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Brianna Wu
Brianna Wu next to Motorcycle.jpg
Brianna Wu, posing with a motorcycle. This is one of her official headshots.
Age 41
Born John Walker Flynt
July 6th, 1977
Portsmouth, Virginia
Residence Dedham, Massachusetts (8th Congressional District)
Occupation Head of Giant Spacekat Studios

Brianna Walker Wu (born John Walker Flynt on July 6, 1977) is a 40-year-old[1] transgender woman and American video game designer. Best known as the head of development studio Giant Spacekat, Wu gained notoriety during the GamerGate controversy after an appearance on CNN opposite 8chan founder Frederick Brennan. Undistinguished prior to the interview, Wu quickly became a polarizing figure whom was lionized by proponents of social justice for her outspoken views while also demonized by those whom saw her bombastic public activities as being little more than means for self-promotion.

After GamerGate had faded from public awareness, she remained relevant through her prolific use of Twitter.

As a response to the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, she declared her intent to run for Congress in 2018.

Early years

Main article: John Flynt's Resume
John Walker Flynt alongside Brianna Wu.

Brianna Wu was born male by the name John Walker Flynt. Her parents were very wealthy[2], and their wealth contributed to Wu's education and the founding of Giant SpaceKat. Not much is known about Wu's early life, mostly due to Wu's desire to cover up her life's history before her gender reassignment.


Brianna Wu attended the University of Mississippi in 1996, studying engineering[3], but at some point dropped out and started studying animation at liberal arts college Millsaps.

Brianna Wu revealing this tidbit on Twitter helped identify her before transitioning.

At Millsaps, in 1999, she formed Socially Unconscious Productions, an animation company started with with initial funds totaling $170,194.04 in three separate loans from her wealthy parents. The company was founded to set up the animation studio.[4]

During her time at Millsap, Wu drew comics for the Millsaps Purple and White, specifically her comic Socially Unconscious. The comic was panned by student critics for its offensive portrayal of women, poor art style, and its cast entirely composed of white, intoxicated sorority girls.[5] The comic was ultimately pulled from the newspaper.

Brianna Wu would go on to fail to graduate and switch schools betwen Ole Miss[6] and Millsaps;[7] repeatedly over the course of her education.

Republican National Committee

After ending her educational career at Millsaps, Wu's parents helped place her with a job with the Republican National Committee as a political operative.[8] Her parents were involved with the successful 2000 presidential campaign of George W. Bush, and used their influence to help Wu find work. She also did an internship with Trent Lott.[9] Despite this, Wu returned to school in 2001 with a focus on journalism and social, political, and gaming blogging.[10]

Return to the University of Mississippi

Brianna Wu, still pre-transition, returned to the University of Mississippi in 2001. The school's online forums contain discussions about Wu, who was well known on campus for his unusual behavior.[11]

He lived in the building behind mine and would blast Madonna constantly and would leave all of his windows and balcony completely open while he danced. I remember he had some sort of girlie looking dog that always had a "someone please rescue me from this freak" look on its face. We called the dog Precious because of its similarity to the dog in Silence of the Lambs and Flynt's similarity to Buffalo Bill. I remember he went through rush in either '02 or '03 and told us some off the wall story that he used to live in DC and that he had gotten stabbed in the back of the head during a mugging and had completely lost all of his memory, including his name. Totally not surprised that he ended up having a sex change.

Other students described her as having difficulty fitting in and possibly having mental health problems .[12] Messages indicate that Wu was not well received by anyone in their class

I took Westmoreland's political philosophy class with this guy - Went by "Crazy J" in class. while annoying and bizarre, he clearly had social problems. My guess is Asperger's or something similar.

John Walker Flynt, after his change of political party and before transitioning.

Wu attempted to get her Socially Unconscious comics featured in the University of Mississippi's paper, but was denied as comics didn't fit the tone of their publication. Wu reacted by calling various individuals working for the paper and school staffers racist and homophobic slurs and was escorted from premises. The staff filed for a restraining order shortly after.[13]

Despite this, Wu developed a new comic called Election Eve which revolved around a group of girls running for student council president hoping one day to dominate the world. This second comic was also not well received. When the newspaper department moved to a new building, Wu decided that the restraining order no longer applied and attempted to get Election Eve into the paper.

