Zhane Brooks

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Zhane Brooks
Zhane Brooks1.png
Age 21
Born April 2nd, 1997
Residence Reading, Pennsylvania
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Zhane Brooks is a genderfluid/FTM transsexual internet slactivist of minor note from Reading, Pennsylvania. She was first discovered due to a public spat with Ahuviya Harel concerning his claims of Puerto Rican heritage[1][2]. Since then she has shown herself to be one of the loudest voices in a growing movement of lazy and uneducated youths demanding free money. Despite her brash nature she has repeatedly deleted or set to private everything as soon as someone questions her or her views.


Born in Reading, Pennsylvania to lower-middle class parents, Zhane grew up as one of at least eight children in the Brooks-Gray household. As a child her family was the victim of a burglary resulting in the theft of $500 worth of Christmas presents[3]. Through the charity and good will of others, many organizations stepped in to help at least partially replace the stolen gifts. These lessons in charity did little to stop Zhane from becoming angry and resentful. Her time at Reading Senior High School was one filled with drama, as she was regularly instructed to keep her hateful comments to herself. Instead of learning to cooperate with others with different viewpoints, she acted out enough that the school district instructed her not to post hateful and racist comments[4]. She has since decided that "Public school taught me that everyone respects the loudest person"[5]. She has since dropped out and has failed to achieve her GED[6].

Current Activities

Since dropping out of school, Zhane claims to have moved out of her parents home and is living on her own[6] This has given her ample time to post on Facebook. She champions herself as a voice of minorities, but in reality she is little more than a racist[7] with delusions of grandeur[8]. Zhane is quick to say anything offensive that may come to her, but as soon as she is questioned about it she will set her social media profiles to private[9]. Briefly in June of 2015, Zhane's multiple Facebook pages were being reported for violent and racist views. This was something Facebook took seriously enough to ban her repeatedly for her behavior.


Zhane's unique belief system casts her as the center of the world, the most oppressed of people. Only those she personally has approved of can be considered safe from her ire, and even that is fleeting considering how quickly she turned on Ahuviya. Most of her hatred is towards white people, but the police[10], cis people[11],
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black people[12] liberals[13], feminists[14], and many more can be considered beneath her.

Her identities are constantly shifting when they are no longer trendy or shocking. She switches between claiming to be genderfluid, and being a female-to-male transsexual depending on the circumstances at hand. Even though she claims to identify as male, Zhane is quite happy to claim that "black sexism"[15], or misogynoir affects her as well. She collects mental illnesses, claiming to suffer from trypophobia[16].

In short, Zhane's views can be distilled down to a simple motto: "fuck you, pay me"[17].