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Nora Reed Heineman-Fleck
Nora Reed.jpg
Born Nora Reed Fleck
March 28th, 1988
Los Angeles County, CA
1515 Aliso DR NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110
United States
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"I understand that you think you really do belong in our community, but you don’t. You deserve your own community, where you feel safe. Where you don’t have to argue with us, where you can talk about the issues you face. But that isn’t with us, clearly. And taking away our voices isn’t going to make yours any louder."
—Tumblr User Gay-Caesar, speaking out against Nora Reed.

Nora Reed is a notorious serial harasser and proponent of identity politics on Twitter who is hallmarked by her hostile behavior, aggressive nature, and contradictory nature. While many people of interest the Kiwi Farms covers are hallmarked by these same behaviors, few are quite as aggressive as Nora, who maintains a cult of personality (often dubbed "The Norasphere") and will shamelessly use it for her own gain, either to bilk them for donations via e-begging or as part of attacks against her enemies.

In many ways, she comes across as Twitter's own answer to Vade, though in many ways Nora has a much broader reach and is far more aggressive. Make no mistake: Nora lives only to be cruel towards others on Twitter and does so because it makes her feel powerful and important. The most effective way of trolling her is to deny her this chance; report her, ignore her, and move on. By denying her this chance to be hateful towards people, you force her to wallow in her own impotence. This wiki encourages you to not engage her; doing so is the equivalent of giving a spoiled child the candy they don't rightfully deserve.

When it comes to dealing with Nora Reed online, the only winning move is not to play.

Online Aggression

Nora online.

Petty and vindictive, Nora has no qualms about savaging anyone who offends her personal morality - and she is terribly easy to offend, for she is always looking for an opportunity to be offended about something. While she first arose to prominence in identity politics circles and became notable for hijacking the "Social Coroner" Twitter account of Social Autopsy[1][2] (something she accomplished with the aid of Mark Boyd), Nora was active considerably earlier than this, with a long and glorious history of engaging in cyberstalking and harassment of anyone who made the mistake of running afoul of her online.

Nora is always angry, always offended, and always on the hunt for a target to attack. Her primary weapon in this is her portrayal of herself as an oppressed victim, often to the point of parody: She will find something about the target to claim personal offense over - often nothing more than a disagreement or someone pointing out when she's wrong about something, at which point she'll go for the throat. One of Nora's favorite tactics is to go after a target over allegations of misgendering her[3] (an action shockingly easy to do as Nora has repeatedly changed her personal pronouns in the course of 2015 alone),[4] claiming that the target is ableist (for Nora claims to be disabled, you see, which is how she gets prescription drugs to abuse)[5] or by locking onto the target for opposing her Social Justice ideology. To defend herself, Nora will often claim to be a rape victim (claiming she was "raped" by having consentual heterosexual sex while being unaware that she was asexual)[6] and trying to establish that by opposing her, you are targeting a disabled woman online who cannot possibly fight back (all the while showing zero restraint against her targets). Likewise, Nora also claims to be trans whilst putting in no effort, solely so she can profit from claiming to be so in Twitter flamewars. Using this falsely-claimed trans status, Nora Reed has no compunction against speaking over marginalized voices and taking over spaces she is not rightly entitled to, simply to virtue signal as hard as she can and against the wishes of the community she claims to speak for.[7]

Once Nora locks on, all tactics are fair game - she will cheerfully dox,[8] intimidate,[9] threaten, and insult her targets, accuse them of being Nazis,[10] push her allies towards harassing them as well, contacting their employers in an effort to get them fired, and do everything she can to slander them online - all for having the audacity to have an opinion she disapproves of.[11] This is not limited to mere users; Nora has been known to send pictures of Nazi war atrocity victims to members of the Trump administration in an event she called "NAZI CORPSE TIME!"[12][13][14][15][16] Nora has furthermore gone on to advocate the violent overthrow of the government of the United States,[17] and furthermore has declared that violence against political ideologies she doesn't personally approve of is likewise justified.[18]

Fittingly, Nora Reed is a vocal supporter of ANTIFA, a violent leftist extremist group that became infamous during the Berkeley Riots in Feburary of 2017.[19][20] ANTIFA was placed on a list of known terrorist groups by the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation on September 1st, 2017.[21]

On the rare occasion Nora meets someone who can fight back or faces opposition who meets her aggression with ridicule, Nora will quickly back off - only to declare that the targets of her protracted hate-campaigns have instead harassed her and using this to try to bilk donations off the harassment she claims to have received.[22] She's also known for the bizarre practice of trying to shake down critics of her for money, attempting to charge $65 for people to respond to tweets, using a referral page that openly insults the user.[23] To date, Nora has never gotten anyone to legitimately pay for the privilege of responding to one of her tweets beyond individuals pledging tiny amounts towards Nora in an act of sarcasm. Nora responded to people doing this by threatening to dox those who made sarcastic donations.[24] Nora's pattern of behavior of attacking people, claiming to be a victim, then aggressively propping up her patreon and extorting donations has been carried out so many times and with such regularity that it has came to be known as The Nora Cycle.

