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Melanie Herring
Melanie Herring.jpg
Age 28
Born March 26th, 1989
2829 Artic Street
Winchester, Nevada 89121
United States
Web Presences
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Melanie Nicole Herring, known online as PurpleKecleon, PapayaKitty, and currently GlitchedPuppet, is a 28-year-old[1] Nevada-based artist known for her webcomic, Floraverse. Herring rose to prominence as the creator of the DeviantArt RP group PMD-Explorers; since then, Melanie has been continually implicated in drama and scandals as stories of abuse, grooming, and bestiality at the hands of her and her tight-knit cabal have come to light.

Melanie started to post on Oekaki boards in her teenager years. After being booted from the Pokémon roleplaying group pkmn-battle-frontier, Melanie created her own RP group, PMD-Explorers;[2] it collapsed in 2013 under the weight of the drama and perversions of children's media surrounding its moderators. Melanie soon began work on creating the webcomic Floraverse, the focus of which has become less and less about the world and more about Melanie's self-inserts and her own sexual power fantasies of rape, incest, and coercion.

Melanie lives with her boyfriend, Alex (or LexyEevee), and her husband Jayson (or Marl). Both have demonstrated an interest in sexual activities involving children; Alex has advocated children having easy access to pornography,[3] and an anonymous account shows Jayson attempting to groom and lure a 13-year-old to a convention.[4]

Early life

The best evidence for Melanie's early life is a Tumblr post she wrote on her kecrambles blog, which has since been made private. According to her, her parents' marriage was horribly broken; her mother was verbally abusive and would threaten suicide, and her father had a similar temper with a propensity towards molesting both her and her sister. She also mentions her father having owned child pornography on his computer.[5] Neither Melanie nor her sister were able to get proper help, seeing as though they were homeschooled for a time. Melanie later mentions being kicked out of her house by her mother at 17, staying with her aunt and uncle for her senior year. These events were corroborated by her sister in a follow-up ask on the same blog.[6]

Anonymous accounts describe Melanie during her high school years as distant and dismissive.[7] As early as 2005, Melanie began to submit art to Oekaki boards, including porn and cheesecake of Sonic the Hedgehog characters.[8] Later on, at 19, she contributed art to Softpaw Magazine, a furry magazine specializing in cub porn.[9]

While Melanie was once enrolled in an art school, she dropped out; she insists it was out of financial needs and it being of little use to her,[10] though others have speculated she was forced out for skipping assignments and drawing pornography in class.[11]

In the early 2010s, Melanie discovered the now-defunct Pokémon roleplaying group pkmn-battle-frontier. After being kicked out for not following their rules,[2] a DeviantArt user named Relevancy suggested that Melanie start her own group based off of the spin-off game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.[12]


Main article: PMD-Explorers

In 2011, Melanie established PMD-Explorers. The concept involved the administrators of the group putting forth a world, a plot, and tasks for players to complete. Players would create their own teams of Pokémon and use them in the various tasks, competing for rewards and accessories for their team members. The administrator's characters were the guildmasters of the three guilds; notably, Melanie's purple Kecleon character was head of the Merchants Guild and Jayson's Sableye Devonshire was the leader of the Rogues.

Finding details on PMD-Explorers as of now is difficult. The original group is long gone, and Melanie herself has hidden her contributions to the group. What's clear, however, is how Alex, Melanie, and Jayson ran the group into the ground with Mary Sue characters, inconsistent moderating, rigging contests, creating drama, and making sexual content easily accessible to minors.


Main article: Floraverse

Shortly after PMD-Explorers’ end, Melanie started up another group called Floraverse, inspired by a flower cat species she created in her original works named Maya (the placeholder name being "Flower Kitty World" according to her DA folder). The group was made on August 18, 2013, and opened applications on December 25. The group would function similar to PMD-Explorers except its biggest difference is its focus on original species, either created by group members or Melanie herself. A big requirement to being a part of the group and having members’ characters/works regarded as part of Floraverse’s canon is that they must be put under a Creative Commons License (Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License); this allows anything anyone submits to the group to be completely free for others to use (such as making derivative works or even selling merchandise) as long as they give credit to the original and also include the cc license in their work as well. Not doing so means the work is non-canon and will not be referenced in canon works.

The group appears to be active, but has little to no community of people actively creating or making stories like PMD-Explorers did, and Melanie herself seems to have forgone the group entirely since its second prompt and third contest in favor of focusing strictly on the web comic. Like PMD- Explorers, Floraverse suffers from the same issues that brought it down and more such as bad and inconsistent storytelling and characterization, art declining in favor of quantity over quality, creating drama, and making Floraverse’s sexual content, “Forbidden Flora”, accessible to minors and crossed over with the SFW storyline.


A chirping rabbat from Floraverse. Cluttered, confusing character designs are common for Melanie.

Melanie's art is set apart from other artcows by its competence. Her strength is in color theory and digital painting, which she makes heavy use of to disguise the mediocrity of the rest of her art skills.

