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Marjan Šiklić
Holden in May 2010.jpg
Marjan in May 2010, demonstrating what he refers to as "pretty solid facial looks".
Native name Marjan Šiklić
Age 30
Born May 4th, 1988[note 1]
Zagreb, Croatia[1]
Residence Zagreb, Croatia[2]
Occupation Unemployed[3]
Unspecified temporary, low-paying job (until early July 2014)[4]
History student (until 2013)[5]
Height Self-reported 6'2 (1.88m)[6]
Web Presences

Kiwi Farms account
Wordpress Blog (main blog)
Tumblr Blog (abandoned)
First reddit account
Second reddit account
Third reddit account
Fourth reddit account (active)
Imgur account
Disqus account (abandoned)
YouTube (abandoned)

Twitter (abandoned)
First Kiwi Farms account (blocked)

Marjan Šiklić, more commonly known on the internet as Marijan Siklic, GovernmentsGetGirlfriends, thatincelblogger or caamib (Cyrillic: Марјан Шиклић, pronounced /ˈmar.jan ˈʃik.lit͡ɕ/, roughly pronounced "Marian Shicklich") is a Serbo-Croatian[7][8] incel blogger who expands his full time crusade against what he sees as modern-day feminism and liberalism on a regular basis to other websites such as Reddit, several forums and blogs, and even the Kiwi Farms themselves. On the latter, he managed to cause the fastest growth of a single thread ever documented[9]. Marjan managed to accumulate more negative ratings than all other users combined in an incredibly short amount of time, mostly due to his extremely abrasive and disrespectful behavior, the misanthropic and highly misogynist views he displayed, and the resulting postings he left on the forum.

An outlier[10] extremist[11] even by love-shy and incel standards, he continuously argues that almost all Western women (the exceptions being Hasidic Jewish, Amish and possibly Mormon fundamentalist women[12]) secretly crave for being raped by men. He calls these men (which consist of the vast majority of men in the West) rape apes. If women are being raped by incels however, they somehow succeed in identifying their rapist as loveshy incel and in those cases, they take offense at being raped and hate their rapist – not for raping them, but for being an incel[13][14]. The reason he himself is not able to get a partner is because every Western female is able to spot the fact that he is an incel/loveshy immediately, so they automatically despise him.

However, the general outlook for womanhood in Marjan Šiklić's vision of a good society is quite different from what it is now and from what it used to be in the past.

Since all women are essentially different beings to men[15], since "they aren't self aware and have no sense of fairness"[16] and no sympathy for men[17] and since they are therefore incapable of organizing society and not interested in governing because of anything else than base motives, they all should be denied the right to vote and the possibility to assume positions of power. Furthermore, they (and they exclusively) should be obliged to keep their virginity until marriage or become prostitutes. These prostitutes can also consist of former feminists and their daughters forced into sex slavery[18][19][20] and can be as young as twelve years old[21]. These prostitutes would be frequently visited in easily available brothels according to Marjan's utopia[22].

Marjan himself is part of a special category of men, the so-called CoAlphas. According to CoAlpha beliefs, this means he is a highly intelligent and decent man whose mating strategy would consist of a monogamous relationship with a virtuous woman and being part of the higher classes[23] if only society was as sane as he is.

But since almost all societies in world are insane to a certain degree, he was and is bound to spend a considerable amount of time on his blog, where he tried to systemize his worldview and pour it into an intellectual framework of some idiosyncratic kind of reactionary philosophy of history and nature.

Despite seemingly living an existence that is limited exclusively to life on the internet, he actually received coverage for both his real-ife and internet actions on established media platforms. There was news coverage when he decided to post his murder-suicide plans[24] of a girl which he dated for one and a half months on a love-shy forum, and he was prominently featured for his Governments Get Girlfriends protests[25][26][27], when he protested naked and beating a drum in front of Croatian government buildings for the establishment of a state-run dating agency which would provide dates for men affected by Involuntary celibacy.

Holden, as he calls himself on the Kiwi Farms, is the prime example of a person who is completely inept at reading body language, taking more or less subtle hints, and understanding dating culture and customs. Given what reads as an enormous sense of entitlement[28], his unshakable belief in his own infallibility, an unwarranted self-righteousness and his actual social situation, one can easily see what fueled the essay that he sees as his own magnum opus, The story of your incel – an inconvenient truth.

The story of Marjan is the story of a man who goes to great lengths to construct his own little narrative as to why he absolutely failed in life just to avoid being forced to really reconsider the choices he made and actually take responsibility for them.


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Marijan as Marjan Škugor, backing the likelihood of a double-barreled surname

Marjan's name is disputed by Marjan himself.[29] His first name is either Marijan or Marjan, but it is more likely to be Marjan. While "Marijan" is a more common spelling of a Croatian first name.[30][31], the spelling "Marjan" is in fact a very unusual, but still valid variation of the same name[32].

His surname and especially his (possible) middle name are harder to determine. Sometimes, he has referred to himself or is referred to as "Marijan Škugor", "Marijan Škugor Šiklić" or simply "Marijan Š. Šiklić". Since both Škugor and Šiklić are surnames only, it is possible that they followed an old custom of naming your child after a saint. Since Skugor Bokov was just a Moscovian clerk in the 17th century, however, it is more likely that Marjan actually has a double-barreled surname, with Škugor being a surname from elsewhere in his family history, that can be left out if one wishes to.

Marjan's insistence that his actual first name is "Marijan" is very likely a weak attempt at spreading disinformation. When he created a fake LinkedIn profile in order to conceal his past and scare a blogger who documented his actions into compliance, he actually used both variations of his name[33], probably due to negligence on his part. More recently, he has become quite consistent with the fake spelling of his first name, frequently claiming that his first name is "Marijan" both on the Kiwi Farms[34] and during his interview with Der Spiegel[35].

But since his first name and his surname are mentioned several times on the internet by reliable sources, it is at least possible to validate his first name and his surname. The screenshot of his original Facebook profile named him as "Marjan Šiklić"[36], he tagged the photograph of himself which he shared on his blog with "Marjan"[37] and his university lists him as "Šiklić Marjan"[38].

Taking these things into account, this means that Marjan's name definitely is Marjan Šiklić and his full name probably is Marjan Škugor Šiklić.


