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Artist's depiction of the most ebin ween.

A ween is a person or group who is so bad at trolling as to be cringeworthy, but continues to do so regardless. Examples of "ween" behavior may include:

  • low-effort trolling
  • unoriginal or repetitive trolling
  • trolling for reasons other than to produce funny content
  • trolling via directly insulting the target to their face, usually with simple put-downs like "you're a fag"
  • relying solely on memes specific to the target, for ex. constantly repeating "Christian Weston Chandler is gay" or "Jace Connors isn't really a Marine"

In truth, these are only examples; the exact definition is open to interpretation and widely varies from person to person, and the frequent misuse of the word has reduced its impact over time. The word ween stems from win (same as ebin ween from epic win) and pokes fun at a stereotype which considers every benign act of trolling as "epic win". Frequently, weens are artistically depicted wearing Guy Fawkes to aid in visualization.

Examples of Ween

Since the cardinal rule of trolling is to do it ED article: for the lulz, any sort of ulterior motive can taint the act and decrease the humor value of the content.

For Fame

The most common examples of ween come from trolling for fame. Sometimes, people who desire to make a name or earn respect, either for themselves or their group, will try to be a troll. They consider whatever content they gleam to be worth coveting, and will sometimes hang it over the heads of those not in the know. The most infamous example of a "big name" troll is Clyde Cash, and many ween trolls falling under this category are ironically called the next Clyde Cash for this reason. Many weens will willfully misinterpret any minor attention the community gives them as their desired "infamy". William Elliott Waterman is another example of this type of ween.

For Money

Trolling for money is a very rare occurrence, as it often involves activities that are illegal. Joshua Martinez tried to swindle Christian Weston Chandler out of money by selling him a "special edition" PlayStation Portable. This was mercifully ended by other trolls when they picked up on the true reason behind Joshua's involvement.

Only for Revenge

Sometimes, a person tries to troll for revenge. This can be brought on by anything, as the motivation stems from the person trying to troll. An example of a vindictive troll is Vade, who utilizes her influence to group up and attack specific people. Although this can be considered trolling, the act is for ulterior reasons and the end results are not funny. The targets of these attacks rarely lash out in funny ways and it is not an entertaining spectacle to third parties.


Excessive weening often results in the wannabe troll being trolled himself. ED article: Alex Wuori is a good example of this. After trying (and failing) to get Anonymous to troll a girl at his school, he himself was doxxed by Anonymous. PvtRichardCranium suffered the same fate when people got tired of his increasingly unfunny "Liquid Jace" act.