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Tyce Andrews
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Age 21
Born Late 1996
Residence Unknown
Occupation Unemployed
Organization The Skullz, Leader
White Justice Army, Member
Deagle Nation, Traitor
Web Presences Twitter
Personal Blog

Tyce Andrews, age 18[1], is a racist, borderline-illiterate, drug-abusing delinquent teenager. He has described himself as an anarchist (misspelled "analchest"), skater, Juggalo, a "Marine Trained Teen", a "blademaster" and a "prankmaster". He lives in or near Massachusetts with his mother, after moving out with his father, a wealthy lawyer whom he refers to as a "fascist"[2] and a "wop".[3] Tyce attends Special Ed classes at his high school (despite not being diagnosed with a disability) due to his horrible school performance.[4]

Tyce has above-average height, but average weight, with neatly cut light blonde hair, an overgrown blonde neckbeard, buck teeth and a dead-eyed confused stare. He appears stoned at all times, with his movements and posture appearing very lazy and sluggish. He has rarely been seen without his trademark Harley-Davidson boonie cap, and frequently wears a plastic faux-gold dollar sign medallion and black sunglasses with silver flames along the rims. Since adopting the banner of The Skullz, Tyce often appears on camera in a skull-jaw mask which conceals the lower half of his face. He speaks in a low monotone stoner voice with a cadence frequently interrupted by short "tahaaa" chuckles and colloquialisms such as "ya know what I mean?". He has a very limited vocabulary and frequently inserts swears or insults into his speech, to the point of calling inanimate objects "faggots".

Tyce has been involved in the saga from the beginning, to the point where he was the first person besides Jace to appear on camera. While he has had less screen time, his mental state seemed to decline alongside Jace's and the two are considerably more dysfunctional now than they were at the very beginning. Over the course of the saga Tyce and Jace have gradually grown apart, with many disputes resulting in them crawling back to the other and forming an uneasy truce, as each seems to need the other - until they betray each other again, and the cycle continues. Tyce seems attached to Jace because it's easy to mooch things off of him, and Jace enjoys Tyce's company because the two share much in common. Both find common ground in the fact that they share many odd delusions and power fantasies. However, after the ending of Operation Tupacalypse in Fall of 2014, Jace and Tyce seem to have no interest in associating with each other anymore, even on a limited basis.

August 18th, 2014: Tyce introduces his viewers to T-Zone LIVE.


Due to in part his reckless, petty, morally questionable and often illegal behavior, Tyce is remarkable for showing absolutely no remorse for his actions, nor respect for the laws or social expectations of society. He acts only to indulge his every momentary whim at the expense of anybody and everybody around him, to the extent where he has proudly admitted to sexually abusing special needs girls[5] and stealing money from church coffers and donation bins.[6] Likewise, he seems to view all of his friendships and relationships as nothing more than an opportunity to get free favors or material objects, usually in the form of mooching marijuana off Jace. In any relationship, Tyce will only do the bare minimum amount of work necessary to prevent people from absolutely hating him. When cornered, he and will lie, weasel his way out of the trouble, or place blame on anyone and anything besides himself, often using the catchphrase "Prove it!" even in situations where it isn't possible to prove an accusation (e.g. matters of opinion) Tyce vehemently opposes any and all forms of authority, including his father, his school teachers, various local business owners, as any and all members of law enforcement.

Tyce has shown to have few friends or social connections, nor desires for them, and rarely (if ever) mentions actually spending time with people outside of the context of using them for things (such as sleeping over at their house when his dad kicks him out, etc) He has also shown very little desire to seek out or maintain social relationships, aside from a few passing comments about his former girlfriend.[7] In fact, his desires seem to be universally focused on either material objects or self-gratification through "pranking" others to momentarily amuse himself. He has also shown a very shallow emotional depth, generally appearing to have the same smug expression at all times and only rarely losing his composure. This pattern of behavior has lead many to believe Tyce is a psychopath, or at the very least a completely self-centered nihilist.


Tyce is trolled into writing "Team Gamerfood Owns Me" on his stomach in marker, believing it will save Jace's life. During The Tyce Takeover, late 2013.

