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Robert L. Chipman
Moviebob Trump Rant.jpg
Age 37
Born 20 February, 1981
Residence Revere, Massachusetts
Occupation Freelance Pop-Culture Critic

Bob Chipman, better known as MovieBob, is a media critic whose work appeared on ScrewAttack, Screenrant, Birth.Movies.Death, Geek.com and most notably, The Escapist. He is also the author of multiple books, the most notorious of which is "Super Mario Bros 3: Brick by Brick"[1], a book that slavishly describes all aspects of the titular NES game, and includes a lot of exposition of Bob's personal life and upbringing, viewed through the prism of his unique and one-sided "relationship" with Mario.

Bob's works are known for their subpar quality and long-winded nature, most exemplified by his Game Overthinker video series. He is also known to have a generally elitist, confrontational, and derisive personality. These traits lead to frequent criticism of his body of work and actions.

Closely tied with several other individuals covered by this wiki, Chipman first came to the attention of the Kiwi Farms due to his virulent personal politics, which were personified by a now-notorious post in which he argued that "there are no bad tactics, just bad targets," essentially indicating that he feels the ends justify the means.[2] During the GamerGate Controversy, Chipman demonstrated this belief in active campaigns to have GamerGate supporters banned from The Escapist entirely, to the point where Chipman repeatedly received notices from management to knock it off, as his actions had attracted an FTC probe. Chipman refused to relent, however, and was ultimately fired from The Escapist, to this day, Bob denies that his firing from The Escapist was due to his stance on GamerGate.

Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick By Brick

Bob describes his book as "An in-depth “novelized let’s-play” of the NES classic Super Mario Bros 3; featuring analysis of the game in the form of a step-by-step record of playing through it and a record of events in the author’s life during the writing. Also includes a history of the game itself, and the author’s own history with video games and the Super Mario Bros franchise"

While detailing his childhood and life in the book, Bob makes several startling and sometimes bizarre admissions and statements:

  • He admits to identifying with Mario because they were both "born in the same year" and he can't remember a world without him [3].
  • He compares the 1990's console wars between to the Vietnam war. [4]
  • He carried a SMB2 Mario figurine as a good-luck charm throughout grade school. [5]
  • He admits to having had problems at school, to the point that his parents got a recommendation to put him on Ritalin & some other drugs, which they refused. and received intermittent therapy for anger, attention and authority issues. [6]
  • Compares the significance of him seeing the 1st known footage of SMB3 (in The Wizard film) to that of the JFK assassination and 9/11. [7]
  • He admits that the ending of the game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island "broke his brain" as a high-school senior, because its ending explicitly revealed that Mario & Luigi grew up in the Mushroom Kingdom, and not Brooklyn. [8]
  • He claims that his 1st film criticism gig was moonlighting for a local cable access show, owned by a Christian Fundamentalist with an ex-military and ex-law enforcement background, from which he was later fired for not going along with the owner's opinions on the film Passion of The Christ, he further claims his termination meeting was in the show owner's van in a parking lot, in which he feared for his life because the owner did freelance security work, and was "on the job". [9]
  • He admits to spending multiple hours in his car playing on his portable Nintendo gaming consoles after work, while waiting for his whole family to go to sleep before he entered their home. He claims that this was because he wanted to access the family computer in peace and make videos. [10]

Political Stance and Rhetoric

Originally describing himself in his Blogger profile as "a tireless enemy of censorship", while also stating that he ".. considers his personal politics "Libertine".." and that he enjoys acting as ".. a full time irritant to overly serious people of ALL political stripes" (which would suggest non-partisanship on his part), Bob's political stance and rhetoric have undergone a marked change throughout the late 2000's and the early 2010's, with many of the aforementioned positions changed to more closely match those of the prevalent Social Justice Warrior movement.

Bob's political views have been noted by observers to be remarkably elitist, as they are marked by his intense dislike of the United States's working classes and their political causes, instead favoring their domination by their richer, more media-visible and more glamorous bi-coastal compatriots, whose political views and contributions to society align better to his personal preferences. Bob has even gone to the lengths of differentiating the two classes in evolutionary terms and openly calling for the disenfranchisement, belittlement of blue-collar voters, to the point of lamenting that he wished the KKK didn't "ruin" the idea of having an IQ Test required for voting.[11], among other examples.

All this has lead his critics to suggest that Bob essentially supports eugenics against those who oppose his ideals. Bob's response to this claim ranges from outright derision to claiming that he campaigns for specific goals that advance humanity, such as the advancement of space travel, terraforming and colonization and the installment of US Supreme Court judges who are pro-abortion.

Involvement in Gamergate

Perhaps there's no better proof of Bob's elitist and extremist attitudes than his personal involvement in GamerGate. where he was firmly on, and heavily campaigning for the "Anti-GamerGate" side all the way. However, as he revealed more and more of his personal politics, his rhetoric was held to be far too extreme by most observers, and even his own side, as he has made explicit calls for eugenics and voter disenfranchisement, to the point of arguing that there were no bad tactics in the war against GamerGate supporters, only bad targets.

Ultimately, Bob's rants on GamerGate started coloring his professional work, which created tensions with The Escapist's management, who were looking to re-position their publication to a more neutral stance in the rapidly escalating cultural conflict, especially with his and other personalities's attraction of an FTC probe into the publication, said tensions ultimately culminated in his firing from the online magazine and the loss of the majority of his influence as a cultural critic and media personality.

To this day, Bob still denies that his steadfast position on Gamergate cost him his job at The Escapist, however, he still refuses to discuss what the actual reasons were, leading observers to assume that it actually was. In addition, Bob still professes that Gamergate is purely a harassment movement against women and minorities attempting to enter or discuss the video games industry. and to date, has not shown any signs of personal reflection on his position.

Other Incidents

Given that the current cause du jour for the social justice clique changes constantly, it stands to reason that Bob constantly campaigns for various political and societal causes on his social media accounts. This combined with his aforementioned attitudes frequently create situations where Bob finds himself in hot water and on the defensive with his followers:

  • After the ANTIFA Riots in Berkeley shut down a string of talks slated to be hosted by conservative speakers like Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannoupolis, MovieBob and his ilk defended the actions of the extremist protestors on twitter, which lead to Bob himself being noticed and rebuked by the ACLU, of which he was actually a card-carrying member of[12].


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