Joshua Goldberg

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Joshua Ryne Goldberg (aka MoonMetropolis, Michael Slay, Tanya Cohen, AustraliWitness, and a slew of other aliases) is a Jewish-American internet troll currently imprisoned after being involved with a jihadist plot to bomb a 9/11 memorial. He had written for a wide variety of news outlets and blogs: from Feministing to the Daily Stormer. Goldberg was also one of many responsible for trolling the conservative political cartoonist and fellow person of interest "Zyklon B" Ben Garrison via racially insensitive edits to the latter's work.

As Tanya Cohen

As noted in our article on Brianna Wu, Tanya Cohen was allegedly an online left-wing activist, feminist, and GamerGate opponent connected to the subreddit GamerGhazi, and was once interviewed by Wu herself.

As AustraliWitness

Taking on this identity was the mistake that did Goldberg in. Allegedly a jihadist born in Lebanon living in Australia.