The first time I met him, I was the opinion editor at The Daily Mississippian, and I turned to see this creepy fuck standing behind me. I shook his hand, and he pulled it away, saying “oowwww.” He then explained that he’d broken his wrist in a bicycle accident that had almost killed him and had given him amnesia. He explained that he wanted to be a columnist and that he had previously worked for George W. Bush in the white house but that he had since realized how retarded and evil all conservatives were. About this time my phone started ringing, and I politely ignored it while I talked to this guy. Then it rang again, and again until I answered. It was the managing editor, who had ducked behind the front desk and was whispering, “stay calm, and don’t react to this, but this guy isn’t supposed to be here. He has a restraining order. Get rid of him.”

By this point, I was concerned the guy might knife me at any moment; so I told him to write me three columns and that I’d evaluate them and get back to him on whether he could write for me. (I’m still proud of my ability to remain poised and convincingly pretend that the Daily Mississippian had any fucking standards.)

Turns out, a year prior, he’d come in wanting the Daily Mississippian to run a comic strip that he was doing. When he was told they weren’t interested, he flipped out. He called one of the workers a fat dyke, and when Dr. Husni came to her defense, he called him a “raghead” and a “sand nigger.” They got a restraining order to keep him away from Farley, but when they moved to Bishop, it no longer applied, and he was actually able to weasel back in to working for the SMC."
—Daily Mississippian Editor, on John Walker Flynt [14]

Comprehensive proof that Brianna Wu never graduated from Mississippi U.

Wu dropped out for the third time in 2001 due to an Ambien addiction,[15] but returned in 2003 to study business economics, which she likewise would not pass. Wu appears in a 2006 Ole Miss yearbook,[16] but contacting both Millsaps and Ole Miss has yielded that Brianna Wu never graduated from either.[17][18] Despite this, Brianna Wu has repeatedly declared that she has, indeed, graduated.[19]. She has also claimed to be a professional illustrator, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Curiously, Brianna Wu owes her education to Chrysteen Flynt, her grandmother, who worked as a teacher and instructor. Because of this, of the multiple times that Brianna Wu entered Mississippi University, all were legacy admissions and not admission through accreditation.[20]

Transition from John Flynt to Bri Wu

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In 2005, John Flynt started his transition to the inspiring "woman" we know today[21] purportedly adopting the name "Brianna" because she had a crush on a staffer for the Daily Mississippian named Brian.[22] In 2008, Wu went in for Sex reassignment surgery.[23] Although Wu did not explicitly say that this was SRS to her followers, but rather, surgery to fix a "birth-related urinary tract defect."[24] Considerable physical evidence of her transitioning exists, including multiple prominent scars on her throat, scalp, and legs.

Brianna would, additionally, discuss her transitioning in extensive detail on several transgender forums, most notably the Susan's Place forums, where she discussed her laser hair removal sessions[25] and how her penis was shrinking due to hormone changes.[26] Later that year, she purportedly married Frank Wu, who she had been close to for quite some time.

The subject of Wu's previous life, and subsequent SRS surgery, is a sore one to Wu, and she has put in a lot of effort to censor and deny this information.

Brianna Wu's own Wikipedia page lists her as being born a woman.[27] She's also claimed this on her own Tumblr.[28] More than this, it's also one of her most publicly made claims, following a massive post made on Gamerghazi - an Anti-GamerGate community - where she happened to be a moderator - and deleted any post that pointed out holes in her story.[29]

Proof of John Flynt's legal name change to Brianna Flynt was acquired by the Kiwi Farms on March 31st, 2016.

"Things started getting bad very quickly, of course. I waited until I started seeing links to Encyclopedia Dramatica and Lolcow Wiki, sites that more or less exist to spread gossip and libel about Internet personalities. I asked that a link to a hit piece alleging over-the-top and incredibly hurtful things about a panelist—that she was a drug addict, that she’d sold her child—be removed. I asked that a link to a hit piece saying I’d called in a bomb threat be removed. I asked that a link outing the birth name of a trans person who wasn’t even on any of the panels be removed."
This image explains it all, really.

Wu and the Trans Community

Given Wu's transgendered status, one might assume she supports the trans community and its people. However, on several occasions, she has gotten herself into trouble with the trans community. Much of this appears to be due to Brianna's grasping and power-hungry nature, paired with her enormous ego.

