Vade's Triggers

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Like many on Tumblr, Vade claims to be "triggered" by certain sights, sounds, and occurrences. In Vade's case, most of these are entirely contrivances of the personality Vade puts forward, and, rather like Vade's declarations of her mental health status, entirely arbitrary and with no actual basis in reality. They are entirely done to make Vade seem as disadvantaged as possible.

Breakdown of Vade's Triggers

According to Vade, she is triggered by the following:

  • #death
  • #funerals
  • #coffins
  • #graves
  • #cemetery
  • #graveyard
  • #suicide
  • #skeletons
  • #head trauma
  • #guns (art is okay , but irl is not)
  • #irl gore
  • #skullgirls
  • #disgaea
  • #happy tree friends or #htf
  • #fnaf
  • #trigun
  • #yu-gi-oh or #ygo

Vade's Triggers and Kenneth Alexander Van Camp

It was learned relatively recently that literally all of Vade's triggers are based on Kenneth's suicide. According to his sister, Kenneth was a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and was an avowed fan of games like Disgaea, Skullgirls, and Trigun. He adored Happy Tree Friends. What this means is that quite literally the entirety of Vade's online presence has been centered around the extortation of Kenneth's suicide for her own ends. A given breakdown of the myriad ways that Vade does not have these triggers follows. Vade claims triggering even from tangential links (Kenneth used to call her "Foxy" as a nickname; FNAF has a character with that name, whom Vade claims to be triggered by).

Death-Related Tags

Vade claims these are triggers due to her post-traumatic stress disorder, which is self-diagnosed and she demonstrably does not have. She claims to have this disorder due to her boyfriend's suicide, which she was directly complicit in and now actively extorts for attention. Vade has no problem calling for the deaths of others, and does so fairly often. She has been known to engage in lengthy sessions in which she has fantasized about wishing death on people she dislikes.

Gun/Head Trauma/Suicide Tags

Vade also claims these due to her boyfriend's suicide. It is worth noting that both guns and headshots are a major component of the game Team Fortress 2, which one of Vade's primary harassment communities is entirely based upon. Again, Vade was directly complicit in her boyfriend's suicide, did not bother to even pretend to care about it until she decided she could exploit it, and now milks it for attention.


Vade claims Skullgirls as a trigger because Kenneth was a fan.


Another game claimed as a trigger because Kenneth was a fan.


Kenneth was an avid card gamer and a big fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Vade claims it as a trigger because he played it.


According to Karen, Kenneth's sister, Kenneth's favorite anime.

Happy Tree Friends

Too violent for Vade, perhaps, but beloved by Kenneth. Guess what Vade claims as a trigger?

Five Nights at Freddy's

"Foxy" was a common nickname Kenneth had for Vade (apparent due to her Fennec Fox Vafurous avatar). One of the characters in FNAF is named Foxy, and because of this, apparently, Vade lists the game as a trigger. That it's ostensibly a scary game probably lends itself well to Vade claiming to be triggered by it.


Vade alternates between claiming this is a trigger because it reminds her of death and because of the Kiwi Farms.