Political Career of Samuel Smith

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The Political Career of Samuel Collingwood Smith was a single term (June 2005 - 2008) on the Borough Council of Welwyn-Hatfield in the United Kingdom, representing the Haldens Ward.[1]


A year after leaving office, he defected to the Conservative Party and made statements attacking the Labour Party. He claimed that he was sick of the infighting and the broken promise of a super-hospital planned in Hatfield.[2]

Pedophilia Controversy

He caused an uproar when he criticized the Liberal Democrat's policy on supporting drug laws, comparing them to a baby rapist. The comment was posted on a forum hosted by MP Shapps under the username "Vordrak", where he wrote: "Liberal policy poses a greater threat to our children than [child abuser] Tanya French does."[3] He later apologized for his crude comment.[4] Comparisons to child abuse, however, remains as one of Samuel's most commonly used methods to attack his opponents.[5][6]