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Unknown as of 4/16/2017
Still from BBC's video on him.
Born TBD
Residence TBD
Occupation TBD
I never expected they were actually going to show his "downstairs business."
—SolidMario on The Simpsons Movie[1]

SolidMario is a person of interest and DeviantArt user who at first drew pictures of simply Bart Simpson, before eventually depicting him with the character of Phillip J. Fry from Futurama as a babysitter, father figure, or brotherly friend of Bart. But what distinguishes SolidMario from more normal artists is that he soon started drawing strange pictures of Bart Simpson, including one of Bart naked playing in the mud, getting hosed off and washed, and Fry with a creepy face rubbing Bart's belly, which lead to allegations of him having a sexual fetish for Bart Simpson, it also led to accusations of pedophilia cause he's made comments about Bart's backside being cute, the character being 10 years old. He believes his activity stems from a scene in The Simpsons Movie where Bart skateboards naked, which is his favorite scene.

Pre Kiwi Farms Drama

His reaction to a reupload of the video.

He caught the attention of BlackBusterCritic in 2012, whom which made a video[2] (which frequently gets flagged and removed), in which BlackBuster commentated on the disturbing content of his gallery, proceeded to make some jokes, and called SolidMario out for his creepy behaviour. The video lead SolidMario into a panic during which he deleted his account. He would then see a lengthy period of inactivity until he resurfaced in 2016. He has made three known (now deactivated) accounts under the SolidMario username on DeviantArt adding V2 and V3 to the username for the other two, Funlover2012 on Youtube is his only know main channel.

DeviantART Activity

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Many of his comments about Bart Simpson, only he would find Bart's "childish charm irresistible".
Bart Comments About missing Pics
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Criticism and Wiki Vandalism

Example of him getting someone banned and having no remorse.

SolidMario is very notorious for not taking criticism well, he flags content that he feels is incriminating to his username. He often flags content as spam to get DeviantArt user's comment privileges disabled or banned. He has shown no remorse upon those whom he gets banned DeviantArt, he even gloats when his opposers get banned. Like many other lolcows, he'll even resort to wiki vandalism with sock puppets if his demands are not met[3][4], even doing such to this article to silence any criticism or documentation to no avail. At some point before discovering his thread on KiwiFarms he joined Wikia under the name xxUserAnonymousxx where he proceeded to vandalize any mention of his SolidMario username and further attempted to discredit BlackBusterCritic[5].

Activity on the Kiwi Farms

Example of his hypocrisy.

Solid Mario's thread was originally created on the 1st August 2014[6], making it one of the oldest threads on the Kiwi Farms in its current form, and in almost two years managed to garner less than two dozen responses. This all changed on 6th May 2016[7] when an alleged sock of SolidMario, UserAnonymous, arrived and proceeded to cause the thread to gather more responses in two months than it had in two years. Through interactions in the thread and Personal Message chains with users and staff alike, it became apparent that UserAnonymous was, if not a sock of Solid Mario himself, someone rather eager to defend his honour with no real motivation. For example, following a threadban, he made a sock account, posted bad reviews of the Kiwi Farms and when mocked by the userbase, proceeded to try and use these bad reviews as leverage to get the thread removed[8]. This was accompanied by other threats to get the FBI involved to take down Null.[9]


On Septempber 23rd 2016 he sent Null threatening emails demanding that the thread be removed[10]. Following this, Solid Mario made an account confirmed to be the real deal on 26th September 2016 and began posting in his own thread, starting with a quote from Independence Day. It also seems to have confirmed that he was the person behind UserAnonymous/RevengeTroll as the only reason for stating that quote would be to imply that he had been in the thread beforehand.


On February 21st 2017[11], prior to the creation of this article, he made another return to the Farms further demanding the removal of his thread and this article. He attempted to receive pity from Kiwi Farms members, but it only lead to mockery and ridicule. The following day he proceeded to create a sock account DarthChaos[12] claiming to be a different person, however the IP addresses of the SolidMario and DarthChaos accounts matched[13], while it provided more evidence of his sock puppet account habits, he made a claim that "they live together[14] and share a bed".[15] He also showed a tendency to edit quotes from other Kiwi Farms members to further defend himself after they started using the technique as a means to annoy him. He now lurks the forum and has ceased posting as of February 23rd, 2017.


On March 20th 2017[16] he returned to the thread once again following vandalism to this wiki, including this article and several others to no avail. While he simply continued edit quotes from other KiwiFarms member's postings, he proceeded to make death threats towards BlackBusterCritic[17] and several users[18], he then proceeded to spam videos on random threads with his DarthChaos sock account, which resulted in that account getting temporarily banned. Following the ban of one account, he proceeded to attempt further spamming the forums with videos and sending private messages of videos to other users. The thread has reached 200+ pages as of late. He has also made another sock account under the username Malleo and attempted to roleplay as the brother of the user Weegee. He also attempted to trollshield in a thread concerning fellow person of interest Darlalloons26[19].


