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The LFB Interview is the result of an attempt by self-styled gonzo journalist Reuben G. Baron (who went by the name Glavin on the Kiwi Farms at the time) of the-LFB.com to interview Jace and his Gail Connors mother to gather material for an attack article on Jace. It was conducted in the wake of Operation Wu-Pocalypse on February 3 2015 and is widely considered to be one of Jace's finest moments.

The Video

Description: Jace Connors is a self-proclaimed "GamerGate vigilante" who has repeatedly sent death threats to Brianna Wu and has threated a "fatwa" against "social justice warriors." He agreed to interview me. I hope this helps law enforcement act swiftly.

Note: Reading into the specifics of the Stolen Valor Act, he might not be violating it. He outright confesses to other crimes, though.


Highlight Reel

(Created by Danny Deveagle)

Transcript of Selected Highlights

Created by Kiwi Farms user Cosmos.[1]

Jace: Oh my God you're right! Aw, I hadn't even thought of that, I'm so sorry! Aw, Reuben, you're so much smarter than me for thinking of that, wow, you're a really good journalist! You're a really smart journalist, I bet you have a college education that your fuckin' parents paid for, wow, you're such a smart bisexual stuttering clever man! wow

Reuben: Well, I am bisexual...
Jace: Yeah, I guessed.
Reuben: *stunned silence*
Jace: With a name like Reuben Baron, and hair like that, and a voice like that... yeah.

Jace: It's just blogging, you're just being a faggot on the internet.

Jace: When you hear something you don't like, then you start stuttering like a little bitch.
Reuben: *audibly seething*
Jace: Oooooooooh.
Reuben: S-stop *incoherent stuttering*
Jace: *mocking stutter*
Reuben: *seethes more*
Jace: Maybe you shouldn't have picked on someone with a disability who's living off welfare like I am, maybe you shouldn't have picked on a U.S. veteran if you didn't want to be picked on for your fucking disability, you motherfucker. I suffer from actual mental illnesses and you people are making fun of me, saying that I'm a deranged killer even though I'm properly medicated. If you didn't want to get made fun of, maybe you shouldn't have made fun of me.

Reuben: *talking to Mama Jace; starts stuttering incoherently*
Jace: Yeah, he stutters, it sounds really gay. I don't know if I told you that already.
Mama Jace: What?
Jace: He stutters. So don't make fun of him, mom.

Reuben: There's news articles of you threatening people.
Jace: Yeah, there's news articles, you could write anything on a fucking news article, it's Jezebel, dude! They write anything they want! They just make it up!

Reuben: Yeah, well... Hyeh-hyeh yeah, well...
Jace: *mocking relentlessly* Yeah, well... Hyeh-hyeh yeah, well... Hee! Hee!
Reuben: *more seething*
Jace: You sound like a squeechy bike tire when you laugh. Hee-hee!

Reuben: You've threatened to kill people!
Jace: You did this to yourself, man, you're the only one... if you just respected me, then none of this would have happened, :okay? Like, literally none of this. You're just doing this to yourself, man.
Reuben: So you never would- If I had respected you, you never would have street raced and tried to attack a friend of mine?
Jace: Ah, oh, so you admit you're a friend of hers, oh boy! Well that's interesting!
Reuben: *complete silence*
Jace: Awkward silence. Rueben Baron, of the Longfellow Bridge in Boston, admitting that he is a friend of the person who is, you know- cause maybe, maybe he shouldn't be writing stories if he was so close to this person, huh? So take that, Reuben.
Reuben: Hyeh-hyeh...well...
Jace: What's your quote? Give me a fuckin quote, you little faggot. What's your quote on that?

Mama Jace: Hi, Reuben, have you found Jesus?
Reuben: ...I'm Jewish, I respect Jesus because he was a good guy...
Mama Jace: *thinking it over before presumably accepting* Okay, you do understand, Rueben, that Jesus believes in the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman?
Reuben: I understand that- well, he never actually said anything about marriage in the Bible...
Mama Jace: *beat* Well, okay, Reuben, now that I've made myself perfectly clear, what is it you want to address?

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  1. Post by Cosmos, Kiwi Farms, February 7 2015.