Tyce proudly calls himself an "analchest" (a mispelling of "anarchist") and advocates anarchy as a way to ignore the obligations of society. The only reason he has ever given for advocating anarchism (or indeed anything) is because he believes it gives him a reason to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with no consequences; when challenge he will often reply with something like "You can't tell me what to do, because I'm an anarchist." When questioned, he has shown no understanding whatsoever of the actual philosophy behind anarchism or how it relates to the world. Like everything else, Tyce only values anarchy as a way to get what he wants, when he wants it.

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Dec. 7th, 2014: Tyce hosts the FERGUZONE Livestream in an anime wig while high out of his mind at his mother's house.

Tyce is incredibly racist, to the point of using racial slurs on a regular and casual basis and advocating the unconditional genocide of blacks in America. He is at the very least, a lurker at StormFront.org, a white nationalist community, although we don't know the username he uses yet.[8] During Weekly Livestream 15, Tyce talked about how he believes the black population of the United States is going to revolt and start a race war against the whites. In response, Tyce advocated a "first strike" against the black race. Specifically, he wanted to build a Mad-Max style minivan equipped with makeshift armor, mounted guns and fortifications, and patrol the streets of Ferguson, Missouri issuing vigilante justice against black criminals with a group of his friends.

Later on, during T-Zone Livestream 1, he claimed the Race War Van was "almost done", and added he "might take a road trip down to Ferguson soon" (referring to the protests and unrest in the black community in response to allegations of police brutality) During the same stream, he played and endorsed a first person shooter called "Ethnic Cleansing", programmed by neo-Nazi group "Resistance". The goal of the game is to kill everyone who is not white. Tyce endorsed the game's overall message and made several incredibly offensive comments while playing it, but complained about it's difficulty, poor graphics and numerous bugs.

In late Summer of 2014, Tyce joined a newly-founded local white nationalist group called the White Justice Army, based out of Lowell, MA. Since then Tyce has released content promoting the White Justice Army on his website, tyceandrews.com, including a rap song called "White Revolution". The lyrics describe his intense desire to drive to Ferguson and indiscriminately murder blacks, and includes references of White Nationalist/Nazi ideology.

Tyce has also shown a dislike of Asians, at one point calling them "chinks" and stating his desire to gun down Asians during T-Zone Livestream 1. Tyce is also known for being racist against Hispanic people, whom he collectively refers to as "Mexicans" regardless of their nationality. This was demonstrated in a Left 4 Dead 2 match where Tyce insults a Peruvian woman with lines like "wow me no speak taco bell bitch" and "GO EAT A GREEN CARD".

Tyce claims that these racist beliefs originated when he was smoking marijuana with "the only black person I hang out with" and the unnamed black man told them that the black community was planning an uprising involving "stealing all the guns". Tyce also claims this is the reason he didn't vote for Obama.[9] Tyce took this to heart and assumed that this was true, and that he must stop the uprising. Either that, or the entire story was fabricated by Tyce to retroactively justify his racism; the story is not confirmed, as Tyce is the only source and he is not a reliable narrator.

In September of 2014, Tyce had an existential crisis and became a solipsist.[10] After watching the movie The Matrix while high on hallucinogenic mushshrooms, Tyce followed a meandering and drug-fueled train of logic, spurred on by his confounding life experiences. He eventually arrived at the conclusion that nobody else besides him was real, and that everyone else besides him was simply a hologram made by the government, referencing the Tupac hologram at Coachella. He took this to mean that he could get away with literally anything he wanted because according to him, "it's all just a bunch of crap, ya know?" Tyce explicitly referenced Jace's behavior as one of the things that made reality seem so absurd to him that he believed he was living in a dream. After he made the video proclaiming this, Tyce's behavior became markedly more reckless, violent and psychotic, until he eventually joined a White Nationalist group known as the White Justice Army.

Early 2015 revealed Tyce's misogyny during his The Skullz Manifesto video, where he said that he preferred the gender norms of the 1950's, where "bitches couldn't even vote." In the same video, he also made disparaging remarks about transgender people and homosexuals.


Tyce at McDonald's, circa 2012.
From T-Zone Livestream 1: Tyce showcases his mixology skills, creating a martini consisting of Mountain Dew Code Red, grapefruit juice, alcohol, and Sprite. He would later heat this mixture in a microwave. Drinking it caused him to violently projectile vomit and/or defecate all over Jace's room, much to the displeasure of Jace's mother.