Due to his blog and his overall talkative nature on Reddit and several forums, it is possible to compose quite a coherent résumé with a lot of details about his everyday behavior, his general attitude in life and his development.

He was bullied in primary school, had frequent depressions and began experiencing other mental problems during his years in secondary school. And his pursuit of a partner, which started about that time, brought him nothing but pain and frustration so far. Additionally, it is possible to trace his ideological development, from when he started theorizing that his therapists are part of a (metaphorical) cult which he named TAC and which was responsible for Marjan not succeeding in getting a girlfriend and overcoming his mental problems to the point when that theory was almost marginalised by what he adopted from the man who would turn out to be his biggest influence, Franklin Richard Schmidt.

Marjan today

The small amount of time Marjan does not spend on the internet arguing with several people on several websites about his insane worldview is used for equally important things like the completion of his autobiography[39] or the concoction of revenge plans on people who he thinks have wronged him, ranging from former girlfriends to women who rejected Marjan[40] to his parents, therapists and judges[41] over to society as a whole[42]. When asked about his plans for the future, he claims to have none except "to impregnate women [who are] unlikely to abort[,] to saddle the system with scum"[43], thus fully embracing the attitude and practice he purports to detest so much and excellently exposing his hypocrisy.

Albeit having given up on finding more dates or trying to have a relationship, Marjan claims to have impregnated a schizophrenic woman over Christmas and the New Year, and half-heartedly implied to have raped another woman in March 2015. In an interview in late June 2015, he further claimed to have "pushed past consent" with several more women, but let one go when she told him she was a virgin.

However, since Marjan is the epitome of an internet tough guy[44], all of this must be taken with a grain of salt. In the 27 June 2015 interview with NobleGreyHorse, he showed her the Facebook page of a Croatian woman he claimed was TFO. However, when he learned that the link appeared in the Pastebin of the interview, he said that the dox were not really those of TFO and begged for the link to be removed until Horse acceded to his request.

Marjan, Gender and Human Sexuality

As with many things in the world, Marjan's views on men and women are extreme to say the least. He is an adherent of strict biological determinism when it comes to gender (and to a lesser extent when it comes to race).

According to him, the fundamental character of a person is completely decided by the physiological sex that a person is born with and by the sexual orientation he or she has.

Marjan and Gender

Marjan's views on Men

He states that all men have an innate sex drive, which is so powerful that needs to be fulfilled through any means necessary and whenever there is the possibility to, so "[Marjan's] point is that a woman taking advantage of a man sexually is like somebody giving you money against your will"[45]. Of particular note is Marjan's thesis that all men are bound to rape because of their nature[46], again highlighting Marjan's obvious admiration for rapists and his not-so-subtle wish to be a rapist as well.

Albeit being driven primarily by the desire to have sex and procreate all the time, just like women in Marjan's theory, only men seem to be capable of organising societies and cooperating at the same time.

Marjan's views on Women

Women, on the other hand, are completely unable to do that for any other reasons than selfish ones and therefore should be excluded from political decision-making. His views on (heterosexual) women are quite paradoxical. They are incapable of long-term planning, and yet they managed to overthrow all decent men in Western societies, which is why those societies go to rack and ruin now.

Marjan and Pedophilia

Marjan expresses views that are clearly promotion and justification of pedophilia. Due to his views on male sexuality, Marjan advocates the complete abolishment of age of consent for boys[47]. He does however give boys a certain amount of free will to determine if they actually want to have sex.

When it comes to girls, their age of consent should lowered to age twelve[47] according to Marjan. As mentioned above, this would also mean that underage girls can work in one of the brothels (or be forced to work in one of those, if their mother dared to be feminist). When describing, in the 27 June 2015 interview granted to NobleGreyHorse, an era in which America had not yet been corrupted, he went on a tangent about the 1978 film Pretty Baby, in which Brooke Shields plays a 12-year-old prostitute in a Storyville, New Orleans brothel; these were still legal until 1917, the year in which the movie is set.

Marjan and Homosexuality

Marjan's possible Homosexuality

There is some evidence on the internet that indicates that Marjan might be a closeted homosexual. In the past, he used the word "fag" or a combination of this word several times, when he named himself. For instance, he did so on the photograph of his which he shared on his blog, naming the photograph "fag.jpg"[48]. He also named his account on profileengine.com (a minor social media website) "WildFag"[49] and joined a social group called "Stop Homofobiji" (Croatian for "Stop Homophobia) there. Considering the fact that Marjan seems to have had centre-right to rightist leanings when it comes to his overall political views and that homosexuality is still somewhat of a taboo in Croatia[50][51], he displayed a suspiciously high amount of interest in LGBT rights in Croatia.

But the most convincing evidence for this thesis is a series of posts he made on a Croatian forum in 2007. Marjan, under the name "Tuzni djecak XXL", actually asked the user base if he should sleep with a 46 year old male friend of his[52]. The reason he posted that question was on one hand because of his general unsuccessfulness when it comes to dating women and, on the other hand, because of the fact that said friend was inconsiderate enough to innocently compliment Marjan on his looks, which Marjan interpreted as an attempt to chat him up and have sex with him.

However, the question if Marjan is a genuine homosexual closet case, a bisexual, or if his interest in same-sex relationships with men is merely because of his absolute obsession with sex is completely up to the reader to decide.

Marjan and Sexual Violence

Whenever Marjan is in a discussion with a dissenting voice, he brings up his favorite themes (rape and sexual violence) extremely often and very early. Without being prompted, he indulges in extremely violent fantasies[53][54][55][56][57][58][59] about raping women and beating them to a pulp when condemning what is, according to him, common practice in Western societies.

Marjan and Rape

When asked, Marjan fervently condemns rape and declares that the alleged abundance of rape nowadays and its alleged tacit approval by today's Western societies is a sign of decadence and the result of liberalism and feminism within those societies.

In reality, however, he is perfectly fine with a woman being raped. He just uses a completely different definition of rape that he uses to fake indignation. Marjan tries to use a dumb man's sort of sophistry and discerns between the "act of rape" and the "crime of rape"[60] and declares that in "sane societies" those two were always strictly distinguished. So effectively, the "rape of a lady was a crime and [the] rape of a slut was a good deed", since rape "encourages good behavior on the part of women". Marjan fully approves of his own kind of corrective rape, because it helps keeping women in check and contributes to their oppression, thus (seemingly) making legal and societal protection of basic rights for women fully dependent on their behaviour in accordance with Fschmidt's and Marjan's (allegedly) Bible-inspired ethics.

