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Self-Diagnosis is the process of diagnosing, or identifying, medical conditions in oneself.

It is an incredibly common trend on Tumblr, where it is used to (often falsely) claim psychological conditions one does not possess.

Wikipedia's Synopsis

Wikipedia's Article on Self Diagnosis

Self-Diagnosis is the process of diagnosing, or identifying, medical conditions in oneself. It may be assisted by medical dictionaries, books, resources on the Internet, past personal experiences, or recognizing symptoms or medical signs of a condition that a family member previously had.

Self-diagnosis is prone to error and may be potentially dangerous if inappropriate decisions are made on the basis of a misdiagnosis. Because of the risks, self-diagnosis is officially discouraged by governments, physicians, and patient care organizations.[1] Even physicians are discouraged from engaging in self-diagnosis, because doctors also make mistakes in diagnosing themselves. If the self-diagnosis is wrong, then the misdiagnosis can result in improper health care, including wrong treatments and lack of care for serious conditions.

Self-Diagnosis on Tumblr

Self-Diagnosis is a common trend on Tumblr, where there is there is a vested interest in one being as diadvantaged as possible for social acceptance. As such, Tumblr users are much more likely to self-diagnose (or claim self-diagnosis) than most realize. This is a dangerous gambit, since self-diagnosis of mental health issues can be potentially quite damaging.[2] However, it's worth noting that whilst a great many individuals on Tumblr claim to have some form of medical condition/psychological condition via self-diagnosis, a far greater number have no issues whatsoever (not even self-diagnosed ones) and purely claim to for the purposes of social acceptance or to stand out against the crowd.

Notable Self-Diagnosers


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