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David Kelly
The first picture Shmorky released to the public following his change in gender identity.
Age 38
Born September 5, 1980
Mineral, Virginia
Residence Virginia
Occupation Self-employed Artist
Web Presences
YouTube Channel

David Kelly (best known as Shmorky or Daisy Kay) is an artist and animator who primarily posts his work on Twitter and Tumblr. He is most well known for his Flash Tub flash animations created for Something Awful, his primary employer until 2014.[1] His art is generally well received and he has been featured on television by the Hub Network[2] and Adult Swim.[3]

Shmorky's career has lasted well over a decade, yet nearly all of it has been undercut by various drama typically revolving around his status as a babyfur, his treatment of friends and romantic partners, and his ideological leanings. Shmorky's first website, davekellycentral.com, was created in August of 2002.[4] An early piece of media created to deride Shmorky was a YouTube video named Shmorky is daiper fur, uploaded in October of 2006.

Early Life

Shmorky was born in Mineral, Virgina sometime in the 1980s. He grew up living in a trailer, with his mom, stepdad, and his two half-brothers Chris and Lance.[5] Little is known about his early life, even to his former close associates, however the information that has come forward paints a vivid picture of a very dysfunctional household. His brother Lance was stated to be physically abusive[6], as was his stepfather.[7]
David Kelly as a child, looking at his own artwork.

Real Age

Shmorky's true age is a mystery. In his earliest interactions online, he claimed to have been born September 5, 1980,[8] which would make him 36 as of January 2017, however on most profiles Shmorky claims to have been born in 1982, and have celebrated his 34th birthday on September 5, 2016.[9] This age discrepancy was also described by Shmorky's ex fiancee, Amanda Mullen, who dated him back when he was 35 claiming to be 32.[10] Shmorky claims that the confusion over his age exists because he lied about his age on the internet to seem older,[11] however it is believed that this too is a lie, and his real age is 36. Not only did the ex back up his age, but simple public records prove it. On popular doxing services Pipl and Whitepages, he's listed as being 36 and "Ages 35-39", respectively.[12][13]

Adulthood and Career Beginnings

Shmorky's art career began to take off after his first webcomic, Living in Greytown, premiered January 10th, 2000 on the comic hosting website Keenspot.[14] According to a comic uploaded by Shmorky in 2016, he had moved out of the trailer around this time and was shopping around places to live, reportedly often ending up at houses of relatives or unwitting internet strangers.[15]


As seen in the above comic, Shmorky claims to have been raped by his roommate sometime in the early 2000's.[15] This information was first leaked out to the public by Amanda in a forum post, but her version of events paint a different version of the situation, claiming that Shmorky engaged in sexual acts willingly in exchange for a place to say, and only later deciding that what happened to him was rape.[16] Interestingly, Shmorky is also said to hold furries in low regard due to them telling Shmorky that he wasn't raped.[17]

Pedophilia Chatlogs

On December 29th, 2016 a user named Carefully signed up to the Kiwi Farms and began to post with a friend evidence that she had contact with Shmorky.[18] These logs show a fixation with pedophilia, child molestation, incest, and scat fetishes.[19] The thread gained massive attention from all across the web, especially from Something Awful. Shmorky's brother appeared under the name Cynister to try and defend him.[20]

A sample of the Daisy Kay Skype log leak.[19] A a full archive may be found here.

The allegation made is that Shmorky willingly preyed on the mentally ill (including two schizophrenics). He allegedly used his Internet fame and skills as an animator to attract these women and put them under his influence, where he could gaslight them in the traditional sense of the word.

It was initially claimed that the roleplays between Shmorky and Carefully happened when Carefully was only 17 years old. However, that claim has since been rescinded.[21]

Peaches The Puppy

After the Skype logs dropped, Amanda Mullen returned to the thread and began sharing more about Shmorky, including some things she heard from people who also used to know Shmorky. One of these details was that Shmorky was also another artist known as Sandypants,[22] whose artistic style appeared to differ greatly from Shmorky's. These claims were initially met with heavy skepticism.

It wasn't until the person she'd been talking to, Soliloqueef, came into the thread that the perception began to change, revealing that she was commissioned by Shmorky to do a voice line for one of his earlier pseudonyms, Peaches the Puppy.[23] She also shared one of these emails from a not-widely-known email account Shmorky used to use.[24] Soon after, she re-enacted one of the voice lines that was posted to the FurAffinity page of 'Peaches The Puppy'[25], and later shared a voicemail of Shmorky wanting her to call him back[26], proving her legitimacy.

The Sandypants Connection

The conclusion that Shmorky/Peaches is also Sandypants is mainly based upon, but not limited to, the following evidence:

  • Soliloqueef has no motivation to lie about Shmorky also being Sandypants.
  • The Peaches the Puppy FurAffinity account was discontinued within a 9-day time frame the Sandypants FurAffinity account was started.[27]
  • One of the final entries to the Peaches FA account was art of a lamb character that looked distinctly similar to Sandypants.[28]
  • Both Peaches and Sandypants left fanart of the same character for the very obscure webcomic 'Murry Purry'.[29]
  • According to a trusted source of Kiwi Farms mod Meowthkip, most people who knew Peaches also knew they were Sandypants despite poor attempts to hide it. The motive of this person was actually to express skepticism that Shmorky was Sandypants, so lying about this would have been silly.[30] (Ironically this revelation greatly strengthens it.)
  • Lowtax, a friend of Shmorky for many years, has examined the Sandypants evidence and said there is no doubt in his mind that they are the same person due to the similarities in the writing and art minutia most people would miss.[31]

Lowtax's Reaction

Lowtax's reaction across Something Awful, Twitter, and the Kiwi Farms was anger played off with humor. He expressed total apathy for Shmorky's well-being and appeared bothered that he had let a predator near his family. In one particular post, he claims to have had a serious talk asking if Shmorky did anything inappropriate with them. This made the tone of discussion very heavy despite his characteristic attempts at being lighthearted.

I had to, dude's into kiddie fucking, wanted to make absolute sure nothing happened when I was in another room or wasn't looking. Had to make sure he didn't touch them or do any shit like he lusts for in his sexually deviant RP sessions with poo poo pee pee baby diaper furs. I never left the kids alone with shmorky, but it was better safe than sorry, I didn't want them coming up with repressed memories a decade later about how Yarnwig McFurryfuck checked their undies for poo poo

— Lowtax in the Kiwi Farms thread.[32]


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