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"The silent killer of all great men and women of achievement - particularly men, I don't know why, maybe it's the testosterone - I think it's narcissism. Even more than hubris. And for women, too. Narcissism is the killer."
— James Woods
Brianna Wu
Brianna Wu next to Motorcycle.jpg
Brianna Wu, posing with a motorcycle that she may or may not actually own.
Age 40
Born John Walker Flynt
July 6th, 1977
Portsmouth, Virginia
Residence Arlington, Massachusetts
Occupation Head of Giant Spacekat Studios

Brianna Walker Wu (born John Walker Flynt on July 6th, 1977) is a 39-year-old[1]"female" American game designer and head of development studio Giant Spacekat. Wu gained notoriety during the GamerGate Controversy, wherein she antagonized in support ofthe movement in an attempt to generate hype for her game and to reinvent herself as an icon for identity politics ideologues.

Since then Wu has been heavily involved with SJW orientated websites, writing multiple editorials on the subjects of video games, GamerGate, and feminism. Critics believe that she forces herself into social justice controversies for self-publicity, and that her strong beliefs regarding women in gaming exist only to further her own career.

Early Life and Education

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John Walker Flynt alongside Brianna Wu.

Born John Walker Flynt and raised by extremely wealthy parents[2], not much is known about Wu's early life.

Further Education

In 1996 Flynt (who will be henceforth referred to as Wu to stop confusion) attended University of Mississippi, studying engineering[3], but at some point dropped out and started studying animation at liberal arts college Millsaps.

Humorously, Brianna Wu revealing this tidbit on Social Media would lead to the discovery of her real identity.

At Millsaps, in 1999, he put together Socially Unconscious Productions, an animation company started with a sizable amount of money, in the form of three separate loans totaling $170,194.04 plus interest, from his wealthy parents, to set up his animation studio Socially Unconscious Productions.[4]

During his time at Millsap, Wu drew comics for the Millsaps Purple and White, specifically his comic Socially Unconscious. The comic was considered disastrously unfunny and more than a little offensive due to its portrayal of women, poor art style, and reliance on a cast of drunken sorority co-eds. The comic was ultimately pulled from the newspaper and John Flynt dropped out of Millsaps in 1999.

Republican Work

After dropping out of college a second time, Wu's parents got him a job with the Republican National Committee, as a political operative. Her parents were involved with the 2000 presidential campaign, and used their influence and privilege to get their college-dropout child a cushy political job. Ultimately Wu failed to advance up the ladder in politics, and became disillusioned. He returned to school in 2001, once more with a focus on journalism, and was especially focused on social, political, and gaming blogging.[5]

Second Attempt at University of Mississippi

When Flynt returned to Mississipi University in 2001. According to the university forums[6] he became well known on campus for his unusual behaviour.

He lived in the building behind mine and would blast Madonna constantly and would leave all of his windows and balcony completely open while he danced. I remember he had some sort of girlie looking dog that always had a "someone please rescue me from this freak" look on its face. We called the dog Precious because of its similarity to the dog in Silence of the Lambs and Flynt's similarity to Buffalo Bill. I remember he went through rush in either '02 or '03 and told us some off the wall story that he used to live in DC and that he had gotten stabbed in the back of the head during a mugging and had completely lost all of his memory, including his name. Totally not surprised that he ended up having a sex change.

Other students described him as possibly having some kind of neurological or psychological disorder, and that Flynt had difficulty fitting in.[7] Some students went as far to say that nobody in Wu's class found them amicable.

I took Westmoreland's political philosophy class with this guy - Went by "Crazy J" in class. while annoying and bizarre, he clearly had social problems. My guess is Asperger's or something similar.

John Walker Flynt, after his change of political party and before transitioning.

Wu attempted to get his offensive Socially Unconscious comics featured in Mississippi U's paper, but was denied as comics didn't fit the tone of their publication. Wu did not react to this information well and rather infamously freaked out: calling various individuals working for the paper and school staffers a plethora of racist and homophobic slurs before being removed from the premises, with the staff filing a restraining order shortly after.[8]

Wu did not let this particular set-back stop them from trying to develop their comics further. Now called Election Eve, Wu's new comic revolved around a group of girls running for student council president, hoping one day to dominate the world this way. Somehow. Wu's art-style had not improved and she was no closer to starting up a successful animation studio. When Mississippi U's newspaper department moved to a new building, Wu decided that the restraining order no longer applied, and attempted to get Election Eve into the paper. The incident was immortalized by one editor at said paper:

The first time I met him, I was the opinion editor at The Daily Mississippian, and I turned to see this creepy fuck standing behind me. I shook his hand, and he pulled it away, saying “oowwww.” He then explained that he’d broken his wrist in a bicycle accident that had almost killed him and had given him amnesia. He explained that he wanted to be a columnist and that he had previously worked for George W. Bush in the white house but that he had since realized how retarded and evil all conservatives were. About this time my phone started ringing, and I politely ignored it while I talked to this guy. Then it rang again, and again until I answered. It was the managing editor, who had ducked behind the front desk and was whispering, “stay calm, and don’t react to this, but this guy isn’t supposed to be here. He has a restraining order. Get rid of him.”

By this point, I was concerned the guy might knife me at any moment; so I told him to write me three columns and that I’d evaluate them and get back to him on whether he could write for me. (I’m still proud of my ability to remain poised and convincingly pretend that the Daily Mississippian had any fucking standards.)

Turns out, a year prior, he’d come in wanting the Daily Mississippian to run a comic strip that he was doing. When he was told they weren’t interested, he flipped out. He called one of the workers a fat dyke, and when Dr. Husni came to her defense, he called him a “raghead” and a “sand nigger.” They got a restraining order to keep him away from Farley, but when they moved to Bishop, it no longer applied, and he was actually able to weasel back in to working for the SMC."
—Daily Mississippian Editor, on John Walker Flynt [9]

Wu dropped out of college for the third time in 2001, due to an Ambien addiction, before returning in 2003 to study business economics. Despite purportedly graduating with a degree in that field in 2006,[10] later investigation by the Kiwi Farms yielded that this was not the case, and she is not on record as having graduated from either Mississippi U or Millsaps.

It is worth noting that despite claiming to have a STEM field certification,[11], there is no evidence to suggest this, having dropped out of Mississippi U's engineering program in 1998. Multiple inquiries by the Kiwi Farms uncovered this information. Contacting her previous schools for written transcripts has indicated that Wu never graduated any of the classes she took, calling into question virtually all of her existing qualifications.[12][13] Despite this, she has claimed to be both an "Engineer" and "Journalist" hundreds of times across both Social Media and various events she's spoken at. She has also claimed to be professional illustrator on several occasions.

Comprehensive proof that Brianna Wu never graduated from Mississippi U.

It's also worth noting that, of the multiple times that Brianna Wu entered Mississippi University, all were provably as legacy admissions and thus a case of her riding her parents' coattails.[14] This is especially ironic for a woman who crows about privilege as much as Brianna Wu does.

Transition from John Flynt to Bri Wu

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In 2005, John Flynt started his transition to the inspiring "woman" we know today[15] purportedly adopting the name "Brianna" because she had a crush on a staffer for the Daily Mississippian named Brian.[16] In 2008, Wu went in for Sex reassignment surgery.[17] Although Wu did not explicitly say that this was SRS to her followers, but rather, surgery to fix a "birth-related urinary tract defect."[18] Considerable physical evidence of her transitioning exists, including multiple prominent scars on her throat, scalp, and legs.

Brianna would, additionally, discuss her transitioning in extensive detail on several transgender forums, most notably the Susan's Place forums, where she discussed her laser hair removal sessions[19] and how her penis was shrinking due to hormone changes.[20] Later that year, she purportedly married Frank Wu, who she had been close to for quite some time.

The subject of Wu's previous life, and subsequent SRS surgery, is a sore one to Wu, and she has put in a lot of effort to censor and deny this information.

Brianna Wu's own Wikipedia page lists her as being born a woman.[21] She's also claimed this on her own Tumblr.[22] More than this, it's also one of her most publicly made claims, following a massive post made on Gamerghazi - an Anti-GamerGate community - where she happened to be a moderator - and deleted any post that pointed out holes in her story.[23]

Proof of John Flynt's legal name change to Brianna Flynt was acquired by the Kiwi Farms on March 31st, 2016.

"Things started getting bad very quickly, of course. I waited until I started seeing links to Encyclopedia Dramatica and Lolcow Wiki, sites that more or less exist to spread gossip and libel about Internet personalities. I asked that a link to a hit piece alleging over-the-top and incredibly hurtful things about a panelist—that she was a drug addict, that she’d sold her child—be removed. I asked that a link to a hit piece saying I’d called in a bomb threat be removed. I asked that a link outing the birth name of a trans person who wasn’t even on any of the panels be removed."
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This image explains it all, really.

