Brianna Wu as a Harasser

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Brianna Wu owns up to using her followers as her personal army.

Brianna Wu, despite her ongoing campaign to portray herself as the most victimized person on the entire internet[1], is, ironically, notorious herself for harassing others. Whether rallying her followers to attack someone for her, or commencing organized campaigns to contact Twitter's management to have those that offend her removed, Brianna Wu is an aggressive presence on social networking who thinks nothing of doing the very behaviors she purports to despise. Wu has a massively inflated sense of self-importance, often calling herself the "Godzilla of Feminism" and an "Empress."[2]

Her MO is similar to other well-known abusers like Vade, who use any platform to attack those that run afoul of her personal beliefs. The difference is a matter of scale. Most people can only muster a small group of people, Brianna Wu has an enormous Twitter presence covering tens of thousands of people. Combined with her pull in her industry, contact with multiple people in the press, and friends in social media companies who are fine letting Brianna Wu openly violate their rules.

Harassment Lobbying

"Actor @AdamBaldwin defamed my character, publicized a libelous video about me, and sent an angry mob of 200k people after me."

Brianna Wu often attempts to silence her opponents by shaming them with their employers.

Much as is the case for Vade back when she was on FurryScumbags, Brianna Wu utilizes a similar pattern of relying on her followers to enable a form of Twitter-based Stochastic Terrorism. Simply put, she will find a target guilty of some trespass or another (invariably misogyny and/or transphobia), call them out in a post on Twitter, and rally her followers to aggressively pursue them - even if they've done nothing wrong - in an effort to silence or mitigate them. Whereas Vade tended to focus primarily on those who offended her natural multiplicity, Kin Status, and accuse others of being Ableist, however, Brianna Wu primarily focuses upon accusing targets of harassing her. Whilst she's not above calling others ableist, misogynistic, transphobic, or privileged (ironic for someone who comes from a fabulously wealthy background and has a history of racism and transphobia), she primarily focuses upon harassment angles and trying to make herself seem victimized, both to rally her followers and to milk their sympathy.

What Brianna Wu considers harassment, however, is very different from what most rational people would consider harassment. Wu's followers, similar to Vade and her own, prescribe heavily to The Three Rules of Social Justice, and will cheerfully continue an offensive over a perceived offense long after the incident in question has been forgotten by those initially offended by it. Because of how big Brianna Wu's footprint is on Twitter, she can and does use her followers as a personal army of a sort.

Brianna Wu accuses a critic of harassing her by reporting him to a superior; the movement fails.

Brianna Wu often will bandwagon attacks against other targets that are "guilty" of some wrongdoing - something she did to Tim Hunt, a scientist who Brianna Wu helped provoke a hate-mob against. She attempted to walk this back later,[3] but the internet does not forget that Wu was one of many who was retweeting attack angles against a scientist who had done the unthinkable crime of making an off-color joke.[4] This incident is part of a pattern of behavior with Brianna Wu, who reacted similarly to David Pakman, who she accused of enabling bullying,[5] and who would later be hit by a Denial-of-Service Attack by Wu's supporters,[6] Milo Yiannopolous, who would call Brianna Wu out for her bad behavior, and most notoriously, John Bain,[7] who would later go on to receive death threats from Brianna Wu's associates.[8] Fittingly, Brianna Wu also uses her huge follower-base to try to intimidate others into self-censorship, as she did with Troy Baker.[9] Even when getting called out on such bad behavior, Wu will simply double down - if she even bothers to respond. Wu is also not above getting her followers to mass-report an individual[10][11] until they are silenced by Twitter.[12][13] Brianna Wu shows zero care if her followers happen to react by being violent, and many of them revel in the opportunity to go after and savage people that Wu designates.[14][15]

If Brianna Wu can't deal with a target by the usual methods of dogpiling, mass-reporting, and leading harassment campaigns, she is just as happy to go after careers, often by contacting the individual's employer directly, accusing them of "harassing" her, and suggesting that they do "something" to reel them in. Wu claims she does this just to spread awareness, but the implications are crystal clear: Wu is willing to go after someone's job if they offend her morality, be it by supporting GamerGate or simply pointing out when Brianna Wu happens to be lying.[16]

It's this behavior that Brianna Wu is most-hated for; whether at conventions on on Social Media, Brianna Wu is someone whose reputation is well-known: If you cross her, she will spare nothing to see you prevented from going to her venues, responding to her on Social Media, and attending events she happens to want to go to.

