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"At Ole Miss, Wu studied journalism and wrote for The Daily Mississippian, but she never graduated. She left school the first time to start her own video animation company, came back, and dropped out for good in 2001 after getting swept up in the excitement surrounding George W. Bush's election as president. Her parents were big donors, and they got her a ticket to an inaugural ball. That led to a stint working in Washington--long enough to become disillusioned with Republican politics as well as dangerously dependent on Ambien, a sleep aid. Her parents, in a final act of support, brought her home to Hattiesburg and paid for a bed at Pine Grove, where Tiger Woods would later be treated for sex addiction."
—Inc.com Interview With Brianna Wu

John Flynt's outstanding debt to his parents was three separate loans totaling $170,194.04 plus interest.

Socially Unconscious Productions, also known as SOCCON by its promotional materials, is the name of John Walker Flynt's failed animation startup, as well as the namesake of its primary work and claim to fame, Socially Unconscious. Socially Unconscious Productions was started by John Walker Flynt in 1999. It was co-owned by Sara E. Champagne (20%) and Stephen G. Phillips (10%) leaving John Walker Flynt with the remaining (70%) of the company. Principle funding for the company was supplied by Flynt's parents. The objective of the company was to create an animation studio, but this objective ran aground due to John Flynt's mismanagement and issues with the Socially Unconscious brand in general.

The studio failed due to a combination of factors, including John Flynt becoming increasingly divorced from reality and relying increasingly on Lauren Milovy, the fact that Socially Unconscious repeatedly referenced various video games verbatim (including essentially stealing a title art for the graphic novel pitch), and the fact that John himself proved essentially unable to commit to deadlines, take criticism, or improve his art in any capacity. Flynt, in the same way Wu does, seemed to believe that he was entitled to a fanbase and there was no repercussions to treating potential customers as intellectual inferiors.

Indeed, the main reasons that the studio failed mirror the way that Giant SpaceKat Studios is currently in the process of failing, with only one produced game and zero currently available games on the market.

Socially Unconscious

"Socially Unconscious debuted as a four panel comic strip at the Daily Mississippian in the summer of 1998. Gaining popularity, it was soon syndicated to 11 newspapers. The funds to turn it into a movie soon followed and the SOCCON team spent 2 years and $150,000. The sequel, called Election Eve has been optioned as a novel. While developing the script for the movie 13 alternate scripts were written, with different adventures for the characters. I want to produce one of them as a radio drama, following with more if the project is a success. "
—John Flynt's Socially Unconscious Radio Drama Proposal, in which John openly lies about both his project's success and starting point

Brianna Wu has claimed (as John Walker Flynt) that Socially Unconscious ran extensively in the Ole Miss newspaper, The Daily Mississippian. This is patently untrue and investigation by the Kiwi Farms has revealed that the first (and only) place that Wu's original comic series ran was the Millsaps Purple and White, the paper for the college Flynt attended in 1998. In addition to featuring this comic series, Flynt also ran a number of political and social commentary editorials in the paper.

Socially Unconscious quickly wound up reviled by the University staff and students alike. The comic itself was poorly-drawn, ridiculously patronizing, and often openly attacked the school itself and any critics of the comic itself. John Flynt's reactions to criticism of the comic were, as they would later become, indicative of his own ego and essentially dismissive of any criticism he received. In fact, many of the comic's targets were the likes of Millsaps' Math Department for having computers that weren't bleeding edge and instead a about a year old at the time of his comic. Veterans of this wiki's Brianna Wu articles might be aware that this mimics Brianna Wu's love of expensive toys and tendency to buy every single Apple device she can get her hands on.

Whilst the earliest comics were drawn by John Flynt himself, later ones were given assistance by Lauren Milovy, who John Flynt would tap later for Election Eve. Milovy served as John's artist, writer, and more, assisting the "girlpower" of his projects. There were also statements that the two were romantically involved.This may sound familiar if you've been following Brianna Wu for a bit, but the truth is actually far darker; John Flynt was Lauren Milovy.


A collection of Socially Unconscious strips, John Walker Flynt's editorials, and the responses thererto are found below:


I get a lot of letters from people that have inept opinions. These morons think every joke is about them. Some of you might think THIS joke is about you.
—John Walker Flynt, in Socially Unconscious, Showing his response to feedback on his comic strip

John Flynt claims, in his infamous resume, that he has multiple patents involving animation techniques for Socially Unconscious.

Simply put, having a comic with notoriously bad art (even when "Lauren Milovy" started helping him) which seemed to stir controversy with each issue and a series of editorials that likewise were notoriously confrontational did a lot to undermine any real chance Socially Unconscious had of securing a lasting fanbase. John Flynt's clear belief that his audience were a bunch of useless idiots who would love his comic regardless of how he maltreated them wasn't exactly met by reality and suffice to say, the blastback against the comic was quite high. Millsaps, perhaps realizing that Flynt was doing nothing to help their paper, cancelled Socially Unconscious in 2000.

Soonafter, John Walker Flynt left Millsaps to work for the RNC. This would mark the end of John's work for the Millsaps Purple and White, but would not spell the end of Socially Unconscious Productions. John would go on to cite the comic as evidence of why he should be employed in his infamous resume, and claimed (falsely) to have multiple animation patents. Like many of Brianna Wu's many lies, John Flynt heavily embellished this by saying that Socially Unconscious was a success story whilst heavily glossing over his quitting college multiple times.