Wu and the Trans Community

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Given Wu's transgendered status, one might assume she supports the trans community and its people. However, on several occasions, she has gotten herself into trouble with the trans community.

She was known by friends, once she transitioned, to get off on the idea of seducing a man without them being aware of her past.

For the record, he lives in Boston now and likes to brag about his vespa, and he's married to some dude. He used to brag about going hooking up with men without them knowing he wasn't a woman, which is fucking sick and obscenely immoral, no matter how open-minded you are.
—Anonymous Mississippi U student[24]

Susan's Palace

Despite once being moderator for Susan's Place Transgender Resource Forums, users of the trans forum do not have fond memories of Wu. During her stay on their site, she made plenty of enemies by being both a "shameless bully" and an "unrepentant, compulsive liar".

My past is my own business. When and if I tell someone is purely my own decision. I would imagine that I would tell someone I was planning to marry, but that is it.

I don't need the straights telling me if or when I should make this decison[sic]. And I certianly[sic] don't tell every man I kiss or go on a date with about this.

—Wu, on whether you should tell your partner if you are trans.

Wu believes that telling someone you're romantically involved in you used to have a penis isn't necessary, something quite literally discouraged by every single credible trans advocacy group in the USA to avoid the Trans Panic Defense

Brianna would furthermore go on-record as saying that the very advocacy groups pointing out the need for openness on such a topic were, in fact, unnecessary,[25] and would become quite well-known for being openly bigoted against Southerners and Christians.[26][27][28][29]

“I also think that their obsession with watching a grown man chase a ball reflects the average Southerners capacity for intellect. I also think they are willingfully [sic] ignorant of the fact that they are racists… I honestly cannot think of anything that redeems the culture.”'
—Brianna Flynt

She would later go on to call Southerners "all beyond obese and psychologically unhealthy," as well as "ignorant" and "freakish."[30]

In addition to being extremely vitriolic, Wu is notoriously vicious towards both homosexuals and transvestites, calling the latter dangerous "fakers" and claiming that the former were enemies of feminism because, despite being gay, they were still men, and moreover, weren't as subject to Rape or Violence as women were, further demeaning them as "competition for the penis."[31] Brianna was likewise also openly harassing and dismissive to other users, and ridiculing them openly for tiny, if not non-existent offenses.[32] Wu was especially heartless towards individuals who lamented their transitioning - irrespective of reason.[33]

Even when not discussing politics, religion, or other "hot-button" issues, Brianna still managed to be a veritable self-sustaining nuclear reaction of trouble, such as when she went on a lengthy tirade claiming the southern term "Sammiches" (for sandwiches) was racist.[34] These, plus countless other issues, caused Brianna to be sanctioned, stripped of moderatorship, and ultimately banned from the forum entirely.[35] This is painfully similar to what would happen later when Brianna Wu was removed from moderatorship of GamerGhazi, an Anti-Gamergate community, for essentially the same offenses, and mirrors the issues that Wu would later have as a spokesperson for women in tech, where she would talk over other women's advocates and show zero tolerance for anyone who would oppose her directly.


Socially Unconscious Productions

Socially Unconscious wasn't exactly a hit with its readership.

Socially Unconscious began with a series of comics in the Millsaps university newspaper and was thoroughly unremarkable at first, though the comic would quickly devolve into the drunken misadventures of a group of sorority co-eds - which happened to be the very same characters Wu would eventually place in Revolution 60, including Minuet and Holiday. The art style meshes up with Revolution 60's character design almost exactly.

The comic itself was regarded as remarkably offensive by many of the paper's readers, who complained about the simplistic art, the characters who were portrayed as students at Millsap, as liars and lecherous alcoholics, and being misogynistic, all in one package. Additionally, Wu had a patronizing view of his readership, claiming that he could run the same joke over and over and no one would ever notice. Suffice to say, Millsaps' newspaper pulled it, and when she tried to submit it to Ole Miss, his reputation preceded him.

The comic was eventually rebranded as Election Eve and given a more political edge. Wu attempted to turn this premise into a radio drama, but ultimately failed and [Socially Unconscious Productions] closed August 26th 2002. A manuscript of this radio drama was uncovered on Wu's old college website.

Despite Wu's animation and illustration work being an objective failure, Wu embellishes these accomplishments to make herself sound more professional.In addition to claiming that his comic(s) had been syndicated and that Election Eve had been successful,[36] Flynt also claimed to hold several unique patents for animation techniques that research by Kiwi Farms operatives shows that he did not actually have. During his infamous resume wherein Flynt revealed he worked for notoriously racist Senator Trent Lott, Flynt would go on to claim his comic as work experience.

During the Background Check Incident, it was revealed that Socially Unconscious Productions is considered a "corporate affiliate" of Giant SpaceKat Studios.

Giant SpaceKat Studios/Chessboard Holdings, LLC.

"Briana Wu [sic] is a video game developer and gaming aficionado who credits Princess Peach from “Super Mario Brothers Two” for sparking her passion for games. She says playing the female character made her realize equality was necessary in the gaming world. Since then, Briana [sic] has developed and released several hit video games, founded her own company and become the host of the weekly gaming podcast called “Isometric” podcast on Relay FM."

Wu's Video Game Development Company, Giant SpaceKat Studios - also known as GSX, is an unusual company with very transparency towards their business practices and finances. Its trading name is named after Space Channel 5, a Sega Dreamcast game that Brianna Wu is a big fan of[37]. Legally called Chessboard Holdings but operating under Giant SpaceKat, this isn't illegal, or uncommon, it raises further questions about Wu and Co's business practices. Wu appears to have gone out of her way to make her company hard to pinpoint, and hard to find out further information.

There is some debate over the legitimacy of Giant SpaceKat, with much of the information around the company that should be freely accessible not being found by investigators from [kiwifarms]. The company doesn't appear to have an Employer Identification number, making it seem unlikely the company has any official employees other than Wu. Wu claims that the money she receives on patreon goes towards company upkeep, including salaries of her employees, especially [Natalie O'Brien] who supposedly manages Wu's twitter corrospondence on her behalf.

There is very little evidence to suggest this, and some evidence to suggest that O'Brien isn't even a real person.

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Giant SpaceKat Studios shows off Brianna Wu's work ethic.

Employment Practices

It is likely that none of the team behind Revolution 60 still work for Giant SpaceKat, with the exception of Brianna and Frank Wu.

The Giant SpaceKat website has not been updated in some time. It currently lists three founders, Brianna Wu, Frank Wu (Brianna's Husband) and Amanda Warner, and one employee, Natalie O'Brien. At some time, several more people worked on Revolution 60, they have since left the company due to expired contracts. Amanda Warner's LinkedIn indicates she left Giant SpaceKat in May of 2016 [38], leaving Brianna and Frank Wu the only remaining members of the team.

According to Emma Clarkson, one of Wu's ex-employees, Brianna contributed nothing to the project and was quick to backstab them for personal gain when they outlived their usefulness. Another employee, speaking under anonymity to Bro Team Pill, described Wu as "Poison."[39]

Wu herself admits that she found most of her staff on craigslist.[40] According to Emma Clarkson, Wu came to view many of her employees as expendable after the initial batch, and had a rotating series of secondary programmers who were constantly moved in and out when their contracts expired.

This is evident in their final work Revolution 60, which feels schizophrenic and incohesive, due to the fact there were a huge number of temporary staff working on it.

Though Wu has since toyed with new game ideas on Twitter, Giant Spacekat, its Twitter and web presence, appear to be entirely dormant. Giant SpaceKat and its one title exist to give Wu game developer credentials.[41]

Revolution 60

Main article: Revolution 60
Brianna frequently claims that Revolution 60 was a success, in spite of it being anything but. Here, she's seen saying it would be one of "the biggest Indie titles of 2014."

Revolution 60 is the only game Giant SpaceKat Studios has ever produced. The studio allegedly spent over 3 years and close to $400,000 on this project. The game itself is a narrative-driven sci-fi adventure featuring quick-time events, branching dialogue options, and grid-based real-time combat. It was first released for IOS in late 2013. While the game is ambitious for the platform, with professional voice work and competent production values, it is fraught with technical and design flaws that undercut the final product.

The game did not do terribly well, not even breaking into the top 800 IOS games at the height of its popularity. It has earned back less than a third of the cost to make it, and has been widely seen as a critical and commercial failure. In spite of this, Wu is notorious for claiming it was a success - during the GethN7 Incident, she became enraged when GethN7, one of her critics, pointed out that it was a failure by even the most generous of metrics.

The original Revolution 60 is more notable for the controversy surrounding it and the studio that created it. The game has one of the most disparate aggregate review scores of any work, with a 73 critic review score - and a shockingly low 2.4 user review score. The source of these seemingly bizarrely polarized scores is very simple - With the exception of a single review by Grab It Magazine, the positive reviews are from people Brianna Wu personally knows - she garnered favourable reviews from her friends within the "business".