Incendiary Comments

"Gamergate explanation: Children having a temper tantrum because they have no power, setting fire to the careers they wish they had."
Brianna Wu is infamous for trying to bait responses in order to claim she's being harassed.

Almost as well-known as her tendency to harass people directly and indirectly using her followers, however, is her obvious attempts at baiting trolls. Normally, this takes the form of saying something inflammatory on social media, and then claiming the incident to be an example of her own victimhood when, inevitably, she is called out on it. While the earliest-known widely-covered example is the Oppressed GamerGate Meme, She's known for doing it in countless other ways.

One of her favorite methods of baiting harassment is to claim a scene in a video game is an example or evidence of something it isn't (especially when it shows the opposite). One particularly well-known example is from the game Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, where Brianna Wu claims that a scene in which a character has her romantic relationships sabotaged by her overbearing mother is an example of body shaming.[17] Another great example is when Brianna Wu declared that a scene in Final Fantasy VI, where a gambler gets hoodwinked by an especially clever female character, was indicative of rape culture.[18] Anything that can be used to virtue signal and score cheap reactions on Social Media is ideal for Brianna Wu to use in this fashion.

In the world of Brianna Wu, being able to tell people whether they are or are not culturally-important is her raison d'etre.

Humorously, if called on this behavior or questioned about it, Brianna Wu gets surprisingly defensive. She will block anyone, even long-term allies, for the smallest of offenses, and, as a result, she tends to hedge out anyone that does not show complete supplication towards her. The worst offense one can commit in Brianna Wu's eyes is to disagree with her and/or prove her wrong, because Brianna Wu feels that this is harassment and will treat you accordingly, even if you have broken no rules and been nothing but civil. Brianna Wu tends to do this form of open baiting even when it makes little sense, such as when she tries to call attention to pieces of her narrative, only to expose how little she actually knows.[19]

Because Brianna Wu's tendency to bait harassment tends to be so blatant and obvious, it's actually remarkably rare when she doesn't get called on it in some capacity or another - even by her own side, which is one reason she sheds so many followers over time. During her initial attempts to bait GamerGate into attacking her, even weeks of non-stop attempts to play the victim ended in Brianna attracting little more than derisive ridicule. Even in 2017, a year and a half since GamerGate wound down, Brianna Wu continues to shamelessly use the same tactics, over and over, with no variation, seemingly unconcerned with the fact that she's completely undermined her own credibility by doing so.

Solo Operations

Brianna Wu posting a review specifically intended to attack a pro-Gamergate work on Amazon.

In addition to operating with her personal army obtained via Social Networking, Brianna Wu is perfectly willing and able to harass or attack people entirely by her lonesome. Wu is infamous for going after her opponents' works in other venues; on Amazon, she made an account specifically to attack a Pro-Gamergate work that happened to be critical of her.[20]

During the lead-up to the release of Revolution 60, Brianna Wu purportedly spent several months false-flagging herself on 4chan to drum up her own harassment narrative whilst relying on her associates to get the word out about her game. This would be in addition to the False-flaggings we know full well Wu was responsible for, most notably the Steam Incident. The argument can be made that every time Wu relied on such self-induced flaggings, she was working on her own, specifically to try to draw attention to herself that she could use to claim she's being oppressed.

During interviews and discussions, Wu is infamous for being openly hostile towards questioners if they dare to pry to deeply into what Wu is trying to peddle. During both the David Pakman interview and the Debate with Fredrick Brennan, Brianna became increasingly bitter and hostile towards Pakman as the interview went on, claiming that he had conducted a "hit piece" on her and outright responding with hostility when he brought up things like her @BROLOLZ debacle.

Likewise, she was openly hostile when her attack points were refuted by David Brennan. Similarly, during the Ralph Retort Incident, Brianna Wu looked about ready to resort to violence over one of her more outspoken critics simply being in the room. The most well-known and egregious example, however - by far - is the GethN7 Incident, wherein Brianna Wu flew into a rage over someone politely criticizing her and bringing up inconvenient facts. So intense was Wu's anger that she ultimately had to wound up using her cozy relationship with Twitter support to have her critic suspended perpetually, and then bragged about getting GethN7 banned later on.[21]

Brianna Wu uses the usual defense when criticized for her mass-flagging plan.

