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Michael Coombs
Age 40
Born August 2, 1978
Wales, United Kingdom
Residence London, England (2016-present)
Seoul, South Korea (2011-2015)
Occupation Home language tutor
Height 6'2" (188cm) (disputable)
Web Presences Twitter
Kiwi Farms]

Disclaimer:This article was first written by Oliver D. Smith and should be taken with a grain of salt.

"I think most men are attracted to underage girls. Did you ever have sexual thoughts about 15 year old for example?"


Mikemikev (born Michael Coombs) is a perverted man in his early 40s with many mental issues, banned on forums for pestering females for sex and claims he is attracted to underage girls, making him a paedophile (although he has an issue with this label).

Michael spams forums and wikis with Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism which has led to more bans. Although he impersonates a white nationalist online, with a Stormfront account, he posted his former girlfriend (as recent as June 2014) was Asian.

Forum bans

In February 2012, Michael Coombs was banned from The Phora for a "crude/disgusting post".[1]

In July 2012, Michael Coombs was banned from the forum Stumble Inn for posting the pain series everywhere and posting the owners PMs to him.

In December 2014, Michael Coombs was banned from the forum Anthroscape for asking a female to meet and perform a handjob on him, later posting she was "engaged in slutastic activities for all to see". The female called him a "creep" in responce.[2]

In March, 2015, Michael Coombs was banned from Open Psych for anti-Semitism.[3]

In November 2015, Michael Coombs was banned from Political Forum for spamming Holocaust denial and anti-Semitic attacks on Jews.[4] Earlier he had received a warning and infraction against his account for a flame-baiting thread called "Gas the Jews?".

Gas the Jews?

Dear mikemikev,

You have received a warning at Political Forum. Reason: Posts Not Applicable to Topic/Forum

While inflammatory thoughts and discussions are allowed, your thread has crossed the line into flame baiting.

Please do check both the forum rules, and esp the mission statements, before you continue posting.

Thanks Shangrila

Site Moderator