Vade versus Kiwi Farms

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A humorous synopsis of what happened when Vade took the fight to the Kiwis.

During her Cantikin era, a number of Tumblrites brought Vade to the attention of the Kiwi Farms on September 30th, 2014, and, after some discussion, on October 4th, 2014, a proper thread on Vade had begun. Started by the aforementioned Tumblrites who had been subjected to Vade's harassment and who, in turn, had seen a great deal of Vade's harassment, the thread was a brutal chronicle of Vade's various offenses, paired with the site's residents making light of Vade's bullying and harassment. In an environment where they could safely discuss the threat that was Vade without fear of reprisals, more and more individuals familiar with Vade arrived from Tumblr and similar communities, to give their experiences on the matter, and, appropriately enough, were quickly embraced by the Kiwis. Within 3 weeks, the Kiwi Farms had acquired more information on Vade than many individual communities dedicated to chronicling her myriad issues. Members of communities that had long been critical of Vade were quick to lend their support and experiences as well, and more and more of Vade's offenses began to come to light.

In short order, what had once been one of the most feared and reviled individuals on Tumblr had become the subject of outright mockery, with the Kiwis and Tumblrites alike digging into Vade's cult-like control over her associates and analyzing Vade's myriad of actions taken since her leaving TF2FIP and FurryScumbags. Vade was quick to learn about the Kiwis collaborating with those who had run into Vade on Tumblr; the result of this was an explosion of impotent rage from Vade on Vade's Cantikin tumblr, as she now faced an opponent she could neither shame, intimidate, or threaten. It was clear at this point that Vade had taken it on the chin from the Kiwis, and, ironically, in pretty much the exact way she had harassed others with a call-out post, though in this case there was no harassment of Vade or her followers, just laughter at their expense on the Kiwi Farms.

Vade's First Foray

Vade argues that bigotry is wrong, whilst being openly bigoted.

The fact that Vade faced an opponent she could not deal with in the usual fashion incensed Vade, and it wasn't long before Vade sent an expeditionary force to the site in an attempt to attack the various Tumblrites that had brought Vade's offenses to light. Though the Tumblrites were quite a bit nervous over this, the Kiwis were not to be dissuaded, and as Vade's associates tried the usual approach for getting their opponents ostracized (accusing them of ableism and making fun of Otherkin, mostly), they quickly learned that the response was not what they expected - rather than turn on them, the Kiwis backed up the neophytes in their midst and openly ridiculed Vade's followers. Needless to say, they soon abandoned the assault.

For perhaps the first time, Vade had outright lost.

The aftermath was something even more unbelievable, however: Vade soonafter joined the Kiwi Farms and tried to use the same tactic she had used a thousand times before: shame and accuse of ableism/transphobia/racism - once more, targetting those who had come to the Kiwi Farms directly from Tumblr. She was about to learn that her legendary reputation and usual tactics would not avail her outside of her personal demesne. Faced with the target of their discussion, the Kiwi Farms proceeded to drop everything and ask Vade questions and for her insight on absolutely everything, from her open bigotry towards straight people/males to her willingness to outright lie and her involvement in The Tanukurin Incident. True to form, Vade tried to paint herself repeatedly as a victim - claiming mental health was too expensive, claiming that she had suffered too much due to the loss of her boyfriend - but each time, she found resistance - and people willing to call bullshit. Low-cost mental health centers she could afford were linked to her. Kiwis with history in psychatric medicine gave their own synopsis of events and strongly suggested what most had known for months - that Vade's conditions are entirely fabricated. Vade would invariably, without exception, punch gaping holes in her own excuses - at one point decrying psychiatry because her own psychiatrist had said she wasn't Autistic and claiming that "Neurotypicals could never understand her." Flubs like these were milked for all they were worth. After several pages of failing to answer questions, digging herself in deeper, and of failing to get the Kiwi Farms to attack her intended victims, Vade fled the thread, having lost a major battle.

