degree to which Vade inserted herself into discussion of the ongoing controversy was highly disturbing to say the least, as was the ridiculously hostile things Vade was willing to say to, of all people, Michael Brown supporters - such as people who dared point out "white people aren't the enemy; racists are," and "police aren't the enemy; police who abuse their power are."[46] Vade proudly espoused the idea that all white people and police were scum worthy of hating. Vade posted pictures cheering on injuries of police officers.

Whether one agrees or disagrees with the Wilson verdict in the Michael Brown case or not (it is a heated issue, to say the least, covering a wide variety of subjects from police brutality, ethics, and the racial divide in regional law enforcement, to portrayal of minorities in regards to media coverage), Vade's default response was to immediately throw in her lot on attacking, in every fashion, anyone who agreed with the verdict, whether it was because they simply didn't agree with the rioting that ensued afterwards or they were legitimately racists. Vade didn't care about the legality of any claims, or where they came from, just attacking, relentlessly, over and over. Vade was quick to advocate using stolen credit card information from the KKK to donate to the Michael Brown fund,[47] or advocating the doxxing of anyone who supported Darren Wilson, possibly opening Vade up for a libel suit.[48] As was the case for TF2FIP and FurryScumbags, even tangentially disagreeing with Vade was enough to earn call-out posts.[49] Vade showed legitimate surprise when Tumblr banned the individuals attempting to spread around peoples' financial information and personal information, because obviously people who disagree with her do not have rights.[50]

Vade would later to go on and make a series of screaming rant posts (that have since mostly been deleted) about how people were following their own fandoms instead of ranting endlessly about Ferguson.[51] This succeeded in ostracizing Vade further (as Vade was clearly more interested in exploiting a tragedy than anything else), and Vade's few remaining followers summarily abandoned her for her behavior. Vade would, in turn, rage against her former followers leaving her, causing Vade to turn on them with surprising fervor.[52] True to form, after about two weeks of being nothing but all sound and fury over Ferguson, Vade abruptly stopped talking about it entirely as the last vestiges of her once-glorious following left her behind. Most of her posts on her current blog struggle to get more than a single like.

Vade's current posts follow a straightforward trajectory: complaining about being misgendered and subjected to ableism/transphobia, leveraging call-outs of her enemies, posting "cutesy" art, and periodically making lengthy, nonsensical posts whilst she is drunk and/or high. More recently, Vade has established a subsidiary blog for Tero, clearly intended to provide herself with Guro art and provide an outlet for Vade's own violent thoughts.[53]

Ringabelkin Era

On January 4th, 2015, Vade switched to a new username: Ringabelkin, named after a womanizing male character from the Square-Enix RPG Bravely Default. Her general MO had not changed: She remained fawning and begging for attention, rattling off about how disadvantaged and non-privileged she is, and actively calling for the destruction and ostracizing of anyone who dared earn her ire. As awareness of Vade has spread, however, her influence has been fading, though she remains utterly unapologetic for her actions. Indeed, she has, if anything, doubled down on her rhetoric, ignoring all legitimate criticism and often sending her minions to spew hate-filled screeds at people who criticize her while complimenting her.[54]

Spiritlore Era and Vade's Departure

Vade spiraled down, over the course of January, into a smaller and smaller userbase, getting increasingly enraged over her fanbase not kowtowing to her every whim, and appearing genuinely surprised when they reacted to her anger by unfollowing her. She continued to switch blogs to try to evade responsibility for her actions, and her userbase almost entirely abandoned her. She has henceforth claimed that she is leaving Tumblr entirely, and has since started up a Twitter which she keeps locked, allowing only her inner circle to see it. [55]

It needs be noted that the Spiritlore Era also proves concretely the ongoing belief of many that at no point was any of Vade's identity - including her self-diagnosis, pronouns, and headmates - ever of actual value to Vade, save for her ability to milk it. During her Ringabelkin Era, for example, she gradually discarded her various headmates, along with her self-diagnosis of autism and several of her claims to other self-declared issues, including her aromantic state - presumably because such fabrications made her movements excessively easy to track. By the time of Vade's Spiritlore Era, she had abandoned almost every claim she had including the PTSD one after getting chased off of multiple communities for falsely claiming she had PTSD. After months of relative quiet, Vade would essentially pick back up to approximately the level she was at during the Ringabelkin era, complete with a resurgence of her Headmates, but she's clearly maintained a lower profile to keep the huge volume of people who want to see her held accountable for her actions at bay.

