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This article is about Eddie Dzial, the person. For the self-aggrandizing version that he authored himself and tried to put up here, see Eddie Dzial (original article)

Edward Bernard Przydzial III
Dzial cropped.png
aka Eddie Dzial
Age 55
Born December 16, 1963
Brooklyn, New York
Residence Beverly Hills, California
Occupation None (disabled) (unconfirmed)[1]
Owner of Emerald City Records[2]
Height 6'2" (188cm)[3]
Web Presences Facebook account
YouTube channel
Kiwi Farms profile
Anti-Kiwi Farms Blog

Edward Bernard Przydzial III (pronounced "Prisdale"), also known by the pseudonyms Eddie Dzial, Bernard Edwards, and Lawson J. Denning, is person of interest who claims to be a retired pornographic actor.

He first showed up on the Kiwi Farms on April 26, 2016 in order to provide information on Donny Long, whom he claimed had slandered him after he had asked Long to take down his article on Porn Wikileaks. Initially welcomed with open arms, Dzial played a crucial role in the early development of Long's thread; his appearance reignited the previously-stagnant thread, and, along with the later appearance of Long himself, caused it to experience rapid growth.

However, it eventually became apparent that many of Dzial's claims were fabrications, and that he was more interested in slandering Long and promoting himself than providing relevant, factual information. While Long was indeed guilty of many instances of erratic online behavior, Kiwi Farms members were able to uncover information about Dzial which indicated that he was just as insane as Long, if not more so.

Dzial was found to have a long, sordid history of harassing people, both online and in person. His crimes predate the digital age, as he has been causing trouble since at least the early 80's. Over the years, he has been responsible for theft, kidnapping, and numerous instances of harassment.

Dzial's forum activities seem to follow the same pattern. He will register an account, and then immediately act as though he holds any sort of influence in the community. When this inevitably leads to the other members getting annoyed with and/or ridiculing him, Dzial will generally retaliate by spamming the forum with images of his own penis, and occasionally human feces. This behavior appears to continue despite repeated warnings, only ceasing when staff members finally get fed up and ban him. Dzial is also known to create sockpuppet accounts, and sometimes pretends to be people whom he has had some sort of issue with somewhere down the line. It was for this reason that John Tyler's appearance on Kiwi Farms was met with skepticism,[4] until he provided proof of who he was.[5]

As of late 2016, Dzial has aligned himself with Samuel Collingwood Smith in an effort to take down the Kiwi Farms.


Early life

Dzial was born as Edward Bernard Przydzial III in Brooklyn, New York, on December 16, 1963. Raised in Detroit, Michigan, Dzial attended grade school at St. Christine's Catholic School, and high school at Redford Union High. He attended an unspecified college, where he briefly had an internship at Creem, a Detroit-based rock and roll magazine that was published from 1969 to 1989.[6] Dzial has a bachelor's degree in art and design from the Art Institute of California,[7] though multiple colleges with the "Art Institute" name exist in California, so it is not known which one Dzial attended.

Dzial sometimes worked as a freelance photographer, though federal officials familiar with the case of his stolen photographs (see below) were unable to determine if he had been gainfully employed at any point prior to 1989.

During the 1980's, Dzial was the bassist and lead singer of "Corrupt," a speed metal band which he claims was the first in Detroit. He has also played for a band called "Sister Morphine."

KISS photographs incident

"We're gonna be harassing you people like you never dreamed. You already know that I know more people that you thought I knew, because you've contacted a lot of my deals, my business deals, and screwed them up for me. You talked to people that we work with, that we were trying to work, you know, business deals out with, such as photographers."
—Eddie Dzial
Dzial in full KISS garb.

Dzial is an avid fan of the band KISS. In 1983, at the approximate age of 19, he posed as a magazine publisher to trick professional photographers into sending him photos of KISS and other rock bands so that he could then sell them as his own work. One of the places Dzial called was Creem, the magazine that he interned at. While he was working at Creem, his co-workers had known him as "the KISS guy," and recalled that he had wanted to amass as much of the band's material as possible. Unfortunately for Dzial, however, Creem did not employ staff photographers, meaning that they did not have any pictures on file. Former managing editor Dave DiMartino later told reporters that Dzial had made threats against the magazine when they told him that they did not keep any photos on file. He made dozens of harassing phone calls to them (one of which was recorded, and is where this section's quote comes from), which only stopped once the editors of Creem contacted the police.

