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"5/8/15 is your Judgment Day: you FAIL. Sentence: Really bad luck for the rest of your life, then your eternal soul will not be reincarnated as human for 1,274 years (maximum) with 474 years non-commutable maximum). When you are born-again as human, it will be under really hellish circumstances."
A typical judgement from Richard Bradshaw Watson II

Richard Bradshaw Watson II
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Facebook cover picture
Age 59
Born July 26
Residence Miami, Florida
Occupation Musician
Web Presences 7seals public forum

Richard Bradshaw Watson II, also known as Brad Watson for short, is a musician and percussionist[1] from Miami, Florida[2], although he is best known on the Internet for being the originator of a unified set of pseudoscientific/pseudotheological ideas that are variously known as GOD=7_4 or the Plan-It Theory. Watson's theory - which he believes is justified by a litany of scientific and theological "proof" - is essentially a statement that seeks to reconcile the existence of the Judeo-Christian God with the findings of modern physics, and he has written extensively on the subject at various places online[3][4].

Furthermore, Watson maintains a parallel belief that he is the reincarnation of a number of important historical figures, with the three most commonly referenced being Pythagoras, Jesus Christ, and Albert Einstein[5]. The frequent citation of these three figures serves as justification for him being an authority on the three fundamental components of his theory: numerology, Christianity, and physics respectively. In each instance, Watson betrays fundamental misunderstanding of the topic he works within.

Watson's theory is detailed and esoteric enough to serve as an object of interest in and of itself, but it is his conduct in the online sphere that makes him a personality worthy of observation. Watson's belief that he is the mouthpiece of God results in a cycle of disagreements, "judgements", and liberal use of the "ignore" function (should a forum have one). Watson will also frequently pick fights with and "judge" community moderators, which invariably result in bans. Watson maintains an extensive list of usernames and communities whom he has "judged" on his personal forum, preserved for posterity for all eternity[6][7][8][9].

Personal Life and History

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A sample of Watson's criminal record from his post-college days.

Watson was born in July 26, 1959 in Miami, Florida[2]. Little is known about his family except that his father was a staff sergeant during World War II[Citation needed]. As far as is known, Watson's formative years and grade school education passed without major incident, and he enrolled in a number of post-secondary institutions, beginning with the Peabody Conservatory of Music at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland from 1977 to 1978, the College-Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati from 1978 to 1979, and finally finishing at the University of Miami's Coral Gables campus in 1981, where he earned his degree in percussion performance[10]. It is not known why his stays at each of these universities was so brief.

Watson's passage into adulthood proved to be a troubling one. According to the court records of Miami-Dade country, Watson was first arrested there for assault and battery in 1988, the circumstances and parties involved being unknown. This earliest documented incident seemed to set the stage for his later behavior, and he was subsequently arrested ten times between 1988 and 2002 for numerous offences, including trespassing, burglary, disorderly conduct while intoxicated, and resisting arrest[11]. He was variously jailed and fined for these offences, some of which have yet to be paid off in full.

Around 2002, Watson founded a group called International Musicians in Space (IMIS), a group whose mission was to play a concert in space[12][13]; it is possible that the founding of this group coincided with a decision to turn over a new leaf. According to an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, IMIS and its associated ideas were the culmination of ten years of theorizing, during which Watson attempted to garner interest for the idea of playing music while orbiting the Earth. Several clues may point to the fact that Watson was already beginning to develop his GOD=7_4 theory by this time, and possibly even earlier, with a prophetic opening line of the Sentinel stating that Watson talked as though "[he] had found that one unifying theory that had eluded Einstein"[12].

In fact, it is likely that the genesis of Watson's theories predate even IMIS. Watson had already begun airing his views and his theories openly on the Internet and, in fact, offline:

I first made some big scientific-religious discoveries and self-published a booklet detailing them in 1997. I thought that it was so important that on February 27, 1998, I hand-delivered a copy to the White House East Gate Guardhouse (it was Chelsea Clinton's Birthday). After returning home, I sold a few copies and gave some away, and then put in on the shelf and forgot about it. Then 9/11/01 happened! In the drumbeat to war with Saddam Hussein that followed, I realized that George Walker Bush Jr. was lying about the reasons for the War In Iraq. Besides those interested in the oil that they had been unable to profit from, the Christian fundamentalists saw it as the "destruction of Babylon" prophesied in The Revelation Chapters 14, 16-18. In other words, many Christian leaders saw this war as an opportunity to help the Christ to return! On Sun. June 15, 2003, there was even a 60 Minutes segment on this including an interview with Jerry Falwell, "Now all the signs of The Revelation have taken place – Christ will reappear!"[14]

Unfortunately, these ideas gained little traction with either the scientific or the religious community.