The Norasphere

Questioning anything Nora says is treasonous in her worldview.

The Kiwi Farms colloquially calls Nora's support network the "Norasphere," and it predominantly consists of a mix of former associates of Zoe Quinn who were exiled from the clique for increasingly volatile behavior and Social Justice advocates who were too toxic for the group in the first place. In many ways, Nora gives these expats a place to belong, but at a price; Nora is an incredibly toxic individual and her support will only lead those in her circle of friends towards further isolation; support of Nora can and will land recipients on blocklists eager to put a stop to her bullying on Twitter. To date, Nora and her cronies are on no less than six separate block-lists on Twitter, including GGAutoblocker (a blocklist originally intended to block GamerGate supporters, ironically enough), the Atheism+ Block Bot, SJWBot, the Wil Wheaton bot, an Anti-Spam Blockbot (which blocked her due to her spambots), and at least one blocklist specifically intended to block Nora and her supporters alone.

Known Norasphere members covered by this wiki and the Kiwi Farms include:

Employment and Home Life

Nora Reed is unemployed and spends most of her time on Twitter. Her primary source of income is her e-begging via Patreon, wherein she begs people for money to support her creation of numerous Mad Libs-style Twitter bots (made using CheapBotsDoneQuick[25]), which she considers to be her 'job.'[26] Nora earns very little money from this, though she is, surprisingly, considerably more successful than her followers, such as David Gallant and Mark Boyd, but this is mostly through volume.

Nora Reed has never been more than minimally-employed in her entire life, and has been unemployed for years. She is completely dependent on other people, and is enabled by her father, John Fleck, who thus far has both shouldered the financial burden for Nora not working and has encouraged her bad behavior[27], as well as by her current boyfriend (who is referred to almost exclusively as "lovefriend" by Nora).

Nora frequently claims to be disabled, and has declared on multiple occasions that she needs artificial respiration or she will die. In actuality, this life-threatening ailment is that she snores and the respiration unit is a CPAP machine. Tellingly, Nora never seeks to overcome her ailments, merely cynically use them on Social Media for oppression points. Almost every claim she makes about herself being disabled is escalated in this fashion, to the point of parodic.


Below we cover some of Nora's seminal achievements.

Twitter Bots

Nora has created several bots on Twitter. She has programmed none of them and used a third-party site to do all the grunt-work.

Patriarchy Simulator 2000

Nora Reed has created a "video game" called Patriarchy Simulator 2000 on her website. It is notable solely for being a pretty bleak window into the mindset of Nora Reed.

Despite claiming to be a video game, it amounts to little more than a Powerpoint presentation about how oppressed Nora Reed is, and it serves as an excellent cross-section of Nora Reed's insane and often completely contradictory mindset. The game itself covers several short vignettes from Nora's life, centering around Nora declaring that she has been "raped" because she allowed herself to be talked into sex by her at-the-time boyfriend despite being asexual. The later chapters then go over Nora's general vitriolic nature and how she feels she has to "rescue female friends from unwanted conversations with men." The most disturbing thing in the game is a vignette covering a later relationship she had with a boy who was both respectful and attentive to her needs, but Nora took umbrage with something dumb a mutual friend did while drunk in college, and essentially mandated that everyone disavow this friend, leading to her and her boyfriend breaking up. The game strongly suggests that Nora has repeatedly broken up her own relationships via self-sabotage.

The Nora Cycle


First observed in April of 2016, The Nora Cycle is a pattern of behavior that Nora Reed has shown in which she will go out of her way to antagonize someone (traditionally, someone with far more followers and who is far more successful than she is), accost them until she provokes a response (usually little more than dispassionate mockery), and then, when she is mocked by her target's followers, she proceeds to claim she is the subject of a hate campaign from the person she originally antagonized in the first place.[28] She will usually go on the offensive in such encounters for the most spurious of reasons - disagreeing with Nora politically, correcting her when she's wrong, or pointing out when she's lying is all that is required for her to go on the attack. Failing this, she will attack the target for being a "Nazi" (usually declaring via a Kakfatrap that they are for opposing Nora and/or defending a Nora target), and then proceed to sick her followers on the target in an attempt to provoke them.