Vade's Second Foray

Vade tries to convince the Kiwi Farm not to call the police over her self-harm/suicide threats.

Battered but unwilling to accept defeat, Vade returned to the fray attempting once more to re-direct hostilities onto the Tumblrites on the Kiwi Forums, especially CatBountry and TundranVoltaire, who Vade had a long-standing grudge against. When this failed, Vade dropped anything remotely resembling subtlety and began openly insulting and threatening people whilst ignoring outright any post that addressed her myriad of personal problems. Soonafter, Vade fled a second time, this time claiming to have had a violent new Headmate - Tero - forged from the trauma she suffered at the hands of the mean old Kiwi Farm that had done such unconscionable things like point out her own actions and hypocrisy and suggest she get affordable mental health in her region. Tero, likewise, was openly mocked not only for being one of the most laughable attempts to be intimidating seen from Vade thus far, but, for when she released some art of him, essentially looking exactly like Wilfre from the Drawn to Life series on DS, which Vade is purportedly a fan of. Tero was immediately latched onto and beloved by the Kiwi Farms, who proceeded to treat the new headmate as if they were the Farms and Vade's illegitimate son. Vade was not amused by this.

Vade's Final Foray

Vade, immediately following her loss to the Kiwi Farms.

Finally, Vade returned to the Kiwi Farms one last time, and once more engaged her critics. This time her tone was more humbled than before, but still pretty much the same as it had been previously, with Vade refusing to answer basic questions and deflecting any attempt to discuss her obviously fake new headmate and equally-faked triggers. Things finally brewed up when Vade refused to discuss her open campaigns of harassment against the Tumblr userbase, specifically the likes of The Tanukurin Incident and her tenure on TF2FandomIsProblematic. After having "Tero" front for a bit (which was mocked openly by the userbase, who was having none of it), Vade, clearly frustrated with being unable to achieve even something tangentially resembling victory from the situation, began to fake a depressive down-swing, began to threaten self-harm and, eventually, threaten suicide - the so-called nuclear option that Vade had always used to drag her ilk in line.

The response by the Kiwi Farm was to call the police and let them know that Vade had threatened suicide.

Vade, predictably, completely lost her mind over this, crying that attempts to contact the police would make things harder for her family because, apparently, Vade had faced the police for threatening suicide previously. Soonafter, Vade announced she was taking a hiatus from Tumblr and that afterwards she wouldn't bother anyone further. Immediately a betting pool was set up on how short Vade's hiatus would ultimately last; it turned out that it would be less than 24 hours.

Aftermath of Vade

Some things never change.

Since this time, Vade has essentially backed off into a corner, unable to make any headway against her opponents and fishing repeatedly for sympathy and pity from her followers, causing them to abandon her in droves and leaving her with only a shred of the support she once had. Every post she makes is now tagged with #LikeIfYouRead, and she is so blatantly fishing for support at this point that it's no wonder that Vade's lost an enormous plurality of her audience. Further, as word has gotten out about Vade, she has lost her daunting presence on Tumblr, and is now publicly known for what she is. Soonafter her skirmishing with the Kiwi Farms, the Troublez_81 Incident became public knowledge, and Vade's now struggles for single-digit likes on her posts on her new blogs, which spread from Ringabelkin to Spiritlore. Showing she has learned nothing from all of this, Vade recently admitted that the only reason she moved and re-named her accounts was because of the increased attention the farms forced her way.

Vade continues to watch the Kiwi Farms however - complaining periodically about them in her blog and essentially publicly announcing her vigil. The Kiwis, appropriately enough, respond to her confirmed lurking presence by posting pictures of headshots, Skullgirls, and Yu-Gi-Oh! whenever she's obviously paying attention, solely to show how little they fear Vade now. Vade hasn't backed off in any way, however - she continues to make call-outs and advocate the harassment of anyone who defies her on any level.