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Women in Tech is an ebook written by Tara Wheeler Van Vlack and distributed on Amazon. Brianna Wu contributed a relatively small segment to the work, but nonetheless claims co-author credit on her Twitter.[1] She isn't unusual for claiming that credit - virutally all contributors to the work do so.

Instead, the work is notable for it being a complete whitewashing and fabrication of her own history, complete with sensationalized details that defy credibility and reason. Those who question why a common criticism of Brianna Wu is that she appears to be delusional need look no further than this work, which quickly solidifies Wu as both a liar and con-artist.

Cover And Insert

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Notes About the Cover and Insert

  • What immediately pops out to a reader of this work is Wu's lack of pedigree compared to the other contributors. For example, Karen Elazari is a known cyber-security specialist who works to help sites and companies strengthen themselves against malware, viruses, and malicious intrusions.[2] Kamilah Taylor is a Jamaican Software Engineer with a long list of certifications, including being LinkedIn's senior software engineer.[3] Miah Johnson is especially impressive with engineering credentials in both software and hardware.[4] Even Angie Chang, relatively light on technical certifications, is a Berkley Graduate with a long history of advocacy.[5]
  • In stark contrast, Brianna Wu is a multiple-time college drop-out who has yet to produce a single successful product. It's highly likely that Tara Wheeler Van Vlack simply did not know that Wu Brianna Wu never graduated college, and indeed, has not a single success to her name.
  • This is painfully similar to what happened at Wu's appearance at South by Southwest, where she showed up, talked over actual advocates in tech for women, and essentially bemoaned her own harassment for the entire event, costing the panel potential attendees because people avoided it due to Brianna Wu's presence on said panel.

The Gamer - Page 1

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Notes About Page 1

  • Right out the gate, it leads with Brianna Wu claiming her life is in jeopardy. Let this first sentence set the tone for the rest of this article.
  • The entry does not mince words, immediately launching into a sensationalized story of Wu apparently drowning and suffering hypothermia, before cutting into a discussion of who she is.
  • More self-aggrandizing about what a strong and brave person she is for stranding up to GamerGate, of course leaving out the part where she tried to pretend known hoaxes were a threat to her life.
  • It's very ironic that Wu considers herself a "Gamer," considering how often she has insulted that title due to its connection to GamerGate.

The Gamer - Page 2

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Notes About Page 2

  • This page is, frankly, fascinating due to the sheer volume of complete contradictions it offers from what is known about Brianna Wu's history.
  • Brianna Wu talks about Socially Unconscious Productions here, her failed start-up that cost her $250,000. A number of false assertions are made about it, however.
  • Wu's explanation of going to imageboards and "redirecting anger directed at her" is telling, because it's what she and Frank Wu did in Operation FalseFag II, which involved Brianna Wu trying to false-flag herself to drum up support for Revolution 60, and what she did during the @BROLOLZ incident. Brianna Wu is no stranger to using false-flags and similar tricks to fulfill a narrative.
  • Wu's claim here to have caught hypothermia and almost drowned has never been substantiated, despite multiple attempts by the Kiwi Farms to investigate this story. Given that Wu is a pathological liar and is known to have lied about everything from her hobbies to her personal history, this story segment, without citation or evidence, cannot be accepted as factual.

The Gamer - Page 3

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Notes About Page 3

  • Again, note the falsified backstory; all evidence is that Wu by this point was in rehab for her aforementioned Ambien addiction, as covered by Inc.com interview.[7]
  • While Wu grew up in the nation's poorest state, by her own admission, Brianna Wu grew up in a life of unimaginable wealth. Her parents were able to give her over $200,000, counting interest, for Socially Unconscious Productions, which ultimately proved to be a massive boondoggle. Brianna Wu herself will admit this, on the following page.
  • Wu is not a well-known figure in technology; she was a literal unknown until she attached herself to GamerGate to propel herself into prominence.
  • Wu's timestamps do not match up with when she was in school. Brianna Wu went to work in DC for Trent Lott back in 2000, after the campaign of George W. Bush, and she returned to Mississippi in 2001 to enroll in Ole Miss, as evidenced by the school records acquired by the Kiwi Farms, leading to when she left school entirely in 2006, having never obtained a degree.