Tyce has a great interest in collecting various fad toys and collectibles including matchbox cars, Tech Decks, Silly Bandz, Beyblades, and various other cheap trinkets which are of no value to anyone. Jace claims that Tyce owns a small wagon containing all of his matchbox cars and Tech Decks. According to Jace, Tyce refers to as his "Skate Deck" and brings it with him nearly everywhere he goes. Tyce later confirmed these rumors in a post on the CWCKI Forums.[11]

Many of Tyce's interests seem to include only the most basic material indulgences, such as candy and marijuana. Tyce appreciates candy and junk food to the point where he has not been seen without a piece of candy for the entire summer of 2014. Tyce has a peculiar interest in "cooking", which largely amounts to combining various junk food substances (examples include Mountain Dew, Gatorade, lollipops, and Doritos) and mixing them together in blenders, or heating them up in microwaves. Despite the fact that these concoctions have literally driven him to fits of nausea and diarrhea before,[12] Tyce refuses to admit that they are anything short of delicious. Tyce has become very self-conscious and defensive whenever his cooking skills are questioned, to the point where he will pretend to enjoy eating/drinking them in order to maintain the appearance of being a "master chef".

As discussed later in this article, Tyce is extremely interested in marijuana, and has mentioned taking mushrooms and whippits before.[13] He seems perpetually stoned, but it is difficult to tell given that he always acts stoned. Like Jace, Tyce has shown an affinity for the Call of Duty series, but unlike Jace, he strongly dislikes Black Ops 2 in particular.[14]

Tyce is greatly interested in hardcore rap music, particularly the artists Swollen Members, Mad Child, and Krizz Kaliko. While his interest in the "gangster" lifestyle has gradually declined over the years, Tyce used to be so obsessed with it that he once claimed "I'm gonna be a G when I'm older" and made constant references to Tupac[15], models most of his fashion on the "gangsta" style prevalent in rap music, and even attempted to create a rap song of his own titled Marine Trained Teen. He also listens to European dubstep artist Dub FX. Most of his musical interests are gleaned from his YouTube music playlists, which are available here[12].


"Pranking" others is one of Tyce's hobbies and a source of great delight for him. He achieves this through often poorly planned and executed shenanigans. The targets of his pranks mainly seem to include those he deems as nerds, haters, or losers, which seems to be anyone besides him, since Tyce doesn't actually seem to enjoy anyone's company. In his Juggalo Survival Guide, Tyce outlines many of his favorite strategies for pranks.

Examples of Tyce's pranks:

  • Firing airsoft guns at a breast cancer rally "to prank feminists", before running away[16]
Tyce co-hosting Fact Zone with Jace during Weekly Livestream 11, July 2014.
  • Walking up to a person in Wal-Mart and pretending to fall over, going, "Ahhh, oh no!", then waiting until the person goes to investigate, getting up, yelling "You just got pranked" and running away. Tyce bragged that he loved this prank so much that he would stay in the Wal-Mart and repeat it over and over for "hours". [17]
  • Hide behind a corner, wait for someone to come around the corner, and fire at them with his toy Beretta pistol over and over again while repeating "I FUCKED YOUR MOM I FUCKED YOUR MOM I FUCKED YOUR MOM I FUCKED YOUR MOM" over and over again as quickly as he can. Tyce mentions he's done this to Jace "like 80 times"[18]
  • Go to a book store, find the bibles, tear out the blank pages in the back and stuff them in your pocket (for use as rolling paper) and then move all the bibles to the fiction section. Tyce particularly enjoys this prank as it's a combination of "pranking" and "Easy Money".[19]
  • Once, Tyce knew a group of "nerds" at his high school and wanted to prank them. To accomplish this goal, he traveled around his town visiting various yard sales and buying cheap comic books in bulk, then arrived at the skate parks where the "nerds" were hanging out, dropped all the comic books in a pile, and set them on fire in front of the "nerds". Tyce expected the "nerds" to literally act like cartoon characters and try to jump on the comic books and save them, and then be absolutely crushed they were destroyed. However, the "nerds" merely stared at him like he was a crazy person while Tyce sort of stammered back and forth before he eventually got really uncomfortable and literally sprinted away while screaming "You got pranked! You got pranked! You got pranked! You got pranked!". Jace first recounted this story to embarrass Tyce, but Tyce later confirmed it as being true.[20]

"Easy Money Heists"

Tyce and Jace driving to McDonald's, sometime in 2012.