Election Eve

"For my four girls, Allison, Brea, Lani and yes, even Minuete. I love each of you, you’re the children I’ll never need to have. Working to let other people meet you has lead to the best and worst parts of my life. Every hour writing this novel has been for you."
—John Walker Flynt, in the Special Thanks Section for Election Eve

In early 2000, John Flynt returned to Ole Miss and pitched Socially Unconscious to The Daily Mississippian. This rather infamously did not go as John Flynt hoped, and ended with Flynt flying into a racist, homophobic tirade after being denied and being subsequently removed from the newspaper office, with a restraining order filed against him by the staff.

Unable to run a comic in the paper as a result, John Flynt attempted to re-tool Socially Unconscious into a more organized format - a novel and a Radio Drama series - entitled Election Eve: Crisis Coverage. Meanwhile, the novelization was known as Socially Unconscious: Election Eve. Both series were attempts to blend together John Flynt's vague understanding of the political system, paired with the earlier dynamics of Socially Unconscious. Unlike the previous season of Socially Unconscious, Election Eve actually had a full manuscript transcribed.

The project, despite spending a fair bit of money, ultimately went nowhere; John's site and insistence on claiming things that were provably untrue was a major component of this, as he had claimed that Socially Unconscious had been syndicated and made into a movie.[1]

This was on top of a shoddy premise and a clear lack of direction. Wu admits to having blown over $150,000 in her sales pitch for this project. Nonetheless, Flynt invested heavily in getting the work pushed forward, with help from intangible associate Lauren Milovy. Interestingly, almost every single character and concept in Revolution 60 can be seen, in some fashion, in Election Eve - in addition to several iconic characters like Allison Holiday and Minuete Kiley, many clear references are seen in the plot. Additionally, the name of Brianna Wu's dog, Crash, can be seen in the early pitches for Election Eve.

Art Style

Wu's art style copied Mihona Fujii's.

The bulk of SOCCON's character designs are based upon Gals! by Mihona Fujii - the art style meshes up perfectly. The lanky character designs, prominent facial structure, and large eyes are pretty much identical to Fujii's style, and Wu was a big fan of Fujii's work. In many regards, Wu's character design is much lazier than it initially appears, because she copied the basic art designs from said Manga implicitly.


You'll note that much of this art is made by Lauren Milovy.

Election Eve Manuscript

The ever-canny Kiwi Farms has managed to secure the first draft of the Socially Unconscious: The Election Eve manuscript. It has been preserved on this site for posterity.

An archive of the first draft of the Socially Unconscious and Election Eve written novel is archived here on Lolcow Wiki:

The manuscript originally appeared on Election Eve's website and was later Mirrored for posterity.


Main Article: Revolution 60 - Holdovers from Socially Unconscious

Socially Unconscious has an inordinately large number of references to other works - to the point where it's doubtful that, in the state it was in when the Kiwi Farms analyzed it, if it would be salable. A huge number of references to a variety of Playstation video games are seen, including the names for almost every chapter, which are often names from video games by Square-Enix, specifically Final Fantasy VIII and Parasite Eve. The Election Eve logo, likewise, is an outright copy of the Parasite Eve logo. The work references Metal Gear Solid and Vagrant Story as well.

Other references are negligably more subtle; Alyssa Rifte is a shameless expy of Conservative Commentator Ann Coulter.

The most shameless of all references in Socially Unconscious is Minuete Kiley, who is inspired by Sailor Moon. John Flynt was quite a fan of this work, indeed, covering the villain arc from which Minuete drew inspiration in a fan page.[2] In addition to looking almost exactly like the villain Mimet, Minuete in Election Eve takes her orders from a "Mistress Nine," who is, again, a Sailor Moon villain. Said villain is the servant of a massive extraterrestial entity known as "Master Pharaoh 90," which intends to destroy the world. In addition to referencing this very plotline in her character art,[3] repeatedly references a "Paradox 90" in the actual Election Eve manuscript.


In 2001, succumbed to an Ambien addiction and dropped out of Ole Miss one last time. At this point, her parents, having spent over $200,000 over several loans, had had enough of this boondoggle and sold off John Flynt's residence whilst he was in rehab to recoup some of their losses and pay off some of John's bills. After recovering, John Flynt, now known as Brianna Flynt would discuss the addiction in more detail[4], and later, would go on to blame the failure of Socially Unconscious on Two individuals named S and S - as in, the company co-owners, Sarah Champagne and Stephen Philips - who basically pointed out that the project was condemned to failure and not commercially viable due to its myriad limitations.

John was forced by his parents to dissolve Socially Unconscious Productions on August 26, 2002,[5] as evidenced by the documentation that unmistakably establishes that Flynt's parents were the ones who finally shut the studio down.

With the downfall of Socially Unconscious Studios, the question needs to be asked: What happened, exactly?

Whilst we can only speculate, given that we only have so much information available, it's fairly obvious, given what we know about John Flynt, and, likewise, what we know about Brianna Wu, as to what happened here: First, it's very clear that Socially Unconscious was never really viable, given John Flynt's personally adversarial relationship with the readers who would be paying his salary - something that would not change in his transition to Brianna Wu.

We can gather, given Brianna's running of Giant SpaceKat Studios and subsequently taking credit for everything therein that it's highly unlikely that John Flynt gave anyone in Socially Unconscious Productions any credit. Indeed, if it weren't for the credits Lauren Milovy left on the Election Eve concept arts, and conversely Sara E Champagne and Stephen G. Phillips in the Dissolution Form as financiers for this project and people Flynt blamed for the failure, there was never any indication that Socially Unconscious was anything other than a one-man show.

This mirrors Brianna Wu's management of Giant SpaceKat, where several employees have stated that Brianna herself was abusive and lazy, frequently doing no real work and then taking all the credit,[6] much as she does with Revolution 60, wherein she's removed all evidence of most of the team who worked on the game except for herself, Amanda Werner, Frank Wu, and Natalie O'Brien.[7]


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