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Gregory James Daniel
Gregory James Jackson
Gregory James Avarde
Age 32
Born November 11, 1985[1]
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Gregory Jackson Daniel, better known as Onision is a YouTuber with a prevalence for airing his drama on the internet.

He has four maintained Youtube Channels where he posts controversial videos. He's been on Youtube for nine years now, and in the past few years has dropped 400+ places in the subscription rankings. His videos are almost always about rape, religion, women's rights, abortion, circumcision, veganism, mental illness or self harm with very little variation. His views on these subjects are militant at best, and propaganda at worst. He has been known to publicly shame anyone and everyone with an opposing view, and his fans (called 'Bananas') drink the proverbial kool-aid on the daily by attacking any of his critics, both online and in person. He's best known for his dramatic love life, which he inflates and airs on all social media outlets.


Letter from an ex-friend

Greg joined the Air Force out of high school. He was stationed in South Korea and lived with his (now ex-)wife Skye. He said he was honorably discharged on the grounds of Conscientious objection as he refused to skin a rabbit for survival training, but other sources have stated that he was dishonorably dischargedfor going postal and stripping naked (explanation starts at 12:14) in front of his Commanding Officer. This is speculation, but has proof to give it merit. He has postedvideosabout his time in the military that often contradict each other.

When he left the military, he and Skye moved back to the US where he would begin making YouTube videos. His earliest videos may have easily been the most bizarre and disturbing.

Greg craved attention, regardless of its connotation, and often sent in videos He gained notoriety for his "I'm A Banana" video, which was reviewed and laughed at by Tosh.0. This begun his rise to (and fall from) internet fame and his subsequent drama.

OTHER SOURCES: http://onisionshouldntspeak.tumblr.com/post/50889368666/onisions-military-service

Love Life Drama

Skye It started with his ex-wife, Skye. Skye married him when she was 18 and left school to move to Asia with him when he joined the Air Force. Skye was financially dependent on him, and eventually 'earned her keep' by acting in and editing Greg's YouTube videos. Onision has claimed that he had her agree to a 'skinny pact', promising that they would both stay thin so that they could remain sexually attracted to each other. Aside from the abusive tendencies displayed in his early videos, there was more trouble behind the scenes. Shiloh, a 17 year old fan from his forums had been contacting him on and off, and they began an emotional relationship over the internet. Then, Greg posted a video of his wifes car after he hit a deer on his way out of town. It was later discovered that he was driving her car to a hotel, where he would meet the (then underaged) Shiloh. Soon, Skye and Greg's relationship fell apart completely, and he filed for divorce. Skye took her belongings as well as any household objects that she bought or used frequently, prompting the video "MY EX WIFE ROBBED ME" from the Youtuber. He has kept slandering her (especially for receiving alimony from the divorce) ever since. Skye has since been slandered and attacked to the point where she is no longer able or willing to use social media platforms.

[[1]Onision accusing Skye of robbing him]

[[2]Onision still talking about it 2 years later]

Shiloh Shiloh was a 17 year old Canadian pop singer who frequented Onision's forums. They came out as lovers 4 months after Greg divorced Skye. Of all Greg's relationships, Shiloh was the most intense. They were completely in love at times, at others they were at war. There was no in between. Shiloh was a pathological liar, and together her and Onision came up with all sorts of lies, including a pregnancy and miscarriage with photos of another woman's premature baby. They also claimed that she had sepsis, but this was proven to be false. Onision recorded Shiloh having a mental breakdown/amnesia and posted it onto his channel, refusing to take her to the hospital. He claimed it was 'to prove to her that she did it' but if that's the case, then it's unclear why it had to be posted to Youtube. Shiloh has claimed that he emotionally, verbally and physically abused her, making her sleep in the hallway when they fought and allegedly pushed her into a door frame which Shiloh claims ended her pregnancy. Greg isolated her from her family in Canada, has slandered her ever since they broke up and has destroyed her chances of repairing her singing career. His habit of airing his dirty laundry online gives us the best look at this relationship.


[[3]'Shiloh's Breakdown']

[[4]'Shiloh Forgot Me']

[[5]'Shiloh Has Sepsis']

Adrienne Adrienne was the shortest of Greg's known relationships, and also the oldest. She dated him for a few weeks online, and he told her he was in love with her during their second conversation. He pressured her to move in with him, but she claimed she wanted to meet in person first. They met (while wearing fake mustaches), and he pressured her into sex within the first few minutes of alone time. Soon, Adrienne couldn't deal with his manipulation techniques anymore and left him. He got back together with Shiloh a week later and they posted videos claiming that Adrienne has STD's and a 'dirty house' (dirty vagina). In frustration, she sent this letter privately to one of Greg's detractors, and it was later released publicly. Adrienne's Letter. Before 'giving up on her' completely, Greg sent her 10 voicemails in one day begging her to come back, all of which she ignored. This is when he went back to Shiloh. They soon broke up and then he moved on to Taylor.

[[6]'Onision's Voicemails to Adrienne']


An excerpt from Adrienne's letter detailing Greg's sexual abuse



Taylor is Greg's current wife. She was originally his fanand got his attention by obsessivelytagging him on twitter, at one point claiming to be his 'soulmate'. He replied back to her and the rest is history. He moved out to New Mexico where she lived until she turned 18 and finished High School, and then married her without her parent's knowledge or blessing. They moved away, and Taylor became pregnant with his son, Troy. They've never shown photos of Troy due to alleged "death threats" and shame any fans who ask about him. Greg renamed Taylor 'Lainey' for his fans, because her middle name is Elaine. He tends to ignore her unless she has something to contribute to the camera, often making fun of her in livestreams. He continues to make videos with female models in romantic settings, despite Lainey having expressed jealousy and discomfort with the idea. He's also made a video where he shoots her in the head while she's in her car.