Approximately 6,000 photos were later seized from Dzial, worth about $1,500 each, $3.6 million in total.[8] He was arrested and sent to federal prison. At 24, in 1989, he was under grand jury indictment for multiple counts of fraud and interstate transportation of property obtained by fraud. Dzial's scheme was the first of its kind, or at least the first on such a grand scale.[9] Dzial used many different pseudonyms in his scheme, including "Mark Dallas." One of his victims, a New York photographer, stated that they felt sorry for him, and that they believed that he was simply an overzealous fan, rather than anyone with malicious intent.[10] Dzial pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud and was sentenced to three years in prison.[11]

Dzial has tried to claim that this story is a fabrication created by KISS member Gene Simmons. He states that Simmons paid the FBI to slander him so that he (Simmons) could steal the photos, which Dzial claims are his own.[12] He later twisted the story, and his current narrative is that he sued Simmons for violating copyrights. The only evidence that he has presented of this is a poorly-written article published by the "Associate Press Corp." (not to be confused with the Associated Press).[13] Notably, this blog existed only to issue a single press release, the one regarding this supposed copyright lawsuit.[14]

Kidnapping and suicide attempt

Newspaper article about Dzial's KISS photograph scheme and his kidnapping of his ex-wife and child.

On December 18, 1988, Dzial's estranged wife Elizabeth (known as Lisa) and their infant daughter Brittany had disappeared with him, as reported by a Sterling Heights couple. Police spoke to Elizabeth's father, who said that the door was found open upon his return home, with signs of forced entry present. Elizabeth's father also said that newspapers were scattered across the front porch, indicating a possible struggle. Dzial called Elizabeth's house while police spoke to her father. When police talked to him, he recounted that he had shown up to the house to talk to Elizabeth, and had told her that he was "the paperboy" at first. When she opened the door and saw that it was him, she slammed it "on his head," and he forced it back open and coerced her to go with him. When asked to come to the phone, Elizabeth claimed to be fine, but spoke slowly and incoherently as though she had been drugged. Dzial denied police officers' requests to speak to Elizabeth any further, and told them that he would go down to the police station the following day with Elizabeth. He refused to go down that night, and simply asked "how?" when they questioned why. Dzial would not give the address he was at, and Elizabeth's father didn't know it. He hung up the phone shortly after.

After obtaining Dzial's phone number from Elizabeth's father, police obtained his address from Michigan Bell Security. While the subpoena was being sent, Dzial called the police station and asked to speak to an officer involved with the case. He once again stated that Elizabeth was with him of her own free will, and then had her say the same over the phone. Dzial would not tell police where they were (because he didn't want Elizabeth's parents to know where he lived), and Elizabeth did not know. Police were unable to determine whether or not Elizabeth was in any danger from the phone call.[15]

After a three day search, police forced open the back door of a house in Harper Woods, which Dzial shared with his grandmother. They found Elizabeth in a bedroom, along with Dzial's grandmother who was holding the baby. Upon entering an adjacent bedroom, they found Dzial, whom the news article describes as looking like an "aged wraith -- shirtless, barefoot, tall and very thin, arms hanging limp at his sides. Blood seeped from cuts on each wrist. Black hair fell straight from his head to the midline of his back." Dzial faced the police and displayed his wounds, before picking up the blade he had dropped and threatening to harm himself further. He was dissuaded from this, however, and was taken to the hospital and then to jail on charges of kidnapping. Before police left the house, they noted that Dzial's bedsheets were stained with blood and his walls were plastered with KISS posters.[16]

Dzial now claims that, like the KISS incident, he is the sole victim in this scenario. His narrative states that William Liczbinski, the officer who arrested him, had set him up so that he could steal his wife and daughter. Following Dzial's arrest for kidnapping, Elizabeth actually did marry Liczbinski and both she and Brittany took his last name. They are still together today, and appear to be quite happily married. Brittany also got married in 2014, but did not invite Dzial to the wedding. Dzial moved to Minnesota afterward, and continues to be bitter about it over two decades later.[17][18] Strangely, he created a sock account of Liczbinski on Kiwi Farms and then began to argue with it using his main account.

Obama "Joker" poster controversy

Eddie Dzial standing beside a television showing "his" image while looking like your creepy uncle who isn't allowed at family gatherings

Dzial claims to have created a famous poster featuring then-President Barack Obama edited to look like the Joker from the 2008 film, The Dark Knight. Though the actual image was created by a man named Firas Alkhateeb, Dzial claims credit and has threatened Alkhateeb with legal action over the poster.[19]

The Wikipedia page for the poster states that an unknown individual downloaded Alkhateeb's original version, added the word "socialism" to it, and then began placing copies throughout downtown Los Angeles. Dzial's own Lolcow Wiki article indicates that he was the person who did this. Given the fact that Dzial is a fame-seeker, Wikipedia's omission of his name adds a bit of humor to the debacle.