She was known by friends, once she transitioned, to get off on the idea of seducing a man without them being aware of her past:

For the record, he lives in Boston now and likes to brag about his vespa, and he's married to some dude. He used to brag about going hooking up with men without them knowing he wasn't a woman, which is fucking sick and obscenely immoral, no matter how open-minded you are.
—Anonymous Mississippi U student[30]

Susan's Palace

Despite once being moderator for Susan's Place Transgender Resource Forums, users of the trans forum do not have fond memories of Wu. During her stay on their site, she made plenty of enemies by being both a "shameless bully" and an "unrepentant, compulsive liar".

My past is my own business. When and if I tell someone is purely my own decision. I would imagine that I would tell someone I was planning to marry, but that is it.

I don't need the straights telling me if or when I should make this decison[sic]. And I certianly[sic] don't tell every man I kiss or go on a date with about this.

—Wu, on whether you should tell your partner if you are trans.

Wu believes that telling someone you're romantically involved in you used to have a penis isn't necessary, something quite literally discouraged by every single credible trans advocacy group in the USA to avoid the Trans Panic Defense.

Brianna would furthermore go on-record as saying that the very advocacy groups pointing out the need for openness on such a topic were, in fact, unnecessary,[31] and would become quite well-known for being openly bigoted against Southerners and Christians.[32][33][34][35]

“I also think that their obsession with watching a grown man chase a ball reflects the average Southerners capacity for intellect. I also think they are willingfully [sic] ignorant of the fact that they are racists… I honestly cannot think of anything that redeems the culture.”'
—Brianna Flynt

She would later go on to call Southerners "all beyond obese and psychologically unhealthy," as well as "ignorant" and "freakish."[36]

In addition to being extremely vitriolic, Wu is notoriously vicious towards both homosexuals and transvestites, calling the latter dangerous "fakers" and claiming that the former were enemies of feminism because, despite being gay, they were still men, and moreover, weren't as subject to Rape or Violence as women were, further demeaning them as "competition for the penis."[37] Brianna was likewise also openly harassing and dismissive to other users, and ridiculing them openly for tiny, if not non-existent offenses.[38] Wu was especially heartless towards individuals who lamented their transitioning - irrespective of reason.[39]

Even when not discussing politics, religion, or other "hot-button" issues, Brianna still managed to be a veritable self-sustaining nuclear reaction of trouble, such as when she went on a lengthy tirade claiming the southern term "Sammiches" (for sandwiches) was racist.[40] These, plus countless other issues, caused Brianna to be sanctioned, stripped of moderatorship, and ultimately banned from the forum entirely.[41] This is painfully similar to what would happen later when Brianna Wu was removed from moderatorship of GamerGhazi, an Anti-Gamergate community, for essentially the same offenses, and mirrors the issues that Wu would later have as a spokesperson for women in tech, where she would talk over other women's advocates and show zero tolerance for anyone who would oppose her directly.


Socially Unconscious Productions

Socially Unconscious wasn't exactly a hit with its readership.

Socially Unconscious began with a series of comics in the Millsaps university newspaper and was thoroughly unremarkable at first, though the comic would quickly devolve into the drunken misadventures of a group of sorority co-eds - which happened to be the very same characters Wu would eventually place in Revolution 60, including Minuet and Holiday. The art style meshes up with Revolution 60's character design almost exactly.

The comic itself was regarded as remarkably offensive by many of the paper's readers, who complained about the simplistic art, the characters who were portrayed as students at Millsap, as liars and lecherous alcoholics, and being misogynistic, all in one package. Additionally, Wu had a patronizing view of his readership, claiming that he could run the same joke over and over and no one would ever notice. Suffice to say, Millsaps' newspaper pulled it, and when she tried to submit it to Ole Miss, his reputation preceded him.

The comic was eventually rebranded as Election Eve and given a more political edge. Wu attempted to turn this premise into a radio drama, but ultimately failed and [Socially Unconscious Productions] closed August 26th 2002. A manuscript of this radio drama was uncovered on Wu's old college website.

Despite Wu's animation and illustration work being an objective failure, Wu embellishes these accomplishments to make herself sound more professional.In addition to claiming that his comic(s) had been syndicated and that Election Eve had been successful,[42] Flynt also claimed to hold several unique patents for animation techniques that research by Kiwi Farms operatives shows that he did not actually have. During his infamous resume wherein Flynt revealed he worked for notoriously racist Senator Trent Lott, Flynt would go on to claim his comic as work experience.

