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Tommy Finton
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Age 28
Residence Black Mountain, North Carolina
Web Presences Youtube Channel
Fan subreddit

Tommy Finton, or as he goes on the internet, TommyNC2010, is a YouTuber and aspiring filmmaker known for his unintentionally cringe-worthy videos. Tommy first became known due to his appearance on the MTV show Made, he immediately caught the attention of people due to his lack of awareness and general awkwardness.


Tommy doesn't release information about himself, even something as simple as his name he won't release. We know that he is in his mid-20s, and from the MTV Made episode, we know that his name is Tommy Finton. He written his location on the Google+ page as Black Mountain, NC.

Early Life


Tommy created his first YouTube channel on Jan 4th, 2010. His first video was uploaded on November 23rd, 2011. Tommy would be relatively unnoticed on YouTube, with most of his videos failing to get even a thousand views. However, Tommy would become somewhat famous when cringe websites discovered him, an example of this is his video "Her Eggs Made Me Feel Like Batman".

Tommy creates videos on an array of subjects, with some meant to be intentionally goofy, with others having him trying to give his serious opinions on events, or with him giving advice to his subscribers.

Tommy Talks

Tommy Talks are a series of livestreams that Tommy has been doing every Sunday since September 4th, 2012.


Tommy is an eccentric individual, but it's not known what exactly he suffers from. For example, we know that he can't read or write, but we don't know why. Some has speculated that he suffers from autism, down syndrome, or any other disorder.