Wu was also personally involved with attempts to get videos critical of her hit with DMCA takedowns. On December 1st, 2015, Brianna Wu hit Youtuber Vee, a Romanian culture critic who covered many of Brianna Wu's more outlandish incidents, including the incident in which Brianna Wu sensationalized to the point of idiocy and Brianna Wu's open use of her cozy relationship with mod staff on Reddit to try to get control of communities critical of her with multiple DMCA takedowns.[22][23] This action drew widespread criticism and spawned discussions on how to counteract such abuse of the system.[24]

This ultimately was only the prelude for things to come, however; Brianna Wu immediately set her sights on mass-reporting videos of pretty much anything she deemed troubling - which was immediately used by her followers to try to target videos by people they didn't like.[25][26] Immediately, Wu's followers took to to trying to report people critical of Wu in the past, as well as videos they did not personally approve of.[27] Brianna Wu later essentially admitted that she herself was the one who flagged Vee's videos on her Twitter account.[28] This was later further elaborated on as Wu felt that she was completely in her rights to report videos for alleged transphobia, sexism, and misogyny.[29]

Unsourced Arguments

Brianna Wu cites an incident which never happened.

Only slightly less known than Wu's tendency to be blatantly incendiary towards others to spur controversy is her tendency to use unsourced arguments and anecdotes to back herself up. Many are the times she's claimed to be harassed thousands of times per day and received thousands of hostile emails (figures that existing data essentially disproves, and many are the times she's claimed to be the subject of discrimination based on her gender. One of the better-known examples was her infamous "Do You Know Who I Am?" rant, apparently made to an unidentified sixty-year-old man on a flight and claimed it was discriminatory.

Arguably the best-known and most blatant of Brianna Wu's tendency for unsourced statements was on December 5th, 2014, when she claimed to have gotten a letter from a penitent Gamergate supporter, apologizing to her for their misdeeds and for their involvement in wronging Brianna Wu. The letter was hosted on Brianna Wu's Tumblr.[30]

The letter reads as follows:


Just wanted to say that I have finally broken, and it’s thanks to you, or rather, the treatment you have received since day one.

I tried to tell myself that it was all about the “Gamers are Dead,” articles, and the forums, and for me it was, always. I don’t even go online to game so never even engage with people there. But I was blind, some would say willfully ignorant about it all. I told myself over and over that the abuse being received by women such as yourself was not real and put it out of my mind as I suspect many others have.

I distanced myself from any abuse I did see and wrote them off as fakes, but it isn’t true is it? It’s more than the majority. I was wrong all along. I never abused, or engaged you or others, I signal boosted, supported campaigns, trying to stay away from the ignorance.

Whenever a confident woman comes along to have her say in any way she is shouted down and harassed by men like me. Men who have it so easy. We are blind to the faults of society and its focus on men. We don’t like to be challenged, but we should get used to it because I have some news for you: You are winning.

You are winning and these are the death throws of a petulant, selfish culture. When they said gamers were dead, I didn’t want to believe it, but in its way it’s true. Ultimately, games are for everyone and as more women are involved the culture around video games, it will change for the better. If some obnoxious boys end up leaving then so be it. I won’t, because I will accept the changes.

I would say more female protagonists is desirable but it would benefit these males to have a majority even. They have no idea what it’s like to be a woman, and neither do I, but more empathy would follow. As would games with an abundance of strong non sexual women saving the day. It would at least stop them from thinking they are the centre of the universe, which is what the average Gamergater thinks.

I am so sorry about the way you have been treated. You are a beautiful, talented, intelligent woman who is worth one million of those people involved in gamergate, myself included. I am no longer involved in it, in fact, I may just work against.

I know though it is time for me to stand down from my pedestal and listen to women, to let them steer culture and not resist the betterment and balance they will bring.

I said before you are winning. This is the long game, and as the media continues to side with the good guys these people will simply end up bickering as they do among themselves with less and less influence. Then they will fade out, leave or change. People are getting more and more despondent, and it’s your magnificent strength in the face of the abuse which does it. They can’t fathom it. You and the others. You have outfoxed everyone, Pakman, the harassers, everyone.

To beat Gamergate, as a former insider, remain defiant, but aloof. You are better than these people, remember that. Don’t let them get to you. Remember there is no balance here, so don’t engage them as an equal and don’t let others do so. Laugh off petty insults if you can, but never show them you are hurt, they are getting off on that. It only encourages them.

I’m sorry for the length, but I just wanted to let you know there are people out there who you will ultimately beat and win over with your sheer integrity. You beat me, and I’m so glad. I am leaving GG so I will remain anonymous as I fear these people getting to me somehow but if you wish to talk further please do so. I will listen, and would appreciate any advice on going further to become the person I should have been as I’m quite ashamed of supporting what was an ugly, chaotic mess.

I’ve rejected feminism from it’s very starting point and I’ve done nothing but stand in the way of people. If I can help let me know.