During the Background Check Incident, it was revealed that Socially Unconscious Productions is considered a "corporate affiliate" of Giant SpaceKat Studios.

Giant SpaceKat Studios/Chessboard Holdings, LLC.

"Briana Wu [sic] is a video game developer and gaming aficionado who credits Princess Peach from “Super Mario Brothers Two” for sparking her passion for games. She says playing the female character made her realize equality was necessary in the gaming world. Since then, Briana [sic] has developed and released several hit video games, founded her own company and become the host of the weekly gaming podcast called “Isometric” podcast on Relay FM."

Wu's Video Game Development Company, Giant SpaceKat Studios - also known as GSX, is an unusual company with borderline-nonexistent transparency towards their business practices and finances. Its trading name is named after Space Channel 5, a Sega Dreamcast game that Brianna Wu is a big fan of[43]. Legally called Chessboard Holdings but operating under Giant SpaceKat, this isn't illegal, or uncommon, it raises further questions about Wu and Co's business practices. Wu appears to have gone out of her way to make her company hard to pinpoint, and hard to find out further information.

Giant SpaceKat Studios shows off Brianna Wu's work ethic.

There is some debate over the legitimacy of Giant SpaceKat, with much of the information around the company that should be freely accessible not being found by investigators from [kiwifarms]. The company doesn't appear to have an Employer Identification number, making it seem unlikely the company has any official employees other than Wu. Wu claims that the money she receives on patreon goes towards company upkeep, including salaries of her employees, especially [Natalie O'Brien] who supposedly manages Wu's twitter correspondence on her behalf. Unfortunately, all evidence shows that Natalie O'Brien, Brianna Wu's alleged Twitter manager, does not exist.

Employment Practices

It is likely that none of the team behind Revolution 60 still work for Giant SpaceKat, with the exception of Brianna and Frank Wu.

The Giant SpaceKat website has not been updated in some time. It currently lists three founders, Brianna Wu, Frank Wu (Brianna's Husband) Amanda Warner, and sole employee, the aforementioned Natalie O'Brien, who may or may not exist. While there were many people brought on-board to help finish Revolution 60, the entire team went their separate ways after the game was completed in 2014, leaving the company with its core staff. Werner would later leave Giant Spacekat in May of 2016, leaving Brianna Wu, Frank Wu, and "Natalie" the only remaining members of the team.[44]

According to Emma Clarkson, one of Wu's ex-employees, Brianna contributed nothing to the development of Revolution 60, and was quick to backstab them for personal gain when they outlived their usefulness. Another employee, speaking under anonymity to Canadian game reviewer Sean Weaver, described Wu as "Poison."[45] A third employee, who approached the Kiwi Farms under condition of anonymity as well, explained that Brianna Wu tended to rotate secondary staff on the project often and tended to fire any employee that remanded her. To back up these claims, Brianna Wu herself has admitted that she found most of her staff on Craigslist.[46] Clarkson, the first former employee to speak out about Wu, led credence to the anonymous claims, tating that Wu came to view many of her employees as expendable after the initial batch, and had a rotating series of secondary programmers who were constantly moved in and out when their contracts expired - something evident in the schizophrenic, incoherent tone of the final game, since Wu employed dozens of temporary programmers to shore up the core staff.

Though Wu has since toyed with new game ideas on Twitter, Giant Spacekat Studios, its Twitter account, and indeed, its entire web presence now appears to be entirely dormant. Giant SpaceKat and its one title appear to exist solely so Brianna Wu can claim its existence as credentials, and that she is a "game developer."[47]

Revolution 60

Main article: Revolution 60
Brianna frequently claims that Revolution 60 was a success, in spite of it being anything but. Here, she's seen saying it would be one of "the biggest Indie titles of 2014."

Revolution 60 is the only game Giant SpaceKat Studios has ever produced. The studio allegedly spent over 3 years and close to $400,000 on this project. The game itself is a narrative-driven sci-fi adventure featuring quick-time events, branching dialogue options, and grid-based real-time combat. It was first released for IOS in late 2013. While the game is ambitious for the platform, with professional voice work and competent production values, it is fraught with technical and design flaws that undercut the final product.