More recently, Watson started the Miami World Percussion Orchestra[1], which was named "Best Caribbean Band" by the New Times' "Best of Miami" article[15] and has recorded a CD[16]. He has also previously played for Palm Beach Pops, South FL Symphony, Straus Orchestra, and Symphony of the Americas[1]. Watson currently lives with his girlfriend and continues to search for more "evidence" to support his grand theory, which is detailed in the next section.

Online Behavior

Watson continues to actively promote his theory via a number of platforms, including forums and blogs run by himself[3], as well as on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Google+. In every iteration, his modus operandi is to introduce himself as the discoverer of the 7seals theory and proceed to copy-and-paste pre-written material that he hosts on his own forum. As a rule, he has no qualms about bumping threads endlessly - sometimes over the course of years - and is similarly not shy about repeating himself endlessly. He is also openly dismissive and hostile towards anyone who criticizes or otherwise points out contradictions in his ideas, regardless of the civility of the other party.

An early example of public postings of his theory date back to December 2009, when he posted a topic on a small, Islam-centered vBulletin board called Bismika Allahuma[17]. Although this post was summarily ignored, that did not prevent Watson from bumping the topic for four years, with the most recent post dating February 24, 2013. Watson makes a suggestion that this post was his first public revelation of his theories:

"I've spent over three hours this morning tweaking/revising the first post of the 'seven seals'/'beyond Einstein theories' on the Internet. I chose a Muslim site..."[18]

Confusingly, this 7seals post is dated May 19, 2011, so it may be a retroactive musing. Even more confusing is his contention on his Facebook page The Center for the United Religions of Earth - The CURE - that the first time he posted his "7 Seals/Beyond Einstein Theories" was at godlikeproductions.com on January 12,2010. (This post was later deleted by the administrators.) One possible explanation for this is that, according to the 5th Seal (see below) thought is massless and can therefore travel faster than light. This means thought - especially GOD's thought - can travel back in time, which is allowed under relativity. By this reasoning, it then becomes possible for Watson's thought to travel back in time and be posted in a different thread prior to its being posted for the first time and for him to have tweaked that thread before it was even posted.

Kiwi Farms

A thread discussing his views was posted on Kiwi Farms on December 30, 2014[19], which Watson became an active and aggressive participant of[20]. His behavior remained true to form, blocking and issuing judgements upon those who disagreed with or insulted him[9].

Watson eventually attracted the ire of forum administrator Null, who banned him on February 8, 2015, and closed the thread just over a month after it was created[21]. However, Null eventually retracted the ban and reopened the thread on April 17[22]. This did nothing to change Watson's behavior, and he immediately set about copying-and-pasting his diatribes and ignoring both staff and members as before. As time went on, so many of the thread's participants had been ignored by Watson that the thread became nothing more than sounding board for his own views; i.e. a mirror of his own personal forum. Moderators eventually began deleting Watson's repeated posts and revoking his "ignore" privileges, which proved to be too much for Watson - on May 8, Watson abandoned the thread entirely[23], though not before it had accrued more than 150 pages of additional content.

After several months of absence, Watson suddenly returned to Kiwi Farms on October 15, reigniting interest in his own thread[24] (which had by and large remained dormant since his departure). The reason for his return to the site was this very article[25], which he took an interest after he reported that it comes up when his name is searched in Google. He variously denounced this article as "atheist propaganda" and "demonic" in nature. When pressed by several forum members for greater clarification regarding the incidents brought up in this article, Watson either refused to answer or ignored such questions entirely. Surprising no one, he quickly departed from his goal of having the article changed to his liking when he discovered that he would not be made an editor of this page and resumed his modus operandi of copying-and-pasting his same claims endlessly and insulting other members of the forum.

Facebook and Other Social Media

As one of the leading social networking sites, Facebook is another place where Watson is not shy about airing his views. Watson maintains a public profile is a member of some 400 groups, and while some are actual groups that are about space research, music, etc, a significant proportion of them are also like-minded safe spaces for those who hold fringe religious (specifically fringe Christian) views as well as other fringe opinions concerning aliens or global conspiracies. Watson has been banned from many of the more mainstream views, as evidenced by the list of Facebook "judgements" that he maintains[6].

Watson's own group is known as the Center for the United Religions of Earth, which is abbreviated as the CURE[26]. The group was created on September 18, 2014. Watson is the self-proclaimed director of CURE, which he claims is "patterned after the United Nations", though it is not clear in what sense, as the group itself is largely nothing more than yet another vehicle for Watson to repeat his views endlessly. With just over thirty members, it may be assumed that the overall impact of the group on scientific and religious communities at large is decidedly minimal.