Twitter Era

Vade is active on Twitter, under the handle of eon, or the tag @vafurous. Her tweets are secure and only visible to friends, but Kiwi Farms operatives have gotten access to many of them, and have begun posting them as they've become available. As is the case of every site Vade's had a presence, her posts alternate between fishing for attention, whining about how lonely she is, and self-victimizing over how tragic her boyfriend's loss is (when she largely caused said loss in the first place).

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Even on a different site, some things never change.

Grass grows, sun rises, birds fly, and Vade whines for attention.

Eventually, she would return to her Spiritlore tumblr after several months.

Off-Site Activity

Off of Tumblr, Vade is active in other communities, where her general modus operandi remains the same: Exploiting the sympathy of others for support and pity, at the same time actively rallying against anything she deems unacceptable (I.E. so-called "transmedicalists"). In many of these communities, she goes by the handle Cisslinger. She's known to be active on the likes of Gaia Online,[56] wherein she, as she does on pretty much every community, continues her odious practice of using the death of her late boyfriend for attention. She has gotten sanctioned on Gaia Online previously due to her making openly offensive statements against so-called Truscum and actively attacking anyone who disparages her history of Self-Diagnosis. Vade, fittingly enough, deleted absolutely everything (as has become her time-honored practice), but Gaia's internal archives (and moderators) remember Vade's actions quite well.[57]

Vade is known to participate in communities and online support groups for problems that she herself does not have in an attempt to milk these people with actual problems for sympathy in an especially shameless fashion. She is now prominently active in the PTSD community, where she is known to have continued to claim she actually has it - despite a complete lack of professional diagnosis. For the sake of protecting the identities of individuals who have nothing to do with Vade's actions, these sites will not be listed here, but Vade is confirmed to be active on at least one major PTSD-related community. By all accounts, she's been banned from several when her personal history and Self-Diagnosis became known.

Vade's Accomplices

Vade's cult remains active despite many of them abandoning their posts after seeing what a sick individual Vade is. This segment chronicles who they are and their deeds:

  • Aura/Tedizgender/MsPauling/Tedizelf
    • Vade's second-in-command. Was there for Vade during her tenure as TF2FIP. In this capacity, Aura essentially served as Vade's majordomo and support mod, contributing to bolster support of Vade (as Foxmod/Scoutgender) or addressing questions in Vade's absence. Aura was, in every way, just as manipulative and willing to harass, suicide-bait, and threaten as Vade was, and was largely responsible for acquiring information on Vade's critics. It was Aura who got Vade in touch with the griefer who was later used in The Tanukurin Incident, and though many initially suspected Aura hired them, we later learned from the griefer themselves that Vade was the one who paid them. Aura has since distanced herself from Vade. Aura is arguably one of the biggest reasons Vade became who she is now, as many of Aura's tactics are ones Vade herself uses proudly and without restraint.
  • Xigbar
  • Redscout
  • AutisticSniper
    • A trio of Vade's primary attack-dogs, and ever at the forefront of Vade's attacks. When a target of Vade's closes down their Ask box, this is the trio that generates massive numbers of sockpuppet accounts to continue the harassment. Rarely do they break off from the attack once they've started, beyond Vade's say-so. All are alternate-gender otherkins who essentially parrot Vade's own Tumblr about page, and many of them claim to be multiple systems (read: fake multiple personality disorder for attention).
  • Moofrog
    • Once one of Vade's victims, who then went on to be an ardent defender of Vade's primarily to keep the cult at bay.



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