Despite the fact that Tyce comes from a wealthy family, and could likely just buy most of what he wants, Tyce is obsessed with petty crime and takes great pleasure in stealing things and then hording his collection of stolen items. This has lead many to believe he suffers from kleptomania. He calls this habit "Easy Money" and often refers to his petty crimes as "heists". However, none of Tyce's "Easy Money" schemes are actually remotely profitable, as all of them involve stealing things that are either free in the first place or incredibly low-value. Furthermore, none of his "Easy Money" schemes are remotely time-efficient; it would be far easier, less illegal and less stupid to simply get a job and earn money to buy these things rather than steal and horde great quantities of them. However, Tyce nonetheless maintains that his "heists" are a viable strategy to amass wealth. He even devoted an entire segment of Weekly Livestream 11 to his schemes, titling it "Easy Money" and giving the viewers lectures on petty crime, and later described more schemes in his Juggalo Survival Guide.

Examples of Tyce's Easy Money heists:

  • Taking extra cookies from the free cookies box at grocery stores. No, really.
  • Stealing from church coffers. He outlines an elaborate strategy for doing this involving hiding the stolen money in the sleeve of a large coat, and clearly goes through great efforts to complete these coffer "heists" despite only ever stealing in increments of like $20. Tyce brags that he was "only ever caught once", but this is somewhat dubious given his track record for making up stories to sound cool.[21]
  • Stealing from yard sale cash boxes. Tyce again outlined an elaborate strategy for doing this involving knocking over the table as a distraction. Tyce estimates this strategy as having a "like, ten thousand percent profit, and that means more ganja!"[22]
  • Tyce made a map of all the local businesses in his town that offered free items (such as banks offering a bin of candy for children, etc) and then plotted out the most efficient route between all of them. He routinely goes on "patrols" where he spends hours visiting all these locations with a large bag and filling it with free items. He mentioned getting kicked out of at least one store for this behavior, in an incident in which the manager told him to stop taking all their free refreshments every day, to which Tyce replied "make me" before getting presumably escorted out.[23]
  • Tyce once recounted a story of how he stole an MC Hammer CD from a yard sale.[24] He called this a "heist", despite the fact that the person was likely either giving it away or selling it for under a dollar.
  • As previously discussed, Tyce will go to book stores, find the bibles, tear out the blank pages in the back and stuff them in his pocket (for use as rolling paper) and then move all the bibles to the fiction section. Tyce particularly enjoys this prank as it's a combination of "pranking" and "Easy Money".[25]

Tyce and Drug Abuse

Tyce Andrews in October 2014. From T-Zone Livestream 2.

Tyce is a chronic abuser of a wide variety of substances, including marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, alcohol, paint thinner, choking, cough syrup, whippits, and most notably, Jenkem.[26] Tyce's appearances suggest that he is literally high at least 75% of the time we see him. Jace describes Tyce as the "MacGyver of getting blazed" due to the fact that Tyce will attempt to huff literally anything in an attempt to get high. Due to his obsession with "Easy Money" described above, Tyce is preoccupied with seeking out the most thrifty and unique ways to get high, rather than the most practical ways to do so. This has lead him to conduct his own homemade "experiments"[27] involving, among other things, spraying himself in the face with multiple cans of AXE Body Spray in an attempt to get high off the aerosol in the can.[28]

The most infamous and widely ridiculed facet of Tyce's "blazing strategies" is of course his use of Jenkem, which was originally an internet hoax circulating around circa 2006. The "Jenkem" myth involved the user placing their own feces and urine into a bottle and then letting it sit outside in the sun for hours, in order to create fumes. The user would then inhale the fumes, which would deprive their brain of oxygen and cause them to pass out. Some users claimed an extreme body high lasting several minutes. While Jenkem is actually used in many third-world countries such as Africa, there have not yet been any confirmed reports of it being used in North America... until Tyce.