In July of 2013, Giant Spacekat launched a Kickstarter to fund a PC and Mac version. The goal was $5,000; the amount raised was triple that, and a release date of August 2014 was set. This is the first of many deadlines that would be missed over the next two years.

In February of 2015, Wu announced that the PC release of Revolution 60 would come to Steam Greenlight. The game would be "almost done" and "ready to ship" for the next eighteen months. Wu posted images that showed she had been updating the games lighting and effects, but ceased to communicate this with backers via the Kickstarter page or Giant Spacekat's website and became increasingly irritable and evasive when confronted by backers about the game.

On June 29th, 2016 a user calling himself HoskStation posted an article at medium.com entitled Is Revolution 60’s PC Release Just a Giant Scam? The writer claimed to be a disillusioned Kickstarter backer. Several more articles followed, and HoskStation ultimately gave Wu a deadline of August 31st, 2016 before he and other backers escalated their complaints to Kickstarter.

When the August deadline came and went and Wu pushed the release to September 6, the news reinforced rumors that the game was irreparably broken and unreleasable. But on September 6, to the astonishment of observers, Revolution 60 finally appeared in the Steam store. It was buggy, including a game-breaking bug for keyboard controls, but it was playable end to end and featured considerable performance improvements over the IOS original release.

Also notable in revolution 60's release was its insane marketing strategy, which included several youtube ads, a media blitz from Brianna's friends, and her husband antagonizing 4chan and 8chan as part of a failed viral marketing plan.

Public Speaking and Activism

Brianna Wu screws up an attempt to crow about institutional racism and sexism.

When not trying to milk her own victimhood as the most oppressed woman on the planet, she is offered speaking positions at tech eventsshe does speeches and talks at tech events, and tries to soapbox about woman's plight in tech related jobs; declaring that "misogyny in the industry" and "unconscious bias" are industry-wide problems whilst ignoring all statistical evidence that shows the contrary. To hear Wu tell it, misogyny in tech is ever-present and unending, and keeps women away from tech. Anyone who disparages this narrative will immediately be deemed a threat and given the same aggressively hostile treatment on twitter as many others have experienced.[42]

You might find it unusual that Wu, a person with no technical qualifications and born a man, would be given opportunities to speak about women in tech. Wu has managed, through mainstream media, to create a persona that appears to be a successful woman in game development, but a cursory glance shows both these assertions are incorrect. This has resulted in the surreal situation of Brianna Wu claiming expertise in a field, being called out on it, and immediately accusing her opposition of harassing her.

Most of her speaking engagements are arranged through her friends or family, and Wu uses [[Brianna Wu as a Harasser#Collusion|her vast SJW support network] to boost her perceived success.

Many of Wu's speeches follow the same formula, labelling herself the victim of the sexist tech industry, with her harassers, such as those involved with GamerGate, being an example of the toxicity of the gaming industry towards women. She will proceed to complain about "mansplaining" every time she receives any criticism whatsoever from males, even ones infinitely more qualified and successful than she is. If called out by a female and/or transgendered developer, she will generally treat them like intellectual inferiors. Hilariously, Wu is scraping and obedient when confronted with someone of higher authority, in the hopes of kissing up to them.

There are also countless examples of Wu using her voice to shriek over more qualified voices. In one particularly spectacular example, she accused an Apple developer of "mansplaining" for pointing out that an issue she was having was not one encountered by everyone.[43] She is equally infamous for coining the term "Manasking," and suggesting that any male who asks her any question that dares to call into question her omnipresent narrative is automatically guilty of it.[44] On the rare occasions Wu receives criticism from other women, her followers spring into action to attack the offender, and Brianna Wu proceeds to use it as an example of her own victimhood. This is a behavior that pre-dates her involvement in GamerGate, and has been particularly well-documented.[45]

In April of 2016, the Kiwi Farms acquired a copy of Brianna Wu's contribution to Women in Tech by Tara Wheeler Van Vlack. Wu's segment is a shockingly inaccurate, absolutely laughable fabrication of her actual life that fails to correspond with statements she's made this year, to say nothing of established facts about her own history. Despite only contributing a minor segment to the work, Brianna Wu has nonetheless claimed to be a "co-author" of the work on twitter.

Accomplishments and Future Prospects

In addition to their masterpiece Rev 60, Giant Spacekat is apparently also working on another iOS game - Cupcake Crisis[46] The gameplay solely seems to cover counting and color puzzles that would not go amiss in an episode of Sesame Street.[47] Wu claims that this will help train girls to be engineers.

Giant SpaceKat has also announced a sequel to Revolution 60, called Revolution 62. Given Revolution 60.

Wu also announced development of a "new storytelling game engine to replace twine"[48], which would allow someone to "create a graphic novel to play on your tablet or phone." Given Wu's penchant for embellishing her projects, and similar creation tools already being in existence, it is likely that this project will succeed.

Frank Wu

        • Soz fuck this part I Have no idea what the fuck it's saying****Frank is a saint, but then he's a criminal mastermind PULLING all the strings?! fuck me Im confused, whys there literally 2 full paragraphs licking the mans ass just to turn around and go LOL NOT REALLY****
Main article: Frank Wu
Brianna Wu alongside her husband, Frank.

A man of many talents, Frank Wu is Brianna's husband. He is a successful patent agent and sci-fi artist. Unlike Brianna Wu, Frank Wu appears to be less batshit crazy, with a sense of self-awareness and a sense of humor that makes him seem almost oppositional to Brianna Wu's complete lack of ability to take criticism.

In addition to designing vehicles for Revolution 60, Frank Wu has worked as a consultant for other sci-fi works. He's gotten several accolades for his campy (and clever) artwork, which tends to blend retro sci-fi kitsch with modern irreverence, the most notable of which are a 4 Hugo Awards. He's primarily known for making tongue-in-cheek jokes wherein Brianna Wu "jokes" about displaying his car being blown up in an attack by terrorists,[49] or belittles him for falling into a trap she made for him in Mario Maker.

However, a darker truth lies just under the surface.

It's an act. The simple truth is that Frank Wu and Brianna Wu are very much alike. Like Brianna, Frank is just as abusive, deceitful, and aggressive as Brianna Wu herself is. The Aura to Brianna Wu's Vade, Frank manages things behind the scenes to help Brianna Wu control the narrative. He is, for example, the suspected source of some of Wu's more infamous false-flags (such as the Operation FalseFag II), and is widely considered to be the mind (and at least one voice) behind Brianna's infamous "calls from Gamergate" video. Frank also actively trolls GamerGate supporters under pseudonyms - a direct contrast to Brianna doing it openly, and has a hand in using fraudulent accounts to accost other GamerGate Opponents as well. When Brianna Wu is at a speaking engagement, Frank is always in the vanguard, keeping an eye peeled for anyone who would ask uncomfortable questions or call Brianna out on her lies.

Whilst Frank has been extremely careful, making it harder to dig up information on his activities, he is not invulnerable, and the Kiwi Farms have done considerable research into his background and involvement with Brianna Wu's online presence. Frank's involvement with Giant SpaceKat's economic strategy is particularly sinister and has everything to do with her online persona, indicating that he has substantially more involvement with Brianna's antics than most realize.

Involvement in the GamerGate Controversy

  • lol I aint touching this shit either, Im pretty sure Gamergate ceased to be a thing over a year ago*
"One of the things we learned pretty early on is: "Don't ever, ever try to lie to the internet - because they will catch you. They will de-construct your spin. They will remember everything you ever say for eternity."
—Gabe Newell

Brianna Wu's involvement with the GamerGate Controversy is, by any metric, her most prominent, notable, and obvious feature - it is not an understatement to say that without GamerGate to treat as an ever-present, ever-threatening bogeyman, Brianna Wu would not have a career. Indeed, prior to the GamerGate controversy - and Brianna Wu forcing herself directly into it - she was quite literally an unknown, with hardly any presence beyond her connection to some of the big names in what would bring GamerGate about, as evidenced by simple statistic analysis via Google Trends and the like.

A simple breakdown of Wu's posting history on Twitter shows that she first joined on November 8, 2008,[50] and that she made no tweets whatsoever for almost a year, when she made a post on July 25, 2009.[51]

Three and a half years later - by January 13th, 2013[52] - Brianna Wu had less than seventy followers and just under 500 tweets.

Roughly one year after this - by January 22nd, 2014, Brianna Wu had 652 followers after 2,532 tweets.[53] Several months later, by March 14th, 2014, she was up another 140 to 792 after roughly 1300 more tweets.[54]

The image in this tweet is real. This actually happened.