Like I say, a confident, beautiful, intelligent woman worth one million of one GGer.

—Alleged Letter to Brianna Wu, December 5th, 2014

Ignoring, for a moment, the fact that this letter has absolutely no source listed, and indeed, cannot be substantiated in any way, shape, or form, let us look at the content of this particular letter: Namely, the fact that it reads like a laundry list of capitulations to quite literally every single thing Brianna Wu has ever said. It even mentions Pakman as being pro-GG, when Pakman had repeatedly proven to be a neutral party, even when Brianna's supporters DDOSed his website. Suffice to say, the letter was immediately mocked upon both Twitter and Tumblr. Even Brianna Wu's supporters on Twitter openly mocked the letter as a work of open trollbait.[31]

Brianna Wu used similar unsourced nonsense to bolster support for Revolution 60 in the Operation FalseFag II Incident, as well as the Crash Incident, wherein she claimed that GamerGate was in some way responsible for her dog dying and not say, the Something Awful poster who admitted to trolling her, or her own leaving the poor pup outside in the freezing cold or the dog suffering meningitis. The incident in which Brianna Wu also claimed that GamerGate was in some way, shape, or form involved with Ferguson is another fantastic example.[32]

A lot of Wu's campaign outside of GamerGate opposition entails using widely-debunked statistics in much the same fashion. Wu is notorious for stating that the reason that women don't enter tech fields is because of misogyny, but this has been disproven in study after study and by considerable empirical evidence. It's worth noting that Brianna Wu herself does not have a certification in a STEM field herself, despite claiming to have an Engineering Degree.

Perhaps the most onerous and well-known example of Wu's doing this involves her claiming things that she is known to have not done, or to have claimed things that clearly never happened. These range from claiming she got cheered by random people in Texas[33] to when Wu has claimed to go on marathon runs in areas an unreasonable distance from where she's actually staying[34] to instances where she's deliberately trying to mislead, such as the University of Alabama Incident, in which Wu repeatedly claimed to be hosting a Keynote at the University of Alabama, only for the truth to come out that she was actually at the significantly less-prestigious University of North Alabama.


While Brianna Wu is known for using her followers as a personal army, openly baiting harassment, and trying to false-flag herself, there is no behavior synonymous with Brianna Wu quite like her abuse of power - and how much she relishes doing so. On and off Social Media, Brianna Wu has always been defined by mercilessly abusing her connections to powerful people, and nothing shows this quite so well as how much disproportionate power she wields on Twitter.[35]

On Twitter, Brianna Wu has strong ties to Glenn Fleishman. Indeed, going by Klear statistics (which determine how often Twitter users have communicated), Fleishman is Wu's best friend on Twitter.[36] Though it isn't well-documented, Fleishman was the one who first gave Wu her big break by letting Brianna Wu write for his publication, The Magazine, in April of 2013.[37][38] Fleishman also got Wu work with MacWorld, which is Fleishman's primary gig, and the two constantly have one another on each other's podcasts. They're personal friends offline as well, openly acknowledging that fact on Twitter.[39][40]

Fleishman is also a personal friend of Del Harvey, the head of Twitter Safety. Like Brianna Wu, Fleishman is Harvey's best friend according to Klear statistics.[41] Glenn has written an enormous volume of articles covering Twitter safety and security,[42] In truth, Fleishman's relationship with Harvey goes back much further, and the two have been associates since the early 2000s. It's through this relationship that Brianna Wu is able to control so much of conversations about her; with a friend of a friend on the Twitter Safety board, Brianna Wu essentially has carte blanche to sanction whoever offends her, and this manifests by her having an insane amount of control over what can and cannot be said about her on the Social Media platform. To this day, users have reported being warned or outright banned for linking to this wiki, posting pictures of Brianna Wu next to John Flynt, or even pointing out when Brianna Wu is lying.[43]

Even accounts in good standing, who have broken no rules whatsoever, can find themselves indefinitely suspended for having the temerity to disagree with Brianna Wu, or god help them, proving her wrong.[44][45][46] Anyone who defies Wu sufficiently will be considered a harassmer[47] and reported, often en masse,[48] and due to her cozy relationship with Twitter support, Brianna Wu has the ability to make sure that these suspensions stick, even if they break Twitter's own terms of service. She openly brags about this.[49][50] Brianna Wu often calls her connections to important people "backchannels," and frequently talks these up as the centerpiece of why she should be considered someone of import.[51] Brianna Wu also maintains similar ties on both Facebook and Tumblr, though her reach with these is nowhere near as extensive.

