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A skitzocow is a person of interest notable for behaving in a strange or eccentric way, even by the standards of other lolcows. Skitzocows often suffer from legitimate mental illness, the severity of which is usually very high. They are generally incapable of functioning in society even basically as a result of their mental illnesses and typically spend the entirety of their lives in the care of relatives or the state.

Notable Examples

Gail Chord Schuler

Gail Chord Schuler (pen name Gabrielle Chana) is a woman with paranoid schizophrenia who believes that she is at the center of a global conspiracy involving a shadowy organization called the "Order of the Jesuits." The Jesuits, Gail believes, are responsible for kidnapping various celebrities and people in her life and replacing them with evil clones. She believes herself to be able to telepathically communicate with other people, and that she is in relationships with various famous people including Russian president Vladimir Putin and actor Brent Spiner of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. She has been stalking the latter since the 1990's, and he has actually acknowledged her existence on more than one occasion. According to Gail, she is capable of having "brain to brain intercourse" with these people, known collectively as "her men."

Aaron McCluske

Aaron McCluske is a young man from Texas notable for the wide selection of mental disorders he suffers from. Being active on the internet since at least 2011, Aaron has had no less than five YouTube channels with over 60,000 YouTube videos between them all. The content of these videos is generally the same, consisting mostly of Aaron listing off the various conditions he has been diagnosed with, making phone calls, or filming his television, but Aaron has made literally hundreds of copies of these videos. In addition, he claims to hail from a different planet and to possess the same powers as Superman, whom he believes he is related to. He has an extremely small audience, not even reaching 250 subscribers, but continues to upload videos apparently out of a compulsive need to do so. Claiming to function at the level of a first grader, Aaron lives with his maternal grandparents, "Nanny" and "Pawpaw," who take care of his every need as one would a young child.

Most notable is his obsession with a woman named Carrie whom he knew as a child. He has made hundreds of videos directed at her, proposing marriage, asking if she's in love with him, etc. As revealed by his younger stepsister, Aaron is literally incapable of accepting the fact that Carrie is not in love with him and still operates under the delusion that they will one day be married.

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