Once the target either successfully blocks Nora, ignores her, or mocks her openly, she will then proceed to claim to have been subjected to "hate campaigns" from the target (invariably actually the target's followers mocking Nora of their own volition with no impetus from the target), and attempting to solicit donations, often repeatedly deactivating and reactivating her Twitter to milk sympathy from her followers, who, not understanding that Nora is essentially emotionally abusing them for her own benefit, allow themselves to be fleeced.

Once Nora selects a target, she does not let go, and will continue to stalk the target, even if they block her, by logging out to shadow their twitter accounts, using her buddies to keep tabs on them, and so on. She has been known to pursue such targets for years if necessary. She delights in backtweeting her previous victims and gloating over whatever misfortune they happen to be suffering at the time, and she's been known to insult and belittle people who have committed suicide (and their families) for her own amusement.

Known Targets

The following are individuals who have been subjected to the Nora Cycle, what Nora accused them of, and what happened in the aftermath:

  • Randi Harper
    • If there is a better example of Nora's obsessive nature when it comes to the Nora Cycle, it has yet to be seen. Randi Harper continues to feature in Nora's Twitter feed, often being subtweeted repeatedly while Nora continues to bemoan that Harper led "attacks" on her and had death threats thrown her way.[29] In truth, Nora was the aggressor - Harper was formerly friendly with Nora, and indeed, had enjoyed some of Nora's anti-GamerGate content.[30] In February 2016, Nora turned against Randi - viciously - when the software engineer had the audacity to defend Jesse Singal (see below).[31] Nora's festering obsession with Harper persisted over the months and when Nora hijacked Candace Owens' "Social Coroner" Twitter account in April 2016, Nora used it to attack both Singal and Harper.[32] In a rare case of GamerGate neutrality, Randi Harper posted on the GamerGate-friendly subreddit KotakuInAction to stop their speculation that Singal had taken over Owens' account.[33] Harper told KIA it wasn't her or Singal, and that she wasn't going to explicitly name Nora, but said that the one responsible was known for going on "long unstable diatribes," calling Harper a trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF), and yelling about Jesse Singal. Nora Reed was soon exposed as the culprit and has harbored a serious grudge ever since, blaming Harper for many of her personal problems and attempting to incite her followers to harass Harper by constantly attacking Harper on various social media.[34] Nora continues to accuse Harper of being complicit in her "harassment" and goes into a frothing rage about Harper almost daily, despite Harper having blocked Nora months ago and Harper's general refusal to have anything to do with Nora.[35]
  • Markus "Notch" Persson
    • The creator of Minecraft, Notch was attacked by Nora repeatedly in June 2016 after Mark Boyd (one of Nora's Twitter followers) tried to troll Notch by screaming about "girl dick."[36] At first Notch thought Nora was a legitimately concerned person at first, but quickly saw her for what she truly is - an "obvious arsonist" troll - and blocked Nora.[37][38][39] In spite of this, Nora attempted to run with the claim that Notch had "sic'd" his ever-so-misogynistic and transphobic followers on her, how they were "misgendering" her, and so on.[40] Nora was sure to intersperse her attempts at milking sympathy with bizarre and seemingly incoherent attempts to extort donations, lending a bit of surreality to the event.[41]
  • Cathy Brennan
    • Cathy Brennan is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF), meaning she does not believe that transwomen count as women for the purposes of rights advocacy, as they were formerly men. Cathy Brennan has been absolutely despised by many in the trans community for holding these views, and she has come under attack for it on multiple occasions. Nora Reed is just one example of these attackers, and Nora has geared at least one of her bots to retweet "Fake Goth" jokes in an attempt to anger Cathy Brennan[42] - because Cathy herself calls Transwomen "fake women," the response by both legitimate LGBT activists and the Tumblr Trans crowd has been to joke about Cathy being a self-described "Goth" in her Twitter profile, joking that she's a "Fake Goth." People have spammed this in such numbers that it's led to multiple accounts being shut down for harassment on Facebook. Even Nora was forced to delete several of her own posts on the matter, and in May 2016 her account was suspended for three days when she reposted harassment of Brennan which Facebook had already deleted.[43] Nora continues to claim that she was attacked by Brennan on Twitter, and blames Brennan's "fellow TERFs" for attacks against her. The obsession runs so deep that Nora even dreams about Brennan.[44]
  • Jesse Singal