One might think that this leaves the physical integrity and autonomy of "ladies" or married and virtuous women who are fully compliant with Marjan's system of "morality" untouched. But Marjan wouldn't be Marjan, if he did not know of a solution for this group to be obliged to provide men with 24/7 access to virtuous sex as well: He simply denies the existence of marital rape[61][62], thus rendering all "decent" and "good" wives completely helpless to the whims of their fathers and husbands who will rape them anyhow since that is what nature commands, according to Marjan Šiklić.

Generally speaking, to Marjan Siklic "rape is an evil act only when it's a property crime against a woman's father or a husband"[63] and it is bad only "if a woman loses her honor and chastity. It was never about her dumb feelings or poon."[64]. Completely ignoring the huge amount of physical and mental torment rape victims suffer and the massive infringment of their fundamental human rights, Marjan knows that "[r]ape was never, unlike what they tell you, about consent. It was about being impregnated by a wrong man for women and mostly just a property crime against woman’s father or husband". And the only time rape is "unpleasant", to quote Marjan, for women is when they are raped by a man who suffers from Involuntary Celibacy[65]. He did admit another major exception upon discovering 4Macie, a target of his harassment since she disclosed her rape survivor status, was a lesbian; he decided that in that case, she really would genuinely dislike and even be harmed by rape, and apologized to her in his thread.

Marjan and Sexual Predation

Marjan hates the thought of dating average Western women, since none of them would tolerate the things he would try to impose upon them, let alone his clingy and toxic personality which is why he sticks to dating (or at least planning to date) women who are (mentally) fragile and weak.

So to nobody's surprise, Marjan brags about having impregnated a schizophrenic woman during Christmas 2014 who lives with her father. The woman only came to visit Marjan, because he convinced her that she should do so[66] One of his current master plans is to lurk in front of mental homes and see if he can chat up one of the patients there[67] [68] [69] in order to impregnate as many women as he can without taking up responsibility for his actions, just out of sheer spite[70]. Marjan is well aware of his morally appalling nature of his plans, (ab-)using mentally ill women into giving birth to a child without a father and with a mentally unstable mother, but the revenge plans of our autistic hero are more important than empathy with his victims[71].

He also claims to plan to prey on Catholic women and "try to find a slut there", since he wants to keep the chances of the woman getting an abortion as low as possible[72]

He also planned to let his lesbian friend stay at his place, but only if she would sleep with him whenever he wants. Marjan cynically justified his selfish intentions with "friends need to do each other favors"[73].

Marjan, Sexual Coercion and Sexual Perversion

When asked about his plans for a date, he states that he could have a successful date provided he brings along knives and laxatives and uses them on the girl.[74]

Should a "Western" woman actually decide to enter a relationship with Marjan, Marjan would already have a set of requirements she would have to meet in order to be considered his girlfriend or spouse. In a nutshell, the woman would have to completely give up her personal freedom and dignity and literally become a hostage of Marjan.

He wants to make sure that he "[has] all her credit card numbers" and that "[he]'d know all about her tiniest details", so he can make sure that "she's destroyed when she tries to leave [him]"[75]. She would have to have sex with an animal, a dog preferably, but smaller animals (or a horse) would be fine as well[76], while Marjan videotapes the entire procedure. As a side note, Marjan claimed that he would not allow her to sleep with his dog[77], showcasing more sympathy with an animal than with his (hypothetical) girlfriend. (On 27 June 2015, Marjan admitted he doesn't actually have a dog, making obtaining a suitable animal yet another obstacle to such a relationship.) His rationale behind this was that he wanted to have something to "punish her"[78] in case she dared to leave him. If she really left, he would "send the video to all of her friends and family" and "post it everywhere online" to get his revenge[79]. He has occasionally spoken of keeping the girlfriend in a cage, and/or pimping her out to "cash in on her sluttiness," although these two ideas seem somewhat incompatible for practical reasons.

He will often try to whitewash himself by stating that this entire procedure would only be required if he was actually dating a "Westernized" woman. A "decent" woman would not have to do these things. Conveniently though, he is always quick on reminding everybody that he will never find a "decent" woman in Croatia, so due to "feminism" he will be forced to do these things.

However, since women have no rights whatsoever in Marjan's utopia, their treatment would probably not be that different from his planned treatment for "Westernized" women in the real world. He did, it should be noted, tell a Kiwi Farms user that a wife already socialized to be "nice" wouldn't need restriction of her internet use, friends, etc. and could come and go as she wished. This given, it is his frequent practice to attempt to appear more sympathetic when dealing with a female interlocutor.

Marjan's Interpersonal Relationships

Marjan's family

The only information we have about Mr. and Mrs. Šiklić stems from Marjan himself and contains everything he has deliberately or incidentally mentioned about them. They make their living by being landlords and they have two sons, Marjan and his younger brother who is quite likely named Ivan. Marjan's relationship with them is portrayed in an extremely contradictory manner on the internet. While he accuses them of being responsible for his shortcomings in today's Croatian society (and especially in Croatian dating customs) and for his failure to lose his virginity during the right time, he is, on the other hand, extremely defensive when asked about them. He repeatedly[80][81][82][83] stresses that they actually were good parents who raised him well, only to claim that at the same time they were "child abusing scum"[84]. It should be noted that, when Marjan talks about the guilt of his parents, he will always talk about his mother's guilt. His father is never mentioned directly by Marjan, he is only existent in conjunction with his mother when he talks about his parents.

If one is to make a more or less educated guess as to why Marjan portrays his relationship to his parents this contradictorily, it is the following one. Marjan simply may not portray his father as an seducer/rape ape and his mother as a slut, since that would mean that Marjan himself is the offspring of that couple and therefore nothing more than a the baby of an "insane omega rape ape"[85] and a slut. If he was a child of an omega, he, according to his own warped ideology, would be culturally and biologically predetermined to mindlessly and amorally do all the things he pretends to condemn and could not consider himself to be a noble CoAlpha snowflake in a cesspool of omegas.

