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Tumblr is a social networking and microblogging platform website currently owned by Yahoo! Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog, making it popular with both artists and other content creators, as well as people interested in using it for blogging purposes. It uses an entirely conventional "dashboard" interface, making updates and content-sharing simple and straightforward.

Tumblr and the Rest of The Internet

Though an incredibly useful platform for blogging and sharing content, Tumblr has no shortage of criticisms against it, in no small part due to its enabling of stolen content.[1] Though Tumblr has taken steps to begin addressing concerns like these, the problem remains. By far, however, the biggest issue with Tumblr is its userbase, which is reknown for being one of the most toxic and vitriolic on the entire internet. Whilst there's a huge number of great users on Tumblr, the simple fact is that the loudest voices reign, and there is sufficient volume from said voices to ensure that more reasonable viewpoints are drowned out.

Tumblr is infamous for its userbase operating on the idea of a disadvantage economy, where many users of Tumblr are convinced that their social standing goes up the more oppressed they claim to be - a condition that stems primarily from its userbase being extremely young and desperate to fit in, and because being disadvantaged essentially shields them from criticism for bad behavior.[2] What this results in is a situation where individuals have a vested interest in seeming as plagued-with-problems as they possibly can, mostly for position. The tactic of claiming to be oppressed has become so endemic and so laughably transparent that it has become essentially endlessly parodied in countless youtube videos.[3] Whether it's individuals who claim to have "headmates", to people who transgendered as an identity and use made-up pronouns to describe themselves, the problem has gotten so bad that a number of Tumblr users openly claim to have medical or mental health conditions they do not possess.

The most infamous component of Tumblr's community, however, is the so-called "Social Justice Warrior."

"Social Justice Warriors" and Tumblr

Without any hyperbole, the so-called "Social Justice Warriors" are considered by many to be the worst aspect of Tumblr as a whole. It must be noted: This moniker is something of a misnomer, as it can very easily be argued that it has lost all meaning (more on that below). At a glance, Social Justice is a good thing, after all; you'd be hard-pressed to find people this day and age in civilized countries who don't think that basic things like equal representation in government, helping the less-fortunate, and so on, are anything but good things.

These are not what the so-called "Social Justice" moniker is about. Instead, they are, almost to a man, a group of good-intentioned but terribly misguided individuals who used social advocacy as a crutch to vent their latent frustration through the internet. On their own, individually, such individuals could be led to achieve considerable good, but in the crucible of victimization that is Tumblr, all-too-often they become willing members of a cult-like mindset that entirely centers around concepts of oppression.

For our purposes, here is a general synopsis of how this works:

In our example, let us assume, for a moment, that someone makes a stupid mistake on Tumblr, such as confusing Johnny Depp's playing of Tonto in the 2013 Lone Ranger movie for being an actual Native American performance. It's an honest mistake, even if it's a silly one, but the nanosecond it's latched onto by Tumblr, nothing will ever be the same. The poster will suddenly be inundated by people accusing the poster for outright racism, if not worse, and the so-called SJWs quickly leap to the attack over the so-called offensiveness of the post. The original poster, recognizing his mistake, takes the post down and apologizes - but it is too late - the assault continues long past any point of rationality, and those perpetuating it vow to hound anyone who supports the poster again, for that poster is clearly a racist.

This is far from an isolated case. As another example, one need look no further than Aura, a so-called "Social Justice" advocate who used her position to run call-out blogs that called for the harassment of her enemies and called upon others to avoid and/or harass them. Such tactics were quickly adapted by Vade, another individual this wiki chronicles, as well. It is critical to note that the attackers, almost without exception, have no actual stake in the matter whatsoever, beyond the need to see oppression where it does not exist and a general disregard for the opinions of the minority groups that they supposedly champion.

The problem with this, obviously is that even though these people may have a point on some level, they don't care about context, cause-and-effect, or balance. When they attack someone and the subject of the attack backs off and/or apologizes, it almost never simply ends there. This completely undercuts any positive argument they'd be trying to make, since, as most are acutely aware, humans are creatures of causality and thusly learn via cause-and-effect. To put it simply, one is not born with knowledge. It becomes worse when many individuals espousing so-called "Social Justice" claim to be persecuted even as they unironically chant openly-discriminatory slogans such as "die cis scum." Indeed, many are openly fine with using racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry - as long as their side is the one espousing it.

Social Justice and Real Advocacy

The people who control institutions care first and foremost about their power within the institution rather than the power of the institution itself. Thus, they would rather the institution "fail" while they remain in power within the institution than for the institution to "succeed" if that requires them to lose power within the institution.
—Jonathan Schwartz

These so-called "Social Justice" advocates are a serious problem for actual social advocacy. The reason is very simple - the so-called "Social Justice" advocates do not actually advocate anything except for themselves, and mostly use it for social status, openly using it to succumb to mob mentality and dog-pile individuals they take umbrage with, ducking behind righteousness whilst avoiding blame for their actions. By hijacking the banner of Social Justice, these individuals have essentially robbed countless people of genuine advocacy, as all such advocacy is now, by default, grouped under the so-called "Social Justice" umbrella, the honestly useful information and insight essentially silenced by a group whose only interests in the concept of actual Social Justice are derived from a need to cynically use the term against others as a weapon whilst fighting for the attention and acceptance of others.

Social Justice Counterparts

It's worth noting, that so-called "Social Justice" advocates are one part of a larger issue. There are similar groups, likewise only interested in dogpiling others and dragging legitimate discourse down to the Lovecraftian depths that do such from a completely oppposite viewpoint on Tumblr; these groups are just as toxic and loathsome, only they'll openly advocate things like totalitarianism, homophobia, racism, antisemitism, and so on - yet use the exact same tactic as the so-called "Social Justice" advocates, marking it unmistakably as a tool of those hoping to ruin things for others. Indeed, one such community (and arguably more toxic, at that) exists on Reddit, in the form of the infamous board "Shit Reddit Says" - though this board originally was founded as a means to make fun of extremist "Social Justice" advocates, it quickly mutated into the exact same thing it was making fun of.


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