    • Jesse Singal is a New York Magazine writer who was attacked by Social Justice advocates on Twitter because he covered a doctor who was fired for insisting upon the medical diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria being essential for labeling someone trans, which currently is the accepted process by the medical establishment.[45] This worldview does not coincide with nounself pronoun-spouting fakers seeking to add to their litany of oppression. In response to Singal's column, Nora and her associates threw everything they had at damaging his career and indeed, trying to get him fired, including sending altered screencaps of his Twitter feed to his employer. Nora herself hoped Singal would get fired and replaced with a transgender person.[46] After Singal tried to defend himself,[47] Nora accused him of attacking her by pointing out she was doing exactly what she complained about GamerGate doing,[48] launching into multiple assaults on Singal's character. This led Randi Harper to defend him from the dogpiles he was getting (a relatively common-sense position, considering), and ultimately, led to Randi likewise being subjected to the Nora Cycle (see above).
  • Shanley Kane
    • Shanley Kane is the CEO of Model View Culture and an avid writer on feminism. Nora was a fan and follower of hers until late 2015, when Shanley had the audacity to state that transwomen, by definition, were not subject to misogyny. Nora immediately went nuclear over this, repeatedly attacking the context of what Shanley wrote in a long-winded series of attacks that led to Nora's associates attacking Shanley Kane and accusing her of being a transphobe and TERF for weeks on end, despite Shanley herself having previously been an advocate for transpeople.[49] In standard fashion, Nora was the aggressor against Shanely and now Nora claims to have been harassed by Shanley's supporters. Nora's attacks led to Shanley ultimately turning on Social Justice entirely, pointing out how its current state is leading to net losses for feminism as a whole.[50] As a result of Nora's feud with Shanley, Nora requested an anti-anxiety prescription from her doctor and went on Xanax.[51] She switched medication in early 2016[52] due to the Xanax exacerbating her depression and she had an allergic reaction to the new drug, mirtazapine[53], in late February. She livetweeted from the ER during this episode, and has switched to a new anti-anxiety med which she has yet to disclose the name of.[54] All over a disagreement on wording use.
  • The Mayor of Albuquerque, Marty Chavez
    • In 2008, Nora began a campaign of terror against the Mayor of Albuquerque on Facebook. After successfully "friending" him on the platform, Nora proceed to spam him with terrible jokes and pranks like sending the Mayor a Pokémon.[55] She carried this out for almost 7 months before the Mayor finally unfriended and blocked her entirely.[56]
  • The Kiwi Farms
    • The Kiwi Farms making fun of Nora in a spot she could neither shame nor do anything about led her to react much the same way Vade had done. She has gone on to blame the Kiwi Farms for much of the self-described "harassment" she receives.[57] Nora almost exclusively refers to the Farms as her "Stalkers," and is known to constantly read and sift through her Kiwi Farms thread, looking for out-of-context quotes to screencap and post as examples of her harassment and how angry she makes the Farms, when in truth she's mostly recieving ridicule.
  • KotakuInAction and TumblrInAction
    • As a GamerGate opponent, Nora's opposition to this subreddit should surprise one nil, but it is in fact their discussions with Randi Harper that triggered Nora into considering the GamerGate-supporting subreddit a part of the massive conspiracy to harass her off the internet. As covered in the Randi Harper section, Harper came to KotakuInAction to discuss the hijacking of the Social Coroner Twitter account, and deny any involvement therein. Nora neither forgives nor forgets, and continues to blame them for her harassment every time they cover her. Similarly, TumblrInAction, KIA's sister subreddit, has also gotten blamed for repeated attacks against Nora, these "attacks" being laughing at such a defective person from the comfort of a subreddit.
  • FakeRobotGamer/RobotAnna
    • An individual covered by the Kiwi Farms as part of Laurelai Bailey's inner circle, and the 7th most-hated person on Reddit,[58] RobotAnna was a friend and associate of Nora for years - but when Nora savaged Shanley, Anna turned on Nora and Nora was highly displeased. Despite not having anything to do with Reed since her initial assault against Shanley, Nora Reed continues to attack RobotAnna and blame her for harassment she is receiving, and whilst RobotAnna is certainly no saint, Nora's behavior clearly shows who is the aggressor in this scenario.[59]
  • Will Shetterly
    • This entry may surprise several, as Will Shetterly is an acclaimed writer, and the man who wrote "Dogland." Nora started going after him during her Meta Filter days, when back in 2013, he was critical of Social Justice. This immediately led Nora to launch into a series of attacks, the breadth of which have persisted for almost three years.[60] This led Shetterly to point to Nora Reed as a perfect example of what he was talking about, as Nora Reed is just one more Identity Politics-spouting sociopath perfectly happy to harm others for whatever she dubs appropriate.[61] Nora, not quite pleased with the fact that she resembles that remark, has proceeded to keep Shetterly in her hate-list ever since.
