The Three Rules of Social Justice

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The Three Rules of Social Justice are a trio of rules of logic, based on observation of Identity Politics Ideologues on the Internet, first noticed by Tod Wohling of TechRaptor in relation to Brianna Wu on May 3, 2015. The rules detail a series of truisms that, almost without exception, so-called Social Justice Warriors actually believe.

Rule #1: It's All Right to do Anything in the Name of Social Justice

Quad era demonstratum: Vade, Aura, Brianna Wu, etc. All of these individuals believe they have the right to call out people at any time, for anything they deem offensive, and have their associated allies send death threats and active attempts to remove them from social networking, all in the name of establishing Safe Spaces and preaching the primacy of Social Justice.

Rule #2: It is Acceptable to do this to Anyone

There is no exceptions. A popular youtuber with millions of subscribers or some random dude pointing out logic holes - it matters not. All are accountable before the almighty altar of Social Justice, and any opposition to the Social Justice agenda is haram in the eyes of these ideologues.

Rule #3: No Place is Safe for the Ideologically Misaligned

SocJus will do absolutely anything to absolutely anyone absolutely anywhere. The catalyst for drawing the ire of SocJus might be as simple as peacefully assembling in a public park, taking a photo and tweeting it, or having a good time at the expense of terrible tech words. For committing any of these crimes, SocJus advocates will try to publicly shame you, your employer, the convention your booth is in, your friends, and the public at large. You will be pilloried and if possible, cast out. In this regard, the attacks faced by Vade's opposition on Tumblr and attacks against GamerGate by Brianna Wu are both good examples of this rule in action, for the mere reason they exist is sufficient to get such ideologues to oppose them.