  • Melanie has no sense of anatomy. With her monster designs, characters often come out top-heavy or with seemingly-broken limbs. The image posted with Broken Toy, Part 4 depicts Beleth, a cat puppet.[13] Without markings or segments to distinguish that, however, it simply looks like a wall-eyed cat with broken limbs. It would've taken the minimum amount of work to draw in puppet markings to make the image make sense.
  • Melanie is terrible with character design. Her monster designs often come out cluttered and confusing. A prime example of this is Floraverse's chirping rabbats; the feelers, legs, and markings all create sharp, contrasting angles, and the design has little flow. There's not one focal point; instead, it draws the viewer's eye in all sorts of awkward directions. Unsurprisingly, the designs in Floraverse that aren't terrible have usually been designed by other people.
  • Melanie is known to steal character designs. Naturally, Melanie most commonly takes designs from Pokémon. Min, a prominent character in Floraverse, looks extremely similar to Celebi, and Melanie was known to have had a Celebi character in PMD-Explorers named Jasmine (note the name similarities).[14] Similarly, there's a strong similarity between Andre, another Floraverse character, and Bill Cipher from the TV show Gravity Falls.[15] Both are eccentric, psychopathic cyclops triangles with the ability to manipulate the environment. A few months prior to Andre's introduction to the comic, Melanie posted about watching Gravity Falls. Even more incriminating is how often Melanie has used concept and design ideas wholesale from ex-boyfriend PengoSolvent.[16]
  • Twitch Plays Pokémon fanart by Melanie. Note that the arms end below the knee.
    Melanie is terrible at humans. The most infamous example of this is the Twitch Plays Pokémon fanart; the trainer's proportions are abysmal and the arms end below the knee. Thanks to her "no humans" rule in Floraverse, Melanie gets roughly no practice with human anatomy, and this shows in every attempt to draw them.
  • Melanie cannot lay out a comic page. Her panels end up roughly the same size and cluttered, with nearly every panel having a wall of text taking up the empty space.[17] Because of a lack of flow and speech bubbles, it's impossible to tell which panel goes after the next.
  • Melanie, despite color theory being her strength, overuses magenta. This is a problem with any given Floraverse page. Melanie oversaturates the comic in shades of eye-searing magenta, neglecting her ability to use color effectively in a scene, as seen in her earlier works.
  • Melanie relies on her brush settings. Melanie has insisted that her Paint Tool SAI brushes are special and cannot be replicated,[18] but as several Kiwis have demonstrated, her brush settings can be recreated with little effort.[19]
  • Melanie is capable of humans.
    Since the creation of Floraverse, Melanie's art has grown lazy. Too often, she overuses magentas and purples, creating a lifeless, eye-searing mess. Melanie rarely challenges herself to improve in any of the above categories. The worst part about Melanie's mediocre, declining art is that she has demonstrated she can do better. The piece to the left, from her professional portfolio, shows a human far superior to anything Melanie has produced after it.

In addition, Melanie is known to not take too kindly to critiques of her art; when posters on /v/ redlined a drawing she had done on a stream, she started crying and shut down the chat.[20]


On numerous occasions, Melanie has attempted to compose music. Her music is a frequent topic for mockery by Kiwis, due to its haphazard use of samples and lack of regard for musical conventions or theory.[21] Notably, she's cited her ex-boyfriend PengoSolvent, who published the initial piece on Melanie's narcissistic and hypocritical tendencies, as one of her influences.[22]

Lovers and Cohorts

Melanie associates mostly with two individuals, her boyfriend Alex (or LexyEevee) and her husband Jayson (or Marl). Melanie has also had many friendships throughout the years and throughout her many projects.

Mental health

Melanie is a self-diagnosed autistic;[23] prior to this, chatlogs showed Melanie and Alex insisting that autistic people were "emotionless robots".[24] This suggests that Melanie has only self-diagnosed as such because of its trendiness among the Tumblr audience to which she caters. Melanie describes herself as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.[25] This rule doesn't apply to people Melanie considers close friends, however.[26] Melanie is also outspoken on the topic of transgenderism; on one occasion, she opined that gender dysphoria (or, as she put it, "hating the body you started out with") should not be required to be considered transgendered.[27][28] Melanie considers herself a good enough teacher on the subject to give advice to minors.[29]

Melanie has shown signs of hypersexuality, as evidenced by the fact that almost everything she's created, from characters to projects, have some pornographic component to them. Often, this involves non-consentual[30] or underage sex.[31] Even PMD-Explorers, a fan group based off of a family-friendly franchise and often played by children, had ballgags and maid's outfits available as accessories during Mission 5.[32] Melanie claims this is a way to cope with the sexual abuse she experienced as a child.[33]


Both Melanie and Alex have admitted to taking baths with her cats.[34] Sphinx cats are known for their sensitive digestive systems and constant diarrhea;[35] in essence, they take baths in cat feces. Not to mention that, because the cats are hairless, their skin oils filter freely into the bathwater. Related is her chronic UTIs, which she has posted about in detail on her Tumblr.[36]

Melanie similarly neglects her living space. Various pictures posted of the house Melanie shares with Alex and Jayson show visible dirt and stains of cat feces on the furniture.[37] The aforementioned photos of the cats in the bathtub also show visible mold stains on the walls.


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