  • Gabriel Azevado
    • A hard-left Stalinist and former victim of Nora's who was nearly driven to suicide multiple times over her harassment campaigns. Whilst Azevado is both emotionally unstable and has all the hallmarks of a lolcow (to the point where a thread on him on the Kiwi Farms has been created,[62]), it is hard not to at least have some sympathy for this individual given Nora's capability for harassment campaigns. Nora continues to portray him as the aggressor, as is the case in virtually all of the Nora Cycle incidents.[63]
  • MetaFilter Community
    • MetaFilter is a community weblog site - a sort of hybridization of Livejournal and Tumblr. In 2008, Nora began a membership on it and over the years began to develop a reputation for being toxic.[64] As Nora began to embrace Social Justice more and more, she became increasingly hostile towards the community and increasingly unhinged, often behaving extremely aggressive towards other users not only on MetaFilter itself but also on Twitter and reddit's /r/metafilter.[65][66] Nora's behavior eventually made her a pariah and Nora's account was shut down in 2015 after Nora threw a tantrum after her attack post against the MetaFilter community's "boyzone" was rejected - a post she spent days writing.[67][68] Nora claims that she "deleted" her account and left the site over an email she got from the head moderator, Cortex, after she complained about her "boyzone" post not being approved.[69] However, others have said that Nora was in fact banned from the site due to her long history of abusive behavior.[70] (Whatever the case may be, Nora is reportedly blacklisted from MetaFilter and will be banned if she ever tries to return with a new account.) Nora blames someone named "Misha" for "attacking" her and claims she was "driven off" the site because of Misha.[71] In truth, Misha's only offense was criticizing the call-out culture that Nora had become so fond of, pointing out that people were using her tactics to silence voices they didn't approve of.[72] Nora raged at this and repeatedly led attacks against Misha, leading to Misha writing a now-sadly-deleted article of how Nora was not a feminist. A user of MetaFilter since 2007, Misha closed her account and left the site in January, 2015 after she believed that Nora or another MetaFilter user had doxed her and sent Mormons to her house, a 'prank' Misha had seen mentioned days before in a thread there.[73] As with all of Nora's targets, Nora continued to harass Misha on Twitter and blamed Misha for things that happened in Nora's life.[74] Nora also had it out for Cortex, MetaFilter's head moderator, and blamed him for the way Nora was treated by the community.[75]
  • Jill Stein
    • Jill Stein is the 2016 US Presidential Candidate for the Green Party, a political party based on ideals of environmentalism and progressive views. Nora Reed began ranting about Stein after the candidate came out in support of the #Brexit, a movement which won a referendum deciding that The United Kingdom (Great Britain) should leave the European Union. This was due to the fact that many of those who opposed leaving the EU decided to push a narrative in which only racists or xenophobes would support the Brexit referendum. Meaning that Nora believes Jill Stein to be bigoted or ignorant.
  • Nintendo/Nintendo of America
    • Nintendo is a Japanese video game company known for it's long history of popular gaming consoles and franchises. One example of their most famous work is the franchise Super Mario. Nintendo has an American subsidiary called Nintendo of America, of which Alison Rapp was formerly employed with. According to Nora Reed and friends, Rapp was not fired due to moonlighting as an escort (a second job that is explicitly forbidden in NoA's employee contract), but instead was victimized further by Nintendo who had given in to the GamerGate hate mob. On top of this, there was a joke revealed in the newest Paper Mario game, Color Splash regarding an incident known as "Shufflegate" in which a character comments, lamenting if this would "ruin [someone's] career". This statement, in tandem with an unrelated clip also played in the trailer was used to claim that Nintendo turned GamerGate critic Zoe Quinn's experiences into a joke. It was later clarified that the two clips had nothing to do with each other, and that Shufflegate was a reference to the 1970s political scandal known as "Watergate". [76] However, insteand of relenting, Nora chose to double down on the false accusations.
  • Sue-Anne Levy
    • Sue-Anne Levy is an investigative journalist who wrote a piece criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement for their actions at a Pride Parade in Toronto, Canada. After this tweet, many supporters of the BLM group (Nora Reed included) began flooding her twitter with insults and attacks.