Wu's backchannels do not end with Social Media. Virtually without exception, if Brianna Wu gets press-time covering her, her game, or her opinions, it will be with an outlet where Wu herself has friends and associates (or where her husband does). There are so many cases of these and the behavior pattern is so prevalent, obvious, and so repetitious that it's genuinely more common when Wu is at an event where she isn't in some way connected to the staff somehow. Even Wikipedia hasn't been immune to this, as Wu's own Wikipedia article,[52] was created by Sandstein,[53] a Wikipedia admin she is, again, a personal friend of. Sandstein also made it ineligable for deletion.

During her congressional bid, Brianna Wu made a series of tweets cautioning about weaponizing the moon that quickly became the subject of ridicule. In response to this, Brianna Wu went to hilarious degrees to try to silence any discussion of the incident on Facebook and Twitter, shamelessly using her connections to do so, and trying to go directly to the staff of said websites when her connections proved insufficient.[54]

During the initial Something Awful False-Flags which Brianna Wu ran to almost every single outlet she could to continue the meme that she had been been forced from her home, roughly 80% of the outlets that covered it were in some way involved with Brianna herself. Kotaku, for example, has Leigh Alexander and several other personal friends of Wu's in its employment, and has had columns Wu herself has written featured in the past. Nina Bahadur, the woman who reported on Wu's Letter from a Former Gamergater, has repeatedly covered Brianna Wu in the past. Polygon, likewise, has featured her articles, as has the Huffington Post. Brianna Wu constantly plugs The Verge and is twitter friends with Dante D'Orazio, the man who wrote the article about Wu's initial harassment. Joanne Rathe, the writer of the Editorial covering Brianna Wu's harassment for the Boston Globe, likewise is a personal friend of Brianna's.

Wu fully uses these connections to support her video game as well. Roughly 87% of the glowing reviews her beloved game have personal ties to Brianna Wu herself, or are personal friends of hers, ironically enough proving the veracity of what the supporters of GamerGate were talking about in regards to breaches of ethics.

Specific Incidents

Below are some of the most notable incidents of Brianna Wu harassing and threatening others, or similarly abusing her authority.

TotalBiscuit Incident

Main Article: TotalBiscuit Incident

Considered by most to be the single most disgusting example of Brianna Wu's tendency to milk a tragedy and her willingness to say and do anything to maintain a narrative, the TotalBiscuit Incident was an incident started off via series of tweets between Brianna Wu and John Bain, who is better known as TotalBiscuit, the Cynical Brit, and whom is one of the most well-known and respected Let's Players on Youtube. Despite him being pro-Gamergate, Brianna Wu nonetheless tried to get him repeatedly to support her game, and, when he correctly called her out on her behavior, Brianna Wu immediately turned aggressive, immediately turning her followers on him and repeatedly accusing him of misogyny and transphobia.

Brianna Wu was not the only GamerGate opponent to go after TotalBiscuit in this fashion, but she was the one with the largest footprint on Social Media, and would lead to additional GamerGate opponents attacking John Bain repeatedly as time would go on. This led to an almost six-month long campaign of terror in which GamerGate opponents, initially spurred on by Wu, threw everything at attacking TotalBiscuit - both online and off. This led to his wife and child being sent death threats by GamerGate opponents, and friends of TotalBiscuit's, including GamerGate neutrals like JonTron and opponents like Jim Sterling being given serious flak for refusing to condemn Bain as well. So intense was the harassment campaign that he received during this that TotalBiscuit required therapy.

Later, after expressing condolences that he was dying of cancer, Brianna Wu's GHC talk leaked, less than 24 hours after that statement - and in that talk, Brianna Wu cited TotalBiscuit as a source of death threats.

Ralph Retort Incident

Brianna Wu's tendency to manipulate and grandstand came on full display on April 24th, 2015, when Brianna Wu attended Ravencon. Conservative blogger Ethan Ralph elected to attend Brianna Wu's panel and photoblog the entire affair.[55]

During the setup of Brianna Wu's panel, he surreptitiously took several photographs of Brianna and company setting up, and posted them on Twitter. As Brianna herself is a complete addict of Twitter, she discovered the image(s) posted literally within the span of about two minutes of him posting them. The result was this stunning incident of both Brianna Wu going completely off the rails and showing just how much she was willing to test whatever authority she was allowed as a panel host.