However, since they refused to be his enablers and outright told him that his plans, like the prostitute scam or his mother providing pity sex for Marjan for instance, are insane, Marjan considers them brainwashed and under the illusion that nowadays dating and finding a partner (and more importantly, finding a partner for sex) is similar to the time when they first met. Thus, Marjan successfully manages to avoid serious introspection if his overall behaviour, his trust issues, his clinginess, his delusions of grandeur or his whininess[86] might be the reasons as to why the girls he dated left him, as he was simply ill-equipped by his parents to cope with an already rotten society.

Marjan's Friends

Marjan is extremely touchy about the subject of friends. If being mocked that he is a friendless shut-in, he will always claim that he has a circle of friends which consists of both sexes. Considering Marjan's overall behaviour though, the veracity of these claims is dubious. Additionally, Marjan provided enough information to reconstruct Marjan's gradual loss of social contact over the years.


Marjan claimed to have met[87] Josefo Malatrova/Victor Cedillo López[88], an aspiring pedophile comic-strip artist from Mexico who used to whiteknight Marjan in his first thread on the Kiwi Farms and who managed to dox himself in his first few posts there, in real life. They seem to get along quite well, as demonstrated by the conversations they had on Facebook.

However, given the fact that one is an unemployed attention seeker from Croatia and the other is an "artist" from Mexico who wants to bed preteens, it is rather unlikely that either of them had the money to pay for the flight and that their meeting ever happened.

Marjan's Brothers-in-Arms on the Internet


Before meeting Fschmidt and his theories, the clear enemies in Marjan's life were part of TAC, The Atheist Cult. Although himself being an atheist, he used this term to describe "basically stupid, dogmatic and intolerant liberals"[89], who happen to be atheists as well. Interestingly, this probably wasn't an original thought by Marijan, but a concept copied from a vlogger called Paul Elam.

This theory was turned into a footnote, however, once he learned of Fschmidt's CoAlpha theory of societies and history. Almost every single post of Marjan now is basically an echo of something Fschmidt has already said and explained on his forum or on his blog. He admits that Fschmidt is one of the people he considers to be a "great thinker"[citation needed]. During spring 2015, Marjan began referring to his adoption of Fschmidt's ideas and the continuous obedient parroting of Fschmidt's CoAlpha drivel as "The Awakening", stylizing it to another pathetically overblown incident in his life, just like he did with "The Fatal One". According to loveshy renegade Rammspieler, their relationship was so close that Fschmidt once suggested that Marjan should migrate to the US and help him start a love-shy dating agency[citation needed], but Marjan claims that he declined that offer.

Marjan, the Law and Politics

Marjan and the Law

Marjan has been in police custody or in jail on at least five[90][91] separate occasions:

  • The first three times were due to him marching naked, equipped only with a drum, in front of Croatian governmental buildings in Zagreb and protested for the establishment of a state-run dating service. He seems to have gotten away with a slap on the wrist and some minor fines for this.
  • The second time was when he posted his revenge fantasies/revenge plans on the original love-shy forums. An administrator informed Interpol and about two weeks later, Marjan was arrested by the Croatian police. He spent one month in jail for this. The times he spent in police custody amount to six times at least, if you count the three days he spent in jail, because he cried in front of the female judge and actually begged her on his knees to sleep with him, despite being warned by her not to do that, seperately.
  • The third time was when he assaulted his parents because they refused to help Marjan with his silly quest in the past and are responsible for not hiring a prostitute for him when he was 14, which, according to Marjan, would have improved his situation indefinitely and would have prevented his complete failure in life. However, as prostitution is illegal in Croatia, Marjan essentially hates his parents for not being willing to break the law in order to bring a prostitute to their underaged son.

Political positions

The few common grounds Marjan has with more popular political orientations seemingly lie in the political ideologies of (reactionary) conservatism, traditionalism and rightist libertarianism. However, on further scrutiny, he turns out to have absolutely no political education whatsoever and no real grasp of what he is talking about. Unsurprisingly, he actually acts completely contrary to the values and principles of the ideologies he claims to adhere to. In addition to that, his views of a sane society seem to define what he sees as traditionalism, libertarianism, conservatism etc., so it remains highly questionable if any actual reactionary, traditionalist, conservative or libertarian will agree with any of his ideas. He has even proposed a system in which workers would have some ownership of means of production, which sounds oddly Marxist given his known political bedfellows to date.

Marjan's only criterion for a political system to win over his support is if it will provide him with a disenfranchised slave-wife.


Marjan publicly endorses the words of libertarian vloggers like Stephan Molyneux while being unemployed and unwilling to find a job. He claims to uphold the concepts of a limited government and a free market while being as dependent the on government as you can be, culminating with his (now abandoned) plan to make the state establish a dating agency for love-shy males.


Despite claiming to be a traditionalist, Marjan expresses extremely disparaging views on the concept of nations. When being confronted with the fact that Marjan's love and armchair fanboyism for the Islamic State would be betrayal to his own country and its (predominantly Catholic) cultural history, Marjan declares that "[a]ll countries are basically fictions sold to morons"[92]


Marjan is also a self-proclaimed racist[93], making the concordance he says he has with conservative and libertarian thinkers almost impossible. One of his favorite insults for the kind of man who does reproduce but shouldn't is "Guatemalan," used frequently throughout all three of his Kiwi Farms threads. While he has alleged that he doesn't literally mean men from Guatemala, and that this is a metaphor for uneducated, irresponsible men in general, the usage remains telling.

Marjan and Religion

Despite being an atheist himself[94] for quite some time, Marjan claims to be looking for a "sane religion" to adhere to[95]. However, no religion has so far been able to meet Marjan's standards.

When it comes to the Catholic Church, by far the biggest religious institution in Croatia, he claims that it is "a joke here" and he complains that Orthodox Christian and Muslim Croatians are very secularised and that Hasidic Jews will not let him join their group[95]. When it comes to Islam in Muslim countries, Marjan argues that these countries tend to be saner than Western countries, mostly due to the role of women and the oppression feminists face in these societies. But since these countries' legislations on prostitution range from draconian laws to strict illegality, he wouldn't convert to Islam or live in a Muslim country[96] Marjan seems to actively look for a religion that is as authoritarian as possible and that fulfills both his requirements to allow easy prostitution and that will pressure women into conformity.

