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Nickalaus Boyd Stoutzenberger
Nick with his cat in 2011
Age 25
Born September 1, 1992
Residence Columbia, PA
Occupation Prison inmate
Web Presences Twitter
Current DeviantArt
Old DeviantArt
Current LiveJournal
Old LiveJournal
Homestar Runner Wiki
Website (Deactivated)
Old YouTube
Current YouTube
Nick Bate Wiki (Made by himself)

Nickalaus Boyd Stoutzenberger, also known as Nick L. Nickel and Hagurumon, but best known as Nick Bate, is a convicted child molester and scat fetishist from the United States. He rose to notoriety in the trolling board /cwc/ for describing at length his horrible sexual desires. Nick spent years online stalking young girls, and confessed to one of them that he had molested his step-sister. He remained free and gloated about his perversions to anyone who would listen, until the victim stepped forward to testify against him.

On April 29th, 2015, Nick was arrested.[1] Most people believed that Nick Bate had greatly exaggerated both his fetishes and stories to get attention, but on June 17th, 2015, Kiwi Farms user Saul Goodman attended the arraignment trial and recounted the victim's testimony. He claimed that "the things she described were brutal and disgusting to a degree far beyond what has previously been reported, and that her testimony was both assured and utterly convincing, which made having to listen to it all the more horrible".[2] This testimony and the following conviction shattered any disbelief that Nick Bate was not as horrible as he said he was.

As a result of his crimes, Nickalaus has been sentenced to 40 years in prison (the maximum sentence for his crime), and will not be eligible for parole for 16.5 years.[3][4] Despite his incarceration, his infamy lives on, and he is still mocked by trolls to this day.


A 13 year old Nick Bate in 2006.
Nick Bate crossdressing.

Nickalaus Boyd Stoutzenberger was born on September 1, 1992 in Pennsylvania. His mother was a delusional religious nut and his father was a pothead and an alcoholic. According to Nick, his father was abusive, but it is unknown if this is actually true. As a kid, he would smoke weed with his dad, until his parents got divorced. He then lived with his mother. In high school, he was homeschooled by his mother and aunt. After high school, with the help of his aunt, he applied for Social Security and moved into an apartment owned by his aunt. At one point, he lived with his grandma, and has also moved back in with his mother on a few occasions.[5]

Contrary to his claims[6], Nick does not have autism. According to his psychiatric evaluation, though, he does have antisocial tendencies, a personality disorder, a poor grip on reality, and depression. Due to his mental disorders, he was prescribed Viibryd and Ativan. By his own admission, he is a paraphile, coprophile, and a crossdresser.


As mentioned, Nick is a paraphile, and has many different fetishes. Though he is straight, Nick obsessively hates vaginas.[7][8] Instead, he only likes anal. He would express this by constantly talking about butts.[9] He has also said that he only watches porn involving anal sex.[10] His obsession with anuses also plays into his scat fetish. He mainly yearns to watch women shit[11] but he also masturbates with his own feces. During masturbation, Nick admits to rubbing his excrement all over the walls of his aunt's house.[12][13]

Nick is also a crossdresser. Despite his parents objections, he wore women's underwear and sometimes wore women's clothing (as pictured). Being that his parents are very conservative, they did not approve of this and confiscated his women's clothing.[14] However, he still wore panties for the rest of his days as a free man.[15] Nick's view on gender in itself is questionable. He considers himself to be male, but has showed many signs of wanting to be female. His OC has various feminine features, yet Nick doesn't list his OC as having any specific gender. His strange views on gender may be a result of his personality disorder, but that is up for speculation.


An artist's depiction of Nick from /cwc/.

Nick has been known to be a pedophile. Though he has admitted it himself, he has gone back on that statement, especially after AO's[note 1] accusations. Nick refers to pedophiles as "pedosexuals," and only discussed them occasionally online, most likely due to the controversial nature of the topic. Nick believes that there should be a "civil rights movement for pedosexuals," certainly due to his arrest.[16] Nick was known to pursue underaged girls on the internet for years, even going as far as to stalk them. Even after turning 18, Nick continued to "date" some of these girls over the internet.

