The Tanukurin Incident

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An unassuming Tumblr user, Tanukurin was widely considered to the straw that broke the camel's back in the Vade harassment saga, and one of Vade's victims. The incident in which Tanukurin was harassed and attacked by Vade's associates is now known, appropriately enough, as The Tanukurin Incident.

The incident itself is, essentially, a perfect cross-section of one of Vade's attacks, indicative of literally dozens of such attacks Vade would engage in just to make an example of someone who defied her. The description of Vade as a cult leader became what it was specifically due to this incident, which cemented that Vade would tolerate no dissent.

It's also a tragic case of good intentions gone horribly wrong.


Tanukurin was a 14-year-old (at the time of the incident) transperson who had a very troubled upbringing, and, when they were 9 years old or so, wound up exhibiting some serious psychological problems (involving animal cruelty). Tanukurin was institutionalized for this, and received therapy, medication, and counseling, and was ultimately released when it was confirmed by multiple board-certified psychiatrists that Tanukurin was no longer a threat to themselves or others.

It is worth noting that Vade at this point was 19 and legally an adult.


Tanukurin was originally one of Vade's followers (in that they followed Vade on Tumblr). Unlike many people involved in the Vade saga, Tanukurin and Vade became genuine friends. When Vade's blogs began to take on more cult-like overtones, Tanukurin became concerned. Increasingly, Vade was less and less willing to vet her targets to see if they were truly deserving of her ire, and increasingly being steered towards letting the worst parts of her personality take center-stage by individuals like Aura. Tanukurin attempted to steer Vade out of attacking people, but by this point, Vade was already quite fond of her current plan of call-outs and the increasing amount of power she was showing. Many of Vade's actions became increasingly focused on defying any attempts to ratchet back her behavior; evidence suggests, for example, that one reason Vade became a deitykin is because Tanukurin found them distasteful.

When Tanukurin made a particularly impassioned plea towards Vade to break off an attack of someone Vade disliked in order to bring some level of normalcy back, Vade refused to see reason. When Tanukurin ultimately went behind Vade's back in order to try to blunt the progress of the cult of Vade, Vade was enraged. Emboldened by her followers, Vade turned upon Tanukurin with unusual fervor. Vade's response was to turn her pack on Tanukurin - and regardless of what Vade had intended to do in the process, the result would become the culmination of everything seen in the Vade saga thus far.

Vade's associates, given that Tanukurin was once a friend of Vade's, immediately leafed through Vade's own information on Tanukurin - and dug up things that Tanukurin had confided in Vade over, such as Tanukurin's various personal issues. Vade's cult, whether with Vade's permission or not, immediately used this information to try to ruin the 14-year old for daring to oppose their master. Vade did not do much to dissuade them from this course of action, and Tanukurin's background quickly became public knowledge on both TF2FandomIsProblematic and FurryScumbags. In short order, Tanukurin's history of childhood issues and institutionalization both became public on Vade's call-out blogs.

The results were terrifying to the uninitiated, and disturbing even to those who were familiar with Vade's tactics. Almost immediately, Tanukurin was subjected to the single largest harassment campaign ever conducted by Vade's forces, with only the Pyro meltdown Vade had on TF2FIP providing any real competition. Vade's flock was merciless - dubbing Tanukurin an animal murderer, conflating Tanukurin with secretly being not their kind of Trans, and worse. Tanukurin faced daily death threats, suicide urgings, and more.

Tanukurin responded like many of Vade's harassment targets did - shutting down anonymous asks, only to get barrages of hate-filled messages from Vade's followers as they made sockpuppet accounts. Tanukurin eventually shut down extraneous accounts and went silent, hoping to wait out the storm. It was then that Vade's associates redoubled their efforts - the cult attempted repeatedly to get Tanukurin's personal information for a doxing attempt. Tanukurin, already suffering from the sheer volume of stress she had been under, wound up almost suffering a complete breakdown due to this harassment, and resorted to the only recourse left: Closing down all blogs, and essentially doing the only thing guaranteed to throw off internet harassment: leaving the internet entirely for a while. Close friends of Tanukurin's did their part to ensure that Tanukurin's departure seemed as legitimately final as possible, mostly to keep Vade and company away in the immediate term. This is what led many individuals close to Tanukurin to fear the worst (that Tanukurin would commit suicide) over the incident - to the point that other friends of Tanukurin's had no idea it was a ruse. All of this occurred when damning-looking evidence that ultimately turned out to be false emerged:

Vade Hired a Griefer 1.png Vade Hired a Griefer 2.png

Though nobody at the time was aware of it, the blastback from this incident would be apocalyptic in scale.[1] Vade was called out for her actions, which had recently included attempts to dox Tanukurin on top of everything else. Whatever evidence Tanukurin fabricated to hide from Vade's cult (mostly the griefer claim done to help Tanukurin drop off the grid) was merely the top-hat perched atop the all-consuming maelstrom of horror Vade's presence on FSB had become. The Tanukurin incident was thus less of being such a horrible incident that Vade was considered irredeemable, but rather an indicator of how completely over-the-top Vade's cult could be.


This incident, and Vade's involvement with it, was tacitly considered the moment in which Vade became indefensible in the eyes of many of her supporters. Even individuals who had heretofore been die-hard followers of Foxmod on FurryScumbags were justifiably horrified over this incident - and Tanukurin's fabricated anti-Vade evidence had little, if anything, to do with the resulting hostility towards Vade from the userbase. That Vade had done to someone - a friend, and a minor - essentially, for tangentially opposing her once was something out of a nightmare, and Vade attempted to delete everything remotely related to this incident. Sadly for Vade, that just wasn't happening - too many people had seen it, too many people were aware of what had happened, and too many people were now acutely aware of what Vade was willing to do.

By this point, Vade had no support left on FurryScumbags, and former mods of FSB emerged from the woodwork to publicly condemn Vade's actions. Vade's associates on FSB, perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, abandoned Vade before the worst parts of the incidenteven reached their full tempo. Vade was, inevitably, forced out of administration. A ripple effect was seen quickly for TF2FIP - internet detectives quickly determined who Foxmod was, and traced Vade back to her home stomping ground at TF2FIP. In a matter of days, Vade was facing organized opposition for her actions, and eventually handled it the way any good bully does when a victim turns around and punches them in the face: she ran. Vade would eventually close down the Scoutgender account, and we would see a number of repeats of this as Vade would jump from account to account to avoid her critics.


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