Over the next four months, Wu's infamous Twitter addiction - and her involvement with certain individuals who would, ultimately, trigger the GamerGate controversy really began to take hold. As of July 8th, 2014, just before said Controversy broke, she had more than tripled her number of tweets to 12,235 in about four months.[55]

By September 12, 2014, before Brianna's infamous doxxing and death threat hoaxes, she had over 7,600 followers and over 22,000 tweets. This was after Brianna Wu had spent almost four months trolling the chans to drum up support for Revolution 60.[56]

As of one year hence, September 23rd, 2015, Brianna Wu has over 44,000 Followers and over 50,000 Tweets. This is despite shedding hundreds of them a week due to blocking any that dare criticize or question her about anything. As GamerGate came and went, Wu's been struggling, desperately, to keep herself in the public eye, despite never having accomplished anything of real note. With her only marketably useful skill being to go on shows and talk about how she's the world's biggest victim and complaining about privilege.

Ironically enough, Brianna Wu is not terribly well-liked by her fellow GamerGate opponents. She publicly had it out with Zoe Quinn in the past for claiming she had been the single most-harassed individual by GamerGate, and despite constantly talking up her fellows at talks and speaking engagements, Brianna Wu is often considered, by her own side, to be more of a hindrance than an asset, due to her duplicitous nature. She has single-handedly caused multiple people to abandon her side due to the tactics she's willing to use - since she's been willing to openly harass, threaten, and abuse people - and is widely-regarded as being the least credible prominent individual in GamerGate's opposition.

Brianna Wu's Harassment

Wu has received plenty of online harassment over the years, due to her involvement in GamerGate. Her willingness to play the victim and wallow in any harassment that comes her way is telling. Unlike many successful people who receive online hatred, Wu does not seek to ignore the harassment. It doesn't even look like she wants the harassment to stop, as playing the victim gets her more exposure.

Notable harassers have included:

What Brianna Wu considers harassment is a pretty broad spectrum...

When it comes to claiming she is being harassed, Brianna Wu is absolutely shameless.

The existing evidence shows a clear pattern wherein Brianna Wu drums up attacks on herself with inflammatory language, fabricates her own harassment outright from whole cloth, and portrays threats by obvious third-party trolls and indeed, people who simply criticize her as actual threats to her person. She will do this knowingly, and then claim to have not been helped in any way by law enforcement, despite the fact that Brianna Wu provably never went to the police about much - if any - of her harassment, despite cyber-crime laws being in place to prevent the exact behavior Brianna bemoans.[57]

Brianna Wu as a Harasser

Wu accuses people giving advice of being misogynists.

Brianna Wu, despite claiming to be a victim in many of her appearances, is infamous for the odious practice of doing exactly what she decries in others. In fact, Brianna Wu's claims often show a terrifying level of projection, simply because of how often she is just as guilty of what she is accusing others of doing. She is especially well-known for the practice of rallying allies of hers to accost those she does not approve of (which should sound familiar to veterans of this wiki), as well as intentionally misconstruing data. She's likewise equally-well-known for being openly inflammatory in an attempt to provoke response, which she then tends to use as examples of her own harassment. She will often conflate harmless advise or criticism as "mansplaining," or "manasking," before turning her followers on the offender and/or blocking them. Wu's offenses do not end here; she is known and hated for her using her cozy relationship with Twitter's administrative staff to cover her and her followers when they openly violate site rules and outright attack someone in a months-long campaign of harassment.

Wu's campaigns of harassment are not a new development; she will, given the chance, use her connections to attempt to silence anyone she disagrees with. When on the Susan's Place forums, Wu tended to run the site like her own private domain and actively belittle anyone that disagreed with her, a situation that snowballed until she was banned from the site. Similar occurred when she was placed in a mod position of GamerGhazi, a GamerGate-Opposing Reddit board - when Brianna Wu attempted to milk the Jace Connors Incident for attention, she was called out for this behavior by the board's membership, who rightly pointed out that Jace was not a serious threat. Those that did were banned, eventually leading to Brianna Wu being banned from the board after using it solely for her own self-aggrandizement.

Rather like Joseph McCarthy, Brianna Wu is also big on maintaining lists of accused enemies She maintains several such lists, including people she's accused of tweeting transphobic things at her. Most of the time, this "transphobia" involves pointing out the obvious.[58]

In addition to being a central focal point of harassment towards her political opponents, Brianna Wu is guilty of the same sort of offenses that led to GamerGate in the first place. Wu relied on her cozy relationship with certain prominent members of the press to let her establish her own personal harassment narrative. More than two thirds of the articles covering Brianna Wu's initial harassment came from people who Brianna Wu was personal friends with or had an established working relationship with. Of the remainder, almost a third of that had indirect ties to Brianna herself resulting in close to three-quarters of the coverage of Wu's harassment coverage coming from sources that Wu knows, either on a personal level or through mutual interests.

These very same connections were used by Wu to drum up support for Revolution 60; of the highly praise-filled Metacritic scores it has gotten, over 80% have been from outlets that, again, Brianna Wu either has a direct or indirect tie to.

Tragedy Milking

Perhaps the most despicable aspect of Brianna Wu's ongoing attempt to portray herself as the most victimized thing on the Internet is her willing to cynically milk tragic events - both her own and those of others - to milk sympathy and draw attention to herself. Whether claiming that the ongoing strife in Ferguson was somehow the fault of GamerGate,[59] the notorious incident in which she claimed her dying pet was somehow the fault of GamerGate and not her own neglect, or the even-more-odious incident in which she tried to blame a brutal murder in which the perpetrator posted the images of his attack on 4chan as being all about her and related to GamerGate, all so her victimhood narrative would not face opposition, Wu is both shameless and relentless in forcing her way into the public discussion by any means necessary.[60] In conflating 4chan and GamerGate, Brianna Wu showed willful ignorance - as well as a desire to milk a tragedy for her own benefit - as 4chan is vehemently against GamerGate.

These have happened so often and with such chilling regularity that they are a demonstrable pattern of behavior with Brianna Wu. In another similar incident on October 1st, 2015, Brianna Wu once more conflated 4chan with GamerGate over another mass shooter who voiced his intent over 4chan first.[61] She then proceeded to turn it into a series of posts all about her, and how important it was that the government needed to involve itself more with online activity,[62] a position parroted by several prominent GamerGate opponents.[63]

Throughout all of these, a lingering statement involving Brianna's actions seems to follow at all times: That everything must center around Brianna Wu. In this regard, Wu constantly shows both how solipsistic she is and how completely incapable of empathy she is. If there is any way she can force a spotlight onto her through a given vector, She will do so without a scrap of remorse or shame. Whenever a tragedy occurs, you can count on Brianna Wu to make it all about her personal victimhood.

Brianna Wu versus Brianna Wu

One major issue that Brianna Wu has is that the internet has been able to follow her tracks quite closely. Because she loves to sensationalize - whether it's portraying widely-debunked hoaxes as legitimate threats to her person, using technobabble to cover up the fact that she has no technical qualifications whatsoever, claiming she has a history in various fields she doesn't, or simply outright attacking people, then claiming she's a victim, Brianna Wu has a long and glorious history of bending the truth, then using any method available to her to get out of any repercussions for what she says and does. Few examples are as bold as Twitter, where simply pointing out that Brianna Wu is John Flynt can get an account permanently suspended without recourse.

However, the individual who often does the most damage to Brianna Wu's credibility is none other than Brianna Wu herself. Whilst Wu tries to portray herself as a neo-progressive and ally of the oppressed, the simple fact is that Wu's adherence to such principles are triangulation and nothing more, and most can see through this, as Wu will, without fail, say whatever she feels will benefit her the most at a given moment. Wu's been caught at this more than a few times, ranging from simple political hand-wringing to claims she's "seen the light" on something and generally virtue-signaling with all the subtlety of a cluster bomb.

Wu often goes out of her way to search the internet and scrub evidence of these incidents, but unfortunately for her, her critics know full well of this tendency, and have, in essence, backed everything up she has ever said multiple times. The most common form of this has taken the form of simply deleting Tweets she's made, but she's well-known for using her connections on Tumblr and Twitter to delete content for her as well. This rarely works, as the Streisand Effect remains a thing and Wu often succeeds in bringing attention to her misdeeds through her own actions.

The most curious part of Brianna Wu's public persona is how much of it is completely fabricated; almost every position she currently claims to hold sacrosanct can be shown to be one that, at some point in the past, either recent or not, she does not actually have and, traditionally, only pays lip-service to for broad appeal. The fact that she's taken to mass deletions and other similarly extreme measures, rather than discuss it like an adult, only lends credence to the belief that Brianna Wu's claimed beliefs are discarded with great frequency. This is especially true for instances where she was outright misogynistic or homophobic, as evidenced by her tenure on Susan's Place as a Moderator.