Watson is also a very vocal member of the Google+ communities. Many of the communities he has posted in have deleted his posts and banned him. As a result, he has created three communities of his own so he can post his ramblings ad infinitum without concern for being deleted or banned - though he is quick to delete and ban anyone who dares to debate his beliefs.

Wikipedia, Amazon, and Other Sites

Watson has reviewed a number of books on Amazon.com[27]. Unsurprisingly, many of these books concern fringe Christianity, conspiracy theories, or other figures (such as Albert Einstein and Ronald Reagan) who factor prominently into his overall theory. A "helpfulness" rating of just 6% is immediately explained by his own admission: a significant number of his reviews are prefaced by the fact that he has not even read the book but simply disagrees with its thesis on premise because it is different from his. Ultimately, many of his "reviews" amount to nothing more than a reiteration of his same posts from his forum.

Watson frequently supplies material for Wikipedia. This material is uniformly removed by administrators and moderators due to lack of sufficient citation. (It should be noted that Watson has a habit of "proving" his theories by citing online sources that were written by himself.) Watson claims that one of the Wikipedia administrators told him that they weren't interested in the truth. From this he has inferred that the site is run by atheists and is subjective and political in its structure. Nevertheless, this has not prevented Watson from often citing Wikipedia as a source of information.

At one time, Watson was espousing his theories at godlikeproductions.com, a conspiracy forum. He was banned from this site after creating numerous profiles which he used to have discussions about his theories.

GOD=7_4 and Plan-It Theory

Interview with Watson posted by YouTube member Doug Walker[28]. Uploaded May 10, 2014


The fundamental component to Watson's status as a person of interest is his self-developed unified theory of the universe, which is variously referred to as GOD=7_4 or Plan-It Theory. Information regarding Watson's theories primarily flows from the 7seals forum that he maintains, and a cursory exploration into the site immediately reveals that not only is he largely talking to himself, his ideas are spread over dozens of pages, making the work largely impenetrable to those with only a casual interest in his writings. This section attempts to summarize the salient points of his system.

Although Plan-It Theory is largely confined to the Internet, Watson has given offline public presentations of his theory as well. Notably, Watson attempted to explain his theory during a 2009 conference titled "Missions for Exoplanets: 2010-2020", a scientific conference operating under the aegis of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)[29].

There are several axioms unique to Watson's theory that must be adopted as a prerequisite for understanding his logic. In addition to the existence of a (largely) Judeo-Christian interpretation of God, one must also further assume that He communicates in contemporary American English and likewise adopts the base 10 Hindu-Arabic counting system. A basic cipher (which Watson usually refers to as "gematria") is also utilized whereby letters are assigned a numerical value based on their order in the modern English alphabet; that is, A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, ... Z = 26. No values are assigned to spaces, punctuation, or nonstandard characters. Watson will frequently cite the scientific impenetrability of his work, but the reader can be assured that no knowledge of theoretical physics or mathematics is needed or assumed.

Watson has published a lengthy treatise of his theories which he says is a "prequel/sequel to the Bible and Qur'an", a 74 page booklet which he calls "There Are No Coincidences - there is synchronism, nonlocal cause-and-effect, design-and-alignment". He goes on to say that this is the book/scroll prophesied in Revelation with the Seven Seals on the cover. He uses the publication of this book as proof of his divinity, since Revelation states that only Christ can produce the scroll and break open the seals. It should, however, be noted that none of Watson's "seals" bear any resemblance to the seals as described in Revelation.

Borrowing this iconography from the Biblical book of Revelation, Watson's theory is broken down into Seven Seals (typically stylized as 7seals), with each seal corresponding to a fundamental tenet of his system. Thus, the content of this section is organized in deference to this choice.

Seal #1

The first seal is officially referred to as "The Conglomerate of Universes Theory (Universe Creation Theory) & GOD-guided Evolution Theory". Appropriately, this seal attempts to imbue the Biblical story of Creation with a scientific flavor. Watson's first assertion is that "multiple universes" exist and that passing between them is possible with sufficiently advanced technology that is currently possessed by extraterrestrial beings. These same extraterrestrial beings were responsible for "seeding" Earth with human beings, with the Biblical Eve being a spontaneously-generated clone of Adam.