Jace seems fully aware of the fact that Jenkem does not actually work[29], but Tyce has coerced him into trying it on at least one occasion. At some point, Tyce attempted to set up a "jenkem farm" on the roof of his father's house; since his roof is high up enough, anything placed on the roof would not be easily visible, so Tyce decided to take several milk jugs filled with his own urine and feces and place them on the roof, "cooking" them in the sun. Tyce later referred to this tactic as "solar-powered blazing".[30] However, Tyce's Jenkem operation ended when his father pulled up in the driveway one day to witness Tyce tending to his farm. Tyce's father asked what Tyce was doing, and Tyce responded to his father's question by throwing the jugs of Jenkem at his father's BMW from the considerable height of his roof, which he claims is "like, 80 feet off the ground"[31]. These "Jenkem bombs", as Tyce described them, broke his father's windshield and dented the hood, and his father later had to take the car to the shop for repairs.[32]

Tyce asks his buddies at the Deagle Nation Forums for advice on makeshift ways to get high.

Tyce and the Skeleton War

Low-quality photo of Tyce Andrews in his "skeleton war" costume, ready for battle during the Post-Tupacalyptic Showdown. Tyce has a shaved head (to display "white pride"), wears a black leather trenchcoat, a dollar sign chain, a skeletal half-face mask, a sword on his back, and wields a skateboard in one hand and a pair of nunchucks in the other. Not pictured: two skull-themed sais concealed in his trenchcoat.

Beginning in 2014, Tyce began to elaborate further on his preoccupation with imagery of skeletons. From his first post on the CWCki Forums here, [33] Tyce has shown an interest in the imagery and aesthetic of skeletons, but only in Summer of 2014 did he begin to elaborate further on his beliefs (or perhaps this was when he developed these beliefs) that the media was "disrespecting skeletons". Throughout 2014 Tyce became more and more preoccupied with his idea of the "Skeleton War", speaking about it more often, culminating in perhaps the most absurd incident of the "Skeleton War" saga when Tyce ordered $3500 of skeletons from Amazon.com with his dad's credit card in order to "prank" his dad.[34]

In short, Tyce believes that skeletons are a living race of people who can walk, talk, etc just like normal humans. He further believes that the government is keeping their existence secret for some nebulous reason by forcing them to wear hologram technology that projects a fake human body over their bones in order for the skeletons to "blend in" to society.[35] Tyce further believes that the government (and Obama) detains "rebellious" skeletons who refuse to wear their hologramic disguise in secret prisons such as Area 51[36], and pay off the media to "disrespect" or make fun of skeletons with jovial cartoons and memes involving skeletons, or with holidays such as Halloween, which serve to portray the illusion that skeletons are simply a myth or a pop culture joke.[37]

As of Fall of 2014, Tyce is completely obsessed with the idea of exposing this conspiracy by breaking skeletons out of their government prisons and arming them against their captors, in an uprising he calls the "Skeleton War". Tyce also believes that Tupac himself was a hologram "the whole time", when he misinterpreted footage of a hologramic projection of Tupac rapping at Coachella. Tyce believes that Tupac was a skeleton the whole time and the government was trying to hide it with hologram technology, which is possibly one of the reasons why he reveres Tupac despite him being black and Tyce being extremely racist. Recently, Tyce has elaborated on his plan to "fix Ferguson" by killing blacks, and seems to wish to somehow combine it with his plan to spur on the Skeleton War, killing two birds with one stone.


Tyce has been Jace's best friend for years, although their friendship has been troubled recently. Tyce appeared very early on in the Jace saga, in the video Is Blops 2 A Good Game?? Vote, and later appeared in several more videos, all of which consisted of Tyce playing on Jace's XBox while Jace tried to talk to him. Even in this very early video, their dynamic was quite clear: Tyce is only interested in Jace for his stuff (his XBox, etc) while Jace is seeking some sort of friendship.

Artistic take on one of Tyce's video descriptions in which he attributes a quote from Leo Tolstoy to "Bob Mary"

When Jace first attempted to "reunite" Deagle Nation in early 2013, Tyce was one of the first recruits, quickly becoming Jace's second-in-command. During this time period, both of them were relatively sane and normal compared to how they are today, and Tyce even seemed loyal to Jace. During the earlier stages, Tyce mostly stayed out of the drama surrounding Jace, but became more involved as Jace started to "call in backup" from Deagle Nation, and he became involved more and more, taking on various roles to assist in the day-to-day operations of Deagle Nation. Most obviously, Tyce was designated as a moderator for some of the Deagle Nation forums, and the Steam group.