Initial Foray

Even well before GamerGate ever occurred, Brianna Wu has had a history of being supportive of controversial figures who would essentially help kick off GamerGate when it finally occurred. She is a vocal supporter of Feminist Frequency, and has a well-known relationship with a number of people involved with the corrupt journalistic practices that GamerGate was purportedly opposing.[64] Wu has even written for several of the most-complained-about publications involved in the scandal, including Polygon, wherein Wu tipped her hand in pushing the narrative that women were more victimized due to video games as early as July 22nd, 2014, roughly a month before the GamerGate controversy even broke - when she wrote an op-ed piece on Polygon pushing the narrative that video game fans were inherently sexist+.[65]

Likewise, Brianna Wu is also a long-time friend of Leigh Alexander, a woman who was infamous for her involvement with a number of scandals that ultimately triggered GamerGate, as evidenced by multiple conversations between the two on Twitter and the two being friends with one another over the same. In fact, on multiple occasions, Leigh Alexander covered Brianna's work,[66][67] as did her outlet, Gamasutra, which was equally involved in the onset of the GamerGate controversy, and likewise covered Wu on multiple occasions.[68][69] She was also extensively covered by Polygon, another outlet heavily involved in essentially causing the Gamergate controversy, further driving home the fact that Brianna Wu was involved with those in the opposition to GamerGate long before the controversy ever started.[70][71][72][73]

In short, Brianna Wu was deeply involved with the violations of journalistic ethics that GamerGate purports to be all about, even before the GamerGate Controversy really got started. Brianna Wu claims to have gotten involved because of the treatment of Samantha Allen, a feminist games critic who is notorious for her reactionary rhetoric, and rose to prominence when she criticized Giant Bomb for hiring two employees who happened to be white males.[74] As would later become standard operating procedure for Brianna Wu, Samantha Allen likewise was accosted by third-party trolls from throwaway accounts, which Brianna Wu would go on to voice as legitimate on the David Pakman Show.

Suffice to say, when GamerGate first began in August of 2014, she immediately began to antagonize its supporters openly — [75] often being dismissive of any of their claims, if not openly insulting, in a fairly straightforward mirror of her behavior on other forums (such as the Susan's Place forums),[76] wherein she would openly belittle anyone she tangentially disagreed with and actively encourage her allies to post content to provoke GamerGate supporters.[77] She likewise was quick to try to use the ongoing controversy to drum up hype for her game, Revolution 60, stating that Gamergate supporters were actively damaging her development studio.[78]

She also went on to advocate harassing GamerGate supporters. Wu has since deleted many of these tweets, but the internet does not forget.[79]

Wu became infamous for having it out with people propagating the GamerGate companion hashtag #NotYourShield - a hashtag designed to remind Identity Politics Ideologues that they are not allowed to speak for everyone of a given minority status. Brianna Wu, being an ideologue herself, naturally immediately took issue with this - after all, it was directly in opposition of her narrative.

She quickly became fond of claiming anyone supporting GamerGate was either a privileged white male or a sockpuppet.[80] It wasn't until September 18th, 2014, however, that Wu graduated from simply skirmishing with GamerGate supporters to instead forcing herself directly into the controversy. Following up her earlier claims of GamerGate supporters mostly being sockpuppets, Brianna Wu made a sockpuppet account named "Drake Harper" on Twitter (Aka @BroLolz).[81]

This account immediately posted such insightful tweets as "The death scenes in Tomb Raider give me an erection, but that doesn’t make me a misogynist," "Those #gamergate SJW BITCHES PISS ME OFF BRO. But bigger concern is systematic exclusion of women's voices in gamer media. #NOTnotyourshield ," and "Boobs are pretty, and I want to touch them, BRO," and "HAVE A FUCKING MURDERBONER about #gamergate. But, FUCK. What if women have perspective on their lives that's impossible for me to grasp?"

Naturally, Wu was immediately called to task for such actions, since she was being openly dishonest, actively attempting to anger people, and perhaps most critically, doing what she was blaming her opposition of doing. When confronted for the very actions she herself had decried mere days before, her reaction, appropriately enough, was to declare that her opponents simply "didn't get it" and were lacking in intelligence, mirroring, again, her earlier statements and tactics on the Susan's Place forums.[82]

This tendency of Brianna Wu's, to do the very actions she herself was complaining about, would quickly become a reoccurring theme.

Brianna Wu vs. Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennan

Brianna Wu was big on pitching her personal victimhood narrative to any who would listen, and this was on full display with a now-notorious interview on the Huffington Post, normally a fairly hostile publication towards GamerGate. Originally, the Huffington Post had attempted to get the owner of 8chan (a 2ch-style board that essentially rose to popularity because of GamerGate), Fredrick "Hotwheels" Brennan and Zoe Quinn for a proper debate. Quinn backed out when she realized the other side would even be given a chance to speak, at which point Brianna Wu jumped at the chance to take her place.[83]

Despite the moderator for the debate being openly hostile towards Hotwheels and Brianna herself pushing her victimhood angle, Brianna's participation in this debate was most assuredly not to her benefit.

Brianna came across as outright unhinged during the debate, and shamelessly showed some amazing capacity for doublethink, calling the response to her now-notorious Oppressed GamerGate Meme "harassment" and "oppression." She pitched into a lengthy argument about how 8chan was responsible for attacks on her, despite possessing no proof of this, and, indeed, how we now know that the time-stamps on her own harassment indicate that Wu set this harassment up over a week in advance. During the debate itself, Brianna was visibly huffing and puffing whenever Hotwheels had the chance to speak, apparently so completely unwilling to tolerate a dissenting opinion for more than 30 seconds at a stretch.

When Brennan brought up that his website (which Wu was attempting to proclaim as "nothing but a hate site" and dedicated to her personal destruction) was protected by the Communications Decency Act, specifically Section 230,[84] Wu launched into a completely unrelated tirade about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and proceeded to essentially openly insult him about his knowledge of the law - despite being completely in the wrong. All in all, Wu came across as aggressively pushing an agenda, and more than a little willfully misinformed, something that would come into full view as time went on.

Brianna Wu on the David Pakman Show

Brianna Wu did not take kindly to being actually questioned about things.

Brianna Wu, eager to push her ongoing harassment narrative, agreed to be interviewed by David Pakman, a respected journalist, on October 27th, 2014.[85] During the interview, Wu clearly expected to be pitched softball questions and/or that Pakman would not ask her to elaborate on anything she said. This is not what happened and Brianna Wu wound up stumbling on her arguments, often pinballing between multiple things she was annoyed about and simultaneously blaming both GamerGate and "The Industry" for her harassment. Brianna Wu failed to give specific examples for many of her criticisms and rather notably relied on both logical fallacies and unsourced anecdotes.

The interview was ultimately hallmarked by Pakman being more than fair to Wu, and giving her ample opportunity to expound upon her feelings and beliefs, only for Brianna Wu to accuse the journalist of formulating a "hit piece" on Brianna and that she felt that she was "on trial." The interview quickly became an overnight meme amongst Brianna's critics, and Brianna Wu responded in the way she is accustomed, taking to twitter to accuse Pakman of being openly biased in actually asking her questions. Suffice to say, Brianna's supporters quickly mobbed the unsuspecting journalist, pillorying him, accusing him of enabling Brianna Wu's harassment for money,[86] and later allegedly subjecting his show to a Denial of Service Attack, though it lasted only a few hours.[87]

GamerFruit Incident

...And with this Tweet, one produce importer stepped into the realm of legend.

Perhaps one of, if not the funniest scenarios in the entire Brianna Wu saga up to this date. It occurred on October 22nd, 2014, and began when Brianna Wu began taking pot-shots at Dice Europe, a technology round-table conference specifically appealing to the upper economic stratum, and complained about the fact that the conference-members were all male and mostly white.[88]

After working herself into a self-righteous frenzy over the issue, it was discovered that the account she was screaming at was not the Dice Europe conference, but in fact, DICE Europe LTD, a group of fresh produce importers.[89] Suffice to say, the Fruit Importers were more than a little confused by this. DICE Europe LTD was never given an apology, or even acknowledgment that Brianna had made any error in the first place.[90] Indeed, Wu would, after not apologizing to the fruit importer, would go on to complain about IGN and Ubisoft enabling the marginalization of women.[91]

This, inevitably, led a random fruit importer that ostensibly had nothing to do with the GamerGate controversy whatsoever to become immediately embroiled in the GamerGate controversy. But it handled this adversity with class, immediately launching the #GamerFruit hashtag, and asking people to retweet images of a fruit next to their favorite video game platform of choice in a show of solidarity of love of both video games and fresh fruit.[92] The hashtag became reasonably popular and has thousands of posts on Twitter to this day, beloved by the userbase as something silly and irreverent.

Ralph Retort Incident

A rather disturbing - and well-documented - incident of Brianna Wu acting completely unhinged was the now-infamous Ralph Retort Incident.