On April 12th 2017[20] SolidMario returned in response to more unusual comments (See Comments about Bart Simpson section) that were found on DeviantArt of his past behavior. He attempted to damage control everything found and further blamed his autism for all of them. None of the KiwiFarms users were buying any of it, so he proceeded to flood the thread further with "fixed that for you" quoting. Between his and other users alike flooding the thread with repetitive posting, the thread got locked. In response to thread lock he made a celebration journal on DeviantArt, stating that the lock was satisfactory enough, however on April 16th 2017 the video which BlackBusterCritic made on him resurfaced and got hosted on KiwiFarms[21] which upon discovering this fact, SolidMario went on a frenzy, which lead to his account being banned. It was revealed that he spent four years trying to keep the video off the web. As of now, his DarthChaos sock account is still active on KiwiFarms and has made no public comment in regards to his main account being banned or the video.


A sockpuppet is an online identity used for purposes of deception. The term, a reference to the manipulation of a simple hand puppet made from a sock, originally referred to a false identity assumed by a member of an Internet community who spoke to, or about, themselves while pretending to be another person.
—Definition of internet sock puppet
Evidence of sock puppetry.
DeviantArt comment slip up, he forgot he was in the DarthChaos role.
The comment edited upon realizing mistake.

He often creates sock accounts (which is a common lolcow trait) that white knight himself anywhere on the internet where he's mentioned, including but not limited to Youtube, and Deviantart, a lot of his dialogue with critics, spectators and trolls consists of long-winded rambling and pop culture references from movie and video game franchises such as Star Wars, Metal Gear Solid, Harry Potter, and many others.

His primary place of choice where he makes the most sock puppet accounts is on Deviantart, for the sole purpose of white knighting himself from "Darn dirty trolls" using sock accounts, many of the links below are deactivated accounts which are subject to change.

List of Kiwifarms sock accounts:[22][23]

  • UserAnonymous
  • RevengeTroll
  • xxguyincognitoxx
  • Guy Incognito
  • Sm2187
  • NewtSalamader
  • DarthChaos
  • Malleo
  • ElBarto
  • RandomGuyFromNowhere
  • randomloser
  • GreenHippo101
  • RyanLoomis

Whether or not the DarthChaos account on Kiwifarms is a sockpuppet can be a subject for debate, however despite the heavy denial of sockpuppetry, the KiwiFarms users are atleat 99% certain both accounts are him. It's been noted that there's been slip ups[24] where he's replied to himself with one account[25], and it's also been pointed out that due to the nature of matched IP addresses between the SolidMario and DarthChaos accounts that if they live together, then messaging and responding to each other on the forum is highly unnecessary.

The final nail in the coffin of his denial of sock puppetry occurred when the ban on the DarthChaos account expired and he pretended to act surprised, which lead to the user Optimus Prime calling him out affirming why it's evident that he's sockpuppeting[26] and a major slip up on DeviantArt where he forgot he was using the account as DarthChaos.[27]


Some of these are in third person, as per the nature of sock puppetry.

No. That was some bullshit excuse the guy made up to get away with his behavior. It didn't stem from anything. No therapist or Doctor has ever had a case of insanity like that. It can only mean one thing. He's not just jerking it to Bart because of some fetish. He's doing it for sport.
Are they gonna be teaching their kids that this kind of shit is okay and they start selling KiwiFarms paper plates and napkins down at the stores soon?"

"Mommy. I want a KiwiFarms Cyberterrorist party!"

You want to end up like the lawyer in Jurassic Park. Make them delete it!
No. It was BlackbusterCritic's fault! He's the reason this damn thread exists! I hope he finds me Irl. Because when he does, I'm gonna be ready. When he does, I'm gonna kill him!
God! I want to fucking kill you so much for completely crushing solid's spirit just now.
It is the way it's done here. I never came to called out for stupid shit. I came to the internet to express my talents and creativity. And people like you destroy all of that.
They're stupid. South Park is a piece of shit.
You're lucky I haven't gone to the police about this place for releasing personal information.
First off, we only shared a bed once. In general we have separate rooms in our house.

Secondly, It was @WeeGee's idea for. Chaos to make an account here for some stupid proof of us being different people. And instead the truth of it was that he was baiting Chaos out here so that he could make a fool out of him too.

And thirdly, This fucking mockery is going to stop right now! I do not have a fucking problem. And even if I did , you shouldn't mock people for their problems you should try to understand them and help them. Not call them names and humiliatingly slander them.

Why the fuck does everybody want me to admit to shit that's not fucking true? Why do you all say I want to rape a cartoon child?

I don't have a mother! And those emails wouldn't have been sent if UserAnonymous was pushed around in the first place.
I only act one as long as I'm treated like one. I didn't do anything stupid, stupid.
And if you hadn't cared, he wouldn't be acting like a spazz.

Now SolidMario, you did of course try to fight with them after all. I'm not trying to betray you man, but they may have been right after all.

His Artwork

This is all that could be found of what SolidMario once created on DeviantArt.

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Fan Art and Renditions

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