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This template should not be used on its own.


This template is used to generate meta icons. It is inherited by both the meta template for page protection and the meta template for series.


When creating a meta template for a series, look at the Jace series meta template as an example. The implementation for June 20th, 2014 revision is as follows.

| right     = 55px            <!-- PX from right-hand side of page icon appears -->
| image     = Transparent.gif <!-- File name for icon -->
| icon-link = Main_Page       <!-- The double-bracket page name that the icon links to. -->
| icon-text = Go to main page <!-- Hover-over text -->
| icon-alt  = Main Page       <!-- Replacement text in case the file doesn't exist. -->
| id        = css-id          <!-- Text for the id="" tag. Used for styling. -->


This template should never be used directly. See Jace series meta template for an end-result example.