During the Dark Souls Live Stream (Part II), Tyce moderated the chat room remotely (from his house) on behalf of Jace and banned trolls. Much like Jace, he acted like an abusive admin gone mad with power. After Jace passed out from drinking too much during the stream, Tyce panicked in the chat, thinking that his friend had been poisoned with ricin by Team Gamerfood, but was unable to help directly since he was at his own house, not Jace's. Seizing the opportunity, trolls from /k/ played on his immense fear of Team Gamerfood coming after him next, and told him that the only way to escape was to burn his cell phone (so Gamerfood couldn't track him) and burn his weed (so the police wouldn't find evidence when he called the cops on Gamerfood) This lead to Tyce literally shoving all of his weed and his cell phone into the furnace, causing his entire house to smell like burnt marijuana and getting him in trouble with his father. This was the first time trolls had actually impacted Tyce's life, and he still harbored anger at Gamerfood for it even months later.

Tyce was dragged even deeper into Jace's insanity when he served as Jace's lawyer during The Trial of Parkourdude91 and subsequently ran into the woods to escape during The Execution of Jace Connors. For the better part of an hour, Tyce and Jace played ran around the forest at night clutching airsoft guns, terrified of imaginary insurgents around every corner. The fact that Tyce went along with this insanity and never questioned it is further proof that he buys into the same delusions/fantasies as Jace.

However, despite these incidents, Tyce mostly kept his distance unless pulled in by Jace. He only really came to the forefront immediately following Jace's Disappearance in October of 2013. In late November of 2013 Tyce completely took over Jace's online presence, as covered in this article; Tyce stepped up to fill Jace's shoes, as Jace had designated him as being the next in the chain of command. Tyce quickly came under fire from trolls, and attempted various strategies to deal with them, none of which worked. During his brief reign, Tyce produced several videos, including:
From Weekly Livestream 15: Tyce has a "what the fuck am I doing with my life" moment after watching Jace regress into a childlike state of playing with dolls.

During this time period, Tyce also hosted the Tyce Andrews Live Stream, which was largely uneventful. Tyce also mentioned that the hard drives he took from Jace's house contained extra video content made by Jace and himself before Jace shipped out, and that he intended to upload some or all of this; after uploading a few of them, he gave up and released the rest on The Torrent, a massive archive of videos that even included content that Jace explicitly stated to never upload. Tyce's reign over Deagle Nation became increasingly tyrannical and self-destructive as it went on, culminating in his vlog We Dont Need ParkourDude91, where he officially denounced Jace. At the time, Tyce believed Jace to be dead at the hands of Team Gamerfood, but seemed to be perfectly content with that if it meant he got to keep all of Jace's stuff.

September 2014: The aftermath of Tyce's earlier "what the fuck am I doing with my life" moment from Weekly Livestream 15. Tyce lies on the beach and contemplates the meaning of life, eventually reaching the conclusion that everybody else besides him is a hologram and nothing is real. From Day 7 of VLOG-tember.

However, Jace soon returned to find that Tyce had hijacked and perverted his entire web presence, but Tyce refused to give back control of the Steam account as well as Jace's camera. In response, Jace launched on a violent tirade against Tyce in what would be known as the Deagle Nation Civil War. The war eventually ended with Tyce retreating to Ohio to stay with relatives in fear of violent retribution. Several months later, after tensions had been defused slightly, Tyce returned and volunteered to be held on trial by Jace in The Trial of Tyce Andrews. He was found not guilty by trial of combat, and Jace agreed to let him back into Deagle Nation under heavy supervision and restriction. Since then, the two have launched a lucrative business venture with Eli, with Tyce doing the majority of the heavy lifting in order to make up for his past fuckups. Currently, Jace begrudgingly tolerates him mostly for the fact that he's making Jace a lot of money, and helped with the planning stages of Operation Tupacalypse.

For a stretch of time in Summer of 2013, Tyce has appeared on Weekly Livestreams (#11 and #15, even starring in his own private livestream called the T-Zone LIVE. During this time Tyce and Jace were working together to sell marijuana, with Tyce distributing and Jace growing, acting only as business partners rather than friends due to their past disputes. Things began deteriorating, however, as Tyce became more mentally unstable over time, withdrawing from Deagle Nation and getting more involved with the White Justice Army - even shaving his head bald to show "white pride". Jace tried to intervene, worried for his health, but Tyce blew him off. The business partnership was formally ended when Eli returned from Operation Tupacalypse and Jace alleged that the entire failure of the operation rested on Tyce's shoulders. Eli agreed, and thw two held Tyce responsible, assaulting and mugging him for $47 and demanding he pay for Eli's Xbox One. To this day, Tyce has not paid the ransom, and continues to evade retaliation from an angry Eli.