Ralph of the Ralph Retort, a well-known supporter of Gamergate, attended Brianna Wu's Panel at RavenCon. During this time, he surreptitiously took several photographs of Brianna and company setting up her panel and posted them on Twitter. As Brianna herself is a complete addict of Twitter, she discovered the image(s) posted literally within the span of about two minutes of him posting them. The result was this stunning incident of both Brianna Wu going completely off the rails and showing just how much she was willing to test whatever authority she was allowed as a panel host:

At this point, Wu storms up to Ralph (who has a friend currently recording this, hence the video) and demands to know if Ralph was the one who posted that Tweet. Ralph, having no reason to lie, said yes. For the uninitiated, the Ralph Retort has extensively covered Brianna Wu and her actions of more questionable legality in the past. Suffice to say, when Wu was now face-to-face with one of her critics, she was visibly enraged and looked like she wanted to physically harm him. At this point, Wu orders the con staff to "Get him out of here," which one older guard obliges, telling Ralph he needs to leave because "She wants you gone." Ralph was not thrown out of the convention, merely the panel, and left thereafter.

Roughly as disturbing as Brianna's response to Ralph taking photos during a panel, however, was RavenCon's response; even before Ralph had taken pictures, and, indeed, without actually doing anything other than reviewing Brianna Wu's actions in a less-than-favorable light, RavenCon had the gall to publicly threaten the man on Twitter in an effort to dissuade him from attending the event.[93] Ralph would write about both RavenCon's attempt to threaten him[94] and Brianna Wu's meltdown[95] on his news blog later.

The Day the Narrative Fell Apart

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GethN7 takes on Arthur Chu during a discussion of panelists for an Anti-Harassment event, not once losing their cool...

After over a year of crowing about GamerGate, Brianna Wu has inflicted - almost entirely through her own actions - considerable damage on her own credibility, as this wiki's coverage of her and her history of inconvenient tendencies to do the very thing she condemns and tendency to openly push forward a narrative prevaricated largely upon lies. But no incident - not Brianna Wu's instance of declaring a man who does not exist to be a threat to her life over six months after he was revealed to be a hoax, not Brianna's being caught in the act false-flagging herself, will ever so perfectly encapsulate Brianna Wu's psychotic attempts at narrative control in the face of all logic and common sense like what is now known as the GethN7 Incident.

...Before taking him down with the elegance Geth quickly became known for.

In this incident, a Pro-GG-leaning neutral on Twitter, known as GethN7 - a user with no recorded history of attacking anyone - had the temerity to ask sites that had, without any critical analysis of Brianna Wu whatsoever, parrot her claims without any additional statements on the matter, even in areas where Brianna Wu had no credible tie to a given subject whatsoever - the trigger in this case being when Brianna Wu was interviewed by Moms Everyday, when Brianna Wu is a transwoman and has no children whatsoever.[96] For the crime of daring to bring up holes in Wu's ongoing narrative, and doing such unfortunate things like pointing out that Wu's game was a critical and commercial failure, Brianna Wu immediately unleashed her horde of followers on GethN7.[97] However, GethN7 never lost their temper, never attacked anyone (despite being relentlessly attacked by Brianna Wu's Twitter mob), and responded in ways that were nothing but polite.

During this time, Brianna Wu claimed she was being harassed for GethN7 bringing up publicly available information. Brianna Wu threatened him repeatedly with retaliation, and proceeded then to accuse him of harassment despite having no actual evidence of such, even though he readily conceded to her demand to no longer contact her, departing as politely as he had arrived.[98] Immediately afterwards, Wu proceeded to go nuclear against GethN7, unleashing her personal hate-mob and calling in her friends amongst Twitter's staff to, with no reason given and no recourse, get GethN7 suspended indefinitely on Twitter.[99] Despite being suspended - not banned - it was abundantly clear that Brianna Wu was directly responsible for attempting to silence him, since she and her allies alike both crowed about getting GethN7 banned. Calls to Twitter for mere elaboration about the cause of the suspension have thus far been met with silence, and as Wu's cozy relationship to Twitter's support staff is both well-known and well-documented, it is unlikely to ever be overturned.

Amusingly, however, Brianna Wu failed to heed that little thing called the Streisand Effect.

GethN7's story did not end with this, and he was quick to bring discussion to other locations about to host or involve Brianna Wu. GethN7's cordial-but-questioning response pattern, always going through proper channels, always responding with care and forethought, always listening to requests and always responding appropriately - managed to anger Brianna Wu immensely, especially when, every time Brianna Wu started to post more of her narrative-pushing nonsense - such as when she was invited to speak at an Anti-Harassment conference alongside known Harassment sources such as Randi Harper - Brianna began to meet resistance as Geth would, along with many others, contact the event holders and ask simple, basic questions like: "Why is this person who has a litany of questionable-at-best claims and a history of harassing people being chosen as a source?" Brianna was quick to rally allies of hers to back her up, including Arthur Chu,[100] who might be familiar to those who read the article on Wu's appearance on the David Pakman show. Geth at all times maintained decorum and stayed true to his word to never contact Brianna Wu directly, instead focusing on sites and platforms that were hosting her events without question or criticism. Suffice to say, Brianna Wu began to lock down the comments sections of events she was going to be hosted at, ergo proving GethN7 right and getting across that Wu cared more about her narrative than she did about what she purported to.

Her attempts to permanently silence GethN7 on Twitter likewise angered and horrified a great many people - both GamerGate supporters, and indeed, her own side. To give an example of how polite GethN7 was, GethN7 actually met with and had several cordial discussions with GamerGhazi,[101] a community that is normally exceptionally opposed towards anything remotely GamerGate-related, and even they found what Wu did to be abhorrent (which should surprise nobody familiar with Brianna's meltdown during the Street Racing Incident, where anyone on GamerGhazi who dared suggest that Jace was anything other than the greatest threat anyone on the internet had ever faced was banned by Brianna Wu and Maddy Myers).

In addition to asking Wu questions, GethN7 was quick to dispel lies being told about Anti-GG elements as well, and even defending Arthur Chu, making it very hard for opponents to claim he was simply another Pro-GG "troll," though Arthur Chu himself certainly tried (even as Geth openly disputed lies being told about Chu in the discussion thread).

GethN7 was not alone in this battle; GethN7's polite nature and struggle against someone who was, by all accounts, and even by the words of their own side, a spiteful petulant bully, got support from both GamerGate supporters, neutrals, and opponents alike, all of whom wanted to know why Brianna was so afraid of one user asking basic questions. Things came to a head when, on an open platform, Brianna Wu posted a notoriously awful set of articles,[102] which in turn were given well-written rebuttals by GethN7, [103] in which Geth contacted her company email and invited her to correct said articles if they were incorrect in any statement.

At this point, Brianna Wu proceeded to go absolutely insane, repeatedly accusing GethN7 of being a stalker, once again drove home the fact that she had been directly involved with GethN7's ongoing perpetual suspension from Twitter, and demanded Geth never contact her again, at which point Geth, as he always had, responded politely and agreed.[104] After this, Brianna Wu proceeded to go on Twitter and slander Geth further, continuing to say he was a "banned harasser,"[105] attempting to portray his politeness as - you guessed it - yet more harassment - because in Brianna Wu's world, "stalking" no longer means someone obsessively watching your every move and now means simply responding to publicly-available posts and comments.[106] Wu's followers started to call her out for her behavior, and she promptly deleted everything, but the Kiwi Farms sees everything, and recorded all of it using multiple archiving services.

The entire incident remains on display as a perfect cross-section of Brianna Wu's terrible behavior online: her willingness to do anything to get someone she doesn't like permanently silenced, her willingness to ruin people who disagree with her; her willingness to try to portray harmless things as dire threats to her life and property, her attempts to frame anyone who does not suitably accept her narrative at face value as "part of the problem," and her willingness to use any power at her disposal to enforce her narrative, by force if necessary.

Trans Samus Incident

Whilst Brianna Wu's tendency to stir controversy to get attention is well known, the best-known and likewise most-infamous incident involving Brianna Wu openly exhibiting this behavior occurred on August 31st, 2015 when Brianna Wu retweeted a widely-disproven theory that Samus Aran, the female protagonist of the Metroid series, was transgendered.[107] This particular idea stems from an infamous 1994 interview with one of the graphic artists who was involved in Metroid's development. This interview exists solely in Japanese,[108] and stems from the graphic designer Hirofumi Matsuoka (who has a history of making risque jokes).[109] In the interview, he jokingly says Samus is a "Newhalf," (a Japanese derogatory slang mixed-race people; fitting, as Samus is half-Chozo; It's also a derogatory term for a transsexual). He's made similar jokes on other occasions as well.[110]

One of countless image macros making fun of this incident.

