Autistic Legion of Doom

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A chart showing the members of the Autistic Legion of Doom, and how they relate to one another.

"Autistic Legion of Doom" (also referred to as the "Autistic Voltron") is an affectionate nickname given to a group of people of interest led by Samuel Collingwood Smith who share the common goal of taking down the Kiwi Farms. Aside from Smith, the two most prominent members appear to be Donny Long and Oliver D. Smith. Lesser members include Eddie Dzial, Raven Sparks, Jonathan Bishop, and Luke McKee.

The one goal all of them can agree on is that they want the Kiwi Farms destroyed. However, some want more than the destruction of the forum. Some, like Donny Long, have demanded Null violate data protection laws and turn over any private user data in the Kiwi Farms server database as well as any financial records of anyone who has donated to the Farms for it's management and upkeep, legal issues with Null doing this be damned. Others are mostly content with the Farms being destroyed and preferably never restored elsewhere in some manner.

Their activities have generally been confined to one of two avenues of attack.

1. Private email in which they harass and threaten their targets, many of which has been re-posted publicly by some of the targets of the harassment on the Kiwi Farms so that it becomes a public record of the private attempts at blackmail and extortion attempted by the members of the Autistic Legion of Doom.

2. A defamation forum that was ran by Donny Long named after Null's mother where Long, a few psychotic maniacs, sockpuppets, and trolls who all crowed about their bloody fantasies of killing members of the Kiwi Farms and screeched about how they just wished out loud and were not endorsing any crime, even though they stated their intentions were to expose the private data of anyone who was on the Farms so any enemies they had can do whatever they felt like.

It's worth noting that Samuel Collingwood Smith, while willing to admit he saw what the others were doing as poetic justice on the Kiwi Farms (which he considers an illegal enterprise), he generally has repudiated the actions of the Autistic Legion of Doom as criminal. He has also refrained from allowing himself to be openly associated with the others, even making a point of distancing himself from them shortly after it became known to him the rest were generally unstable and willing to flout laws Samuel Smith was not willing to break.

According to correspondence that has been released by some members of the Farms targeted by the Autistic Legion of Doom, he is aware, to a degree unwillingly, of the actions of the other members, and despite attempts to break with the Autistic Legion of Doom, it has been confirmed many of them still include him as a recipient on their mailing lists (in which they tag in many others who have made clear they wish this to cease, himself included).

Oliver D. Smith has also begun to distance himself from the Autistic Legion of Doom, citing injuries to his arm and wanting to get back to life before all the internet drama, even confirming in emails to the various other members he did not want to be included in the email chains of the others anymore and had already consigned them to the spam folder of his email account and desired to quit dwelling on a pointless internet grudge, and advised others like Eddie Dzial to follow suit.

Of the members of the Autistic Legion of Doom, Donny Long is arguably the most unstable and defiantly criminal of them all, having made clear he does not care if innocent people who are in any way connected with members of the Farms get hurt, even making a point of attempting to terrorize them with harassing emails, phone calls, and posting defamatory content about them in the hopes of poisoning search results for their names with defamatory postings, and still runs his forum of psychotic ramblings filled with idle fantasies of killing and maiming various members of the Kiwi Farms, as well as posting more bashing of his other enemies alongside his usual hatred of gays and blacks.

Eddie Dzial, while less insane, is incredibly unwilling to cease unsolicited contact with both people victimized by the Autistic Legion of Doom as well as those who have attempted to distance themselves from the same, and has confirmably vandalized the All The Tropes wiki after being warned to quit sending one of its admins unsolicited emails or Google Mail would be contacted about banning their account for harassment.