When talking about "good wives", he says he prefers submissive women. He then proceeds and states that both today's Catholic Church and BDSM groups are bad places to find such women[citation needed]. This juxtaposition of a religious institution on one hand and a sexual fetish on the other hand when describing what kind of woman Marjan wants to possess is illuminating Marjan's real intention when it comes to his frequent mention of a "sane religion".

Marjan's interest in religions is not due to him wanting to find a meaning in life which transcends this world or him seeking answers to the fundamental questions of human existence. Marjan sees religions as yet another possible tool he can use in order to disenfranchise and oppress women and, ultimately, a tool he can use to get as much sex as he wants to.

He furthermore claims to use the Old Testament as his guide of morality[95] which is probably a direct consequence of his canine obedience of Fschmidt and, considering the things Marjan claims to have done so far, is more a lip service than an actual code of conduct he actually honors.

Marjan, Academia and Science

Apart from his extreme views on heterosexual interpersonal relationships, Marjan is famous on the internet for his persistent, yet completely deficient skills of discussion and his poor grasp of scientific methods.

Marjan and Academia

Marjan's studies of history

Marjan claims to have graduated in history at the University of Zagreb[97], with the emphasis of his studies being Medieval History[98].

The overall performance of Marjan during his years in university was definitely below average, though, since he himself stated various times on his blog that his studies were at that time "awful" and he was reprimanded several times by his parents for doing bad at school[99].

Because of him being a bad student and because of his complete lack of any knowledge concerning academic research and scientific methods, it remains questionable if Marjan really did graduate. And, in case he actually graduated, it is very likely that his overall grade did not meet the standard set by the numerus clausus for BAs in History in order to continue his studies for an MA.

Marjan's Misuse of Academic Works

When it comes to actual academic research, Marjan frequently provides statistics or studies and claims conclusions or interpretations which the data simply does not confirm in the slightest. For instance, he provided a study which showed a recent decline marriages and a higher rate of divorces. He claimed that this is one of the indications of the brutalization and slutification of the West. The fact however is that said data only proves that marriages, while still being quite popular in the West, ceased to be the sole accepted form of partnership[citation needed].

Since Marjan will frequently claim that certain studies or works prove one or several of his points, here is what these works actually state.

Michael Gilding's Study on Marital Infidelity in the US

In order to prove that in the West, all married women are unfaithful to their spouses and cheat on them with every rape ape they encounter, Marjan states that a study from the American Association of Blood Banks (nowadays just AABB)[100] has pretty much proven the meaninglessness of marriage in the West, especially in the United States.

The most acceptable result the author found was a mention of said study on a British website supporting fathers' skepticism when it comes to their alleged paternity and their right to have their paternity tested[101]. As it turns out the study which is supposed to prove rampant marital infidelity (only on the part of women, of course) is ironically named Rampant Misattributed Paternity: the Creation of an Urban Myth. In said study from 2005, the author, Michael Gilding, actually states that 28% of paternity tests conducted by the AABB showed that the putative fathers were not the biological fathers.

Contextualized and speaking with numbers however: the study had 354,011 cases of paternity testing (which would be 0.125 percent of the US population during 2003). Of these 354,011 cases, 99,174 were exclusions, meaning that the putative father was not the biological father of the child in 28 percent of the cases. When cast against the background of the total population of the US in 2003 (which would be 290.11 million[102]), the percentage of actual, reported paternal discrepancy (or illegitimate children) is 0.00034 percent.

One could argue that it is hard to have your children tested in the US, but in fact it really is not. Neither your children nor your spouse have to be informed if you want to test your parenthood[103], problems only arise if you want to draw legal consequences from the results of that test.

In a nutshell: Marjan states that because of 28% of the people who already have severe doubts over the paternity of their children aren't actually the (biological) fathers and because that is 0.00034 percent of the entire population in the US, he can declare the end of marital fidelity in the West.

It should be noted that Marjan himself has never provided a link to said study and only named the source after people repeatedly asked him to do so.

J.D. Unwin's Sex and Culture

When it comes to feminism, liberalism or enfranchised women destroying societies, Marjan will almost certainly bring up Joseph Daniel Unwin's study "Sex and Culture" from 1934 and claim that it proves Marjan's thesis.

Unwin's actual theory is based on Freud's sublimation theory and is an attempt to explain societal developments with the help of this theory. Freud's theory states that the more a person is forced (by society) to harness and control (and effectively suppress) his or her sexual (and other) urges, the more productive said person will become, because those urges (also named libido) will express themselves through the (intellectual, cultural, etc.) deeds that person performs, roughly speaking.

Unwin adopted that assumption and generalised it to a societal level, meaning that he researched if there is a correlation between sexual regulation within a society and the level of cultural development of that society. He took an ethnological sample based on the data that was sufficiently available during his time, examining 80 "uncivilised" and six civilised nations[104].

After evaluating the data, Unwin recognised that the more restricted sexuality is within a society, the more social energy that society will have, i.e. the more expansive and productive a society will become due to the sublimation of the repressed urges of the people. Unwin then ordered these societies in six different categories, ranging from the highest level of social energy and the highest level of regulation of sexuality down to complete sexual freedom and the lowest level of social energy.

The important thing is: In no way, shape or form did Unwin ever state that enfranchised women, feminism, liberalism or whatever boogeyman Marjan wants to blame are responsible for the downfall of civilizations. In fact, Unwin made it very clear that every person's unregulated sexuality, regardless of their gender, has caused the decline of civilisation in one way or another. For instance, he stressed that societies which introduced polygamous relationships for men have experienced the exact same symptoms of decline. He also stressed that the highest level of sexual repression, which he named absolute monogamy and which prescribes that every man and every woman has only one sexual partner for his or her entire life and that this partner was assigned through various rituals and decisions by the community they both live in, has caused suffering for both genders which is why a regulation of this strictness was never upheld for longer than one generation. When it comes to emancipation of women, it was not the fact that women were granted basic rights what caused a lower level of social energy, but the fact that society no longer deemed it necessary to observe and control both(!) male and female sexuality, since it was simply considered unnecessary, because it was no longer seen as a matter of the community, but a matter between two people who fell in love (or who are at least attracted to one another).