Brianna Wu stormed up to Ralph (who had a friend currently recording this, hence the video) and demanded to know if Ralph was the one who posted that Tweet. Ralph, having no reason to lie, said yes. Ralph has covered Brianna Wu's more questionable actions in the past, and as a Gamergate supporter, has mocked Brianna Wu's professional victimhood on several occasions. Suffice to say, when Wu was now face-to-face with one of her critics, she was visibly enraged and looked like she wanted to physically harm him. At this point, Wu orders the con staff to "Get him out of here," which one older guard obliged, telling Ralph he needed to leave because "She wants you gone." Ultimately, Ralph was not thrown out of the convention, merely the panel, and left thereafter.

More unnerving than Brianna's response to Ralph taking photos during a panel, however, was RavenCon's response, showing exactly how much influence Brianna Wu had over the event; even before Ralph had taken pictures, and, indeed, without actually doing anything other than reviewing Brianna Wu's actions in a less-than-favorable light, RavenCon had the gall to publicly threaten the man on Twitter in an effort to dissuade him from attending the event.[56] Ralph would write about both RavenCon's attempt to threaten him[57] and Brianna Wu's meltdown[58] on his news blog later.

GethN7 Incident

Main Article: GethN7 Incident

Arguably the single best-known example of Brianna Wu abusing her authority, the GethN7 incident occurred on July 15th, 2015, when GethN7, a GamerGate-Neutral (who leaned towards supporting it) contacted Moms Every Day on Twitter after they had featured Brianna Wu, who is not a mother. GethN7 had previously had the temerity to disagree with Brianna Wu on Twitter, and ultimately had been blocked by her, but had clearly not harassed her, and had been nothing if not polite. The company head responded cordially on Twitter, explaining that it had simply been a friendly chat. This seemed to mollify GethN7 and the exchange could have ended there - until Brianna Wu shows up, and, apropos of nothing, accused him of stalking her. Geth's only crimes were talking to individuals who were involved with Wu and asking questions about the interviews - how much did they really know? Why were they allowing Brianna Wu to get away with widely-disproven lies?

What would transpire is Brianna Wu going to extremes to silence one person whose only crime was asking questions and who broke no rules. After accusing him of cyberstalking, harassment, libel, and more, she completely lost her composure and repeatedly screamed at him to "get the fuck off her Twitter," at which point she rallied her supporters and sent them to accost GethN7 en masse.

Geth did not once lose his composure and was never disrespectful, making himself a truly daunting opponent on Social Media. No matter how much harassment and how vitriolic Wu's supporters got, Geth did not break, and he even went so far as to correct common misconceptions by GamerGate supporters. This resulted in the unthinkable; an opponent that Wu was unable to have mass reported (for he had broken no rules) and who even GamerGate opponents found to be acceptable. Unable to gain ground against a foe who kept exposing her mistakes, and unable to deal with him in the conventional manner, Brianna Wu went to her friends at Twitter support and had GethN7 indefinitely suspended before bragging about doing so.

Trans Samus Incident

Main Article: Trans Samus Incident

On August 31st, 2015, Brianna Wu retweeted a widely-disproven theory that Samus Aran was transgendered. The theory began due to an off-color joke made by a Hirofumi Matsuoka, a second-tier developer in the game's production staff who had a history of making off-color jokes, and it was disproven by an interview with that same developer making very clear it was a joke. [59] Nonetheless, seeing an opportunity to stir some controversy, Brianna Wu quickly conspired with KadyBat, a long-time associate, and put up an article on the Mary Sue declaring that Samus Aran was transgendered, and furthermore, insulting anyone who disagreed.

The pair recieved far more blastback than they ever expected for this; not only did this article anger Metroid fans (who Wu had been intending to provoke), but it also angered trans rights activists (who were annoyed that Brianna Wu was basically using transpeople as a "hot button" issue), legitimate feminists (who were incensed that Brianna Wu was trying to erase the accomplishments of one of the most inveterate females in Video Games), and even other GamerGate opponents, who saw the thing as being in poor taste. Brianna Wu repeatedly tried to declare all criticism she recieved as harassment, to the point where she declared that failure to recognize her theory as legitimate was killing transpeople,[60] And when she kept getting accosted by Feminist and LGBT groups over what she had done, she deleted everything, though the article still is up. Wu's partner-in-crime for this little outing, KadyBat, had a meltdown on Twitter after she had posted the article as proof on Metroid's wikipedia page and it got reverted.