The theory has been widely-discredited for years, being directly opposed by both every official material Nintendo has ever released, multiple scenes in the various Metroid games, and more, but it's gained notoriety in the last five years because of claiming to be trans is trendy and in vogue now, so the theory is widely talked about on Tumblr and Twitter despite having no official legitimacy whatsoever. Indeed, Yoshio Sakamoto himself, one of the main developers of Metroid, dismissed the "Samus is Trans" thing as a joke himself in 2004.[111]

Enter Brianna Wu, who together with long-term associate/hatchet-woman Maddy Myers of The Mary Sue, elected to put up an article claiming that this notorious bit of a bad joke gone berserk is totally true and anyone who disagrees is wrong.[112] She then proceeded to double down on it, even as her comment section proceeded to blow up as Wu and several of her associates continued to rattle off said disproven theory as if it were accurate.[113] The entire thing reeks of an attempt by Wu to try to force the spotlight onto herself and seem important, though one can easily point out the irony of someone who complains so much about female representation in games (see the very same things Wu bitched about above) is now doing her part to say that one of the best-known female characters in video gaming was born male. Fittingly enough, a lot of Brianna Wu's followers proceeded to get blocked by Wu when they dared to question her over this - and moreover, when she doubled down, saying that denying her Trans Samus nonsense killed transpeople.[114] Suffice to say, Wu caught enormous flak, which she dismissed mostly by accusing everyone who disagreed with her of being transphobic, even as it became apparent she had been caught in a lie. [115]

Things didn't end there, either. Soon after, a barrage of attempts were made to edit Wikipedia.[116] The edits focused extensively on adding the "Samus is Trans" angle pushed by Maddy Myers and Brianna Wu, but things became a little more interesting when, apropos of nothing, the main editor adding these updates was accused of being Brianna Wu herself. Whilst this does mesh with many accusations about Wu previously (A personal friend of Brianna Wu's, a Wikipedia Admin known as Sandstein,[117] was the person who wrote Wu's Wikipedia article, for example[118]. He also prevented it from being deleted for lack of relevance), thankfully, Wu most assuredly was not the one who did this. Soon after, the mystery editor trying to add Samus being Trans to Wikipedia was banned and the article was reverted.[119]. The actual culprit responsible for the Wikipedia updates would become visible in due time.

An enormous number of Brianna Wu's supporters, even die-hards in GamerGate opposition,[120] wound up calling Wu to task over this incident - since the entire thing that Wu tried to claim was evidence of Samus Aran being trans was - arguably - an openly transphobic off-color joke made by a member of the Metroid team - in essence, completely undermining the entire argument. There is literally no evidence to support that Samus Aran is transgendered other than said joke. The damage this did to Wu's credibility online, amazingly, was easily among the heaviest Wu suffered so far - she lost, by all accounts, over 100 followers and blocked about four times that number, to say nothing of how many Wu pushed to have banned via her friends in Twitter's leadership. The incident caused an immediate ripple effect as well-meaning people immediately began to discuss how Wu was blocking people for being caught in a lie.[121]

The plot only proceeded to thicken when Kadybat, the original proponent of the Trans Samus theory being added to Wikipedia, later had a complete meltdown when said theory was removed from the article and reverted, admitting openly that she cared nothing about the game, series, characters, canon, authorial intent, etc, and admitted openly that she did it solely because she wanted to "appropriate" characters and "take away from cis people."[122] It's important to note that a number of posts Kadybat made (and subsequently deleted) indicated that she may have been the one to put the posts on Wikipedia, either herself or by putting a friend up to it, but without evidence this must be considered conjecture.

Wu entered full-fledged damage control with Myers soon after this, because the pair had essentially systemically incensed everyone from Transgender rights activists (who called Wu and Myers both out for being openly transphobic with how she used this theory), fans of the Metroid franchise (who will fight to the death to defend the canon of their franchise, as any fandom with an established history will), GamerGate supporters (since Wu was at it again), GamerGate opponents (who correctly accused Brianna Wu of being a troll and doing this entire stunt for attention),[123] Feminists (who were demanding to know why Brianna Wu and Maddy Myers were trying to erase the identity of one of video gaming's most beloved female characters by saying she was born male), and even several in the press, who accused Wu and Myers of sensationalizing the entire incident with their "ready to light the internet on fire?" posts.[124] Myers heavily redacted and reworded the original article after it went up, heavily blunting how confrontational the original was in an effort to make the incident seem less like a giant fuck-up on Wu and Myers' part, but by this point the damage, as we say, was already done. In spite of all this, Wu has gone on to double down on her trying to make this the hill she'd proverbially die on, resulting in a self-sustaining nuclear reaction of madness that has been widely mocked by both Gamergate supporters and opponents alike.

Finally, to drive home the full truth of this entire ordeal, it became known soon after that Brianna Wu knew about the Samus Trans Theory months before she did anything with it - in March of 2015 - and elected to sensationalize it later anyway, knowing well in advance that it was a reach.[125]

Pedophile Defense Force

On September 12th, 2015, Brianna Wu voiced support for Sarah Nyberg,[126] a prominent Gamergate opponent who had drawn considerable controversy for a long history of pedophilia and essentially making her living on pirating copyrighted works, and who has a long history of being openly racist.[127] Brianna Wu supported this individual, as did many prominent GamerGate opponents, because she had been willing to essentially operate as an attack dog, and had done so for over a year.

Prior to this, Brianna Wu had avoided butting into the controversy, in what could be rightly seen as avoiding what had already become a PR nightmare for Gamergate opponents, but she still managed to speak up specifically because of her opposition to Milo Yiannopoulos, who rather infamously was the first one to run an article on Brianna Wu's personal history after Brianna Wu had repeatedly snubbed attempts by his outlet to interview her.[128] Many of the investigations that this wiki conducted into Brianna Wu's past specifically occurred because of that particular article on Breitbart giving Kiwi Farms investigators a place to start. Suffice to say Wu has had a long-standing dislike of the guy, one that came on full display during the Pakman Incident, and that dislike dragged her into voicing support for a self-admitted pedophile. Wu would go on to continue to defend her, even as it was becoming apparent that the parents of the child Nyberg was targeting in the logs were intending to press charges.[129]

Tanya Cohen Incident

Not content to being outmaneuvered once, Brianna Wu immediately prior to this crowed repeatedly about an alleged GamerGate-supporting terrorist being arrested.[130][131] Brianna Wu attempted to use this evidence against Milo Yiannopoulos, since Milo had once encountered this user at an AMA. Unfortunately for Brianna Wu, she chose to ignore something critical - Joshua Goldberg, the very person she accused of being a pro-Gamergate terrorist, was someone she herself also interviewed, then used to attack GamerGate.[132][133]

Rather unfortunately for Brianna Wu, and indeed, most of GamerGate's opposition, this very individual they're trying to paint as a "GamerGate Terrorist" happened to have direct ties to GamerGhazi and multiple prominent GamerGate opponents.[134] The best was yet to come, however, when one of the very people that Brianna Wu used to support her Trans Samus article was one Tanya Cohen - the very same identity used by Joshua Goldberg. In short, Wu claimed he was a GamerGate-related terrorist mere days after Brianna Wu talked this same individual up as an essential defense of her Trans Samus campaign:

"He has masqueraded as a neo-Nazi blogger called "Michael Slay" on the site Daily Stormer, and as a fictional Australian left-wing anti-free speech activist called "Tanya Cohen". He's caused significant harm to anti-sexploitation campaigner Caitlin Roper by setting up a fake account in her name and then defaming transsexuals."
—The Sydney Morning Herald


Fittingly enough Wu immediately tried to deny every knowing Tanya Cohen beyond criticizing her work harshly - even though the article was still up on Feministing, and still referenced and quoted Brianna Wu directly.[136] Suffice to say, nobody was buying it - especially when Brianna Wu refused to release a DM transcript. Wu had been caught again. Even though Feministing pulled the article soon after, the internet never forgets.[137]

Derek Smart Incident

Main article: Derek Smart Incident

Derek Smart, the head of the independent game development studio 3000AD, is an active member of the online community, and though he's relatively well-known for his eccentric personality and being responsible for one of the longest ongoing flame wars in Internet history, is also, despite his controversial nature, an intelligent man with a very strong tie to the indie gaming scene, and someone who gives life to the adage that one has to make a mistake to learn from it. Suffice to say, when he saw Brianna Wu following a career path he himself was once on, when GamerGate was first getting started, he dropped her a line and tried to give her advice based on his own experience.

On September 27th, 2015, Smart made his conversation with Wu (on Facebook) public.[138]

The revelations were staggering, but also very much in tune with what those who are familiar with Wu might expect. In essence, showing no understanding of the law whatsoever, Brianna Wu swears she's going to "bring a GamerGate supporter to justice for libel." Smart points out the obviously insane nature of this statement, as police will not interfere in a civil matter, and the perpetrators may not even be on American soil. Further, Smart, as someone who has been on both sides of internet trolling for years, has some degree of experience in such matters. He also advised her to not "shit where you eat," specifically referring to the fact that as a Game Developer, she relies on people who buy and play games to sell her products.