The Gamer - Page 4

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Notes About Page 4

  • A continuation of the previous page brings about Wu admitting that the claims to have come from an impoverished background, not eight sentences previous.
  • Wu claims that it was "unusual" for a family to "own a computer in the late eighties," but this is patently false. There were over a dozen common home computer systems that existed at the time, from IBM PCs and compatibles to the Atari ST, Apple II, Tandy Color Computer, and the Commodore 64 and 128. The Intel 8086 she mentions was quite advanced for the time, but was far from unheard of and Brianna Wu betrays her own ignorance of tech at the time with this statement.
  • The idea that an at-the-time 12-year-old John Flynt and his computer-illiterate mother sat down and started reformatting hard drives and "updating" hardware so that it could run new software is patently ridiculous.
  • Brianna Wu has never, not once, shown any evidence that she knows how to code - not even things in BASIC. Whilst she has a Github account, she has never posted anything in it.[8] For Revolution 60, Brianna Wu repeatedly hired outside programmers. Whilst it's not unheard of to learn "on-the-fly," the story Brianna Wu is trying to pitch - that she learned how because of the computer her parents bought in 1989 - is laughable and a clear falsehood. More so when you realize that Brianna Wu has claimed, on several occasions, that her first computer was a Tandy 1000, t.[9]

The Gamer - Page 5

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Notes About Page 5

  • Brianna Wu tries to strike a delicate balance here, complaining about her upbringing in Mississippi and how horrible her experience was there when trying to completely gloss over her sheer level of privilege. In this Wu virtue signals as hard as she can, claiming she grew up in a zone of racial and sexual discrimination and oppression, when in truth she grew up in a life of obscene wealth. Special care is clear to mention how good a feminist she is as well.
  • This is proven less than a paragraph later in which Brianna Wu claims to have had all of her desires catered to by her parents. This part of Wu's story is true, as evidenced by what happened with Socially Unconscious Productions and the fact that they didn't flat-out disown Brianna when she squandered their investment and sent her to rehab.
  • Wu continues her long-running meme of claiming to have technical expertise that she provably does not have. In this case, knowledge of electrical engineering and computer hardware that she has no evidence for and has no ability to back up with examples of her own personal training.

The Gamer - Page 6

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Notes About Page 6

  • Wu makes a number of bizarre mis-steps here, in which she claims she had a thriving business of stolen report cards, done because she stole a school key and duplicated it. Whilst the obvious example of Brianna Wu breaking the law should be obvious, it's important to point out that Brianna Wu could not have done this; most school keys, especially for critical areas, are marked with "Do Not Duplicate" messages specifically to prevent this kind of abuse, and, indeed, are protected by US Law; duplicating such a key is a $10,000 fine.[10]
  • Brianna Wu claims to have learned photoshop in High School - unfortunately, whilst the first version of Adobe Photoshop did, indeed, come out in 1988, the program was obscenely cost-preventive for an individual user, let alone a high school student. Whilst it's possible that Brianna Wu had it paid for by her parents, this is highly unlikely due to the segment to follow.
  • Brianna Wu next claims to have bought a lamination machine from a Blockbuster Video that was closing. This would have been purchased in 1993, when Blockbuster Video was still nascent; at the time, a Laminator of this sort went for thousands of dollars, and surely would have been acquired by Blockbuster (which was a franchise) if one of its stores failed, like most high-cost equipment.
  • There is no such thing as "Miss MTV Spring Break." Whilst MTV's Spring Break is a well-known show and widely-considered to be one of its mainstays in the 90s, there is no evidence that Brianna Wu ever had any hand in any of the "hot body" contests that were held during this time, especially given that the 1993 contest was held in Daytona Beach, Florida and the most well-known winner was clearly in her 20s.[11]
  • In 1993, when Brianna Wu claims that her fake-ID customer "won" this contest, the 56K modem did not exist, and indeed, would not for another four years.[12] When the 56K modem did come out, Brianna Wu was over 20 years old (and as we know from her school records, about to drop out of Ole Miss).

