Samuel Smith versus Joshua Moon

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Starting April 16th, 2016, Samuel Collingwood Smith began publishing daily articles on Matthew Hopkins News about Null, the owner of the Kiwi Farms.[1] With every publication, Matthew's message was increasingly belligerent and accusatory. The first piece reported allegations from drama websites like Encyclopedia Dramatica, intending the reader to make their own decisions, but this façade of journalistic integrity was quickly abandoned. Later articles accused Josh of bestiality,[2] hosting child pornography,[3][2][4][5][6] stalking,[6] harassment,[6] and even enabling domestic terrorism.[5] Samuel was encouraged to continue printing these articles after discovering that Joshua's full name yielded his article as the top result for google.co.uk, alluding to a desire to do substantial reputation and financial damage to the Kiwi Farms admin.[7]

Samuel has been forced to issue a redaction on the first three articles he wrote on Josh due to numerous factual issues whch either partially or completely invalidated the credibility of the work.[3][2][4] In his first article, KiwiFarms, Joshua Conner Moon (Null) and Child Pornography, which accused the Kiwi Farms of being a pedophile site, he encouraged people to report the Kiwi Farms to its host. When it was pointed out that hosts are not responsible for content and he should instead be reporting actual law breaking to the NCMEC or the FBI, he added a note correcting himself.[3] In his second article, Kiwi Farms Owner Null / Ichverbot / Joshua Conner Moon Owns Animal Fetish Porn Website, Samuel was forced to admit he was completely incorrect and that the domain animalfetishporn.us was actually a joke website illustrating a browser caveat.[2][8] In that footnote, he shifted his claims to and accused Josh of "hacking".[9] In his third hit, Simpleton Sets Up Email Trolling Service, Gets Hacked In Under an Hour, Samuel was forced to append a note saying he had been fooled by a spoof email and that Lolcow Email had not been hacked.[10] He declined to admit, however, that the @gamergate.us email addresses (including leader@gamergate.us) were free to register regardless.[11]

Although Vordrak maintains that his brazen attacks are motivated to bring justice to a "known pedophile",[6] it is much more likely that Samuel Collingwood Smith is motivated to end the Kiwi Farms's mimicry of GamerGate.[12] Samuel is deeply invested into the online hashtag movement and his blog is well known in GamerGate's social circles, as he has also written on many notable GamerGate opponents. The first article written about Joshua Moon came exactly one day after the Kiwi Farms temporarily rebranded to the "GamerGate Farms",[3][13] and subsequent articles and provocations have followed every day the GamerGate forum on the Kiwi Farms has stayed up[14].


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