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Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath
Lindsay facebook.jpg
Lindsay's Facebook profile picture
Age 27
Born January 9, 1992
Geneva, Illinois
Residence Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (imprisoned)
Occupation Prison inmate
Walmart employee (formerly)[1]
College student (graduated)
Web Presences Facebook
Personal blog (archived; only one post available)
Iron March profile (archived)
Twitter profile
YouTube channel
DeviantArt profile (deactivated)
Kiwi Farms profile

Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath is a woman from Illinois who was arrested in Canada on February 13, 2015 for taking part in the planning of a shooting at a Halifax shopping center. Following the arrest, it was discovered that Lindsay had been active on Kiwi Farms as Heretics on Holiday,[2] and that she had a rather sordid internet history. It quickly came to light that Lindsay was heavily involved in the Neo-Nazi movement (despite her status as a nonwhite), and had a great admiration for serial killers and spree shooters. She was also a fan of necrophilia.


She was a very lonely person - but she isolated herself. From what I remember she was even suspended for stabbing someone with a pencil in middle school.
—One of Lindsay's former classmates remembers her[3]
Lindsay's high school yearbook photo.

Lindsay was born on January 9, 1992 to Chanthaboun Souvannarath, an insurance worker, and Phyllis Zboril, a dog trainer who ironically has a 20 year background working with at-risk kids. [4] Her father was a native of Laos in southeast Asia, though she was raised in Geneva, Illinois.[5].

From an early age, Lindsay apparently struggled with being biracial, as her mother mentions her coming to her and her dad crying about age 4. [6]. Lindsay apparently had a strong sense of her superiority since at least the first grade, as a Facebook post from December 2013 shows her complaining about inferior females having nicer things than she, which might explain in part her obnoxious behavior toward the other girls on the college trip she took to Southeast Asia.[7]

According to a former classmate, Lindsay often exhibited strange behaviors as early as middle school. She was regularly bullied for her unusual dress sense: often disheveled and bright red lipstick. She would randomly break out into laughter in the middle of classes, and would place "curses" on other students. She was, at one point, suspended for stabbing a student with a pencil. She never had any close friends or boyfriends in school, though she did claim to be dating a classmate's brother at one point.[8] A friend of hers would later visit Kiwi Farms to confirm that[9].

She attended Geneva High School, where she was described as a "quiet but talented artist." Her teachers recalled her walking through the hallways by herself, and one couldn't even remember her voice. None of her artwork for the school aroused suspicion, and she was never reported or sent to counseling.[10] She was involved in the school play, The Rimers of Eldritch, during her junior year. A neighbor described her as a normal teenage girl who often went through different phases and interests, and who sometimes dressed in goth clothing.[11][12] Her classmates were aware of her Neo-Nazi views,[13] although she would deny being a Nazi if anyone asked her if she was one.[14]

She was also a member of her school's RPG club. Her chosen persona was the "Nightmare Nazi," which somehow failed to raise any red flags with her peers or teachers. Lindsay's former classmates have stated that the Nightmare Nazi character was deemed acceptable due to the lack of any overtly racist content in Lindsay's role-playing. Lindsay was said to keep arguing until she got her way if anyone disagreed with her. A drawing of the character was even featured in the school yearbook, along with a photo of Lindsay herself socializing with other members of the club. Lindsay had an infatuation with Varg Vikernes, a white supremacist musician who was convicted of murder and arson in the mid 90's. She described him as "cute" and wrote essays about him.[15]

She graduated high school as part of the class of 2010, and enrolled as a student at Coe College during the fall of that same year. She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in English and creative writing.[16]

Lindsay (standing, second from left) during her college trip to Asia. Her behavior made the trip less enjoyable for her peers.

Not much information on Lindsay's college years is available, though there does exist a blog written by someone who accompanied her while she studied abroad in Southeast Asia in 2013. The blog, entitled "An Unhelpful Guide to Asia," details a lot of unpleasant behavior from Lindsay. She is given the pseudonym "Lilith," though her real name is accidentally used on at least one occasion. She began causing problems before the trip even started by having the entire curriculum rearranged so that she could visit her father's family in Laos.[17] Despite this insistence, however, she spent all her time in her room on the computer.[18] Lindsay's traveling partners were nervous about meeting her family, afraid that they might share her Nazi ideologies.[19] They were pleasantly surprised to learn that they were nice and friendly people, particularly Lindsay's grandmother. Lindsay herself dressed inappropriately for the meeting, wearing what the blogger describes as a "hooker shirt."[20] Nobody wanted to have to share a room with Lindsay, and she never cleaned up after herself. She generally acted inconsiderately to her travel partners by doing such things as waking them up in the mornings by being loud and obnoxious, hogging the bathroom for herself, and refusing to do even minor tasks like making her bed.[21] Despite getting motion sickness, she'd insist on riding in the back of cabs with everyone else. They would often spend the whole ride fearing that she would throw up.[22] In Vietnam, Lindsay behaved rudely to her host family by asking to be taken to a bar after they wouldn't give her any potato chips,[23] as well as insulting the host students by belching at them.[24] The trip's chaperones attempted to talk to Lindsay about her unpleasant behavior, but were unsuccessful at getting through to her.[25]

Online activity

Lindsay's internet presence is a direct contradiction of her teachers' descriptions of her as quiet and aloof.

Kiwi Farms

Lindsay was a somewhat notable user on the Kiwifarms forums. Her account was Heretics on Holiday, and was registered on November 8th, 2014.


All of her dumblr blogs have been deactivated as of 2016. A good samaritan has taken the liberty of archiving the links;

Social Media

Bad Webcomics Wiki

Shooting plan

Lindsay in court following her arrest.

Lindsay Souvannath first met James Gamble online in December 2014 when he came across her cockswastika Tumblr blog. The two would quickly begin a relationship. Gamble would eventually ask Lindsay to be part of a mass shooting plot which she was only to happy to assent to. The two would spend weeks coming up with various details such as the location where the shooting would take place, the kinds of weapons that would be used, as well as what they should wear. They also agreed to kill anyone who admitted to believing in God as well as letting people go who had phones out so their act could be documented. In the words of a note Lindsay wrote weeks after being arrested, she was to be Eric Harris and James Dylan Klebold, and she even seemed to believe at the time they were Eric and Dylan. Randall Steven Shepherd, James's friend since their first year of high school, had been asked to participate as well, but he resisted because he couldn't stomach the idea of killing innocents. He did agree to help make Molotov cocktails as his "fuck you to the world."

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