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Tommy Tooter
Age 63
Born November 3rd, 1954
Residence Tuscon, Arizona
Occupation Homeless

Tommy Tooter (born Thomas Jay Wasserberg, also known as Tommi Jayne Wasserberg and Thomasa Wasserberg) is a self-proclaimed androgyne and MtF tranny hippie who is also allegedly a member of the Rainbow Family. He has been actively trolled since at least 1999 and even earlier and have an Internet presence as far back as the early 1990s according to old Usenet logs that were discovered. His main home for several years has been a message board by the name of Another Message Board (AMB), which is also where the "anti-fan club" (Tommy's term for the trolls) is also prevalent, even sending saxophones and other gifts to Tommy.

Tommy's YouTube channel is where videos about his dealings with trolls can be found and they have an Encyclopedia Dramatica article that has not been updated since 2013.[1] They have been transitioning to female for over 11 months and first came to the attention of the Kiwi Farms when his videos were discovered in search results for gender dysphoria content. The thread that was created on Tommy remained dormant for over a month before an AMB user by the name AJW impersonated them as a means to troll. Later that day, Tommy showed up and signed up under the name WhistleBlower to defend himself in his thread and provide information on their past on AMB and specific powerwords of certain trolls. AMB members who have signed up to comment in Tommy's thread have provided different versions of events and lore which Tommy contests.


Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology from the University of Tampa.[2] He was featured in at least two 1987 LA Times articles about the homeless in Venice, LA.[3]

Some vagrants try to maintain a sense of self-esteem. Thomas J. Wasserberg, gaunt and sunburned after spending five years in and around Venice, called homelessness a myth. "The term homelessness is vicious propaganda," Wasserberg said, just before getting involved in a bitter screaming match with a merchant. "America is everybody's home."
—1987 LA Times article on "street people"[4]


Tommy has admitted many times to eating food out of the garbage. He gets very defensive when called out on it.

i don't even forage in piles like that. i pull perfectly good groceries out of the student trash, often in sealed containers. i just got a dozen eggs with a freshness date of january 20 on them yesterday.

—Tommy on the defense [5]

Drug usage

Being an ageing hippie, Tommy has decades of drugs in his system. However, he claims to only be smoking marijuana regularly:

there have never been any other drugs on a regular basis than pot outside of a short round with a lot of LSD in the early 80's and one with crack when i was living in a neighborhood where no weed was available around 2008 and 9.

—Tommy setting the record straight about his drug habits[6]

Earlier in a 1992 awf.rainbownews post, he claims alcohol is a sacramental substance and that the Rainbow Family should consider a steady alcohol supply.[7]

Rainbow Family

Tommy's relationship with the Rainbow Family, a hippie group, is unclear. He refers to some of them as "drainbows"[8].

Internet History

Tommy's earliest known whereabouts on the Internet can be found in Usenet logs dating back to the early 1990s where their legal name has been used.[9] In one of these logs, their social security number and other personal information was also dropped.

Tommy's social security number and date of birth.

Another Message Board (AMB)

Before posting on Kiwi Farms, Tommy was a regular on a forum known as AMB, amassing over 35,000 posts.[10] He refers to the members as "AMBeasts" and calls them his "anti-fan club", though they seem to like him and have even bought him a new saxophone to replace his old one.[11]

Early on, a new user by the name of AJW posted in the Tommy Tooter thread, leading to confusion as to whether or not this was Tommy's account.[12] Soon afterward, the real Tommy, under the username "WhistleBlower", showed up in the thread[13] and was later verified. Sometime on May 23rd 2016 KF staff changed his username to "Thomas Jay Wasserberg".[14]

AMB members who showed up

This list is incomplete and speculative, based on join date.

  • AJW
  • Fishhead[15]
  • BigTodd
  • shitty_bill

Kiwi Farms

During his time on Kiwi Farms, Tommy has attempted to charge members for their services in addition to other kinds of blackmail to get his way. When those tactics did not work, Tommy resorted to trying to get a drivers license out of the user Chimpburgers, and demanded that he also send him a voice mail within a certain period of time or else the website was going to be reported to the FBI and Tuscon authorities. Tommy is easily manipulated and believes that the Kiwi Farms is in on some conspiracy against transgender people and is directly responsible for the deaths of several of them in recent months. Tommy also tends to go back and forth between Kiwi Farms and AMB with regards to which website he prefers.

On top of this, Tommy has been calling the FBI and the Tuscon Police Department (or TPD) about what AMB and the Kiwi Farms have been saying about him on the internet, accusing the two forums repeatedly of "cyberstalking". This has led Tooter to get into contact with other lolcows such as Samuel Collingwood "Vordrak" Smith, Greta Martela, Debi Teter and Leonard Shaner.

Tommy trying to take action against KF through the TPD and failing.

no clue other than there are a hell of a lot of self-loathing chicken shit voyeurs projecting their denial of their own shortcomings all over a variety of people. you're either going to please me or piss me off by my reckoning and if you piss me off, i'll simply walk out and go back to what i was doing before i was lured in here. i'm certainly not going to stand and fight with semi-literate, pseudo-intellectual substance abusers who think they're some sort of superior species to the subjects of their voyeurism.

why don't you tell me what this place is about?

—Tommy Tooter, asking about KF's purpose[16]

Despite repeatedly claiming to not care about what anyone on the board thinks, as of June 23rd, 2018 Thomas Jay Wasserberg has 1,234 posts and has been actively posting since joining on May 9th, 2016.[17]

Sexual Deviance

Tommy has gotten heat on the internet due to confessing on multiple times to getting sexual with a minor many years ago, leading to him being labeled as a pedophile. On top of this, Tom has talked about masturbating female dogs with his hands.

Tom frequently denies he's done anything wrong and deflects the criticism by accusing the people mocking him of being deviant in the same way that he is.


Select Quotes

lol. you're a seriously mentally ill person who probably suffers from an array of neuroses, most likely including OCD. i'll bet you gobble quite the cocktail of dangerous psych meds without getting paid to do it.

—Tommy, who probably needs meds[18]

"i've actually been talking to authorities about internet crime since january 19, 1999 and haven't gotten a fucking thing done."[19]

Alter ego

Criminal Record

Tommy has been arrested many times. The following table is for Arizona. Tommy may have other records in Texas and Illinois.

Case Number Court Title Filing Date Disposition Date Description
M-1041-CR-14018474 Tucson Municipal Court ST OF AZ VS WASSERBERG THOMAS 2/16/2014 9/18/2014 2x OBST HWY/PUBLIC THOROUGHFARE


M-1041-CM-16054944 Tucson Municipal Court STATE OF ARIZONA vs THOMAS J 9/14/2016 10/21/2016 1x ASSAULT


M-1041-CM-17018048 Tucson Municipal Court STATE OF ARIZONA vs THOMAS J 3/28/2017 9/18/2017 1x MARIJUANA-POSSESS/USE-HAVING A WEIGHT LT 2 LBS


M-1041-CM-18007227 Tucson Municipal Court STATE OF ARIZONA vs THOMAS J 2/9/2018 2/22/2018 1x MARIJUANA-POSSESS/USE-HAVING A WEIGHT LT 2 LBS



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