Initially, there was some confusion as to who actually filed the takedown notice. The three "obvious" candidates (Time Magazine, DC Comics, and the person who originally took the photo of Obama) all denied doing it. Eventually, it was found that the notice was filed by Dzial (though his legal surname, Przydzial, was misspelled as "Przydzia" on the notice, leading to further confusion). After he was contacted, Dzial said that he had created the image, but denied ownership of it and refused to say whether or not he had filed the notice.[20]

Curious parties began to dig, and found that each of Dzial's LiveJournal galleries containing the "Joker" image had been updated in August of 2009. Because this is when the DMCA notice was filed, it is probable that he'd gone back and added the image in to make it look like it had always been there.[21] Additionally, he was extremely uncooperative with his opposition. He responded to messages with poorly-written ramblings about "liberal bias," and was unwilling to publicize any files or records on his computer, something that Alkhateeb claimed that he would do. According to one user, he possessed a "'show me the judge's signature' attitude" about the issue.[22]

Artistic endeavors

Music career

"Listened to this band today on Howard Stern - Hmmm, this Bernard fella is completely demented and has no sense of reality. He was pushy and demanding requesting his song to be played. Got personal when folk called in stating that the music sucked. Bottom line, this band sucks. Bernard sucks. And, he is one creepy fella from Detroit."
—Amazon customer review of Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide's debut album

As mentioned above, Eddie Dzial has been involved in the music industry for several decades. He was a part of several different bands in the 1980's, none of which managed to find any mainstream success. Dzial's habit of harassing people made him notorious in the 80's among the rock music scene, and he had a reputation for hassling band members.

One band in particular, Seduce, endured harassment from Dzial for years,[23] allegedly over him not getting proper credit for artwork on their debut album. While Seduce never went mainstream and ended up breaking up in 1991, Dzial has remained bitter and angry at them for at least twenty years. As late as December of 2011, he continued to harass people for merely putting one of the band's songs on YouTube.[24] Adam C. Been, who claims to have been roommates with Seduce's guitarist, further elaborated upon that situation. According to him, Dzial had managed to build a very negative reputation for himself among the Detroit music scene, having earned himself the nickname "Edweird." He was known for spraying mace into the air at Seduce's shows[25] and continues to stalk people associated with them to this day. He was also known for "stealing photo's [sic], music and whatever else he decided was his."[26] Adam is registered as a sex offender, which he claims is due to a technicality. Regardless, Dzial attempted to trollshield in his Kiwi Farms thread by linking to Adam's sex offender registry page.[27] However, this was before anyone on the site had a reason to know or care who Adam even was.

In 1994, Dzial attempted to form a band of his own called "Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide." Five years later, he called Howard Stern and told him that his music was better than that of other people who sent their CD's to Stern in order to get them played on the radio. Stern agreed to let Dzial send in one of his songs because he knew that it would end up being of low quality and give him some comedic material for his radio show, and because Dzial was more adamant than most about his music being good. Dzial later called into the show to get Stern's opinion. Stern called the song that he'd listened to "very mediocre," and compared Dzial unfavorably to Rob Zombie. Dzial stated that he believed that his music was superior to all of the bands he was into, and that he could be "an international sensation in five seconds" if he got signed to a record label. Stern responded that Dzial was probably a better musician than his friends, but that he was unlikely to find any success given his age (35, at the time). Dzial insisted that the whole song be played, though Stern stated that he would only play "as much as [the show staff] could stomach." Stern played a section of Dzial's song before turning it off and delivering some more negative criticisms. Dzial insisted that the song got better as it went, though Stern disagreed and then decided to take some calls to get the opinions of his listeners. Nearly every caller expressed a negative opinion it (with one stating that they wouldn't even give it a one when asked to rate it on a scale from one to ten), causing Dzial to become angry and insult the callers, even picking a fight with one man. The sole positive review of his song came from an 8-year-old girl who also liked the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears (and even she only liked the song "a little"). He accused Stern of setting the situation up. A music reviewer from Baltimore called in and expressed further dislike for Dzial's music, telling him that it wasn't "trendy" and that his music career wasn't likely to take off.[28][29]

Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide released their self-titled debut album the following year. The CD currently has a one-star rating on Amazon, where new copies are available for as cheap as a penny. The sole customer review is quoted at the top of this section.[30]

A user on one of the many forums Dzial had managed to piss off later suggested that Dzial's "band" had never actually existed at all. According to the Kiss Forum user "Kiss777," Dzial's album featured a drum machine, indicating the absence of a drummer. The band was also invited to play at a party hosted by Metal Sludge, but Dzial had demanded $1,500 and a full pyro setup, both of which he likely knew he wasn't going to get. Kiss777 theorizes that this was done in order for Dzial to cover up the fact that he didn't actually have a band. Additionally, the post mentions that Dzial began claiming to have "connections" with Howard Stern following the incident above.[31] The Encyclopaedia Metallum page on Bernard Edwards' Project Homicide does feature a lineup,[32] but it is not known how much any of them actually contributed to the band, if at all.

Pornography career (or lack thereof)

An ad created by Dzial for a "live sex show." Given his tendency to name-drop, the names of these "3 adult sex kittens" are conspicuous in their absence.

According to himself, Dzial started in 2000 and has been out of the industry since 2010. However, no evidence of Dzial actually being a professional pornographic actor exists. The Internet Adult Film Database, which has listings for over 100,000 films, contains no mention of him.[33] The only two relevant results that come up for him on Pornhub are just videos of a computer screen with a multitude of animated sex GIFs on it, with images of Dzial's penis in the middle (which he uploaded himself).[34] No known websites feature Dzial's porn aside from his own, and no magazine spreads of Dzial are known to exist.

Dzial's "pornography career" was likely just him paying to have sex with porn stars as they toured clubs around the country as "special attractions." He managed this by using the money that he inherited from his mother, who died in 2006.[35]

Much like everything else he says, Dzial's story on this matter is inconsistent. In his self-authored version of this article, he states that he entered the porn industry in 2000 and left it in 2010. However, he later stated on Kiwi Farms that he'd been active from 1997 to 2010.[36] When questioned on this inconsistency, he said that he had been active in porn as early as 1978, when he was sixteen[37] (something that he himself admits was done illegally[38]). When confronted about the fact that his name could not be found on any adult film listing sites, Dzial claimed that he had them removed with a court order.[39] When it was pointed out that this explanation made no sense due to the fact that Dzial continued to promote himself as a pornographic actor, he became defensive and refused to elaborate any further.[40]

As seen in the image to the right, Dzial has advertised himself as a participant in at least one sex party. Curiously, the wording in this advertisement is somewhat inconsistent with Dzial's usual mannerisms. Despite his tendency to name-drop in order to make himself seem more important, the "3 adult sex kittens" that Dzial advertised he'd perform with remain unnamed. Whether they specifically requested that their names be left off the poster, or if Dzial just found three random prostitutes and neglected to learn their names is not known. Additionally, it is odd that cameras were forbidden. Given that Dzial and the three women were ostensibly porn stars, one would expect that they would have no problems having sex in front of a camera.


Reverend John Tyler

John E. Tyler is a musician from Boston, Massachusetts who has been a target of harassment from Dzial since at least 2001.

The exact reason for Dzial's long-standing hatred for Tyler is unclear, though both men have offered up their own widely-differing explanations.

According to Dzial, Tyler is guilty of stolen valor, and opposes the war in Iraq. Tyler has supposedly earned his fifteen-year harassment campaign by being "a anti-war pos," as well as "a hate america fake stolen valor fraud."[41] No actual proof of Tyler being a military impostor is known to exist. He has also been accused of printing photographs of a six-year-old daughter that Dzial does not have.[42] Dzial additionally claims that Tyler had attempted to purchase some of Dzial's porn, but failed and then hacked Dzial's site and stole some images. Dzial further claims to have obtained Tyler's credit information from this incident, but failed to offer up any proof even after Tyler gave him permission to make the information public.

