William Emsgtret Atchison

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William Atchison
William atchison.jpg
Born March 17, 1996 (disputable, dox suggests March 17th 1996[1], forum account suggests 1993[2])
New Mexico
Died December 11, 2017 (age 21-24)
New Mexico
Cause of death Suicide after murdering two students

William Emsgtret Atchison was a user of Kiwi Farms who garnered infamy and mockery in the community for his involvement in the Aztec High School shooting. On december 11th, after gaining unauthorised access to the school, Atchison took the lives of two students -Francisco Fernandez and Casey Marquez- before committing suicide after the doorway to a classroom was blocked off from him by a sofa moved by a substitute teacher. 17 lives in the room were saved as a result.[3]

Before his murder-suicide, William idolised failed shooter and neo-nazi Lindsay Souvannarath; he frequently edited her Wiki article and his final post on the website was even on her thread[4].


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