The game did not do terribly well, not even breaking into the top 800 IOS games at the height of its popularity. It has earned back less than a third of the cost to make it, and has been widely seen as a critical and commercial failure. In spite of this, Wu is notorious for claiming it was a success - during the GethN7 Incident, she became enraged when GethN7, one of her critics, pointed out that it was a failure by even the most generous of metrics.

The original Revolution 60 is more notable for the controversy surrounding it and the studio that created it. The game has one of the most disparate aggregate review scores of any work, with a 73 critic review score - and a shockingly low 2.4 user review score. The source of these seemingly bizarrely polarized scores is very simple - With the exception of a single review by Grab It Magazine, the positive reviews are from people Brianna Wu personally knows - she garnered favourable reviews from her friends within the "business".

In July of 2013, Giant Spacekat launched a Kickstarter to fund a PC and Mac version. The goal was $5,000; the amount raised was triple that, and a release date of August 2014 was set. This is the first of many deadlines that would be missed over the next two years.

In February of 2015, Wu announced that the PC release of Revolution 60 would come to Steam Greenlight. The game would be "almost done" and "ready to ship" for the next eighteen months. Wu posted images that showed she had been updating the games lighting and effects, but ceased to communicate this with backers via the Kickstarter page or Giant Spacekat's website and became increasingly irritable and evasive when confronted by backers about the game.

On June 29th, 2016 a user calling himself HoskStation posted an article at medium.com entitled Is Revolution 60’s PC Release Just a Giant Scam? The writer claimed to be a disillusioned Kickstarter backer, and posted several backer-only updates in order to prove legitimacy. Hoskstation was the first of numerous accounts to take Brianna Wu to task for her failure to deliver on the game, and, paired with numerous other backers, gave Brianna Wu a deadline for Wu - August 31st, 2016 - before HoskStation and other backers escalated their complaints to Kickstarter.

When the August deadline came and went and Wu pushed the release to September 6, the news reinforced rumors that the game was irreparably broken and unreleasable. But on September 6, to the astonishment of observers, Revolution 60 finally appeared in the Steam store. It was buggy, including a game-breaking bug for keyboard controls, but it was playable end to end and featured considerable performance improvements over the IOS original release. Also notable in the lead-up to the release of Revolution 60 was its bizarre marketing strategy, which included several youtube ads, a media blitz from Brianna's friends, and her husband antagonizing 4chan and 8chan as part of a failed viral marketing plan.

Public Speaking and Activism

Brianna Wu during a 2017 convention, looking disorganized as ever.

When not actively stoking her own victimhood on Social Media and endlessly talking about how Gamergate has wronged her recently, Brianna Wu makes appearances at conventions, feminist groups, and universities, where she talks about her political views, about third-wave feminism, and about harassment, misogyny, and transphobia. Almost every single one of Brianna Wu's public appearances - be they speaking engagements, appearances on shows, or presence on conventional panels - follow an identical formula: Wu bemoans her harassment, complains about GamerGate, allude that somehow her own oppression is the fault of an industry and government that actively tries to "keep women down," and essentially do nothing but talk about herself for the duration of the event. As is the case with her social media presence,[48] Brianna Wu becomes visibly unhinged if in any way meets resistance to her talking points, from from showing up unannounced at a panel she's at to accusing critics of terrorism.

In the convention-going community, Brianna Wu has an infamous reputation, and numerous convention staffers, speaking to the Kiwi Farms under condition of anonymity have claimed she will spare no expense to go after someone who wrongs her; these behaviors pre-date GamerGate and Wu has become well-known for them.[49] In the case of shared panels, she has a notorious tendency to talk over the other guest speakers and generally bulldoze over anyone else that has the misfortune of sharing a scene with her.

In all her public appearances, Brianna Wu tends to come across as awkward, jittery, and aggressive, especially if actively questioned. She becomes visibly distracted if other people are allowed to speak and she tends to accuse interviewers of being hostile towards her with great frequency. She tends to wear a very distinctive outfit for her public appearances, which includes tall boots and a distinctive wide belt.

Brianna Wu has also written articles and contributed to collaborations promoting her political and social views. In April of 2016, the Kiwi Farms acquired a copy of Brianna Wu's contribution to Women in Tech by Tara Wheeler Van Vlack. Wu's segment is a shockingly inaccurate, absolutely laughable fabrication of her actual life that fails to correspond with statements she's made this year, to say nothing of established facts about her own history. Despite only contributing a minor segment to the work, Brianna Wu has nonetheless claimed to be a "co-author" of the work on twitter.