Needless to say that obvious objections to Unwin's study, like the fact that it presupposes Freud's theory or that its entire sample consists of pre-industrial societies whose degree of productivity is nowhere near the productivity of the world in the 21st century, did not come to Marjan's mind. And neither did it come to the person's mind from whom Marjan got this false representation of the study.

Note that this summary covers just a small part of Unwin's impressive study, heavily neglecting topics like religion, (religious and social) rituals, and the cognitive abilities each society developed.

Fschmidt's distorting interpretation of Unwin

The likelihood of Marjan having read Unwin's study is quite small. He never explains the study to a deeper extent and simply claims that it will prove his points over and over again. The reason he (falsely) uses his study and assumes it proves that whatever boogeyman he wants to be academically exposed however is that none other than Fschmidt himself spoke highly of Unwin's work. Fschmidt lauds Unwin's study (and falsely subsumes it on his Amazon.com review by naming it "Female chastity correlated with civilization"[105], but stresses that since Unwin was a Freudian liberal and "unsexist" he could not see that only female sexuality needs to be supervised by society, thus completely ignoring several observations Unwin made in his study about the consequences of unregulated male sexuality and twisting the study to his own needs.

Marjan and the Academic Conspiracy

Marjan is more than willing to misuse several researches if it somehow fits his needs and helps establishing the illusion that Marjan could have a point. However, every time one of his references is debunked, he will resort to an amalgamation of conspiracy theory and anecdotal evidence, stating that either all people in the West (or just all people in universities) are brainwashed feminists, because the studies they publish don't reflect what Marjan thinks is reality.

Marjan and Science

Marjan and Inductionism (i.e. Cherry-Picking)

When asked to provide evidence of the downfall of the West and Western societies of whom he claims the vast majority are already rape apes or sluts, he usually links to some sensationalist news article in which a welfare receiver who fathered several children of several women is clearly portrayed in a disapproving way[106]. He also repeatedly (?) linked to some YouTube videos of The Jeremy Kyle Show, a tabloid talk show which was described by a British judge as a "human form of bear-baiting", in which another welfare recipient talks about the children he has with different women. For the US viewer's reference, Jeremy Kyle's show is often compared to those of Jerry Springer or Maury Povich, both in content and level of sensationalism.

Discussion tactics

When facing stringent refutations to his claims and theories, Marjan applies one (or a combination) of the following tactics:

  1. Outright name-calling[107][108][109][110]
  2. Questioning his opponent's intelligence or sanity and declaring a resulting futility of discussing a certain topic any further[111]
  3. Calling his opponent ideologically blinded and therefore wrong and/or declaring futility again[112]
  4. Stating that he already has disproved his opponent's thesis somewhere else in his trail of words or that he already has provided a link to a site which does so[113]
  5. Introducing his own, idiosyncratic definitions of well-defined words (such as "rape", "equality" or "seduction") and expecting his opponent to accept them[114][115]
  6. Spamming the same (lengthy) blog post (sometimes even several times in a row)[116][117]
  7. Moving goalposts and trying to use a red herring[note 2][118][119][120]
  8. Backtracking and claiming he never made the assertions he previously made[121][120]
  9. Ignoring the post entirely[122][123] and hoping the topic will change
  10. Ignoring the content of the post if an opponent managed to back him into a corner, declaring said opponent a troll or incapable of using logic and then ignoring or blocking that opponent[124]
  11. Discarding data that does not fit his theories (e.g. he maintains that "Western women" are incapable of relationships; since joining the Kiwi Farms, he appears to have accepted that two female users who respond to his thread are, in fact, engaged in monogamous relationships, but are so rare as to be "outliers" and therefore do not disprove his blanket statements)

Despite claims to the contrary, Marjan is not interested in any sort of debate. If you join a conversation with him, it will result in nothing else than you giving Marjan what he desperately craves for: attention.

If you still plan to talk to Marjan for whatever reasons, here is what you need to look out for:

  1. Don't share any personal information with Marjan! This is by far the most important thing to pay heed to. Marjan is always quick to demand pity for his "hard" life and his suffering and is equally quick when it comes to pointing out his opponents' alleged cruelty. The moment he knows something about the people he discusses with however, he will use these pieces of information in several ways to his advantage. One way consists of looking for more of his opponents personal data in order to publish them on his blog. Since he usually fails when it comes to this however, this kind of action is mostly limited to vague, half-arsed threats by Marjan. Another strategy Marjan employs is to taunt his adversary debaters based on what he knows about them. This goes from mentioning their ethnicity or nationality in a derogatory tone with an absurd frequency over to mocking people because they haven't had sex yet. There is no stoop too low for Marjan. The scummiest thing Marjan will do is twisting a story of yours you have told in order to disprove Marjan to such a degree that it will fit to be part of Marjan's own narrative. Then, he will post his contorted version of "your" story on websites with a different user base and claim that his lie about your story is what really happened.
  2. Don't let him make you mad! This is the second most important thing. Marjan has never outgrown his edgy teenager phase and will say pretty much anything in order to trigger a reaction from his opponents which he then will gloat about. Don't allow him to do that! Stay calm and remember the person you are talking to is an absolutely miserable person who lives in a hell of his own.
  3. Force Marjan to give definitions of what he is talking about! Marjan will try to weasel his way out of a situation once he no longer thinks he is able to match his opponent and his opponent's knowledge. Make sure that he gives a definition of the terms he uses and call him out if they are insufficient, which is what most of them end up being anyhow. At the time of this being written, Marjan still has not given a sufficient definition of seducer or seduction other than a vague, negative one and the fact that it is allegedly the predominant "mating strategy" in the West. This gives him way to much leeway to artificially prolong his stay on your website.
  4. Insist that Marjan has to answer certain questions if he wants the discussion/his stay on your site to continue! Once backed in a corner, Marjan will use a variety of tactics in order to brush over the fact that he cannot answer a question the way he would like to answer. Due to Marjan's sheer number of posts he leaves in order to hide that he often succeeds in doing so. He will mostly post some insult or provocation or, at best, an extremely nit-picky complaint that misses the entire point of your post.
  5. Be prepared to face Marjan's entitled behavior in discussions! Marjan will feel entitled to make as many spelling mistakes and use as many misnomers as he wants to. The moment you accidentally make a spelling mistake or use wrong semantics however, Marjan will jump on that and use it as a pretext to discard your entire post.
  6. Don't expect anything out of your conversation with Marjan! Neither on an entertainment level nor on an intellectual level. You will not learn anything new out of this, at least not from Marjan, but, if you are lucky, at least you will get to witness one of the sparse moments of entertainment.