Seal #2

The second seal bears the title "Plan-it Theory of GOD=7_4 algorithm/code or FOD=6_4 on PlanEt Nestor (Design Worlds Theory)". Confusingly, although Watson adheres to the pairwise appearances of the digits 7 and 4 throughout his theory, Seal #2 evidently suggests that this itself is a corruption of "purer" evidence for intelligent design through the digits 6 and 4. According to this seal, there exists a "near-Earth" planet named Planet Nestor, an inhabited planet that God designed prior to creating (or "seeding", as designated by Seal #1) Earth. The apparent planetwide monoculture of Planet Nestor possesses perfect alignment with the digits 6 and 4, resulting in the alternative "FOD=6_4" appellation. Further details on Planet Nestor will be described in a separate section.

Seal #3

The third seal is more formally known as "Unified Strings U21/S19 Theory (M-Theory + Time47 Analysis providing a very simple Symmetry) - Physics' 'Theory of Everything'". Here Watson invokes a popular phrase in theoretical physics in reference to his own theory, in which he claims to have evidence of some direct relation among gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear forces, and weak nuclear forces. Due to the accepted difficulty of the subject matter in question, Watson has little by way of concrete information to offer on this topic.

Seal #4

The fourth seal is also known as "Seal #4: S=19 (18.6) Theory - A Repetitive Pattern/Algorithm/ 'Fractal'" and is perhaps the most elusive of the seven, for it bears little reference to the topics mentioned thus far. One may be tempted to conclude that the "fractal" in question refers to Watson's repeated observance of the digits 7 and 4, but Seal #4 bypasses that theme entirely and inexplicably focuses on the letter S instead.

Seal #5

The fifth seal - titled "Defining GOD, Speed & Power of (GOD's) Thought Theory (similar to Quantum Entanglement's Time Travel)" - attempts to construct a definition of "God", although the placement of this seal is philosophically curious since "God" has a concept has already been used in previous seals. In any case, in this seal, Watson equates God as being a "universal quantum computer", an interpretation that is not maintained by any branch of Judaism or Christianity. Essentially, Watson likens God to being a computer with infinite computational and processing power, which allows Him to "activate" events in conformity with the 7, 4 pattern. For example, America's independence from the British Empire on the Fourth of July can be considered to be an event that was "triggered" by God the universal computer to serve as evidence for a human observer (i.e. Watson).

Seal #6

The sixth seal bears the description "Defining God-incarnate/Theory of Renativity, Conglomeratal Energy eternal/ Conglomeratal Relationships eternal Theories (based on E=mc2)". Here Watson attempts another marriage between the scientific and the spiritual via the principle of conservation of energy. In this seal, "energy" is applied to include the philosophical "essence" of a person, where the person in question is Jesus Christ, where the word "renativity" is defined as the repeated birth of Jesus Christ, God's Son. Strangely, while it is a core belief of Christianity that Jesus is the Son of God, Watson finds it necessary to state that this is a "mathematically proven fact" as opposed to a fundamental article of Christian faith. Altogether, Watson asserts that Jesus must have reincarnated since energy is never destroyed; conveniently, it is Watson himself who is Jesus' current physical iteration.

Seal #7

The seventh and final seal, which is titled "Reincarnation Theory & its 26 Principles incl. Theory of Luck (ex. Einstein returned as Watson77)", might be considered to be a corollary of sorts of the sixth. If the "energy" contained in Jesus' being must be preserved and therefore reincarnated, it must be true that every person's essence must likewise be preserved and reincarnated. In short, the seventh seal is an attempt at reconciling science with the decidedly non-Christian belief in reincarnation; it should be noted that Watson asserts that reincarnation is a Christian belief that is supported by the Bible. An immediate consequence of this seal is that Watson also believes that he is the reincarnation of Pythagoras and Albert Einstein, among other notable figures in history. A final addendum is the "theory of luck", which will be discussed in a later section.

Planet Nestor

A secondary belief that Watson maintains is the existence of Planet Nestor, the full details of which are available on his blog[30]. As with many of the core tenets of his system, it is not unusual for Watson to copy-and-paste the same explication of his "discovery" on various forums and social media in the hopes that overexposure may perhaps lead to conversion.

Planet Nestor is arguably the most controversial tenet of Watson's doctrinal system, and its origins and motivations remain unclear. One possibility is a misinterpretation of the phrase "near-Earth planet" or "Earth-like planet", which has entered the lexicon of popular science in recent years. From a nonspecialist's point of view, a "near-Earth" planet may be thought of as a planet whose overall composition may conceivably be suitable for human habitation in the future. Watson's interpretation seems to go beyond this, and in his view a "near-Earth" planet is not only cosmologically similar to Earth, but also extremely similar to Earth in terms of social, cultural, and material history. In short, it is a "parallel" or "alternate universe" Earth.

