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Oliver D. Smith
Age 26
Born November 21st, 1990
England, United Kingdom
Residence Aldenham Road, Radlett, Hertfordshire WD7 8AU, United Kingdom[1]
Occupation Student at Oxford Learning College[2]
Employed by the British Museum in 2011 (job unspecified)[2]
Employed by the British Postal Museum & Archive in 2015 (job unspecified)[2]
Web Presences oliveratlantis.blogspot.com
"Sophistry, like poison, is at once detected and nauseated, when presented to us in a concentrated form; but a fallacy which, when stated barely in a few sentences, would not deceive a child, may deceive half the world, if diluted in a quarto volume."
—Richard Wheatly

Oliver Smith is proud of his flag collection.[3]

Oliver D. Smith[4] is a person of interest who is known for his pseudointellectualism and long-reaching campaigns of online harassment. His most common aliases are Anglo_Pyramidologist and Atlantid.

Portraying himself primarily as an academic and researcher,[5][6][7] he is better known for his extensive harassment campaigns; Smith is known to go to insane extremes to pursue and accost individuals who he believes to have offended him, such as utilizing on multiple sockpuppet accounts to accuse his critics of various crimes, actively sending his opponents death threats, trying to extort them into recanting their criticism of him, and going so far as to chase those that have "wronged" him from website to website. It is this behavior, however, alongside his tendency to try to weaponize Wikis, that led him to be covered by the Kiwi Farms and subsequently this wiki.

At a glance, Smith appears to be cut from the same cloth as disgraced Wikipedia editor Ryulong in that he is a frequent editor of the likes of Wikipedia and Rationalwiki; however, whereas Ryulong focuses primarily on specific articles to claim as "his," Smith instead pursues wholesale retribution against anyone who offends him or disparages him in any capacity. Towards this end, Smith has created literally hundreds of Wikipedia accounts,[8] mostly centered around the prospect of using to attack those who have angered him. He is outright obsessive; once he feels a target is "guilty," he will not let go of any slight, and he will relentlessly pursue them until they have have recanted anything negative they have said or posted about him, and deleted anything disparaging him. A relentless wiki vandal, Smith uses his numerous socks to shove hate-filled screeds of "crimes" his opposition is guilty of, making dozens of new pages doing similar, and generally creating constant new work for the staff of a given wiki to have to clean up. In addition to this, he uses his socks to pose as other users and try to goad them into capitulating to him.

Smith first came to the Kiwi Farms' attention on on February 13th, 2016, due to his obsession with Mikemikev, who had initially come to the Farms in an attempt to rally them as his own personal army; this would have ended with the Farms simply mocking Mikemikev, but Smith harbours an intense grudge against Mikemikev because of his involvement with Smith's ban from Metapedia,[9] And subsequently pursued him, where he, too, was mocked.

While the relationship between Smith, Mikemikev, and Michael D. Suarez was initially likened to The Three Stooges, due to their constant hissy-fits with one another,[10][11] Smith quickly proved to be the most irritating of the three due to his incapacity to accept defeat and his constant creation of socks that he used to vandalize the wiki to attack his critics. As of December 30th, 2016, Smith has created over 100 sockpuppets on Lolcow Wiki alone.


Oliver Smith uses multiple online handles and accounts. Several of his early accounts can be connected through the use of the "blackgoatcabal" Photobucket account: the "Scionic Evil" and "AngloSaxon" accounts at tombraiderforums.com,[12][13] the "pyramidologist" account at The Apricity,[3] "Truthseeker" at Anthroscape,[14] and the "cassiterides" and "Anglo_Pyramidologist" accounts at EgyptSearch.[15][16][note 1]

Many of Smith's can be connected together through similar interests. Aside from their shared use of "blackgoatcabal" Photobucket account, the "Scionic Evil" and "AngloSaxon" accounts can be connected connected together by their similar age and interests.[17][18]

This pair of tombraiderforums.com accounts can also be connected to the "pyramidologist" account at The Apricity through their shared interest in very specific Army Men 3D issue[19][20] and British Israelism.[21][22][23][24][25] This line of reasoning can also be used to connect the aforementioned accounts to Wikipedia revisions made from IP address[26][27][28][29]