The Great July 2015 Chimpout

In the two Kiwi Farms threads completed by the end of June 2015, Marjan had continued to ask various users to edit this wiki to remove what he calls "lies" and any information that he himself did not provide, proving that he did not understand the point of this wiki. When the second thread was closed, Marjan begged site administrator Null not to allow a third thread to be started, but that thread is now 60 pages long as of this writing. In private messages, Marjan requested edits from mostly women users, notably HickoryDickory (who eventually felt that engaging with Marjan at all was simply taunting a mentally ill man and therefore, beyond her personal morals) and NobleGreyHorse (referred to in this section as "Horse" for brevity). He "granted" Horse an epic, rambling four-hour interview via Skype messaging on 27 June, with a small bit of extra information on 28 June. The interview focused almost entirely on hurts Marjan had suffered in his dating life by a woman he calls "The Fatal One" or "TFO" on Kiwi Farms and on his blog, and a second woman he refused to name. Marjan added to his list of requirements for dating a Western woman: not only would she be forced to have intercourse with an animal on camera for purposes of future blackmail if she would leave Marjan, and be given at least one severe beating on general principles, but she would also actually be kept in a cage and would be pimped out "to cash in on her sluttiness." When the interviewer told an extremely abbreviated version of the story of kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart to underline the point that psychological manipulation would be more effective and less expensive than purchasing some sort of cage, Marjan became irritated and accused the interviewer of going on an "irrelevant tangent." Marjan then stated that he had "pushed beyond consent" with several women, who all showed "extreme discomfort" but did not try to escape his assault, except for one whom Marjan allowed to escape unharmed because she apparently told him she was a virgin. During the interview, after stating that the film Pretty Baby, starring Brooke Shields, showed an America he felt was better than the present one (note that Shields played a 12-year-old prostitute in this film, which takes place in 1917, just before the closure of the brothels in Storyville, New Orleans), Marjan also told the interviewer she was "scum" like all Western women and would, if given the chance, inflict the same psychological misery on him as he felt TFO and the unnamed second girlfriend had done. At this point in the interview, and in the PMs preceding it, Horse had taken special care to appear deferential to the obviously mentally ill Marjan, giving him a choice of appellations for use in the finished interview. Thus, the "scum" accusations seemed even more out of turn than they had been in the 2000-plus pages of Marjan's forum postings.

Thus, the interviewer snapped. In a possibly misguided move born of the mental distress that afflicts people who try to converse with Marjan for any length of time (see previous section), she claimed she had performed Marjan's desired edits to this article, but had in fact not done so. Marjan, suspicious of the "funny code" the interviewer claimed she had been unable to remove from this article, read its talk page, which revealed that no substantive edits had been performed (save small ones intended to Americanize spelling and usage). In early July, therefore, he began posting angrily to the forums, and filled NobleGreyHorse's inbox with nine pages of similarly angry complaints. On July 9, 2015, Marjan pulled his biggest chimpout to date: he began sending messages to members of site admin Null's family, with whom Null is not in close contact. Marjan stated in a PM to Horse that Null was 'a terrorist" who needed to "take responsibility" for what users posted on the two-and-counting fast-moving threads about, and containing, Marjan; users CatParty and Dynastia, he said, had posted what they believed to be dox of Marjan himself and Marjan's mother. Despite the fact that no two Kiwi Farms chosen at random could necessarily agree on what toppings to order on a pizza, much less whether doxing Marjan in this manner was moral, Marjan felt it appropriate to punish the "noncombatants," as Horse put it. You heard it here first, wiki readers: Null needs to be punished in a manner that violates the Geneva Convention, according to Marjan, for allowing pictures that may or may not be Marjan's to remain on Kiwi Farms and on this wiki. (Farms consensus is that at least a fair number of the pictures, and the name used in this article, do in fact belong to Marjan.)

Null responded to the threat by stating that his mother is already aware of his website administration activities, and does not approve of them. He helpfully provided a Google Flights map between Atlanta, Georgia and Ninoy Aquino International Airport to show Marjan the distance between his mother and his current residence. Marjan, unconvinced, stated that he would continue to dox and expose members of Null's family. He insisted, also, that Null was guilty of "attempted defamation" (which does not appear to be a crime either under Croatian law or the laws of the country in which the Farms servers are hosted) and that Croatian law applied to Null's actions and those of Farms users. Null, therefore, changed Marjan's username from "Holden" to the name in the title of this article, and purchased the domain "marjansiklic.com," which he stated will redirect to this article.

At the time of this writing, Marjan seems to be willing to abandon the user account that now bears his name instead of "Holden." He continues, through private messaging, to bombard Horse and other Kiwi Farms members with requests to change this article, and told NobleGreyHorse that he would message her again in "some months" to tell her about the "consequences" of Null's actions or inactions. However, Marjan being Marjan, he was back in her PM inbox much sooner than that.


