Michael D. Suarez

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Michael D. Suarez
Michael D Suarez.jpg
Born December 24, 1989
New York, New York
United States
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  • Disclaimer:This article was first written by Oliver D. Smith and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Michael D. Suarez, also known as JuniusThaddeus, is an minor internet eccentric with a relatively long history. Something of a controversial figure in Lolcow Chronicleering circles, Suarez has received justified criticism; whilst on one hand, he has gotten banned from Wikipedia after engaging in personal attacks, such as his arbitration case in 2012,[1] and he has been involved in doxing,[2] however, somewhat ironically, he has also been subjected to protracted campaigns of harassment by people in an attempt to cause him to lash out, ergo worsening his attempts.

In many ways, he can be seen as a distaff counterpart to Ryulong, but purely in it for the amusement (of both himself and others) rather than for the power trip and agenda-pushing. He arguably would not even be within the Kiwi Farms' interests were it not for attempts of Oliver D. Smith and Mikemikev inflate his accomplishments in an attempt to strive for some level of notoriety. Their attempts to do so inevitably got them compared to the Three Stooges.

Wikipedia Era

Suarez has a long and prosperous history of being inflammatory in an attempt to provoke response. He was well-known for accosting Wikipedia users - especially ones notable for odd behavior on the website in an effort to aggravate them. Inevitably, this led him into conflict with staff and he was sanctioned after he got details of a user named Fae, then proceeded to use these details to create an Encyclopedia Dramatical article about said user.[3] This led to him being banned from Wikipedia entirely.

Rationalwiki Era

As RationalWiki is something of a hive of easily-offended users, it was something of an inevitability that he would eventually come there to continue his campaign of attack. In much the same way as his Wikipedia attempts, his campaign to provoke and annoy the userbase quickly succeeded, and Suarez was once again banned from Rationalwiki entirely after doxing several users.[4] [5]

The Quest for Relevance

Like all members of his team, Suarez is a serial self-aggrandizer obsessed with bolstering his own reputation and notoriety. He does this primarily by going to a Wiki and then updating it to attack himself - either under a pseudonym or not - before trying to use the "attack" as an excuse to increase his own ability to attack others on the site. Over time, he grows more and more bold, causing additional nonsense unti he's inevitably caught by a moderator or admin, or oversteps entirely and recieves a ban for his trouble.[6] [7] His exploits have taken him from Wiki to wiki, and he's even done this same pattern at Rightpedia.[8][9]

Almost everthing in this article prior to this article's cleanup was written by a combination of Suarez and Oliver D. Smith. Prior to this, it was almost entirely an attack post done to piss Suarez off and bolster his own e-fame.

Nothing shows this quite like his own article updates on UrbanDictionary.[10]