Accounts can also be tied together through a shared IP address. One of Smith's more recent IP addresses is Numerous Wikipedia accounts were linked to it in January[30], March,[31], and August 2016.[32] In February 2016, one of Smith's targets, Emil Kirkegaard, disclosed as being the IP address behind one Smith's OpenPsych.net forum account.[33] In March, Smith published a comment at RationalWiki using this IP address in an attempt to appear as the victim.[34] In August, the very same IP address was linked to an account that was being used to spread falsehoods about Rightpedia at All The Tropes.[35]

When discovered, Smith often denied that his past accounts belong to him. For example, when Dynastia brought up Smith's obsession with Mikemikev and Smith's past belief in British Israelism,[36] Smith attempted to claim that Mikemikev was responsible.[37]


Smith is motivated by his victim mentality. Smith rationalizes his actions by asserting that he is the victim. In his first post to Kiwi Farms as "TombRaiderFan", Smith portrays himself as the victim before going into detail about how he stalked Mikemikev and intruded into Mikemikev's life by contacting Mikemikev's parents.[38] Smith displayed the same victim mentality and rationization at Encyclopedia Dramatica:

I'm the victim and have been since December 2013. This: [1] and other online harassment was created before Mikemikev's entry was created here, which resulted in me having to close my academia.edu. Look at the dates. Its undeniable I am the victim, and everything I've done is in retaliation. Later I was stalked on facebook, having personal info and photos posted as well as malicious lies, e.g. Faintsmile1992 working with Mikemikev posted this: [2]. Since I now have Michael Coombs parents address, details etc., I'm going to make life very unconformable for him. The whole time I've also been logging everything, including all his posts. I don't know why you think this is "lolz". At the very least some local newspapers in Wales will be interested in Michael's internet activities since I have his family address in Cardiff - I'm not only talking about the harassment, but also his anti-Semitism, extreme racism, holocaust denial and other obscene sexual comments. The same now applies to Fiala1, since they are engaging in the same activities.RunescapePlayer 12:04, 3 November 2015 (EST)[39]

Despite contributing to Encyclopedia Dramatica, Smith does not possess a passion for sharing lulz:

I [Oliver Smith] consider[ed] you [Michaeldsuarez] an ally since we share a hatred for Metapedia. However both your and my problems with that site are different. You've recently described yourself as a "prankster" who just wants to "upset people". This is childish and unethical. My purpose of being here was to expose those sickos and freaks behind Metapedia. I'm not here to fool around or upset people. Kromite 13:49, 4 February 2015 (EST)[40]

Smith even suggested that Encyclopedia Dramatica should strip itself of lulz and porn ads in order to become an online watchdog site instead.[41]

With that in mind, another major driving force behind Smith's actions is a delusional sense of moralfaggotry, which he uses to rationalize his articles on RationalWiki. Smith believes that he is on a noble mission to "warn" people about "frauds" (i.e. pseudoscietists) and pedophiles.[42]

Self-image and asexuality

I look male, with a masculine face. My hair is also tied back in a knot. This photo though just shows it when it is out, it was posted in the hair thread in relation to a racial hair-texture debate. This photo is also a year or so old and i regret posting it as it keeps getting spammed around or edited.[43]

Smith possesses a grandiose vision of himself. In addition to believing that his actions on wikis and forums are noble and / or justified, Smith sees himself as an "academic" and "researcher",[5] as well as "the most prominant book collector in the world" on the topic of British Israelism.[24]

Despite this, Smith becomes defensive over his appearance. When Smith's appearance came into question at EgyptSearch, Smith asserted that he had a "masculine face" and defended his long hair despite ending the post by writing, i regret posting it [the photo] as it keeps getting spammed around or edited.[43] Smith also presumably posted a photo of himself in a thread he created, entitled "Natural Long Hair Thread", on The Student Room forum, only to delete it a year later.[44]

Smith identifies as a "hetero-demisexual" on the "gray-asexuality spectrum",[45] which presumably means that he is more interested in niche anthropology topics and online debates, feuds, and combat than in sex.

Modus operandi

Oliver Smith tends to create sockpuppets on forums and wikis. Some sockpuppets, such as "Markites" exist to spread red herrings about himself.[46][47]

Smith seeks to tarnish the reputations of his foes by influences Google search results. Smith has stated this as the reason he publishes hit pieces to RationalWiki[42] and Encyclopedia Dramatica.[48] This allows Smith to say, "Just Google X's name," while spreading misinformation.[49][50]

Smith often denies or outright lies about his online actions and accounts. While fighting with Mikemikev on Metapedia, Smith claimed to not have a presence on Encyclopedia Dramatica or RationalWiki and claimed to have no interest in you [Mikemikev] or Faintsmile1992. He even claimed that the account attacking Mikemikev at EgyptSearch was "hacked".[51] When Michaeldsuarez exposed Smith is an Encyclopedia Dramatica article, Smith resorted to trying to pin his past accounts and actions onto Michaeldsuarez.[52]

Smith will also attempt to cast his targets as pedophiles or perverts.[53][54][55] Smith went as far as to claim to be under eighteen in order to make an opponent of his appear to be a child predator,[56] when Smith is actually in his mid-twenties.