Tanya Cohen Incident

In September of 2015, Brianna Wu began to crow about an alleged GamerGate-supporting terrorist being arrested.[61][62] Brianna Wu attempted to use this evidence against her long-time archenemy Milo Yiannopoulos, since Milo had once encountered this user at an AMA. Unfortunately for Brianna Wu, Joshua Goldberg, the very person she accused of being a pro-Gamergate terrorist, was someone she herself also interviewed, then used to attack GamerGate.[63][64]

Suffice to say, this individual that Brianna Wu tried to paint as a "GamerGate Terrorist" happened to have direct ties with multiple GamerGate opponents, none so visibly as Brianna Wu herself.[65] The best was yet to come, however, when one of the very people that Brianna Wu used to support her Trans Samus article was one Tanya Cohen - the very same identity used by Joshua Goldberg.

In short, Wu claimed he was a GamerGate-related terrorist mere days after Brianna Wu talked this same individual up as an essential defense of her Trans Samus campaign. Fittingly enough Wu immediately tried to deny ever knowing Tanya Cohen beyond criticizing her work harshly - even though the article was still up on Feministing, and still referenced and quoted Brianna Wu directly.[66] Suffice to say, nobody was buying it - especially when Brianna Wu refused to release a DM transcript. Wu had been caught again. Even though Feministing pulled the article soon after, the internet never forgets.[67]

Derek Smart Incident

Main article: Derek Smart Incident

Derek Smart, the head of the independent game development studio 3000AD, is an active member of the online community, and though he's relatively well-known for his eccentric personality and being responsible for one of the longest ongoing flame wars in Internet history, is also, despite his controversial nature, an intelligent man with a very strong tie to the indie gaming scene, and someone who gives life to the adage that one has to make a mistake to learn from it. Suffice to say, when he saw Brianna Wu following a career path he himself was once on, when GamerGate was first getting started, he dropped her a line and tried to give her advice based on his own experience.

On September 27th, 2015, Smart made his conversation with Wu (on Facebook) public.[68]

The revelations were staggering, but also very much in tune with what those who are familiar with Wu might expect. In essence, showing no understanding of the law whatsoever, Brianna Wu swears she's going to "bring a GamerGate supporter to justice for libel." Smart points out the obviously insane nature of this statement, as police will not interfere in a civil matter, and the perpetrators may not even be on American soil. Further, Smart, as someone who has been on both sides of internet trolling for years, has some degree of experience in such matters. He also advised her to not "shit where you eat," specifically referring to the fact that as a Game Developer, she relies on people who buy and play games to sell her products.

Wu disagrees, and accuses him of Mansplaining and being aggressive. Things quickly spiral out of control from here as Smart points out that this sort of attitude is what would-be-trolls feed on, and how her attitude is only going to make matters worse until she learns to deal with it better. At this point, Brianna Wu blocks him, because because facts are not welcome in the realm of Brianna Wu if they run contrary to the narrative. After this post, Smart came under siege by her supporters, who threw everything they had at Smart for several days. This is especially ironic when one considers that Wu has no technical qualifications whatsoever whereas Smart does.

Sonic The Hedgehog Triggering

Sonic bought himself the ire of Brianna and friends with this tweet.

On February 18, 2016, one of the most patently absurd chapters in the ongoing saga that was Brianna Wu began - and to make that statement after the other items on this wiki page is quite an accomplishment indeed. During a conversation, beloved Twitter account @Sonic_Hedgehog, the official account of Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, posted a joke about identifying as an attack helicopter. This joke, begun as a nod towards how insane people on Tumblr can be, essentially mocks the stereotypical Otherkin meme that they identify as something non-human.[69] The meme is so silly and irreverent that it's pretty much a universal one - or was, until Sonic posted it.

In what can only be described as a fusion of what Brianna Wu did to TotalBiscuit, and the Trans Samus Incident, Brianna Wu immediately harped on the account as if the statement (which was designed to mock otherkin) was a legitimate statement from the Sonic account and acted incredibly offended.[70] Almost immediately, out came the same tired canards Wu's trotted out before: That such comments were literally killing transpeople,[71] that the joke somehow meant that Sega personally condoned attacks on transpeople,[72] and finally, Wu accusing the Sonic account of being a source of harassment.[73]

Suffice to say, this nonsense was virtually identical to what Brianna Wu did to TotalBiscuit over the "Toastkin" joke of old.

True to form, almost immediately, Wu's followers were quick to accost Sonic's Twitter, accusing them of transphobia in the same fashion Wu had done, and indeed, call for the account manager's firing.[74] As ever, GameGate and 4chan took immediate blame for Wu's behavior.[75]

Unfortunately for them, @Sonic_Hedgehog is an account known and loved for its irreverent humor, and supporters of the Sega Mascot were quick to show up in force to mock the accounts.[76][77] Hours later, Wu's followers had accomplished nothing but bringing attention to the Sonic account, and in so doing, nearly doubling its number of likes, as Sonic supporters had gotten the #IStandWithAttackHelicopters tag trending.

