Twitter is a social networking service that is immensely popular with large portions of the Western World[1]. Its design entices many people by allowing them to build up a following and is utilized by everyone from grandmothers up to megacorporations that want engage their consumers. Many people of interest take up using Twitter to communicate with the people of perceived fanbase. This includes Pixyteri, Christian Weston Chandler, and much of the Rat King including Nora Reed. It was also used extensively during the Deagle Nation ruse. It also holds the existence of Weird Twitter.

Deagle Nation

Twitter was used extensively by Deagle Nation (particularly Jace Connors) in keeping people up to date with Jan Rankowski's planned events.

The Rat King

As the Rat King is a network of self-declared online activists, many of it's members are users of the platform. On it, they frequently follow, retweet, and publicly converse with other members of their social circle.


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