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Samuel Collingwood Smith
Charcoal Vordrak.png
Artist rendition of Samuel's Facebook photo.[1] He has filed DMCA requests over the photo itself.[2]
Age 39
Born December 30th, 1978 [3][4]
11, By The Mount
Welwyn Garden City
United Kingdom
Other names Vordrak
Matthew Hopkins
Witchfinder General
Height 5'7 [4]
Weight "A little extra" build [4]
Web Presences Matthew Hopkins News
Kiwi Farms Wiki
FBicon.png Facebook Profile [archive]
OKCupid Profile [archive]
Matthew Hopkins News

Samuel Collingwood Smith is a yellow journalist who specializes in defamation and stalking. After a brief stint as a British council member, he publicly embarrassed himself by claiming his political enemies were sexual abusers of children. Without a job, he indulged in an obsession with Evanescence and attempted to become ring leader of Internet fan clubs about Amy Lee. In his quest to become her #1 fan, he would bully, harass, and stalk underage girls who held forum moderator positions above him. More than five years later, he threatens them legally if they speak on what abuse he submitted them to. After a falling out with Evanescence staff, he accused the band of being child pornographers and was forced into a permanent contract which requires he never speak of Amy Lee or Evanescence again. Despite parliamentary petitions to invalidate the non-disclosure agreement, he is legally bound to this day.

Since then, Samuel Collingwood Smith has trailblazed the Internet leaving behind countless smear campaigns purporting anyone he does not like to be involved in child pornography somehow. All he needs is to believe his target has wronged him somehow, and Smith will not hesitate to immediately go on the offensive - even if he's criticized by a community that he alleges to be part of, such as GamerGate, whose supporters have publicly denounced him.

Writing under multiple pen names, including Vordrak and Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, he romanticizes the English witch hunter by the same name. He hides behind this intimidating Internet persona and openly calls himself a terrorist. His mission statement is "to expose corruption and terrorise the guilty without worrying too much about due process."[5]


United Kingdom Politics

Samuel was elected as the Labour Party representative for the Welwyn-Hatfield's Haldens ward in 2005.[6] He served the Council until 2008, and in 2009, he defected to the Conservative party, where he made statements attacking the Labour Party, claiming that he's sick of the infighting and the broken promise of a super-hospital planned in Hatfield.[7] He caused an uproar when he criticized the Liberal Democrat's policy on supporting drug laws, comparing them to a baby rapist. The comment was posted on a forum hosted by MP Shapps under the username "Vordrak", where he wrote: "Liberal policy poses a greater threat to our children than [child abuser] Tanya French does."[8] He later apologized for his crude comment.[9] Comparisons to child abuse, however, remains as one of Samuel's most commonly used methods to attack his opponents.[10][11]

Matthew Hopkins News

Main article: Matthew Hopkins News

Software Development



Samuel is infamous for conducting long-term feuds with people who displease him.

Samuel Smith vs. Liberal Democrats of the United Kingdom

In 2009, after leaving office as a Welwyn Hatfield's Borough Council, Samuel sparked national controversy over changing allegiance from the Labour Party to the Conservative Party. He later made remarks that again reached national media after calling the Liberal Democrats and their policies more dangerous than child molesters.

Samuel Smith vs. Evanescence

In two years after leaving public office, Samuel had embedded himself in the Evanescence fandom. After being denied moderator positions on their official EvThreads forum, he began reporting what he claimed were drug offenders and sexual predators to the police. The band threatened legal action against him unless he signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement and stopped speaking of them. Despite protesting the contract in 2012, his petition did not reach Parliament and was not heard.

Samuel Smith vs. Twitter

After failing out of politics, Samuel opened the Matthew Hopkins News blog and dubbed himself an online witch hunter. He began harassing social justice advocates on Twitter, especially Randi Lee Harper and her Good Game Auto Blocker project. He was banned repeatedly and has written blog posts explaining how to circumvent bans. Despite his legal threats towards Twitter, his account has been permanently suspended.

Samuel Smith vs. Wikipedia

Samuel Smith vs. GamerGate

Despite being a proponent of the hashtag consumer revolt, Smith successfully got himself labelled as an enemy of the hashtag consumer revolt when it was in full swing. After Smith's banning from Twitter, Smith approached multiple GamerGate communities, including KotakuInAction and 8chan's /gamergatehq/ board, attempting to rally them against Randi Harper and the obvious miscarriage of justice that was allowing Samuel Collingwood Smith to be banned.

The response was utter indifference; Smith by this point had a well-known reputation as an extremist and had on multiple occasions supported individuals who the hashtag movement had already ostracized for bad behavior (such as KingOfPol). His attempt to rally them to attack Randi Harper was seen as playing right into the hands of GamerGate opponents, and none really saw a reason to get behind Smith as a result. He was further mocked when other GG supporters began to spot prior cases of harassment by Smith, and subsequently warn their associates of why Smith was not to be trusted.[12] The response to Smith doing this was Smith going to the Kiwi Farms and attempting to get them to accost the GamerGate supporters on both communities for failing to act as his personal army - while at the same time, trying to portray himself as some kind of leader within the movement.

The response by the Farms, humorously, was to begin a thread on Smith himself, and take full advantage of Sam's bitterness with the Farms mocking GamerGate for its generally idiotic nature by establishing a dedicated subforum that existed solely to mock it.

Samuel Smith vs. Kiwi Farms

On January 20, 2016, a thread on Vordrak was created on Kiwi Farms. The next day, Kiwi Farms's temporary host Drybone's father recived an email from Vordrak, urging them to stop their son from hosting the website. A second request was sent to DigitalOcean when they were hosting the site, which was treated as legitimate and caused the Farms to lose them as a host. Vordrak appears to have shifted focus mostly towards Joshua Moon , after realizing that Kiwi Farms's current host will not have the site taken down. This feud is ongoing.

Samuel Smith vs. Joshua Moon

Failing to have the Kiwi Farms removed from the Internet, he began to attack the site owner directly. Refusing to close the forum and undeterred by being called a "paedophile" repeatedly by Samuel, he advanced his attacks against: his mother, his aunt, a person who hosted the Kiwi Farms for two weeks, that man's father and also his father. Samuel's call to arms resulted in school shooting threats called in under Joshua's name resulted in swatting, which Samuel considered a win and further alleged Joshua had personally sent the email. This feud is ongoing.

Samuel Smith vs. Baphomet

After winning his unenforceable lawsuit against Encyclopedia Dramatica's KiwiDynastia, Sam set to work on attempting to secure the dox of Kiwi Farms own Dynastia. Upon failing to do so Sam attempted to shill a bounty, payable upon receipt of his unenforceable judgment, to Baphomet. The shilling was deemed to be "not baph worthy". Sam was subsequently told to "fuck off" and promptly (re)doxed. Dramatically underestimating the apathy of the typical baph, Sam attempted once again to unsuccessfully rally the Endchan board against Joshua Moon only to be once again mocked and ignored. Sam's inability to move on with his life led him to retaliate against both Baphomet and Kiwi Farms by claiming to have cracked the Kiwi Farms email server. He then promptly sent an email and wrote an atticle about it on his blog with the intent on pinning the crack on Baphomet. In Sam's email he claimed to be a baph acting in solidarity with the board to attack Kiwi Farms. This email was quickly released by Null and made its way to the baph boards where Sam was once again mocked. Baphomet continues to lack fucks to give.


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