In a leaked Skype chat from 2008-2009, Nick was very defensive about his pedophilia. When arguing with trolls, he claimed that there was nothing weird about pedophilia and it should be legalized. How ever, he backpedaled and claimed that he would never actually have sex with children, and that he only intends to talk about pedophilia with his friends. This Skype chat was sent to Anna, who posted it on /cwc/ in 2011, and then it was later posted to YouTube in 2012. Ironically enough, during the call, Nick asks "How could this be used against me?"[17]

Web Presence

Nick has terrorized the internet with his gross presence for over a decade. Nick was obsessed with web animation such as Homestar Runner and Bonus Stage. He first joined the Homestar Runner Wiki in 2004, when he was 12 years old. He joined under the name Hagurumon, an alias he used in his earlier online exploits. In 2005, he joined the Bonus Stage Wiki, where he met Anna. Later on, he focused more on social media and LiveJournal. For the most part, he used Twitter, especially towards the end of his free days. He occasionally updated his LiveJournal as well.


On Twitter, he openly discussed anything and everything, including his perversions. Along side posts about his family, he would tweet about scat and pedophilia. Nick joined Twitter in March 2009, but didn't start posting a lot until 2010. His Twitter gained attention in 2011, around the time of his discovery. His Twitter was followed by trolls until his last posts in April 2015, when he was arrested.

Art, Music, and Writing

An example of Nick's art.

One of the first websites Nick joined was DeviantArt. In 2005, he joined under the name Hagurumon. Inspired by the popularity of Flash animation at the time, Nick attempted to work his way towards creating his own series. Alongside his own creations, he made Bonus Stage fanart. However, in his first few years, Nick's art style consisted of awful hand-drawn works[18] and MS Paint trash.[19] Eventually, as pictured, his art style started to evolve in the late 2000's, but still did not seem to be particularly impressive.

Nick also tried to start making actual animations. He made his first Flash animation in 2007, featuring his original characters.[20] The clip wasn't actually animated, and only featured still images of characters with speech bubbles. Despite his choppy first attempt, Nick would later take another stab at Flash animation.

The Coffee Crew

Again inspired by Flash Animation, mostly by Bonus Stage, Nick returned to Flash animation to create a new series: The Coffee Crew.[21] TCC was obviously just a rip-off of Bonus Stage with Nick's characters (which included him and his internet friends) inserted. Nick kept a notebook containing hand-drawn comics, we he has shown off. Despite his persistence in creating a series, nothing really came of the idea besides his rough first animation, a few drawings, and songs included in his demo.


Nick's musical tastes mostly center around novelty acts, like Weird Al and They Might Be Giants. Nick especially obsessed over the latter, and even bonded with Anna over their love of the band initially. In 2008, Nick acquired a guitar, and eventually showed it off to Maddi.[22] He was extremely terrible when playing the instrument, struggling to play even basic chords. Despite this, he decided to record a set of "demos."

He recorded the demos at the request of Maddi and others.[23][24] His singing is god awful, and he plays every song using the same one chord. The topics of the songs include having sex with children, scat, Anna, anuses, The Coffee Crew, and "buttfuckin' in the 'hood."


Along with his music and art, Nick created writing on occasion, however, it did not progress beyond a few awful, creepy, and forgettable Fan Fictions and stories meant for Anna.

Online Girlfriends

As previously mentioned, Nick Bate spent a good bit of his time on the internet pursuing young, often underage girls. Ever since 2005, when he met Anna on the Bonus Stage Wiki, Nick was obsessed with these girls. He would often have cybersex with them, and discuss his sexual desires in full detail. Disturbingly, he would also stalk them.[25] Unsurprisingly, not many of them were genuine, and some only interacted with him to troll him. The era of his e-girlfriends came to an end in 2011 when his last girlfriend, Maddi, exposed him on 789chan.[26]


  1. Due to the nature of Nick's arrest, and because she is a victim, Nick's half sister will be not be named and will be referred to as AO.


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