Tragedy Milking

Perhaps the most despicable aspect of Brianna Wu's ongoing attempt to portray herself as the most victimized thing on the Internet is her willingness to cynically milk tragic events - both her own and those of others - to milk sympathy and draw attention to herself. Whether claiming that the ongoing strife in Ferguson was somehow the fault of GamerGate and that her life was in danger because of it,[50] the notorious incident in which she claimed her dying pet was the fault of internet hate-groups and not her own neglect, or the incident in which she tried to blame a brutal murder in which the perpetrator posted the images of his attack on 4chan as being all about her, all so her victimhood narrative would not face opposition, Wu is both shameless and relentless in forcing her way into the public discussion by any means necessary.[51] In conflating 4chan and GamerGate, Brianna Wu showed willful ignorance - as well as a desire to milk a tragedy for her own benefit - as 4chan is vehemently against GamerGate.[52]

These have happened so often and with such chilling regularity that they are a demonstrable pattern of behavior with Brianna Wu. In another similar incident on October 1st, 2015, Brianna Wu once more conflated 4chan with GamerGate over another mass shooter who voiced his intent over 4chan first.[53] She then proceeded to turn it into a series of posts all about her, and how important it was that the government needed to involve itself more with online activity,[54] a position parroted by several prominent GamerGate opponents.[55]

Throughout all of these, a lingering statement involving Brianna's actions seems to follow at all times: That everything must center around Brianna Wu. In this regard, Wu constantly shows both how solipsistic she is and how completely incapable of empathy she is. If there is any way she can force a spotlight onto her through a given vector, She will do so without a scrap of remorse or shame. Whenever a tragedy occurs, you can count on Brianna Wu to make it all about her personal victimhood.

Content Thief

Brianna Wu shows her artistic skills (or lack thereof).

Brianna Wu is infamous for her content theft, both on Twitter and in her game, Revolution 60. In addition to making use of numerous stock Unreal assets without giving proper credit, Revolution 60 also features content stolen from Second Life and used against license.[56] The music for Revolution 60 is almost entirely royalty-free, but edited and with no credit given towards the people who made it. Brianna Wu even claimed to have made a song specifically for the game,[57] only to have it come out that this song, too, was a royalty-free song that she had stolen and repurposed as her own work.[58][59] On January 4th, 2017, a Kiwi Farms poster uploaded the song to Youtube, only for the song to be caught by Youtube's ContentID system and for Brianna Wu's lie of making it to be further exposed.[60]

Brianna Wu's willingness to steal content is not limited to game content. On April 6th, 2016, Brianna Wu posted an image, on her Twitter, of Kaolinite from Sailor Moon.[61] Whilst arguably a very attractive art piece, it quickly turned into the subject of considerable controversy as it became apparent that Brianna Wu flat-out traced an actual screengrab from the show, and discussion of it did not go remotely her way. The subject immediately spread and was discussed on both the Kiwi Farms and KotakuInAction.[62] After trying (and failing) to get control of the situation by claiming that what she did was an "inking pass" and that her critics had no idea what she was trying to do, Brianna Wu deleted the original image and all following Tweets, having been caught in a lie.[63]

Things would only snowball when Brianna Wu's long-time nemesis, GethN7, would follow this up by dropping a bombshell of an article - covering not only Brianna Wu's history of outright tracing, but establishing that many of her characters in Socially Unconscious and Revolution 60 essentially rip off existing works. It also establishes that Wu's attempt to trace Kaolinite was not an isolated occurrence, and that she had, indeed, done similar previously (and claim she drew it).[64]

Less than a day later, the actual source of Brianna Wu's trace was found: An animation cel of Kaolinite that was hosted on Flickr.[65] The lines for this cel match Brianna's trace even better than the actual screengrab, indicating that Brianna Wu simply "made" the project with Live Trace from Adobe Illustrator. Wu continued to claim she had been doing it as part of an "inking pass," but such a defense only found purchase with her closest supporters. Nonetheless, she continued to claim she had done Illustrator work "professionally" for years.[66]