Wu disagrees, and accuses him of Mansplaining and being aggressive. Things quickly spiral out of control from here as Smart points out that this sort of attitude is what would-be-trolls feed on, and how her attitude is only going to make matters worse until she learns to deal with it better. At this point, Brianna Wu blocks him, because because facts are not welcome in the realm of Brianna Wu if they run contrary to the narrative. After this post, Smart came under siege by her supporters, who threw everything they had at Smart for several days. This is especially ironic when one considers that Wu has no technical qualifications whatsoever whereas Smart does.

All in all, an excellent break-down of how Wu responds to professional criticism, even from people who have in no way wronged her.


In early 2016, the Kiwi Farms had requested student records from Ole Miss and Millsaps, two schools which Wu had attended during her collegiate years. Whilst lolcow chroniclers knew from the years she went to various schools alone that she didn't graduate with many of the qualifications she said she did, what the Farms learned would turn everything we suspected about Brianna Wu's educational background on its head.

Putting it simply: Brianna Wu never graduated college from either Millsaps or Ole Miss.[139]

Millsaps outright says that Wu never graduated.

This particular revelation is surprising, and more than a little devastating to Brianna Wu's credibility. Wu claimed repeatedly[140] to have certifications[141] in everything from Political Sciences to Engineering, and whilst we knew most of these claims were made falsely, even her classmates believed that Brianna Wu had gotten a degree in Business. Wu's even made this claim during podcasts [142]

Indeed, Wu has claimed to be a STEM field graduate many times,[143] as well as to have degrees in both Political Sciences and Journalism.[144] Brianna Wu has gone on to claim she has such qualifications on her own Entrepreneur Wiki page.[145] Suffice to say, with this information, the Kiwi Farms immediately brought the information to several of Brianna Wu's long-time nemeses, including Milo Yiannopoulos and absurdist game reviewer Bro Team Pill.

With the revelation that she has no actual educational qualifications making itself known, and with how much of her professional life seems to be fabricated from whole cloth, it wasn't long at all before more people began to show interest. Immediately, Wu's old nemesis, GethN7 was among the first to look into Lolcow Wiki's discovery, at which point he did his part to spread the word.[146]

It really was only a matter of time.

Additional evidence was discovered as more and more people verified this information with Ole Miss and Millsaps.[147] Soon after, Ethan Ralph from the Ralph Retort commented on the matter,[148] and it wasn't long at all before the inevitable happened and Brianna Wu blamed Lolcow Wiki's actions on GamerGate.[149]

An entirely new angle of this chunk of the Brianna Wu College Scandal was brought to light in the wee hours of January 21st, 2016, when Kiwi Farms operatives, in an email correspondence with Brianna Wu, managed to have a fascinating discussion with Brianna Wu - in which Wu openly admitted that she never passed college.[150]

With this revelation on-record, a large number of Brianna Wu's claims - be they on Wikipedia, Inc.com, or Twitter - that she has actual qualifications educationally - are now tacitly known to be lies. Despite not only being exposed for this, but in fact, essentially admitting it via the Brianna Wu Email Correspondence, Wu nonetheless continues to claim she has experience and qualifications in the fields of engineering, investigative journalism, and more.[151]

Background Check Reveal

On March 31st, 2016, the Kiwi Farms acquired Brianna Wu's voter registration information, which establishes Brianna Wu's name change from John Flynt.

The documentation also reveals that Socially Unconscious Productions is a "Corporate Affiliate" of Giant SpaceKat Studios, further establishing that Brianna Wu and John Flynt are the same people.

Brianna Wu was not pleased at this revelation, and launched into an attack post bemoaning the actions taken by Lolcow Wiki and the Kiwi Farms without mentioning them by name nor the content of the reval, lest they find this wiki page.[152]

Brianna The Art Thief

Brianna Wu shows her artistic skills (or lack thereof).

On April 6th, 2016, Brianna Wu posted an image, on her Twitter, of Kaolinite from Sailor Moon.[153] Whilst arguably a very attractive art piece, it quickly turned into the subject of considerable controversy as it became apparent that Brianna Wu flat-out traced an actual screengrab from the show, and discussion of it did not go remotely her way. The subject immediately spread and was discussed on both the Kiwi Farms and KotakuInAction.[154]

After trying (and failing) to get control of the situation by claiming that what she did was an "inking pass" and that her critics had no idea what she was trying to do, Brianna Wu deleted the original image and all following Tweets, having been caught in a lie.[155]

It didn't end here, however. Brianna Wu's long-time nemesis, GethN7, would follow this up by dropping a bombshell of an article - covering not only Brianna Wu's history of outright tracing, but establishing that many of her characters in Socially Unconscious and Revolution 60 essentially rip off existing works. It also establishes that Wu's attempt to trace Kaolinite was not an isolated occurrence, and that she had, indeed, done similar previously (and claim she drew it).[156]

Less than a day later, the source of Brianna Wu's trace was found: An animation cel of Kaolinite that was hosted on Flickr.[157] The lines for this cel match Brianna's trace even better than the actual screengrab, indicating that Brianna Wu simply "made" the project with Live Trace from Adobe Illustrator. Wu continued to claim she had been doing it as part of an "inking pass," but such a defense only found purchase with her closest supporters, all whilst claiming to have done Illustrator work "professionally" for years.[158]

On April 16th, 2016, Brianna Wu claimed to be playing Bahamut Lagoon, a Japanese-only SNES game that was translated independently, via a rom cart. She posted a number of screenshots explaining that she thought the game inspired Final Fantasy Tactics.[159] Unfortunately, Brianna Wu clearly grabbed screenshots from online, as one of the shots she posted was a match to one picture from the Lazy Tech Guys' Website.[160]

University of Alabama Incident

Wu attends a conference that nobody has any record or knowledge of, blaming this lack of knowledge on Natalie.

On April 14th, 2016, Brianna Wu claimed on Twitter that she was going to attend a conference at the University of Alabama, where she would be "meeting with students" and giving a keynote. There was considerable buzz among Wu's followers, and Wu inquired, via Twitter, about places to get local cuisine. The Kiwi Farms was likewise interested in the prospect of having a member of the Farms at the conference to record the proceedings for this website.

Despite considerable fanfare, a dark truth was about to emerge. First, University of Alabama told Kiwi Farms operatives that they had no record of any conference held by Brianna Wu. There was no mention of it on their Twitter or event feed, either. Realizing that Brianna may have once more bent the truth, the Kiwi Farms investigated, and quickly discovered what actually was going on.

In truth, Brianna Wu never gave a speech at the University of Alabama, though a conference did happen at a completely different school entirely. In actuality, Brianna Wu had her conference at the Guillot University Center at the University of North Alabama, a college with an enrollment of a little over 7200, and a seating capacity of just over 130. By all accounts, a fourth-tier rural college.

The college where Wu was claiming to be speaking was UOA, or the University of Alabama - a much larger and infinitely more prestigious university with an enrollment of over 37,000, located in Tuscaloosa, 125 miles away from the University of North Alabama. The University of Alabama is the one Wu also retweeted repeatedly.[161][162] Lest anyone think this was an accident, Brianna Wu later posted proof that she in fact was talking at the university of North Alabama.[163] Additionally, the University of North Alabama would later post images of Brianna Wu's visit on their Twitter, one of which showed off Revolution 60 and claimed it was "coming soon."[164][165]

The implication of Wu's attempt here should surprise nobody familiar with Brianna Wu's tendency to lie, but the general gist is that Brianna Wu tried to lay claim to presenting at a vastly more prestigious college than the one she actually went to. Just one more example of her duplicitous, self-serving nature and willingness to flat-out lie if it is in her interests to do so. This particular example is also especially egregious; The University of Alabama's satellite campus at Huntsville has internationally-known and recognized engineering programs, and several on physics and biochemistry. Indeed, it's not an understatement to say that a significant chunk of the USA's aeronautics research headquarters is in the region. The fact that Brianna Wu, a "female engineer" would need to be sought-out in such a location is both ridiculous and laughable.

Not content to lie just once, Wu later would go on to claim to have "five years worth of experience in politics" in an exchange with her supporters.[166]


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There are two critical reasons these must be addressed in this article, and by this wiki:

  • The second is the issue of Wu's claims to have always been a woman. Wu's problem is that, rather like Rachel Dolezal (the disgraced NAACP head who turned out to have actually been a white woman and completely fabricated her own past)[1] and Andrea Smith (a similarly-disgraced American Indian scholar who has for years claimed to be Cherokee despite being white)[2], Brianna Wu has repeatedly claimed to have had the various struggles one has as a woman - when this is patently false.
If she wishes to be considered a woman now that she has transitioned, then fair enough - Gender Dysphoria is a very real medical condition after all - but it is highly disingenuous for Brianna Wu to lie about her past, her experiences, and her identity, claiming considerable experience growing up as a woman when there is irrefutable evidence directly contradicting her claims.
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