> Lainey hops on that dick [archive]

Tanya: The Lost Love Tanya seems to have been Greg's 'lost love' from when he was a kid. He made a few posts about still loving her while married to Skye. She's never resurfaced, and Greg doesn't post about her anymore.

Other Online Feuds

Shay Carl Onision started attacking Shay Carl for wanting to circumcise his son.



Someguy827, AKA Stevie has been making videos calling out Onision for years. He was the one who discovered Sicesca, and spread it around the internet. It's been said that Someguy827 has an overly invested interest in Greg, and screams throughout most of his videos. When Shelbyxpwns debated Onision, Stevie interrupted their Google Hangout session and tore into Greg. Both parties, Shelby AND Onision, were shocked to hear him in the chat as they thought they were alone.


MrRepzion was one of Onision's biggest critics, and was falsely blamed for sending a letter to Lainey's family telling them of her secret marriage. The Person who sent the letter was actually D0NTSTANDSOCLOSETOME, and this accusation fueled further drama. He did, however, send Taylor's mother a FaceBook message with the marriage certificate, court documents, onisions background, ect. The video can be found here: [[7]'To The Parent's of Taylor']


This person hosts a website dedicated to documenting and commenting on Onision's antics. They were allegedly responsible for sending the letter to Taylor's family.

Their Website


Hank Green of DFTBA banned Onision from VidCon after numerous complaints from parents and concerned con-goers about him being a speaker there. He was not allowed to attend, and made a whole slew of TL;DW rant videos on it.


Onision will block anyone who disagrees with him from interacting with him on Social Media, and has falsely flagged several YouTuber's videos for criticizing him.

Killing Reptar Onision left his pet Turtle, Reptar, in the sun under a hot plastic container for an hour and then cried on the internet when he found the turtle dead.


Sicesca and Cult Life

When he was 17, Onision started a cult called Sicesca. The Manifesto is here. It was largely forgotten until Someguy827 on YouTube and Tumblr unearthed his manifesto. At first Greg claimed that he didn't make it, but later admitted to it and claimed that it was still 'up and running'.

At one point, Onision tried to legally change his last name to Sicesca

Written By Onision

From his old site: {{"I've been pulling so hard [sobs uncontrollably] but for some reason, I can never get rosy red off her beautiful branch... oh shut up, I don't know what I'm talking about either... (jebus!)

So yes, I am looking for someone to love all day, and ignore at night. I want someone who does not mind the occasional fist fight... as long as they let me win... otherwise I'll just run off crying only to come back with a blunt instrument... don't ask me how my previous relationships ended... lets just say, I got the line... you know? Not like 'It's not me, it's you.' or, 'You've always had a foul stench of urine.' but more so like "Why are you beating me to death with your channel changer."}}

DONTSTANDSOCLOSETOME is a website that documents and comments on Onision's misadventures. Thisis a video posted by them about Greg's 'first love', who Greg spoke about in a very creepy way on his (now deleted) site.



Onision's Hidden Channel

Onision has/had a secret channel, "AntiSouthernMovement". The videos uploaded on this channel were notably more aggressive and offensive than the one's on his main channels, if that's even possible. When confronted with it, Greg at first denied ownership and removed all videos but one, but it was later proven to be his when he reuploaded them all back to the channel for some unknown reason.

> AntiSouthernMovement [archive]

> Is it his? [archive]

Manipulation Tactics

"It's just Comedy, guys.": Greg excuses all his offensive statements on the fact that he's a "Comedian", calling it dark humor. When shown actual examples of dark humor used correctly, he will become belligerent or condescending depending on the critics approach. His idea of comedy is shaming victims of rape, hate speech, abuse, ect and glorifying the abuser.

Cult Mentality: He demands his fans agree with everything he says, and demands they shame anyone who doesn't agree. He has often claimed "Once a banana, always a banana" in regards to his fans, who he calls bananas. According to him, Anyone who starts out agreeing with him and changes their mind later, were never 'true' fans. [8]

Shaming fans: Onision has been known to shame his fans to make them 'try harder' to earn his love. He demands complete subservience to him and claims he is not obligated to love his fans, and that he would actually be just as famous without them.

THREATENING SUICIDE: When all else fails, Onision will threaten to kill himself to evoke sympathy.

> Greg threatens to kill himself masterpost [archive]


Summary On March 29th, 2015, Onision published a book through Amazon, titled "Stones to Abbigale". Aside from it being grammatically and structurally terrible, It reads like his own personal daydream and uses a school shooting to make the love interest(Abbi) a damsel-in-distress for the Main character (James, which is/was Greg's real middle name) to save.

Criticism > Greg's awful book plus scathing reviews [archive] summary of Ch.1 summary of Ch.2 ... and so on. the OnisionDrama tumblr has reviewed all the chapters, so feel free to pop over there and check out the rest.

Backlash Onision claiming that the reviews he received were 'wrong'

Response from fans Onision's fan is no longer a fan thanks to his book


Outside Sources




https://kiwifarms.net/threads/onision.4851/ (Specifically AWB-81 for channel stats on pg 2)



http://steviewolfe.tumblr.com (Onision's personal A-log)

https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Onision (was used for pictures and links)

Onisions Channels and Websites

https://www.youtube.com/user/Onision (Please use AdBlock when watching his videos so he doesn't profit more from it.)


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