Marjan's actual Facebook page, revealing the name of the high school and the college he went to.
  • Marjan's usage of different user names is quite diverse[125][126]. Known aliases are Alexius, Alexius Comnenus, Holden, DeafBoyTheStrangler, johnnysack, AlexiusC, jej1997, Insider1972, AVPD, DevilsChaplain008, Tuzni djecak XXL(Croatian for "Sad Boy XXL"), Dante, Dante Alighieri, GovernmentsGetGF, ThatIncelBlogger, DickNixon, Sad_Boy_1988 and SadAndLonely.
    • A few of his user names are literary references. He has stated that the novel Catcher in the Rye represents a time in US history when the country was "at its prime... with cracks just beginning to show," and feels he would have greatly enjoyed living in that time.
  • Marjan's pop culture preferences are hypocritical, to say the least:
    • Despite classifying the vast majority of Western women (especially working women) as monsters, he is a fan of both Grimes, a female Canadian electronic music artist, and Molly Nilsson, a female Swedish synth-pop musician[127].
    • America, being one of the worst places in the West to him, is the country where HBO operates from, the company that produced The Sopranos[128] and produces Game of Thrones[129], both programmes which Marjan says he enjoys a lot
  • Marjan is a fan of soccer[130], specifically of Borussia Dortmund and SD Crvena Zvezda.
  • Marjan has a younger brother[131] (probably) named Ivan[132].
    • It is unknown if he is aware of his older brother's achievements and agenda on the internet.
Jean Gabin – another victim of Incel
  • The avatar Marjan uses on his blog and on some forums shows French actor Jean Gabin during his later years. Ironically, Gabin was famous for portraying dominant (main) characters in his later life and, unlike Marjan, was extremely popular.
  • Marjan often uses relatively dated photographs when asked to show his face on the internet. Since the gallery shows a certain tendency that time has not been too kind on him and since Marjan himself says that he is in a state of decline, one can assume that Marjan looks even worse than on the last photograph of him that we have.
  • Marjan admires or at least sympathizes with spree killers whose main objective was killing women, because they were women. He features a blog on his blog roll which stylises Marc Lépine to some sort of folk hero and he published a blog post in which he argues that George Sodini is the victim of a society that is blind to the problems of incel people[133]. Funnily enough, when it comes to Elliot Rodger however, his sympathy is non-existent, since, as Marjan agrees with another loveshy poster, "he chose to live in one of the most superficial narcissistic locales on the planet [...and] he reeked of degeneration and narcissism himself" and could have moved to another city all the time if he just wanted to[134].
  • Prior to Eddie Dzial, Marjan was the only lolcow who actively tried to contribute his Lolcow Wiki article or at least claimed to try to. He contacted Kiwi Farms owner Null[135] in order to expose the alleged falsity of this article and its subpages. He has also appealed to users NobleGreyHorse and HickoryDickory in order to change the page to a much shorter and less comprehensive version that would avoid any of what he considers these "lies." Interestingly, his version does not contest descriptions of his forum behavior as abrasive, as seen at the top of this article.


  1. While his "date of birth" on the Kiwi Farms shows 1989 as his year of birth, it is very likely that this is either a typo or, more likely, a lie. For one, Marjan claimed to be 19 when he met "The Fatal One" in the summer of 2007. A second indication to this is the article about him from 2008 when he posted his murder-suicide plans on the loveshy-forums is talking about a 20 year-old being incarcerated for his plans in the summer of 2008. The exact date of birth is a bit more complicated to determine. His current Kiwi Farms account shows March 23rd, however his first account shows February 4th and in the saved IRC log when he tried to convince the staff of ED to take down his pictures, he named "apr 18, 1988" as his date of birth. Since the 4th of May is the date he named twice in the past on different social media websites such as Facebook and ProfileEngine, before he bothered about dissociating his controversial theories and insulting postings on the internet from his real life, this date is most probably his actual date of birth.
  2. It is debatable if he actually does that on purpose in order avoid discussion of his points or if he is just unable to grasp the points his opponents made.

Physical Appearance

Marjan's facial structure is very similar to the Croatian average.[136] In almost all recent photos, he is seen wearing black clothing. Some alleged photographs of his are taken in parties, but the majority of his (confirmed) pictures are taken by himself in mostly empty rooms. He is not generally unattractive or physically scarred or handicapped in any way.

As of spring/early summer 2015, he claims that he stole these photographs from some random guy on the internet and that said person can no longer be found which is the actual reason why all traces lead to Marjan instead.

The following gallery contains pictures that definitely show Marjan.

This gallery contains all the other photographs somehow connected to Marjan. It must be stressed, however, that the likelihood of these pictures actually showing Marjan is rather small. It is more likely that he found them somewhere on the internet and used them in order to set up a red herring -- or, considering his level of defensiveness about attaching "some innocent man" to his words, that they are pictures of his brother Ivan. He told NobleGreyHorse only that "these people exist." It is comforting to know that Marjan realizes that only nonfictional people show up in photographs.

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  2. In both instances, in which Marjan was tricked into revealing his dox, he named Zagreb as his domicile. And he confirmed it again when talking about his time with a schizophrenic woman he was so proud to have impregnated.
  3. Marjan himself states to have listed the benefits of being unemployed with the primary reason being the refusal to financially contribute to a sick society. He even compared himself to a jew refusing to give money to Hitler.
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  10. According to former loveshy Rammspieler, the group Marjan identifies with, Fschmidt's CoAlpha society, is the smallest faction in the loveshy/incel community and its sole selling point is Fschmidt's economical and marital successes in real life. Additionally, fellow incel Fonduman states that Marjan is only a caricature of himself right now. And finally, Marjan manages to be extremely unpopular on several subreddits which tend to be echo chambers for different currents of the manosphere, ranging from differently coloured pill users to loveshies.
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  106. He uses special insults for female users quite frequently, asking "How many rapes have emptied themselves in you?" for instance
  107. When he was sure he was talking to a male, he often used "mangina" as an insult
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  109. Marjan calling one of his opponents in a discussion "a fool" only to reproach another one with using insults in very next post of his.
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  115. Marjan started spamming his manifesto The story of your incel - an inconvenient truth. He posted the same lengthy, unspoilered reply multiple times, the superfluous posts were removed by moderators
  116. For no discernable reason whatsoever, Marjan started spamming copied posts from a blog glorifying misogynist spree killer Marc Lepine to a folk hero.
  117. When asked what his "four main points" are, Marjan said that one would be "easily available prostitution". When one user pointed out that this already is the case in quite a few countries, Marjan stated that not everywhere on earth, thereby completely evading to concede the point. Ironically, prostitution is completely illegal in Croatia, which is according to Marjan not that extremely affected by feminism yet, while more or less legal in most Western countries that are supposed to be strongholds of feminism.
  118. Marjan responds to the post explaing why he is entitled with accusing the poster of being a cruel person instead of refuting (or trying to) the points made in that post.
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  123. Kiwi Farms user supdup managed to wonderfully nail Marjan down on the dogmatic nature of his worldview. Since Marjan fancies himself a beacon of wisdom, he did not like this at all, claimed that supdup's logic was flawed for whatever reasons and blocked him
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  131. When Marjan had his talk with staff from ED, they offered him to "protect" him from the alleged stalker who defamed his name and wrote his article on their site and delete all personal information. When they asked if he had family member who use Facebook (and would need their protection), he provided the Facebook page of his brother, one "Ivan Šiklić".
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