A few weeks after this incident, Tyce hosted the FERGUZONE Livestream, where he spent several hours explaining his elaborate plans to drive to Ferguson in a makeshift armored vehicle and incite race riots by murdering black people and police officers. Throughout the stream. Tyce wore an anime wig and a skull mask. Some time later, Tyce came up with the idea to drive to Area 51 on Christmas Day 2014 in order to break into Area 51 and rescue captive skeletons, but this plan fell through when Tyce and Stone Tone ran out of gas on the way to Nevada. The two were stranded and had to get Tyce's mother to pick them up. In early 2015, Tyce released a manifesto video for the Skullz in which he threatens Brianna Wu following Jace's attempts to destroy her internet presence. While the two may be working towards a common goal, it is doubtful they are directly conspiring given Tyce and Jace's intense hatred for one another.


Tyce giving the finger... again. From his thread about "Dope Selfies" on the original Deagle Nation forums, Winter 2013.
  • Tyce's mother is literally a crack whore. Not joking.[38]
  • Tyce has a horrible diet and constantly eats candy. On every single livestream Tyce has appeared on, he's been absentmindedly eating candy, usually Sour Patch Kids or lollipops. The only exception to this is The Trial of Parkourdude91, but he was off-camera for most of that, and it's still conceivable (in fact likely) that candy was involved. Tyce's proffered brand of candy seems to be Sour Patch Kids Extreme Flavor, as he has been seen eating them on multiple streams, and once complained when Jace ate too many of them during The Trial of Tyce Andrews.
  • During The Tyce Takeover, Tyce once posted a chatlog in which he claims to have "owned" Team Gamerfood. Unbeknownst to him, none of the users he spoke with were actual members of Team Gamerfood. Instead, he dueled with Sacred-Fox and various posters from /k/.
  • On December 24th, 2013 (Christmas Eve), Tyce created a thread on the CWCki Forums in which he attempted to retaliate against trolls while under the influence of whippits, mushrooms, and marijuana. He was barely able to construct readable sentences and was quickly banned.
  • Tyce's skin is so pale that it actually ruins the white balance on Jace's webcam and makes Tyce's skin difficult to capture, resulting in Tyce's facial features (nose, eyes, etc) appearing to be floating amongst a featureless pure-white canvas of skin like an anime character. The visual image is disturbing, and has been compared to the Annoying Orange.
  • Tyce owns a $10 plastic toy pistol that doesn't actually fire anything, but makes pew-pew noises when the trigger is pressed. The gun came with cosmetic scope and a flashlight attachments, both of which he put on backwards. Tyce claims he could "beat someone to death" with the weapon despite the fact that it literally weighs one pound.[39] He brings this weapon with him when he goes places in a fashion similar to Jace's Deagle.
  • Tyce's relationship with his father is so awful that Tyce's father has resorted to installing a lock on the outside of Tyce's door to lock him in, as well as boarding up Tyce's window and putting chicken wire on it so he doesn't try to "parkour" out and hurt himself.[40] At least once, Tyce's father has cut power to Tyce's bedroom as punishment.[41]
  • Tyce seems to have anger issues whenever he loses in video games. This got so bad that he formed a habit of punching holes in his wall whenever he lost, to the point where his dad replaced all of Tyce's wallpaper with plaster of paris in order to prevent him from damaging the house even further.[42]
  • Similar to Jace, Tyce attempts to gain respect and admiration by fabricating ludicrous stories that paint him as an invincible badass. The best example is when Tyce claimed to have been sent to the Alcatraz maximum security prison. Tyce further claims that he was quickly kicked out of prison for killing so many maximum-security prisoners with his bare hands.[43]
  • Tyce may be indirectly responsible for the divorce of his mother and father, as he once walked in on his father having sex with a hooker and then attempted to blackmail his own father. His dad didn't cave into his demands and Tyce told on him, and soon afterwards his parents got divorced.[44]


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