Virtue Signaling

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Brianna Wu attempts to walk back her previous prosecution of biochemist Tim Hunt.

Virtue Signaling is a common lolcow habit, and is one wherein an individual attempts to indicate that they have virtue merely by demarcating disgust or favor for various political ideals, cultural occurrences, or events. It is often seen as a form of pandering on Social Media. Celebrities who public express panic about a cause whilst clearly knowing almost nothing about it are virtue signaling, as is people who seize upon public events or even tragedies to publicize their allgedly-virtuous feelings, as done by Brianna Wu when she attempted to use a shooting in Oregon to claim that her life was in danger from GamerGate.[1]

Many people who virtue signal do so as if they are fulfilling a moral imperative, often without sourcing, self-reflection, or even common-sense. Brianna Wu in the previous example declares GamerGate in some way associated with the Oregon shooting, with no need to dive into data that shows that 4chan, where the shooter posted, was openly against Gamergate, no attempt to examine the underlying root causes of the shooting (such as the fact that the shooter had a long history of violent behavior), and certainly no exploration of how GamerGate had anything to do with this; just the insistence that Wu is a victim and that the shooter was a GamerGate proponent, contrary to evidence.


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