Planet Nestor is thus one example of a possible parallel Earth, one which was specifically designed (i.e., by God) in a way that perfectly aligns with Watson's numerical system. Every aspect of Planet Nestor is described in terms of the numbers 6 and 4, from its solar cycle, calendar, and seasons, down to its geographical features, climate patterns, and even the very language and preferences of its citizens. In its permanently fixed state, there is no relation so trivial that it cannot serve as an example of the reappearance of the digits 6 and 4.

Of particular note is the civilization that exists on Planet Nestor, the denizens of which are appropriately known Nestlings (not to be confused with Nestorians, a fifth century heretical Christian sect). No history of the Nestlings is known to exist, and they are instead described in a static, modern state. Nestlings are presumably physically similar to humans, except that their anatomy, too, is modified such that it exhibits repetition of 6 and 4 in its description as well - presumably, there are no genetic anomalies that deviate from this harmonic pattern, or perhaps they are quickly and immediately destroyed. Nestlings participate in a planet-wide monoculture and universally exhibit the same preferences.

Nestlings across the planet speak only Eqfish, a language which is structurally identical to contemporary American English except that letters are swapped out where appropriate in order for words to sum up to some combination of 6 and 4 when run through the cipher described above. Most notably, GOD in Eqfish is changed into FOD, where F = 6, O is inexplicably omitted or otherwise ignored, and D = 4. Watson has furthermore determined that "Christianity" on Nestor was promulgated by Esus Chrift (both words summing to 64), who is known on the planet as the Meisiah (same computation).

In totality, the invention of Nestor serves as the most prominent example of what Watson calls "tweaking". Naturally, if one considers Watson's alphabet cipher at face value, it is extremely easy to find significant counterexamples where the digits 7 and 4 do not emerge. On Nestor, these issues are "tweaked" - meaning that they are "corrected" so that everything conforms to Watson's view of the universe. In fact, the suggestion is that the reappearance of 7 on "our" Earth is itself a corruption of the more purer 6, although why this should be the case is unknown - one possible reason is that the number 64 is a fairly "nice" integer, mathematically speaking, being both a perfect square, cube, and fourth, for example. Therefore, our "Earth" is in some ways a "failed experiment" that can be "tweaked" or corrected to look like Nestor, where everything is exactly the way Watson desires it for all eternity.


While almost no sect of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam recognizes reincarnation as an article of faith, Watson utilizes this principle as another important component of his. Brad claims he is a Kabbalist Jew, though not exclusively, since that is the only branch of Judaism that does believe in reincarnation. Because Brad also claims to be both Christian and Islamic (but not exclusively in either one),he has tried to carry that belief into those religions as well. Seals 6 and 7 offer an outline of his treatment of reincarnation, which will be described in more detail here.

From a religious point of view, the most important personality that Watson claims to contain within his person is Jesus Christ, a historical figure who is accepted by adherents of Christianity to be the literal Son of God and a major prophet in Islam. In the Christian faith, it is accepted that Jesus was born on Earth once and was executed by the Roman authority for the purposes of saving humankind from its sins; it is also believed that Christ will return "at the end of time" and bring about the final judgement of humanity and let the worthy into heaven and send the unworthy to hell. It is important to note that Christians believe that Christ's physical body was taken up into heaven as well; therefore, when He returns again, it is not "reincarnation" but the same manifestation that He took two millennia ago.

The previous point was brought up because Watson believes otherwise and insists that Christ's prophesied second coming counts as a reincarnation. Watson therefore concludes that if Christ is capable of reincarnation once, why should He not be capable of reincarnation an arbitrary number of times? Conveniently, it is Watson himself who is the current incarnation of Jesus, although Watson also believes that Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln, among others, were also reincarnations of the Christ[Citation needed].

Finally, Watson also believes that he is additionally the reincarnation of the following notable historical personalities[Citation needed]:

As a corollary, Watson will often utilize one reincarnation or another as a form of appeal to authority when attempting to argue his points. It is interesting to note that all of Watson's alleged incarnations are of people who played pivotal roles in religion, philosophy, math, science and history. He uses his "past lives" as proof that -- although his only degree is in music -- he is also a theologian, philosopher, mathematician, scientist and historian.

The Theory of Luck

The Theory of Luck is referred to as such in the last of Watson's Seven Seals. The theory is essentially a formula that is described as follows:

Luck 100 = [karma 4 + modesty 1] x [desire 4 + actions 4 + abilities 4 + contributions 4 + blessings 4][Citation needed]

The proof of this formula or how to otherwise use it to compute quantities is unknown as is presumably left to the reader as an exercise.


Please add dank pictures and screencaps of Brad sperging out here.


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