Smith believes himself to be a master manipulator and often gives himself much more credit than what he is due. He claimed to have manipulated Kiwi Farms and Encyclopedia Dramatica,[57] and he claimed to have framed and pitted certain individuals against each other.[58]

Smith does not appear to understand when to quit. The reputations of Mikemikev and Michaeldsuarez have been at rock-bottom for years, yet Smith continues to pursue his feud against them. Smith often releases statements claiming disinterest, claiming to be moving on, or claiming to be working on his mental state,[51][59][60][61] yet never does. It can be speculated that Smith does not know when or how to move on.

Evolving beliefs

Smith's beliefs and ideology has shifted over time. He believed in British Israelism until February 2010.[25] According to Smith, he owes his former belief in British Israelism to his grandfather and the books he inherited from him.[23][24]

He also used to believe in Metapedia's brand of racialism.[59] Smith believed whites to be the pinnacle of beauty[62] while considering blacks to be the "ugliest" with "hideous craniofacial features".[63]

Smith also created his own theory on the location of Atlantis, using it as his dissertation ("Atlantis as Sesklo") and inserting said dissertation into Metapedia's article on Atlantis.[64] Smith operated a blog around his views on Atlantis[6] but shut it down in 2014 after receiving criticism from an Atlantis scholar.[65] When Oliver returned to blogging about Atlantis in 2016, his views had completely changed.[66][67][68]

Smith once enjoyed gory and perverted films. In 2006, as "Scionic Evil", Smith recommended the infamous Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom,[69], Necromantik,[70] and Cannibal Holocaust[71] to members of the tombraiderforums.com forum, and when Smith returned to the forum as "AngloSaxon", he recommended Zombie Flesh Eaters,[72] The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue,[72] Redneck Zombies[73] and A Virgin Among the Living Dead.[74] A forum moderator even saw fit to censor one of Smith's recommendations.[75]

At same point after January 2007, Smith had become a total prune. He supported Mediawatch-UK until its opposition to violence in video games grew beyond the levels that Smith was willing to tolerate.[76] Smith expressed many time how he despised Encyclopedia Dramatica's use of nudity, gory content, and pornographic ads.[77][78][79][80] Smith also stated that he detests the use of pornographic avatars on Kiwi Farms.[81]

In 2012, Smith stated that he supported the National Democrats until the party "basically became defunct" and had been supporting the British National Party since then.[82] From November 2012 to August 2013, Smith worked diligently on Metapedia's "British National Party" article.[83] In August 2013, Smith submitted a blog entry to the British National Party's website, boasting of how he believed that the article he wrote is better than one on Wikipedia and of the number of visits the page was recieving.[84] Despite this, in 2016, Smith attempted to deny any past connection to the BNP.[85]

Known associates

Oliver Smith has engaged in anti-KiwiFarms activism with fellow person of interest Samuel Collingwood Smith. Oliver Smith first came into contact with Sam Smith in May 2016,[85] but nothing is believed to have come of this brief liaison. On August 4, 2016, Oliver once again come into contact with Sam, with Sam verifying Oliver's identity.[86] On August 6th, Oliver claimed to had been involved in a coordinated effort by Sam to have Valve close down the Kiwi Farms Steam group.[87] Two days later, Sam Smith published a blog entry about how he had the Steam group closed yet was disappointed in how individual Kiwi Farms members were not banned from Steam.[88] On August 23rd, Sam Smith provided encouragement to Oliver Smith.[89] On the 26th, Oliver revealed that he had two telephone conversations with Sam.[90]

Despite his views on nudity and pornography, he is also strongly believed to be an associate of former porn star and criminal, Donny Long.


  1. Smith renamed most of his EgyptSearch accounts. He renamed "cassiterides" to "the lioness is a guy IRL" and "Anglo_Pyramidologist" to "Thule". The original names can be gleamed from responses from other forum members quoting text from Smith's accounts (i.e. "Originally posted by X").


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