Early Internet Presence

Nora's first online presence dates back to around 2000, when she was active on both DSE and Fanfiction.Net - a pair of fan-fiction communities. She chronicled meeting several of her early online friends here in her Livejournal, and though she has a twinge of self-pity, it is nothing like what she would become.[77] Like many young people who were politically active, she was vehemently against the Iraq war in 2003, and lamented the spectacle of the war's televised state.[78]

During this time, Nora has a relatively strong grasp on reality, something easily accredited towards her parents setting strict guidelines for when she can use the internet. Nora railed against these restrictions, often complaining at length about the time she was allowed to be online.[79] She appears to have been having sex chats with an internet associate, known as "Emmy," at this time.[80]

On April of 2005, she attempted to get even with a school principal by sending them a link to the infamous "tubgirl" shock site.[81]


"I'll never get out of this. Never get out of myself. Never get out of this life path that I have set up- this straight line that sends me virtually nowhere. To what I want but not what I need. Or something like that.

I have no desire to do schoolwork anymore because it all seems so worthless. I almost don't want to leave my house because it all seems so worthless, it's like I've found oasises that I can jump between but walking away from them burns my bare feet. I need the callouses to form but that doesn't make that less painful.

I don't know what's wrong with me that I'm getting like this for no reason... I usually have a reason, even if it's a stupid one. I just feel bad, and it's not because I haven't eaten either, because I have.

Hopefully this'll pass in a couple of days."
—Nora Reed

On November 29th, 2009, Nora Reed had what may be the only case of self-reflection she has ever known, and posted on it on her LiveJournal.[82] This bitter documentation, one of the only ones in which Nora acknowledges her own failings, is a chilling view into the more human side of Nora - a woman who would ultimately become the individual the greater internet knows now. Most people, confronted with such self-reflection, would endeavor to improve.

Nora, sadly, would not.

Downward Spiral

Nora manifests an outburst that would come to hallmark her time on MetaFilter.

In 2008, Nora would finally emerge in the form more familiar to those who have seen "modern" Nora. Showing up first on MetaFilter, and later on Facebook, Nora had been galvanized into activism and was not shy about being extremely aggressive over it. She had bought into the Social Justice canards lock, stock, and barrel, and was not shy about using talking points that are, in essence, what she makes now, including blaming toxic masculinity for ruining things, and taking Social Justice-based pot-shots at her political opponents. By 2010, the worst aspects of Nora had manifested themselves, and Nora commenced her first assault based on this. Nora was quick to embrace call-out culture, in the same fashion Vade had done before her, and soon was noted for aggressively arguing that men were scum, cis people were evil, and that non-Social Justice types weren't worth the time or effort to educate. Her behavior would soon become so egregious that she would wind up reviled on the site, her repeated Social Justice advocacy resulting in a campaign of bad behavior that ultimately saw her leave the site in disgrace. Key to this was an individual named Misha, who would become one of the first people subjected to the Nora Cycle.

This incident would ultimately paint the way for the Nora we would all come to know in the months to follow.

Legal Action

Main Article: Nora Reed's Cease and Desist Notice

Cathy Brennan has had enough.

On November 30th, 2018, Nora Reed received a cease and desist order from Cathy Brennan's lawyers regarding her ongoing harassment campaigns against their client.[83] The notice specifically points out Nora's ongoing use of Twitter bots to harass their client, and, correspondingly, demands she stop immediately, or face legal reprisals. In response, Nora scrubbed her bots of all posts in which she attacked Cathy Brennan, while announcing in the thread announcing the cease and desist notice that she intended to keep going after her.

As of the time of this particular notice, Nora has, through her multiple accounts, attacked Cathy Brennan over and over. Even on her personal account, where she has deleted multiple posts attacking Brennan, there are stills dozens of recorded posts of her doing so, most notably arguing that Brennan deserves harassment for daring to have an opinion Nora doesn't like.[84] What's especially notable about this is that Brennan left Twitter years ago, though this has not stopped Nora from continuing her attacks.


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