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Revolution 60 has received remarkably high praise for what is, by all accounts, a staggeringly mediocre title with a lot of promise and an equally large number of problems. Analysis has gradually yielded the remarkable discovery that the overpowering majority of the game's best reviews come from outlets where Brianna Wu has personal friends of hers. In fact, there is shockingly few reviews of Revolution 60 that are heavily praise-worthy online that aren't from associates of Brianna Wu's. The game enjoys a shockingly low 2.4 aggregate user score on Metacritic, whilst at the same time boasting a 74 critic aggregate score. Whilst some of the low user scores are doubtlessly individuals with an axe to grind, the bulk of them are holding the game to account for being a slipshod mess.

In an effort to shine light on how Revolution 60 could have such a low user score whilst also boasting such a high critic score, this article will detail what relationship to Brianna Wu the critics giving the game its highest scores have to the head of Giant Spacekat Studios.


iMore gave Revolution 60 its Action Game of the Year award. This award has been repeatedly trumpeted as one of the game's seminal accomplishments and is widely considered one of its biggest achievements, listed on the game's Wikipedia page and on Giant Spacekat Studios' own site. What will not be discussed is the circumstances by which Revolution 60 gained this award over other, more qualified titles.

iMore's awards are listed as "editor's choice awards," and it is here that a simple analysis of iMore's editors speaks volumes.

Serenity Caldwell (Managing Editor for IOS content iMore), Georgia Dow (Senior Editor for iMore), Peter Cohen (Managing Editor for Mac content on iMore), and Rene Ritchie (Editor-in-Chief for iMore) are all Brianna Wu's personal friends. Dow herself is one of four co-hosts on the Isometric show on 5by5 - a show that features Brianna Wu as a co-host. All four of these individuals have extensive, long-term involvement with Brianna Wu herself and in-depth friendships as indicated by countless tweets between Brianna Wu and them.[1]

Ironically, this is exactly the sort of corruption #GamerGate started in order to oppose.


The writer of the Revolution 60 review on 148apps.com is Jordan Minor, who has repeatedly done Q&A Sessions with Brianna Wu in the past.[2] He also works for PC Magazine, which has extensively covered the GamerGate controversy in an openly hostile fashion.[3] and has used Brianna Wu's most infamous claim as legitimate.

Pocket Gamer UK

Pocket Gamer UK's review of Revolution 60 is written by Craig Grannell, who Brianna Wu is a personal friend of.[4] Brianna Wu has tried to erase tweets suggesting at her conversations with him, but the Internet never forgets.[5]


TouchArcade gave Revolution 60 a slightly-less glowing 3.5/5, but collusion is collusion: Shaun Musgrave is another associate and long-time Twitter Friend of Brianna Wu's, noted for citing Brianna Wu's previous articles.[6]


Brianna Wu has gotten repeated coverage from Ben Parfitt, a personal friend of hers, for Revolution 60, both before and after its release. He has also covered her attempt to get it on Steam Greenlight.


On Xyo.net, a user-driven review site for IOS products, there are over 30 five-star reviews for Revolution 60 that read like press junkets.


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