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This image is entirely indicative of Vade's reign on FurryScumbags.

Once respected on Tumblr, FurryScumbags was a blog platform intended to act as a warning system of sorts about problematic individuals within the furry community - the idea being that it would warn about pedophiles, sexual harassers/assaulters, and rapists within the furry fandom. FurryScumbags for a very long time was known - and respected for its due diligence, only posting information for awareness, never for attacks, and even then after extensively vetting any evidence they acquired. The blog was well-known for breaking the stories on the wrongdoings of some of FurAffinity's heads, most notably Zaush and Dragoneer.[1]

All of this changed when Vade joined it. Vade was appointed to the post of FSB mod, under the handle Foxmod by an individually known as doublefluff - initially, this was due to Vade being a very prolific poster, as well as a friend of doublefluff's who happened to share many of the same sociopolitical ideas. Vade was not the only mod appointed in this fashion, but was the most notorious, and Vade's actions, along with several other recent appointees in FSB (such as Mousemod). Within the span of only 2 weeks, Vade and company had completely taken over FurryScumbags, dragging it away from its initial professed mission-statement of pointing out legitimate threats within the furry community to what was, in essence, a second TF2FandomIsProblematic - a platform Vade could use to harass and threaten others with call-outs and organized harassment. Within 2 months, the actions of Vade and her crew had become so polarizing that roughly half the mod staff for FSB quit. Within 3, Vade had become such a polarizing figure with such a public presence that Vade's supporters on FSB began to, just as Aura had before them, distance themselves from Vade due to the sheer volume of blastback Vade was receiving. Within 4 months, Vade and one other Moderator were the only staff left on the website, and, lacking her supporters and army of minions, was forcibly evicted from her moderator position by the sole remaining other mod when the blastback from Vade's actions over The Tanukurin Incident hit.[2]

It is important to note that all of this occurred during the TF2FIP debacle.

FurryScumbags would never fully recover from this, nor would many of its affiliates. Individuals essentially on-board with the way Vade had run things, for reasons fairly obvious had no interest in seeing FurryScumbags return to being willing to extensively vet things before putting them up on the site, and even after Vade was removed, the newer members seemed just-as-willing to engage in the same behavior as Vade had. Even today, there are those in FurryScumbags who think Vade's actions were a good thing.[3]

Vade Joins FurryScumbags

Vade's infamous hatred of males and people who identify with their birth gender continued unabated.

Within days of being appointed an Admin, she immediately engaged in the exact same behavior they showed at TF2FIP: going after random Tumblr users for exceptionally minor offenses, using her associates to harass and threaten individuals she found objectionable, and accusing them of countless horrible things that, by and large, they weren't guilty of. A common misconception about FurryScumbags is that Vade's gradually mutating it into such an attack platform was an aberration - that it was not, as we say, business as usual. This is not the case. Though Foxmod and company went out of their way to delete most evidence of it, ample evidence exists that shows that the other mods on FurryScumbags were entirely comfortable with Vade's actions, such as sharing Vade's belief that bigotry against cis people wasn't a real thing[4] or backing her up when she spewed hate against the same. In fact, Vade and Mousemod were so often in lockstep that there was some curiosity from the community over whether or not they were, in fact, the same people.[5]

Other mods were not on-board with Vade's practices. Ghostmod, though initially supportive of Vade,[6] quickly soured and turned on her when Vade kept claiming that transgendered people who believe Gender Dysphoria is a medical condition are transphobic, and Vade's ongoing campaigns of harassment quickly depleted whatever other goodwill Ghostmod had towards Vade - Ghostmod wound up leaving FSB within 2 weeks of Vade's modship on FSB. Zebramod, another well-known and respected moderator, likewise left FSB over the actions of Vade and her group's cult-like overtones.

For a blog that heretofore had prided itself upon vetted evidence for every claim and only put the most egregious offenders on the blacklist for things like sexual assault, the sudden onslaught of people who were now accusing people of horrible things for minor offenses, and being subjected to sustained barrages of internet harassment over the same was, to put it simply, quite jarring. Though Vade's behavior as Foxmod managed to slide under the radar for the first few days or so, Vade's bigotry and hypocrisy reared its head in short order - Vade would condemn anyone who "triggered" her or any of her associates, but would be ridiculously callous when dealing with emotionally-unstable people she happened to disagree with, including a rape victim.[7] Offenses from Vade and her associates were always justified, whereas anyone opposing them was conversely a horrid threat to be shunned.

Trust us, Vade was a menace.