An interesting corollary of this is that Wu's repeated attempts to "use" Transpeople as the centerpiece of an attack platform has won her no favors, as her behavior has finally started to catch up with her. Numerous people are now calling Brianna Wu out for her using transpeople as a prop,[78][79] openly using suicide and the like as "sticking points" in her attack,[80] refusing to be open to dialogue,[81] and/or speaking over them[82] and belittling them for not marching in lockstep with her.[83] Several have accused her of being a Cisgender tone-policer,[84] whilst others are flat-out pointing out that Wu's a closeted transperson and has no room for making the claims she does.[85] She's further been lambasted for misrepresenting statistics,[86] though Wu very bravely tried to backpedal.[87]

Transye West Incident and Facebook Doxxing Incident

Another excellent example of the horrifying lengths Brianna Wu would go to silence critics would occur in January of 2015, when Transye West, a Gamergate Supporter who is also a transwoman discussed the baffling and terrifying double-standards Gamergate's opposition uses in regards to Transpeople, wherein they are all about supporting the advancement of transpeople until the second one disagrees with them, at which point transpeople in defiance of "the narrative" can expect to be harassed, ostracized, and even threatened. Those who are familiar with this particular page should realize where this is leading, and the topic covered Brianna Wu's circle of friends and their lengthy history of harassment, death threats, and so on. In this article, Brianna Wu being trans was openly discussed - as was her history of being John Walker Flynt.[88]

Suffice to say, Brianna Wu was not pleased.

She immediately threw everything at getting her medium article taken down, as well as getting Transye West removed from Twitter. Both moves were successful, but also drew considerable to Brianna Wu herself, as well as her Lolcow Wiki Article. Brianna also went out of her way to have KotakuInAction remove all references to her real identity from the site, something that KIA refused to do.[89][90] Fittingly enough, her old nemesis returned to host Transye West's article and prevented her from being silenced.[91]

At about the same time, Brianna Wu made a post on Twitter about someone "doxxing" her on Facebook. In truth, the users in question did nothing of the sort and merely brought up facts originally posited by this very wiki page some time before. The sole unifying factor: Each and every one of these facebook posts that Wu described as "doxxing" were exposing that Brianna Wu is, in fact, John Walker Flynt.[92][93][94][95][96][97]

All of these were quickly pulled by Facebook's staff, showing once again that Brianna Wu has a shocking amount of pull on Social Media. Amusingly, however, her reason for trying to shut these down was a far more personal reason - evidence had surfaced that proved that Brianna Wu never graduated, and Brianna Wu was sparing nothing to see that information buried. It would not work.

Patreon Supporter Defection

Main Article: InformUs Incident

On March 9th, 2015, an apparent former Patreon Backer of Brianna Wu's posted on Medium, calling into question that Wu had ever actually hired "Twitter Harassment Specialist" Natalie O'Brien.[98] In addition to citing several facts that this wiki has covered, this nameless backer, who posted anonymously so as to avoid incurring the wrath of Brianna Wu and her supporters, brought up several new facts, including that none of the former Giant Spacekat employees they had spoken to would confirm this woman's existence.

Brianna Wu initially treated this backer kindly, only to aggressively lash out at them and accuse them of being a Gamergate supporter, allthewhile giving no evidence whatsoever that Natalie O'Brien is real. The Medium article continues to gain views and it's increasingly possible that Wu may have engaged in criminal malfeasance in regards to her patreon, though it is known for certain that she mislead her backers by now.

Final Fantasy XV Mobile Assault

On July 28th, 2017, Brianna Wu posted a rather disturbing tale of how she took offense to a guild in the Mobile Version of Final Fantasy XV being supportive of Trump and attempted to browbeat them. At no point did the guild do anything other than voice support of Donald Trump and make terrible jokes along those lines (referencing the "grab her by the pussy" meme).

After Wu failed to intimidate them, she proceeded to throw everything at destroying the Trump-supporting guild, since Brianna Wu is notorious for spending thousands of dollars to be insanely powerful in Mobile games with pay-to-win mechanics. She essentially destroyed the entire guild in one night using her insanely overpowered character, then bragged about it extensively on Social Media before she started to attract blastback for it and promptly deleted everything, but not before it was Archived.[99]


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