Samina Ambreen Salahuddin

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Samina Ambreen Salahuddin
Samina Ambreen Salahuddin.jpg
Age 36
Born April 6, 1982
Solihull North, Warwickshire, England
Occupation Whining on Twitter
Web Presences

Samina Ambreen Salahuddin, also known as Sam Ambreen (born 6th April 1982), is a 3rd generation Pakistani immigrant who currently resides in the United Kingdom, her social media accounts place her either in or around London or Brockley Green in Suffolk. She is an apostate from the Muslim faith[1][2], otherwise known as a murtad firti, though this does not seem to stop her from cowering behind Islam to shield herself from criticism. She is also married to a man she makes cross dress and has no known occupation, apparently subsisting entirely off the British welfare system for a vaguely defined case of PTSD.

She originally had a thread on the Kiwi Farms in 2016, which was removed after she doxed and threatened the user who made it privately, a threat they complied with. This was the impetus for the Kiwi Farms putting measures in place to prevent removal of threads by users ever since except by assent of the forum administration.

There had been prior incident to the farms involving 8chan's /Baphomet/ board, where there is some evidence that she had been partially doxxed, revealing fragments of her home address and date of birth.

As of present day, she is currently re-engaged in the antagonizing and threatening of the forums and Null, it's founder.

Conflict with the Kiwi Farms

Upon initial discovery by the Farms in 2016, she was very quick to dox and threaten the original poster of the the first thread on her into removing their own opening post on her after exposing their identity.

Her intent to do so is graphically spelled out here, when she first got wind of the Kiwi Farms.

She not only has openly bragged of this, she has tried to repeat the process in 2018, with the implicit threat of doxing user CatParty for having the temerity to start the second thread.

She has proven willing to assign all sort of foul and often contradictory labels to members of the Kiwi Farms, including calling them rapists, Nazis, incels, white men (she considers this a slur), and assumes that the Farms are made up entirely of these groups, despite the fact even a cursory examination of the forums will reveal threads mocking all sorts of people, including many in the very groups she claims hatred to the point of wishing their genocide on.[3]

Racism and Calls for Violence

Sam Ambreen is, despite her constant Twitter narrative of victimhood, an intensely violent person, or at least her public posting would give that impression.

For starters, she has written a completely unironic blog post advocating the murder of all men.[4][5] Her Twitter has, since the publication of this article, remained consistent in this stance, and she has been quite angered when Twitter, in natural response to Twitter users reporting her tweets to this effect as advocacy of violence[6][7], has forced her to delete such remarks, citing complete absence of shame or remorse for wishing for the murder of males for the crime of being born men after being forced by Twitter to remove such advocacy of male genocide. [8][9]

Bizarrely, despite her unironic hatred and contempt of men, she has acquired male defenders who have postured, internet tough guy style, in her defense.[10][11]

In fact, this seems to be not all that unusual, as she regularly tweets degradation of white men (whom she holds in higher contempt than any other type of male), and, curiously and rather disturbingly, she has a cadre of men willing to jump to her defense of their being demeaned and regarded as subhuman. [12][13]

She has also promised she would personally visit violence on "doxers" with her own hands if others did not do so on her behalf.[14] This may, however, be little more than a cheap and very ineffectual cover for what appears to be her real goal, and that is internet martyrdom for being banned by Twitter for her extremist opinions.[15][16]

In another bit of stunning hypocrisy, despite her contempt of bigots, she has used incredibly racist language herself, specifically the term "kaffir"[17], an incredibly derogatory term for a black person, considered in some circle even more offensive that the slur "nigger".

However, as for others being racist to her, she will go on at length about this, citing employment and wage discrimination due to her ethnic background.

Stance on Islam

As noted in the opening of this article, she is an apostate from the Islamic faith, but her position on Islam remains strongly sympathetic regardless.[18][19]

She explains the contradiction by calling herself a "cultural Muslim"[20][21], though given she is an apostate from the Islamic faith by her own admission and actively repudiates everything Islam stands for, she cannot do this on religious grounds, at least not in any country where Islam is enforced by the rule of law, lest she be executed for a crime against the state. As she lives in the UK, this bit of religious hypocrisy is possible because, so far, the UK doesn't not enforce Islam as a state sanctioned religion.

Political and Social Views

Sam has identified as a member and/or sympathizer of the following ideologies, groups, or stances

Possible Pedophilia

While not confirmed, it's implied, by her own admission, she has been banned from seeing her younger family members. She further elaborates that she was disowned by her family and considered someone who brings disgrace on them, especially citing, quote "I was banned from seeing my nephews because I love them too much", though she further elaborates she exposed child abuse in her family's immediate community,made them look bad, and she was punished for it, by her account. This is not the first time she was banned from seeing the children of a family member for similar reasons.

It apparently stems a self admitted incident where she admits to molesting a 3 year old nephew, which she remarks she was "shamed' for [1]

Whether this is a roundabout confession to being a child predator or not, the evidence is unclear without further details. What is known is that she is very resentful of this ban on seeing her younger family members and absolves herself of blame or being the source of any reason for this.

Fetishes and Personal Hygiene

Sam has demonstrated she has several personal fetishes and stances on personal hygiene:

  • Strongly believes in women not needing to shave armpit hair.[30][31]
  • Is an advocate of "free-bleeding", or the practice of not using any menstrual products to attenuate the flow of blood from the crotch during the menstrual cycle.[32][33]

Claimed disabilities

  • CPTSD[34]
  • Anxiety[34]
  • Depression[34]
  • Spinal fusion as result of repeated disc prolapse[34]
  • Hypermobility "that causes my joints to overflex & stiffen"[34]
  • Fibromyalgia[34]
  • "unexplained & sudden pain in my hands, which are often bright red & hot"[34]

Despite all this, she was cutoff from her PIP payments sometime around January 2018.[35]

Other media accounts


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Baphomet Archive: https://archive.fo/pnp8r

Place of Residence: https://www.wayn.com/profiles/SamAmbreen