The "What Knife?" Effect

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The "What Knife?" Effect is as Storify article written by Jake Alley.[1]

It is notable for containing one of his more open attacks on Soha El-Sabaawi, the head of Diversity and Inclusion at Riot Games.

Storify Contents

Two days ago, I put together a storify, warning people to be vigilant against petty creeps using DARVO tactics in incite mobs against people, not all of whom are as clumsy and obvious about it as GG. Today my mentions were full of such creeps accidentally outing themselves.

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This phenomenon is, incidentally, how I learned how small and tightly knit the Internet Hate Community really is. Mention #alllivesmatter types, Gamergate supporters show up to defend Stormfront. Call Donald Trump sexist, someone links you an ED article about how Hilary Clinton supported the moral panic over Night Trap. It's sort of amazing, really.

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Wow, that got mangled in an attempt to squeeze into the character limit. The troll in question has a list of people he hates. I, coincidentally, post his exact list, plus DeRay. To him, I am implying that he hates DeRay just as much as anyone else, and was an organizer of the stupid soap based attacks on him. It's like the song says. "You're so vain..."

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Seriously, while I've known for some time that particular clique had deep chan roots, and a lot of "former" GG members, I WAS willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that their MO might be a little less shameful than "Just because we left the movement doesn't mean we don't still hate the people who exposed it for what it was." Educational!


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