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Melanie Herring
Residence 2829 Artic St, Las Vegas, Nevada
Occupation Self-employed Artist
Web Presences
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Melanie Herring (best known as PurpleKecleon or GlitchedPuppet) was a popular Pokemon artist who then began dedicating her life to being a shitty person obsessed with drawing very magenta, niche child and bestiality porn. She is currently married to Marl, a quiet man 10 years her senior who is both a pedophile and has fucked his dog, and is also the girlfriend to Alex "Eevee" Munroe, a former programmer at Yahoo turned lazy-ass who spends his days drawing Pokemon porn in PK's footsteps.

Career Beginnings

Melanie started out as an Oekaki artist at the age of 14. As she grew older, Melanie drew a lot of Pokémon pornography. One of Melanie's most notable pieces was a Kangaskhan using its baby as a condom. She started building a world that involved complex creatures called FlowerCats, which were cats with flowers on their head.


PK participated in a group called Battle-Frontier on DeviantArt. Battle-Frontier was structured as an original-character tournament, meaning that members had to pass each succeeding round to advance in the tournament. When she lost against another user who she felt was far inferior to her abilities, she got butthurt and created her own group called PMD-Explorers, based on the popular Pokemon Mystery Dungeon franchise.

The group itself didn't start off sketchy. PurpleKecleon made her self-insert, a purple Kecleon, the leader of the merchant guild, one of the three guilds in this world. Her husband Marl's character, Devonshire, was the head of the rogue guild. And her former friend Mike's self-insert along with artist Crayon-Chewer's character Chill the Minccino lead the adventurer's guild.

PMD-E was set up to have members participate in events every month, but this was soon derailed as PurpleKecleon wanted people to follow her own narrative. For example, initially characters would not be allowed to have glasses because she didn't like them. Missions evolved from "deliver this berry from point A to point B" to a whole storyline dedicated to a BDSM-loving Lugia named Merlot, going so far to allow characters in the group to own ball-gags.

PurpleKecleon's self insert was equally as promiscuous as she is in real life. In total, the PK character had sex with Shroomsworth, a Breloom owned by a friend, an underage Sneasel character, her pet Deino named Sandy, and even a self-insert of one of her two real-life cats named Twigs.

Something something there was a falling out with Mike because he was taking advantage of the system or something? I think he was asking for really sketchy art of his Charmander Self-Insert. He was just cut out of the group entirely with no trace of his character in the canon left behind.

PK and Marl also decided to rig the system and create a fake deviantArt account where PK would draw black-and-white 2edge4me art while Marl provided a narrative to go along in the comments. The fake account took first place in one of their competitions, which considering the competition was judged by them is deceitful.


After I think it was 2 to 3 years of PMD-E, PK decided she wanted to have her own property not tied to the popularity of Pokemon. She thought her FlowerCats world she made years prior would be a good basis, and thus Floraverse was born. It was originally intended to be similar to PMD-E except with knock-off versions of all of her characters. The main character of the new storyline Seeds even had two characters who appeared in PMD-E as a Manaphy and Celebi become the protagonists.

Forbidden Flora

Forbidden Flora is an adult-oriented version of the Floraverse comic. Melanie has often used this comic as an opportunity to dispel what she considers to be misconceptions about asexuality.

The porn version of Floraverse. PK makes no attempts to keep it hidden from minors. It is filled with horses with giant dicks, shiny penises, a horse with two sets of boobs, urethra fucking, unbirthing eggs, pedophilia, bestiality, rape, and copious amounts of magenta.


Pengosolvent is the moniker of one of Melanie's former Floraverse collaborators. Pengo made a Tumblr post claiming that Melanie was an abuser who treated them horribly [Citation needed]. In retaliation, Melanie and Alex released a 133-page Google Docs document titled "Pengosolvent versus the truth: a rebuttal" [1], which was rescinded after an apology from Pengo.

Alexander Munroe / Eevee

Alexander J. Munroe (best known as Eevee) is an unemployed programmer, most notable for an article he wrote on the PHP programming language. Alex identifies with she/her pronouns, despite having no gender dysphoria.

Alex first met Melanie at a furry convention 10 days before her wedding [Citation needed]. Melanie convinced Marl that she is polygamous in order to invite Eevee into her life.

In 2013, Alex underwent a vasectomy, spurred by him and Melanie "[having] no interest in children" [2].

Alex is an advocate for the legalised ownership of child pornography [3].

Alex was previously part of the FurAffinity development team, responsible for heading the development of the next version of the FurAffinity software backend [4]. Alex was removed from the development team and subsequently banned from the website in October 2010, after exploiting a known bug to release the registration date of every user account [5].

Jayson Garcia / Marl

Jayson Tyler Garcia (best known as Marl) is a pedophile who has approached minors in the IRC channels of Floraverse and PMD-E for conversations of a sexual nature. Not much is known about Jayson due to his limited online presence.

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