As bad as Vade's infamous harassment campaigns had been on TF2FIB, her reign of terror at FurryScumbags was infinitely worse. Whereas the TF2FIB chapter of Vade was marked by Vade artificially-inflating even tiny issues into allegations of ableism, transphobia, and racism, the FurryScumbags chapter is marked by such things as Vade marshalling her forces to attack someone for daring to have an autoplay song on their Tumblr[8] - an attack that continued even after the target had switched said autoplay off,[9] harassing someone for several days for claiming that words like "stupid" and "idiot" were ableist slurs (a tactic from Aura's playbook, curiously enough),[10] attacking someone for saying "Fuck You" and alleging it's a rape threat,[11] and engaging in a multi-month campaign to attack someone who tangentially disagreed with Vade - and these are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Vade's modship resulted in a dramatic reduction of FurryScumbags' overall quality as a blog - Vade flat-out encouraged harassment, and instead of answering legitimate asks or dealing with the consequences of their call-out posts, she'd mock[12] and insult people who sent in asks or tried to discuss things like an adult.[13]

This image would later prove prophetic.

Needless to say, Vade began to attract enormous amounts of criticism for her open bigotry, and for her open, outright hatred of straight people, white people, transgendered people who perscribe to the medical definition of Gender Dysphoria, and cisgendered people, which was so over-the-top that it bordered on parody. Vade said on multiple occasions during her modship that "it's impossible to be racist against white people," a sentiment she echoed during her stay on the Kiwi Farms. Vade also claimed to "face torment from cis people every day," artificially-inflating her own issues and, of course, ignoring her own actions of harassment and denigration towards others.[14]

When called out for her open offenses, including hypocrisy, extremism, and so on - as well as Vade and her cult's general condescending tone[15] - Vade and mods allied with her were notorious for ignoring, downplaying, [16] and belittling [17] anyone who complained. Vade's involvement with the Multiple System and Otherkin communities meant that they took offenses towards these even more seriously than even other offenses. Though their going after people for alleged racism remained alive and well,[18] the most intense of Vade's attacks, of course, remained reserved for those who dared defy FoxMod directly, as was the case for TF2FIP.

Vade's open bigotry on full display for all to see.

Things only got worse over time; as Vade dropped any and all pretext about what FurryScumbags' initial mission statement was and her minions grew ever more aggressive with going after "problematic" individuals who were guilty of such terrible offenses as asking questions or demanding accountability for Vade's (and to a lesser degree, Mousemod's) increasingly-indefensible actions.[19] By this point, Vade's power was at its zenith; Vade could get away with calling transpeople cis and suffer no consequences for her actions. [20]

Vade could - and did - accuse people of quite literally anything, with no evidence provided, and be certain of a quick and decisive attack by her minions soonafter. Vade's response to anyone who pointed out that Vade and company had essentially destroyed what FurryScumbags initially stood for were similarly mocked.[21] Vade's propensity for calling herself a god and Cult Leader-like behavior only intensified during this time; both Vade and allied mods attracted an enormous number of people to their banner, and the pair drew considerable support from the community from well-meaning but misguided people that weren't aware of Vade's ongoing campaigns of harassment against the userbase.[22]

Inevitably, it all came crumbling down. As Vade's power grew, so too did her hubris. In short order, Vade had brought so much directed hostility towards her supporters on FSB that most of the mods - including ones supporting her, such as Mousemod - all began to leave so as to not be caught by the ensuing blastback when Vade began advocating doxxing of people who opposed her. The final month of Vade's operation on FSB is thus hallmarked by the woman who would call herself a god being abandoned by her followers in preparation of what seemed like a storm that was coming. Their departure would, ultimately, prove to be a wise decision.

Roughly 2 weeks after Vade's last remaining supporter in FSB's modship had left, Vade's forces began to target a 14-year-old, Tanukurin, for having the audacity to try to save Vade from herself. This incident would become known as The Tanukurin Incident, and would essentially be the ur-example of everything that Vade's presence on FSB had been up until now. Vade's forces repeatedly attacked, acquired and posted damning personal details, hired a griefer to attack outside of Tumblr, and leveraged every single tactic she had ever honed and prepared, all for the sole purpose of microtargetting one 14-year-old that disagreed with her. This was less the issue that broke the camel's back, so much as it was a perfect cross-slice of every problem Vade caused FSB. The incident's backlash was such that Vade would quickly be removed from modship, abandoned by her one-time supporters. Her actions would resonate and ultimately follow her back to TF2FIP; Vade would soonafter close her Scoutgender account and swap her tumblr name multiple times in order to avoid her critics.

The larger implications for Vade were even larger. Though many of the mods who had supported Vade had no issue with Vade's actions during the Tanukurin Incident, none of them wanted to be associated with it, for reasons obvious. Vade's followers, likewise, horrified at what Vade had done, also began to leave in force. After the events of this incident, multiple former mods for FurryScumbags came forward to condemn and chronicle Vade's behavior.[23]



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