Reuben G. Baron

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Reuben G. Baron
Reuben G Baron.jpg
Reuben showing his otherkin pride.
Residence Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Occupation Student at Bard University
Gonzo Journalist
Religion Jewish.[1]
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Reuben G. Baron is a self proclaimed "gonzo journalist", social justice warrior, otherkin, internet blogger, and friend of Brianna Wu noted for his attempt to do a hit piece on Jace Connors. This resulted in Jace humiliating him, and drawing the attention of the Kiwi Farms, /cow/, /gamergate/, and /baph/. [2]


In April 2005, Reuben attempted to give out invitations to a party during his lunch period at school. A girl gave him wrong contact information, which caused him to have a fit, resulting in an evacuation of the cafeteria.School troubles [archive] Reuben's internet history can be traced back as far as 2005, when he was a poster on OtakuBoards under the name EVA Unit 100. [3] Weeb posts [archive]</ref> During this time Reuben was under the belief that Japan would be a place where his anime obsession would be welcomed, as much of his knowledge of Japan seems to have come from anime. [4] Reuben is a film student, and the creator of the fictionkin propaganda film "Book Girl, a Tragic Modern Fairytale" [5]

Operation Wu-pocalypse and Jace interview