On April 16th, 2016, Brianna Wu claimed to be playing Bahamut Lagoon, a Japanese-only SNES game that was translated independently, via a rom cart. She posted a number of screenshots explaining that she thought the game inspired Final Fantasy Tactics.[67] Unfortunately, Brianna Wu clearly grabbed screenshots from online, as one of the shots she posted was a match to one picture from the Lazy Tech Guys' Website.[68]

Involvement in the GamerGate Controversy

Main Articles: Brianna Wu and GamerGate, Trans Samus Incident, Brianna Wu as a Harasser, Brianna Wu's Harassment

"One of the things we learned pretty early on is: "Don't ever, ever try to lie to the internet - because they will catch you. They will de-construct your spin. They will remember everything you ever say for eternity."
—Gabe Newell

Brianna Wu's involvement with the GamerGate Controversy is, by any metric, her most prominent, notable, and obvious feature - it is not an understatement to say that without GamerGate to treat as an ever-present, ever-threatening bogeyman, Brianna Wu would not have a career. Indeed, prior to the GamerGate controversy - and Brianna Wu forcing herself directly into it - she was quite literally an unknown, with hardly any presence beyond her connection to some of the big names in what would bring GamerGate about, as evidenced by simple statistic analysis via Google Trends and the like.

If there is anything that has defined Brianna Wu's career, both on and off Twitter, it is the GamerGate Controversy.

From the moment the controversy started, Brianna Wu was deeply adversarial towards the hashtag campaign, repeatedly attempting to mock and annoy GamerGate supporters in an obvious bid to draw attention to herself. Many supporters and opponents alike mocked Brianna Wu openly for being so blatant and obvious about it. While one could argue that she had a personal interest in seeing the hashtag activism campaign fail, given that she was quite chummy with a number of people in the industry that had led to the Gamers Are Dead Incident (such as Leigh Alexander and Ben Kuchera), the truth is that Brianna Wu was mostly doing so to appease her own bottomless ego and draw attention towards Revolution 60, which had seen a disastrous launch. None of Brianna Wu's attempts to bait supporters into attacking her worked, and as she grew increasingly desperate, she eventually created a meme featuring a screaming autistic child that caused her to be openly ridiculed. This led to a bizarre circle of events wherein Brianna Wu would shamelessly latch onto obvious third-party trolling attempts, declare them to be prime examples of the harassment she faced on a daily basis as punishment for her brave online activism, and then try immediately to distance herself from it when she got caught. When third-party harassment or something she could construe as harassment was not forthcoming, Brianna Wu was all-too-willing to harass herself, as she did during the infamous Steam False-Flagging. This was not a unique occurrence and has happened many times as Brianna Wu has been covered by the Kiwi Farms.

Brianna Wu's entire online presence has become, over the last three years, essentially centered around her opposition to GamerGate, to the point where she continuues to bring it up, long after the campaign was considered dead in the eyes of its supporters. Even now, going into 2017, as she talks about a possible congressional run, she continues to use her opposition as a centerpiece of why she deserves to be in a position of power.

Educational and Personal Exposure

Most of Brianna Wu's personal and professional claims are outright fabrications. The two biggest examples of Wu being caught by documentation are below: The proof that she has no degree in any college field, and proof of her name change.


Main Article: Brianna Wu Email Correspondence

In early 2016, the Kiwi Farms had requested student records from Ole Miss and Millsaps, two schools which Wu had attended during her collegiate years. Whilst lolcow chroniclers knew from the years she went to various schools alone that she didn't graduate with many of the qualifications she said she did, what would soon become clear is that Brianna Wu never graduated from either school in any field.[69]

Millsaps outright says that Wu never graduated.

It's worth noting that Brianna Wu has claimed repeatedly'[70] to have certifications[71][72] in everything from Political Sciences[73] to Investigative Journalism[74] to Engineering, but even Brianna's former classmates believed that Brianna Wu had gotten a degree in Business. Wu's even made claims of having degrees during podcasts [75] Wu has gone on to claim she has such qualifications on her own Entrepreneur Wiki page.[76] Suffice to say, with this information, the Kiwi Farms immediately brought the information to several of Brianna Wu's long-time nemeses, including Milo Yiannopoulos and absurdist game reviewer Bro Team Pill. The truth was increasingly obvious: Wu has none of the qualifications she's claimed to.[77]

It really was only a matter of time.