Tyler, on the other hand, states that the issue began on a website called Metal-Sludge. Dzial allegedly joined the forum and spammed it with images of his penis. The site's userbase responded by mocking him relentlessly, and making photoshopped images of him. Dzial became angry and began to spam the forum with images of human feces. He demanded that the staff remove every piece of content that he deemed slanderous. The site's staff responded by banning him, and he has since become an unperson in their community. The mere mention of his name is a bannable offense. Dzial then decided to search for users of the site, and tracked Tyler to another website called Protest Warrior. Tyler had previously written an article exposing their ridiculous behavior, and was debating them on their forum at the time. Dzial, believing that the enemy of his enemy was his friend, decided to post there acting as though he had been there the whole time. He was quickly subjected to ridicule after annoying the userbase of yet another website, and again got banned after he retaliated by spamming dick pics. Dzial posted on the Protest Warrior forum as "Poser Exposer," the name he would later use on Kiwi Farms.[43]

Donny Long

Dzial passionately hates Donny Long, almost as much as Reverend Tyler. While the Porn Wikileaks founder has indeed made a ton of enemies over the years, Dzial's reasons for hating him remain unknown. Both parties claim to have had minimal interaction with one another until recently. Long claims to have not known who Dzial was until early 2016, while Dzial states that he actually met Long in person once, and that Long hid in a bathroom and called the police.

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, Dzial actually came to the attention of the Kiwi Farms because of Long. He showed up in Long's thread on the site and began to provide what he claimed was insider information. Conspicuously, he always failed to provide any proof for his claims beyond his word. While he was initially treated respectfully, his intense hatred of Long negatively affected the quality of his posts, and many of the site's other users began to dig into Dzial's own history. The final straw was when he edited a negative HIV test that Long had provided to say that it was positive instead.

Kiwi Farms and the Lolcow Wiki

This thread was started on you because people were starting to doubt you had a whole lot of information about Donny and your near-hourly sperg-fests about Donny, repeating the same thing over and over again, were nothing but word salad and troll shielding. The way you conducted yourself (and continue to conduct yourself,) wasn't and isn't helping your cause. People are asking questions - pertinent questions - and you're troll shielding again, this time tossing in names like Adam Centofani and John Tyler around to deflect any and all questions aimed toward you. That's not a good look, Eddie.
—Excerpt from Kiwi Farms user mortal_wombat's (ultimately failed) attempt to get through to Dzial[44]
Eddie Dzial's Kiwi Farms verification picture.

As Dzial showed up on Kiwi Farms to sperg about Donny Long, he also discovered this wiki. Apparently not understanding its purpose, he authored an overly-congratulatory article about himself. This gives him the distinction of being only the second person of interest (after Marjan Šiklić) to have attempted to contribute to their own Lolcow Wiki article. Though several Kiwi Farms regulars (including at least one Lolcow Wiki administrator) attempted to discourage him from doing this, he was given leeway due to the fact that he was providing what was believed at the time to be helpful information.[45] To prove who he was, Dzial sent the photo to the right. However, he later attempted to claim that the writing on the paper towel had been photoshopped on. To "prove" this, he uploaded a comparison photo in which he himself attempted to photoshop the image to remove the writing. Unfortunately for him, however, his photoshop skills were a bit lacking and one could still see where the writing had been, making it look as though Dzial had wiped some dirt off his hands. Why exactly Dzial would take a photo brandishing a dirty paper towel for no reason has yet to be answered.

However, he was not completely above the rules. He excessively vandalized pages relating to Donny Long, which earned him at least one temporary ban.

Dzial's "proof" that the verification image was a fake.

After Kiwi Farms' userbase had reached the consensus that Dzial had outlived his usefulness, he received a thread of his own (along with a permanent ban from the Lolcow Wiki).[46] Here, it was revealed that he had been spamming several users with images of Donny Long edited into gay porn scenes.[47][48] Though he denied making any of the images himself, several users still questioned why he would search for gay porn of someone whom he claimed to hate with a passion. As his information was no longer considered credible, Dzial was banned from posting in Long's thread.[49]

Ironically, Dzial's further activity on Kiwi Farms began to mirror that of his sworn enemy Donny Long. He began by smugly asserting his superiority over the "kids" on the forum, but gradually became more and more unhinged. During periods of time where he seemed to get especially triggered, he resorted to spamming links to his harassment blogs and "porn," going on angry tirades about Donny Long, and quoting posts without adding anything to them. Despite repeatedly being threadbanned, Dzial refused to get the message that this behavior would not be tolerated. He attempted to combat these bans by creating several sockpuppet accounts, including one pretending to be the officer who arrested him for kidnapping his ex-wife in the 80's. Unfortunately for him, he was extremely bad at pretending to be other people, and quickly got found out each time. The cycle continued until Dzial was finally banned permanently on June 4, 2016.

Around the same time, he created another blogspot blog targeting Null and Kiwi Farms. However, the majority of this blog's content was plagiarized from Vordrak.[50]

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  • Donny Long- Eddie Dzial's nemesis, and the person who brought him to Kiwi Farms in the first place


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