The Gamer - Page 7

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Notes About Page 7

  • Another story in which Wu broke the law openly.
  • Even if this story is true (evidence is that it's not, given Brianna Wu's history of exaggerating the truth or outright lying), Brianna Wu essentially just admitted to setting up a fake incident to get time off from school.
  • Brianna Wu then tells a story about how, as a teenager, Brianna Wu saw a man beating a child to a bloody mess with a shoe and that she was encouraged to "do nothing" over this. That we are to accept that nobody reported a very violent and clearly very public incident of a child being beaten and bloody by his father in a parking lot is ridiculous and defies credibility.
  • Brianna Wu cites these examples of breaking the law and bucking the system as "things that made her an excellent entrepreneur." As of so far, Brianna Wu has not a single financial success to her name; Revolution 60 was a disastrous failure that made back less than a quarter of its budget and Socially Unconscious Productions was a failure to the tune of over $200,000 by Wu's own admission.

The Gamer - Page 8

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Notes About Page 8

  • Brianna Wu goes on about learning to program. Again, Revolution 60 saw virtually no work from Wu and she constantly was hiring and rotating programmers.[13] Additionally, multiple employees have elucidated that Brianna Wu was of no help whatsoever.[14]
  • Brianna Wu tells probably the biggest lie so far in claiming she was "too advanced" for a college-level programming class whilst she was in high school. This is absolutely absurd, especially given programming languages at the time, and is especially visible during Brianna Wu's many meltdowns when she's called out on her lack of actual knowledge.[15][16]

The Gamer - Page 9

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Notes About Page 9

The Gamer - Page 10

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Notes About Page 10

  • Brianna Wu claims to have had to spent a lengthy amount of time rewiring the house, cleaning asbestos, and so on. Frank Wu alone pulls down six figures and would have easily been able to afford the renovation-work in question. Removing Asbestos would require actual contractors with legitimate credentials, due to the risk to occupants. Indeed, asbestos removal requires a license in Boston, where Wu's home is, and she currently resides![17]
  • Brianna throws Frank down as a filthy male to oppose so she can show how cool and feminist she is.
  • Basic information about Revolution 60 follows.

The Gamer - Page 11

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Notes About Page 11

  • Brianna Wu essentially establishes that she is unable to maintain a coherent idea for very long and shows off her love of flash-in-the-pan here.
  • More coverage of Wu's game development, as we build to one of the biggest lies of them all.
  • Revolution 60 was a critical and commercial failure, costing over $400,000 to produce and making back less than a quarter of that. While the Steam version was released on September 06th, 2016, it was a complete failure critically and has gone on to become something of a meme in and of itself due to a number of major bugs it has and glaring interface problems.

The Gamer - Page 12

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Notes About Page 12

The Gamer - Page 13

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Notes About Page 13

  • Brianna Wu claims the sob story about nearly drowning is true once again.
  • Wu considers herself above normal people for her wherewithal and drive and her willingness to bravely stand against GamerGate.
  • As was the case of her David Pakman Interview, Brianna Wu blames GamerGate on "the industry" and "not being sufficiently inclusive."
  • In perhaps the only common-sense thing Wu has said in this entire article, Wu encourages the reader to try to find what they are willing to do to "take charge" and find their own spark of greatness inside themselves. It becomes apparent that if Wu had stuck to this tone throughout the rest of the article, rather than self-aggrandizement, this article analyzing it in-depth would not be necessary.


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