Additional evidence was discovered as more and more people verified this information with Ole Miss and Millsaps.[78] Soon after, the inevitable happened and Brianna Wu blamed Lolcow Wiki's actions on GamerGate.[79]

An entirely new angle of this chunk of the Brianna Wu College Scandal was brought to light in the wee hours of January 21st, 2016, when Kiwi Farms operatives, in an email correspondence with Brianna Wu, managed to have a fascinating discussion with Brianna Wu - in which Wu openly admitted that she never passed college.[80]

Background Check Reveal

On March 31st, 2016, the Kiwi Farms acquired Brianna Wu's voter registration information, which establishes Brianna Wu's name change from John Flynt.

The documentation also revealed that Socially Unconscious Productions is a "Corporate Affiliate" of Giant SpaceKat Studios, further establishing that Brianna Wu and John Flynt are the same people. Brianna Wu was not pleased at this revelation, and launched into an attack post bemoaning the actions taken by Lolcow Wiki and the Kiwi Farms without mentioning them by name nor the content of the reveal, lest they find this wiki page.[81] During her congressional run, Brianna Wu would later go on to blame Reddit's /r/KotakuInAction for the release of her collegeiate information.[82]


Brianna Wu alongside her husband, Frank.

Brianna Wu is extremely distant from the majority of her family; relationships between Brianna Wu and her family are strained, and she rarely brings them up except to bemoan how they were intolerant right-wingers. She has repeatedly claimed to have been disowned by them due to their political differences.[83]

One especially notable person close to Brianna Wu, however, is Frank Wu. The pair married in 2008, after meeting her at MileHiCon in 2007,[84] which contradicts a frequent story Brianna Wu tells that they married after only three weeks.[85] Frank is critical to Brianna Wu's internet presence; in addition to being the primary financier of Giant Spacekat Studios, he features prominently in the company's promotional materials,[86] With many connections in the sci-fi circuit (Frank has won multiple Hugo Awards for artwork), Frank is the one who helps arrange his wife's promotions and speaking engagements, including her appearance on The Internet Ruined My Life. Frank was also instrumental in helping Brianna's victim narrative reach out to people via his contacts, such as when he pushed it during the November 2014 issue of Argentum, a sci-fi E-Zine.[87] Frank Wu was so frequently involved in the background of his wife's actions that there are unconfirmed allegations of his being involved with the many false-flags of Brianna Wu on 4chan and 8chan.

Like Brianna Wu, Frank also has a history of going to extremes to silence criticism and hedge out dissent. On September 17th, 2014, Frank Wu accused his ex-wife, Alison McBain, of being abusive and calling her "fucking evil incarnate," going out of his way to insist that nobody associate with her on his Facebook.[88] Mere days later, McBain would post her own accounting of events, in considerably more detail than Frank Wu himself had, elaborating that Frank had been abusive towards her and that his reason for making the post was that he was angry that she was returning to writing Sci-Fi after he initially drove her away from the field during their marriage.[89] Frank Wu attempted a desperate attempt to save face in the comments of McBain's article, which only served to make him seem worse. In response to this, Brianna Wu then took to her website, accusing McBain of being a troll and immediately accusing her of being involved with GamerGate, as she is want to do when facing criticism.[90]

Foray Into Politics

Main Article: Brianna Wu for Congress

Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States on November 9th, 2016, Brianna Wu declared her intention to run for congress as a Democrat. Despite having virtually no experience in politics and no grasp of domestic policy, Brianna Wu nonetheless went forward and threw her hat in the ring. Interestingly enough, this would mean a primary contest between Wu and incumbent Democrat Stephen Lynch.

From the moment Wu announced her intention to run, things quickly took a turn for the surreal as Brianna Wu, mirroring the tactics she used previously against critics online repeatedly used her Twitter account as an attack platform against her incumbent opponent, declaring him "right wing" and going on at length about how he was not representative of the left's values. Despite coming out on the attack, however, Brianna Wu's candidacy has been hallmarked primarily by her own misseps, which border on the farcical. From being forced to admit on national television to working for Senator Trent Lott to declaring that companies involved with lunar development could conduct terrorism by dropping rocks on the planet, Brianna Wu's candidacy has become a public spectacle and subject of ridicule, and has only called more and more attention to Brianna Wu's long and glorious history of bending the truth.


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