Sophia Micham

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Sophia Micham
Sophia micham1.png
Sophia at Thanksgiving
3242 Park Forest Dr
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48324
United States
Occupation Housewife
Spouse(s) Jerry Micham
Web Presences FBicon.png sophia.micham
FBicon.png jerry.micham
"Please leave me alone Kenneth"
—What Sophia might have said after her divorce

Sophia Micham is the ex-wife of notable cow-chaser Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt. Much of her life before and during her marriage to Kenneth is unknown as she appears to want to distance herself from such a dark time in her life. It is speculated she may have been a mail order bride desperate to receive a green card, or that she was a kind soul wanting to help a disturbed and obsessive autistic man.

Whatever her reasons, Sophia left Kenneth many years ago. More assumptions must be made for her reasons as to why. Perhaps she received her green card, or Kenneth's lust for young women, transexuals, islamic terrorists, and popping pimples became too much for her to bear.

Her life has become noticeably better since leaving Kenneth and marrying Jerry Micham, a retired professor from the University of Toledo. Together they have traveled the world, attending friends graduations in China and vacationing across Europe.